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Found 3 results

  1. srandall54@att.net

    Help Needed

    Looking for someone to help with site update and various other issues. Priority being version update I have not been active on my site for a long while but left it up and just recently looked at it and was startled at all my issues I seem to have. I could not get back into the TNG forum as I forgot my password so I contacted Darrin Lythgoe for a place to start. He said the first thing I need to do is update my version first as I am running a VERY old version (8.3.1) and obtain an API key from Google maps In the past, I used a Wild-Type design to get my site up and running and complete all the customization but she is no longer available. I simply do not have the skills needed beyond small stuff. I also noticed that my site is not showing as secure. I have contacted my web host (Simply Hosting) and was told that my site i"s using a valid SSL certificate. But, not showing green padlock due to the presence of mixed content" I appreciate any assistance as I have a mess on my hands. Sharon Randall email: srandall54@att.net website: generationsgoneby.com
  2. Visitors to the site have alerted me to at least on page that locks up. It appears to be a script on that page that's gotten corrupted. Being a novice in this area I don't have the skill to debug the script http://www.haseleyfamily.com/getperson.php?personID=I3511&tree=FWHCED Any help or ideas would be appreciated;
  3. Hi : I wish to export my tree to Findmypast as a Gedcom. I go into Import/export, click on the Export tab/Export Media Links. I have put in the right paths like "..\Photos\" and click on Export. All my numbers come up. Then I click on Download Gedcom, then all my names come up that are on my tree. What do I do now?? In the Import Gedcom screen, I click on select and its sitting in that folder. How can I get the Gedcom out of there and get it on Findmypast or has that Export Gedcom gone some where else.    Warren