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    • Darrin Lythgoe
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      TNG 11 is almost here! The currently estimated release date is about March 16 or 17, 2016. This major upgrade includes nearly a hundred fixes, enhancements and new features. Here’s a summary of the most significant changes:
      DNA: Aid your research by keeping track of DNA tests taken by the people in your tree. Enter the specifics once and link them to those affected. Fan Charts: A fan-oriented chart of ancestors can now be displayed for each person in your tree. Data Validation: Several preconfigured validation reports will help you spot potential errors in your data. New Design: Another new template has been added. Family Chart: This view shows a person’s spouse, children and parents all together on one page in graphical fashion. Mobile-Friendly: More improvements here will make your site even more usable on mobile devices. Administration: Enhancements to the Admin menu show quick totals for all data categories, plus an “Important Tasks” area to remind administrators of items that need attention. Heat Maps: Color codes on the Places, Surnames and Search Results pages now show the global distribution of surnames and places. Search: A Google search page now allows you to search across your entire site using Google’s indexes. Timeline: The Simile Timeline layout has been redesigned to be more readable, with separate bands for family and general events. Compatibility: Pro-active changes will make sure TNG remains compatible with the latest versions of PHP. You’ll be able to get the upgrade at a discount ($14.99) by going back to your previous downloads page. If you’ve lost the URL or access info, send me a message at darrin@lythgoes.net and I’ll send it to you again. If you only purchased TNG or the v10 upgrade recently (in the past 6 months), you’ll be eligible to get the upgrade for free.
      Also take note that Simply Hosting does not install upgrades. A helpful 15-minute video will be available to walk you through the process, but there will also be an option to pay an extra $15 to have the upgrade installed for you. If you’re doing the upgrade yourself, take a minute to review the post here from the v10 release on helpful tips for a successful upgrade.

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    • Gustave
      By Gustave in Community News 0
      Support / Feedback / Bugs
      We have enabled a support queue, which will allow you to submit questions to TNG Community Administrators.  Please use this support queue to obtain help related to this site.
      The feedback and bugs area is still here, just placed under the support menu.

    • Gustave
      By Gustave in Community News 0
      We completed an upgrade to the latest version core software that runs this site.  Here are a few areas of improvement:
      Customized Activity Streams

      Search Functionality

      There is much more behind the scenes.  
      You are our best source of feedback.  Please report any bugs in the Feedback area or contact an admin if you encounter problems.
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    • bhemph
           I think this may be something that you have done with your search file, or else it was fixed in a later version of 10.1.x since Private doesn't come up for me on 10.1.1 and when I tried even a clean install in another folder I got the same results, so that rules out that a mod fixed it.  So unless it is a configuration setting somewhere on the general tab, I am guessing that it was fixed in the 10.1.1 update line "22. Search: Search results were sometimes not showing information for living individuals for users who had proper rights (fixed)."

    • Merv
      The other option is to create a media category for social media, which is what i do... however that doesn't address the problem with the mod.
    • jayat1familytree
      When persons are flagged/marked as private, they show up at the beginning of the listings. This seems to attract attention to them. It would be better if they either did not show at all or showed sorted at the end.   Thanks in advance for considering this enhancement in a future version of TNG.        
    • theKiwi
      What are you using to open the file with? I just tried your Report 1 and downloaded the file to my Macintosh, and opened it with BBEdit - it opened as expected. Roger
    • Ken Roy
      Merv, The Same Person Link mod allows adding a link to an external site where additional information might be found on a person.  Looks like he wants to create a link to a living person's Facebook profile.  I don't see why the mod would not allow the use of the ? but then Sohail also complained of another problem with this mod that I cannot produce.  The complaint is that a passed parameter in the function call cannot be defined as a global within the function. I wonder if he is running with stricter rules on PHP mods than most users are.  I am able to create the indicated link on my test site, but it does not have the expected result since profile.php gets changed to my Facebook account but then that might be want he wants to do.