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Found 33 results

  1. At the time of release of version 1.0.3, there waqs release MYSQL 5.7. In it's strict mode, it prevented saving 0 as date. This meant new registrations did not created SQL errors. it was only tested on TNG versions 9 and 10.1.3 asI had not upgraded to V12 it's operation in WP-TNg integration (by Mark Barnes) was a bit flacky. I have bumped up new release to version 2.0.1 because I have now upgraded to TNG version 12.1 and this version and this now TNG-Worpress login works with most TNG versions. What does Version 2.0.1 do? Adds a Registration Form which may replace the Wordpress registration form by deselecting 'Membership>Anyone can register' in Wordpress Dashboard>Settings. Adds a User Profile page which saves the changes in Wordpress and TNG database Adds an enhanced Password-Reset module which checks for the presence of email of registered user. Almost all the text used in pages and emails is customisable by the administrator. User may login using either registered user Name or email. On successful login, if User Name exists in TNG database, the user is also logged in to TNG. GDPR Privacy policy is implemented Compatibility Tested on TNG versions, 9, 10.1.3 and 12.1 Not tested on TNG V11 but database changes are incorporated (Thank you @Darrin for providing me the details of the changes) Tested on PHP version 5.4 - 7.3.1 Tested, successfully, with Kloosterman and Mark Barnes methods of Integration Detects TNG versions in use to allow for database changes Customisable privacy settings track TNG 12 cookie and consent flags set consent flag for TNG V9-11 saves consent flag in Wprdpress database set to ask returning user for consent Outstanding Issue If using Mark Barnes plugin, Login within TNG is not functional. User can only login / logout using the Widget. Cause of this is buried deep inside the tne plugin and I have not been able to resolve this. I have the widget working on my live site using Kloosterman method and on my Test site using Mark Barnes plugin. Sadly, both sites are still using TNG V10.13. I have not got round to upgrading the two sites. 🙁 Upgrade to tng V12.2, on both sites, was forced on me because PHP 5.4 became depracated. If you are using Mark Barnes Plugin, remember to 'uncheck Integrate TNG/Wordpress logins: ' in the plugin setup You may download V2.01 V2.0.2 form here If appropriate please message me if you intend to test/use this plugin.
  2. After months of languishing on the back burner, I' ve managed to complete a simple widget which logs in toTNG using Wordpress credentials (user name or user email) . You may try this widget out by downloading Beta version from here. I have been using @HeatherFeuer's widget for more than 6 years. When WPTNG Frontend User Functions 3.0 (for TNG V10) came along, it needed Wordpress to be in root directory to allow @klooster method for integrating WP & TNG. I was too stubburn to change my configuration so I stayed with TNG Frontend User Functions 2.0, TNG V9.2.2 and Mark Barnes integration plugin. I have TNG Version 10.1.3 running on my test site since 2015 but did not upgrade my live site until last month. I have been using Mark Barnes integration plugin for over six years without (virtually) no issues but on upgrade to TNG 10.1.3, last moth, I have failed miserably to get this to work. Integrating Wordpress is really a very simple and obvious answer is to just replace TNG headers and footers with Wordpress ones. It is so simple and obvious that it needs a genious to actually think of it and implement it. Cees Kloosterman is that genious. Thanks @klooster. (Now, what we really need is a simple script that installs topmenu, footer, meta and index files in relevant places) I have successfully converted my live site to CK method and my wp-tng login widget is working successfully on my live and my test site I would ike to share wh yo thiswidget. It is working very well with CK integration method. I have not been able to install Mark Barnes method of integration on my test site but I doubt if widget will work with this plugin. Let me know you think. I have just released v2.01. Rather than continuing with this thread, I have put Details in new thread.
  3. Te Moananui

    Flip Book for TNG

    Hi Everyone, It's been a long while since I visited the forum. I am in the process of upgrading to v12. Just wondering, has anyone developed or aware of a Flip Book script for integration with TNG? T
  4. Previously my site was integrated with Wordpress. As the Wordpress and TNG versions are old I decided to make TNG standalone again, before doing an upgrade to the latest version. Copied all the files/folders into public_html reset file paths in config.php and after a few hiccups and replaced files I got it working, sort of. When I login to my site that works, I am taken to the login page, details filled in and I am logged in, but instead of it staying on the same page I get this tagged on the end of the url All the text is there unformatted and any link still has the img part included but it stays on the same page. For the life of me I cannot find what has gone wrong. Hope someone can help, thanks. Rosalind
  5. I upgraded from v9 to v12 last night, using Filezilla. Unfortunately I made a hash of copying the files over, the ended up in the wrong directory (twice!) and in trying to clear them out I think I have deleted some vital files that allow me access to my own webites bothe are unavailable to me and one has nothing to do with TNG 😩😩 I'll be asking my ISP for help to get that bit sorted for me, but I have a question here about permissions on files in TNG as a permissions check tool provided by my hosts suggests that the permissions are wrong on a number of files. or at least, are not what they would recommend. I'm pretty sure they are going to ask me about these so I've put some examples below and appreciate some feedback on whether they are ok or not for TNG. PHP files are mostly set to 644 (ISP recommends 600) bak files are set to 664 (ISP recommends 755) Everything else is mostly set to 755 (ISP recommends 644) Are these permissions correct please, or should I go with the ISP's recommendations? Thank you, Sharon
  6. SharonM

    Help with custom History page

    I am trying a different way of recording Features and Histories on my site. I have created a custom page using Historytemplate.php, and so far have managed to get the title, font size, and temporary image as I want them. I have also added a link to a person page. I have been referencing the Wiki pages here, as well as getting additional help from HTML/PHP coding tutorials on the internet, but basically all I have done is copy and paste lines of code which I've found, which seem to be doing the sort of thing I want. So far so good. Now I want to add a link to open a pdf file, in the same way that I added a link to go to a person page, but I haven't been able to find a way to get this to work. I've put a copy of my code below (minus a large section of the text to save space). The code which is causing the problem is highlighted in bold - I've tried to use <a href ...> to make the link as the php code in the link to the person page completely defeats me, and inserted html seems to work elsewhere on the page. For testing/trial purposes I've also put the link in as a seperate line, so that I can identify it easily amongst all the other tags. The finished version would have this code in the previous paragrah, where the book is named. I should add that the custom template is in the Histories folder, and the document is in the Media folder (same location as the image already inserted successfully) I should also add that for the moment, the pronblem code has been renmoved from the php on my site, so that it looks and works OK until I can get this resolved. My site is in TNGv9 (for the moment) and is at http://parcel-of-rogues.org.uk/index.php It's locked down, but you can access the site with username "Guest" and "Familyfriend" if you need to. The page is can be accessed from the Features section on the right hand side, 2nd from bottom in that section, "Defrauding the Government" Many thanks for your help. <?php //Remove the following two lines before deploying copies of this file to the "histories" folder. //Replace all the "include" lines in your pre-5.x histories with the following lines (up to the next comment) include( "../begin.php"); //Nuke users must include "../../../begin.php" here if( !$cms['support'] ) $cms['tngpath'] = "../"; include($cms['tngpath'] ."genlib.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] ."getlang.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] ."$mylanguage/text.php"); tng_db_connect($database_host,$database_name,$database_username,$database_password) or exit; include($cms['tngpath'] ."checklogin.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "log.php" ); //end of new include lines $logstring = "<a href=\"histories/millenium1.php\">Defrauding the Revenue - Alfred & Dennett Allen</a>"; writelog($logstring); preparebookmark($logstring); //Note: histories created this way may function differently that other histories when placed in an "album". If that is annoying to you, consider creating //your history by pasting the text into Admin/Media/Body Text instead. // Remove the comments (leading slashes) on the next line if you don't want the TNG menu icons to show on your history page. //$flags[noicons] = true; tng_header( "Defrauding the Revenue - Alfred & Dennett Allen", $flags ); ?> <p class="subhead"><strong><font size="3">Defrauding the Revenue - Alfred & Dennett Allen</font></strong></p> <p class="normal"><font size="1"><i>The following article is by <a href="<?php echo $cms['tngpath']; ?>getperson.php?personID=I438&amp;tree=tree1"><b>William Albery</b></a> of Horsham. It first appeared in the <br> Sussex County Magazine, 1934 and later formed the basis for the chapter on Smuggling <br>in his book <b>A Millennium of Facts In the History of Horsham and Sussex 947-1947</i> </b>, published 1947.</p> <a href="../media/hist_William Albery Millennium chapter on Allens.pdf><b>A Millennium of Facts In the History of Horsham and Sussex 947-1947 </b> </a> <img src="../media/William Albery 2 Images of Horsham Susan Djabri.jpg" hspace="5" style="width:400px;height:300px;padding: 0 15px;" border="0" align="right" /> <div align="justify"> <p> A system of defrauding the Revenue was successfully carried on over ten years by two brothers, Alfred and Dennett Allen, maltsters and farmers. Alfred the elder, lived at Horsham near his malthouse in Springfield Road; Dennett, the younger, lived at Gay Street, West Chiltington. Both were steady and keen business men who were able to make honest trade pay. Precisely at what period of time they began cheating the Revenue is not known, but it was certainly at a time when such an act would trouble the consciences of but few business people. Moreover, it was soon evident that it paid well, a fact that would be sure to resist successfully any amount of moral promptings that might attempt to intrude into the business world. To the businesses carried on at the Horsham and Chiltington malthouses were added later, one each at Worthing, Mulsey, near Pulborough and Adversane - Five malthouses and three farms altogether, with plenty of financial means for carrying on a large trade. </p> ....removed content here..... <p>The trial came before the Chief Baron and a special jury at the Court of Exchequer, King's Bench, on the 16th June. The case against each of the absent Allens was gone into separately. The Attorney-General, Sir F. Thesiger, Mr Wilde Q.C., and Mr Bevan prosecuted for the Crown and Mr Collins and Mr Brown defended. There were thirty counts in the indictment, to which there was no defence. The Chief Baron said he had never heard of so flagrant and extensive a case of fiscal dishonesty as had been made out that day by the Crown against the defendants. The jury found the defendants guilty and although they were liable to a fine of &pound;370,000 the Solicitor General consented on behalf of the Crown to a fine of &pound;110,000. Had the Allens not escaped they would be in default of paying the fine have been imprisoned during Her Majesty's pleasure, but they were perfectly safe, and well-to-do to boot, in America, as the American Government would not, at that time, surrender men convicted of fraud. After a time, however the Solicitor General, upon the principle that half a loaf is better than no bread, reduced the amount of the fine to the odd &pound;10,000, which amount the Allens paid and so restored themselves to their country and their friends.</p> </font> </div> <?php tng_footer( "" ); ?>
  7. I have my site password protected (via Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings>>Privacy) but it doesn't protect the PDFs that are accessed via the 'Features' section on the front page of Template 10, using TNGv9. To clarify - if I try to access any part of the site (other than the front page) without logging on, I am presented with the logon page, EXCEPT if I try and access any of the PDF's listed in the features section. Is there some way I can force a login before allowing access to these PDF's please? Thank you Sharon
  8. I'm trying to get the maps feature working in TNG9 and have a google API key, which I got for my desktop software (Family Historian). My first question is - do I need to buy another API Key for TNG? I'm following the instructions at https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Google_Maps_-_Getting_Started , but when I get to the TNG Map Settings the instructions and screen shot are different to those in my version, most notably, there is nowhere to enter the Google APi Key reference! See below. I assume the Wiki is updated for the latest version on TNG, buy I can't find anything specifically for maps in version 9. Can anyone help please? Thank you, Sharon
  9. Hi Folks, I am working on moving TNG V9 running on Windows 7 with WAMP to linux (Debian 8 - Jessie) BTW, this not my TNG site but was tasked by my boss since I am the IT guy :-) A couple of quick questions: The linux box came with mysql-server version 5.5.6a, PHP version 5.6.40 and apache 2.4.10. Can this combo be used for TNG V9? Once I successfully move it to linux, my boss wanted me to upgrade it to the latest version, V12. Is there a direct upgrade path from 9 to 12 or do I have to do intermediate updates? Thank you in advance.
  10. An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message.Query: SELECT * FROM tng_mediatypes ORDER BY ordernum, displayUser 'klaesser' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 75000) Running tng 12 with wordpress http://laessergenealogy.com
  11. Don M

    TNG and Mojave

    I've just installed Mac OS Mojave on my computer. When I go to my TNG website (I'm using the suggested web host), I'm finding there is a problem loading the webpage. I get a blank page. I'm using Safari. If I click in the address bar, the page eventually loads. Any ideas as to what needs to be done. Thanks in advance Don Marchant
  12. I am upgrading from TNG9 to TNG12. the instructions say to remove any mods that have been installed. I'm not sure how to do this. I don't see anything in the set up/configuration pages that pertain to mods.
  13. I recently looked at my GEDcom on Gedmatch. I was shocked in that it had all information from each generation. For some reason, I thought when I exported a GEDcom from TNG it would put "Living" or "Private" instead of people's information on those records marked as such. I have been looking in TNG for a place where one can set parameters for the export. All I wish to have is the first few generations informationless and only have grandparents, no children showing. If someone can point me in the right directon, I would be truly grateful. Thanks, Jim
  14. Hi There, First can I say that I have been using TNG v9 since 2012 and I love it. 😃 Secondly I need to confess that I am completely out of my depth when it comes to talking about servers, php files, SQL etc and all that sort of thing, so please treat me gently and excuse the ignorance which I am bound to show. It is also the reason why I have never upgraded to later versions of TNG - I remember the confusion and difficulty i had setting up my website initially, but, after a few months it was up and running and for my simple needs works perfectly and still does. Finally, I should let you know that I don't get chance to do genealogy much these days, and it must be nearly 2 years since I updated the data on my website (although my desktop software (Family Historian 6.2) was last updated in Nov 2017. It is because I now want to update my website data that I have logged into my hosting server, and noticed what may or may not be a problem - hence this post as I am unsure what, if anything, I need to do. I think my problem might be related to chMod codes - which I understand are about file permissions. Having logged onto my hosting server, I have seen that some of the TNG software files in the main (root?) folder are highlighted in red - this is something that wasn't happening before. These files all have permission codes of 666. All of the other files have codes of 664; some folders have 755 and others 711, but these are not highlighted so presumably are ok. I have looked in some of the subfolders and the files in them seem to be ok, with the exception of the genback folder - every file in there is highlighted in red even though they have chmod codes of 664. In total there about 10 txt and php files in the main folder - eg adminlog.txt and config.php, and all the bak files - about 32 - in the genbak folder. The last time I logged onto the host server a couple of years ago, nothing was highlighted so something must have changed. Is anyone able to tell me whether I have a problem and if so what I need to do to fix it? (I am keeping my fingers crossed I don't have to re-install TNG) Thank you for your help, SharonM
  15. my current site: http://www.zimmersfamily.us/ TNG version: 9.0.4 i'm trying to move to a new host (note that the site above is still at the old host, and therefore is working). TNG is at the root, there's nothing complicated like a Wordpress integration. here's what i've done so far: old host: made a backup of all the files using phpMyAdmin, exported the db new host: created a new MySQL db and user recorded the new dbname, db username, db password used ftp to push up all the TNG files used phpMyAdmin to import the db export to the newly created database edited config.php to update these vars: $database_name, $database_username, $database_password, $rootpath here's the fun part: on my old host, zimmersfamily.us had its own account. at the new host, it is an addon domain to a different (unrelated) domain. to me, that means i have to pay special attention to the $rootpath. i'm pretty sure i have it set correctly: "/home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/" in order to test, i updated my /etc/hosts file so zimmersfamily.us points to the new host. when i load it, i get a page of error messages, below. where do i begin to debug/fix this? will TNG even work if i don't actually have the DNS pointing at my test location? (i.e. the new host) Warning: Illegal string offset 'subroot' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/subroot.php on line 3 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/subroot.php on line 3 Warning: Illegal string offset 'subroot' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/subroot.php on line 4 Warning: Illegal string offset 'subroot' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/begin.php on line 10 Warning: Illegal string offset 'maint' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 6 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 6 Warning: Illegal string offset 'doctype' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 52 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 52 Warning: Illegal string offset 'imgmaxh' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 70 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 70 Warning: Illegal string offset 'imgmaxw' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 71 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 71 Warning: Illegal string offset 'usedefthumbs' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 76 Warning: Illegal string offset 'thumbcols' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 77 Warning: Illegal string offset 'maxnoteprev' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 78 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 78 Warning: Illegal string offset 'ssdisabled' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 79 Warning: Illegal string offset 'ssrepeat' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 80 Warning: Illegal string offset 'imgviewer' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 81 Warning: Illegal string offset 'imgvheight' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 82 Warning: Illegal string offset 'tabs' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 86 Warning: Illegal string offset 'menu' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 87 Warning: Illegal string offset 'istart' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 88 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showhome' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 89 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showsearch' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 90 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showlogin' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 91 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showshare' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 92 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showprint' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 93 Warning: Illegal string offset 'showbmarks' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 94 Warning: Illegal string offset 'hidechr' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 95 Warning: Illegal string offset 'password_type' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 96 Warning: Illegal string offset 'places1tree' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 97 Warning: Illegal string offset 'autogeo' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 98 Warning: Illegal string offset 'edit_timeout' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 101 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 101 Warning: Illegal string offset 'nnpriv' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 108 Warning: Illegal string offset 'ucsurnames' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 111 Warning: Illegal string offset 'cemrows' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 115 Warning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 115 Warning: Illegal string offset 'cemblanks' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 116 Warning: Illegal string offset 'fromadmin' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 118 Warning: Illegal string offset 'disallowreg' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 119 Warning: Illegal string offset 'revmail' in /home/stevezim/public_html/zimmersfamily.us/config.php on line 120 Warning: Illegal 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  16. Does anyone know what I need to look for when I discover that a pedigree line breaks when I make a GEDCOM. I recently exported a GEDCOM from TNG and brought it into another charing program. Some lines went out 4-5 generations when there are 10-12. They appear fine in TNG. If someone knows what I must do to correct this, I would appreciate and tips you ay offer. Thank you.
  17. Edit: find latest update at the end of this thread. -- Hi, if someone is interested, I just created the following code to have a link to FamilySearch-Search on any Person's page. It's quick and dirty, as I don't know PHP at all. If you want to make an addon out of it, please do so diff --git a/getperson.php b/getperson.php index 11c4126..1abc8b1 100644 --- a/getperson.php +++ b/getperson.php @@ -154,6 +154,21 @@ echo tng_DrawHeading( $photostr, $namestr, getYears( $row ) ); setEvent( array( "text"=>$text['born'], "fact"=>$stdex['BIRT'], "date"=>$row['birthdate'], "place"=>$row['birthplace'], "event"=>"BIRT", "entity"=>$personID, "type"=>"I" ), $row['birthdatetr'] ); setEvent( array( "text"=>$text['christened'], "fact"=>$stdex['CHR'], "date"=>$row['altbirthdate'], "place"=>$row['altbirthplace'], "event"=>"CHR", "entity"=>$personID, "type"=>"I" ), $row['altbirthdatetr'] ); } + // JPT search Familysearch + $searchparam="https://familysearch.org/search/record/results"; + $searchparam.="?count=20"; + $searchparam.="&query="; + + if( $row['firstname'] ) $searchparam.="%2Bgivenname%3A". $row['firstname']."~"; + if( $row['lastname'] ) $searchparam.="%20%2Bsurname%3A". $row['lastname']."~"; + if( $row['birthplace'] ) $searchparam.="%20%2Bbirth_place%3A".$row['birthplace']."~"; +// TODO if( ) $searchparam.="%20%2Bbirth_year%3A".$row['birthdatetr']."-".$row['birthdatetr']."~"; + if( $spouserow['firstname'] ) $searchparam.="%20%2Bspouse_givenname%3A".$spouserow['firstname']."~"; + if( $spouserow['lastname'] ) $searchparam.="%20%2Bspouse_surname%3A". $spouserow['lastname']."~"; + + setEvent( array( "text"=>"Search", "fact"=>"<a href=$searchparam target=\"_blank\">Familysearch</a>")); + if ( $row['sex'] == "M" ) { $sex = $text['male']; $spouse = "wife"; $self = "husband"; $spouseorder = "husborder"; }
  18. claudesb

    From V9 to V11

    Hi, I hope I am posting this in the right place I have V9 (14,000 individuals) running on a server and I want to move to V11 on a different/new server. What would be the approach? Is it enough to install v11 on the new server and copy the content?
  19. For those using the Burial Website Media Import Mod, Find A Grave has recently changed the format of its URL that points to memorials. For the moment, it seems they are still forwarding URLs in the old format. However, if you start entering records with the new URL, you need to make the following change in your customconfig.php $BWMI_mod['web']['FAG']['match_url'] = "[?&]GRid=|/memorial/"; If you want to have your URLs in the new format, you will need to also add the following change in your customconfig.php $BWMI_mod['web']['FAG']['url'] = "https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/%s"; Now if you don't delete the old entries, when you change to the new URL above, you will see both old and new media entries in TNG. New ones don't overwrite the old ones with different URLs. This is unavoidable, since there is not a good way to tell if the media is a good one or not. Some folks actually like to point other Find A Grave links of other individuals under the person too. e.g., spouses. So I recommend deleting all your old entries first. The quickest way I've found to remove a bunch of Find A Grave links is to: Go into administration select Media on the left under "Collection" select "Find A Grave" make sure all the other fields are blank click search click "Select All" click "Delete Selected" repeat 6-7 as many times as needed until all are removed. Rerun Burial Website Media Import, to add all the Media entries using the new URL I know it is a pain. But it really only needs to be done once, anytime a website completely changes their URL structure. And if you do have other links there (i.e., spouses), then you need to make sure you uncheck any that you want to keep and edit by hand (or go through them one at a time.) At some point in the future I will update the Mod version with these changes.
  20. Hi all, I would like users of my TNG-installation to have to login to view the data and information, but to not have access to the admin area. I can open for all users with the "require login" switch, but I DO want them to login even if just for viewing. I will then add accounts for users before they can login and view. How can I achieve this? I'm no strange to altering the code, if needed. Thanks.
  21. I have run my version of TNG for a very long time, and language have been changed only once - when I installed it. The admin menu and the registrations of people contain Norwegian characters and I have never had a problem with it. It have displayed perfectly. Now it's all changed. See attachment. What happened? What can I do?
  22. I am getting the following error. Just started occurring one day. I had not done anything to the site. Occurs on accessing the site and can not proceed further. Not sure where to start any guidance appreciated. Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_register() in /home/hardyus/www/www/TNG/globallib.php on line 5. . Version 9 of TNG http://www.hardyus.com/history thanks Steve
  23. TngApi Plugin for Wordpress (V 3) A stand-alone plugin for Smooth integration with TNG to display genealogy data in Wordpress pages.At last, I am (nearly) there!! Latest version of the plugin is available for beta testing. If you have a test site, I would really appreciate your help in testing this plugin. You may download the latest release of the plugin Here.  There is also a pdf file Here with full details. The plugin has several useful features:Simple access to the TNG database from within Wordpress.A convenient collection of shortcodes and functions for integrating TNG data into your Wordpress site.A convenient way for users to submit data-additions and data-changesA convenient way, for the administrator, to check and update TNG database from within Wordpress.A convenient way, for the user, to upload default photo from the person pageA convenient way, for the user, to upload media and update media linksA custom shortcode directory, with a sample shortcode, to help you create and store your own custom shortcodes.What’s New in TngApi V3In previous versions, user submissions were emailed to the administrator. In Version 3.0, user submissions are stored in temporary Wordpress tables and email is sent to the administrator as beforeOnce checked, the administrator has one-click facility to transfer user-submissions to TNG databaseThe plugin now caters for multiple trees and privacy flagsFacility to track a customized special event is now implemented from the setup menu.Requirements PHP 5.3 or greaterWordpress 3.8 or greaterTNG V9 or betterTNG installation in one directory below the base.Same User name in Wordpress and TNGUser has logged in.Demo You may evaluate the plugin at my demo site Apart from plug-ins for security and administration, the demo site usesTngApi Version 3 to display data from TNG database andTngwp_frontend_user_functions Version 2 for Registration, Profile and Login / logouts.PHP Version 5.4.38Wordpress Version 4.1.1TNG Version 10.1  On my demo site, TNG database has 2 trees. I have 2 users for demo purposes. view is allocated to a specific tree (dummy tree) viewtree is not allocated to a specific tree. You may also see the plugin at my live site On my live site, I am using TngApi to display data from TNG databaseTNG Wordpress Integration by Mark Barnes Version 2.1 to display TNG pages in Wordpress.Tngwp_frontend_user_functions Version 2.1 by Heather Feuerhelm for Registration, Profile and Login / logouts.Wordpress Version 3.6.1TNG Version 9.1TNG database has 1 tree only.I have 1 user for demo purposes. User  = view, allocated to a specific treePlease PM me or post here if you would like the password. Issues I couple of minor issues have cropped up since I uploaded the plugin to the demo site.
  24. Currently running v9.1.2 but will upgrade shortly to 10.x Is there any way/mod to make TNG only show the year of the date information for things? So instead of showing a birth date as 12 Jul 2001, it would just show 2001. Just thinking about a little extra privacy, even for logged in users. Thanks, Tom S.
  25. I have a home hosted linux box running the site version 9 and had have for years, upgraded a few times, etc. I now want to transition to a next mac osX server box and use version 10 of the TNG software. I have installed and got the new site working with all green lights on the diagnostics tab, but when I try to copy the data into the site the gedcom load is failing part way through. Individuals load but families do not. error looks like this M10 M20 I10 M30 P10 M40 I20 M50 M60 P20 I30 I40 I50 M70 I60 M80 I70 P30 M90 I80 M100 I90 P40 I100 I110 P50 I120 I130 I140 I150 I160 M110 I170 I180 N10 I190 P60 I200 N20 I210 P70 M120 I220 I230 I240 M130 I250 M140 P80 I260 I270 I280 M150 I290 N30 P90 I300 M160 I310 M170 I320 N40 M180 I330 I340 P100 I350 I360 P110 I370 M190 I380 I390 P120I400 I410 I420 I430 P130 I440 I450 I460 I470 P140 I480 I490 I500 I510 I520 M200 Cannot execute query: UPDATE tng_families SET marrdate="27 MAY 2000", marrdatetr="2000-05-27", marrplace="Falnash Farm, XXXXX, XXX", marrtype="Married", divdate="", divdatetr="0000-00-00", divplace="", husband="I2", wife="I1", sealdate="", sealdatetr="0000-00-00", sealplace="", changedby="admin" , changedate="2016-01-01 14:01:07" WHERE familyID="F1" AND gedcom = "Strom001" I have looked at the tables and the gedcom file and been been reading through the forum and trying different things but I cannot seem to get past this... I aligned the language settings, and purged all of the strange looking characters from cutting/pasting notes from Swedish researchers. I have tried backup tables, move to new site and restore tables. I have tried to import the same gedcom file into the v9 site and it works without error. I moved the gedcom file to the gedcom directory in the v10 site and tried from there - no luck I have a feeling it might be something in the tables that is not correct...Any more ideas I can try? My site is currently password protected but I can open it up if needed. Thanks in advance, Eric