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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, Back in the day I installed TNG 8.0.2. Added some data. Then... things happened. And now I am trying to resume where I left. I would like to upgrade to the latest version. Site doesn't work any more, because machine now has PHP 7 only. So what's the smoothest way to go about upgrading while preserving my data. (I have backup.) Completely fresh install, db and all. And then restore backup. Have there been any breaking changes in the db schema, that will prevent a restore (mysqldump sql file)? Drop the new code, fix config, point to existing db. Perhaps manually run a db update scripts of sort. Nothing to worry about. Normal version 13 install, and it will figure what needs to be updated with the existing database. I tried to look for the above information here at the forum and on the wiki, but was unable to find anything of interest. Perhaps the download page for v13 may have that info, but I haven't paid yet. Cheers! tjk
  2. srandall54@att.net

    Help Needed

    Looking for someone to help with site update and various other issues. Priority being version update I have not been active on my site for a long while but left it up and just recently looked at it and was startled at all my issues I seem to have. I could not get back into the TNG forum as I forgot my password so I contacted Darrin Lythgoe for a place to start. He said the first thing I need to do is update my version first as I am running a VERY old version (8.3.1) and obtain an API key from Google maps In the past, I used a Wild-Type design to get my site up and running and complete all the customization but she is no longer available. I simply do not have the skills needed beyond small stuff. I also noticed that my site is not showing as secure. I have contacted my web host (Simply Hosting) and was told that my site i"s using a valid SSL certificate. But, not showing green padlock due to the presence of mixed content" I appreciate any assistance as I have a mess on my hands. Sharon Randall email: srandall54@att.net website: generationsgoneby.com
  3. Visitors to the site have alerted me to at least on page that locks up. It appears to be a script on that page that's gotten corrupted. Being a novice in this area I don't have the skill to debug the script http://www.haseleyfamily.com/getperson.php?personID=I3511&tree=FWHCED Any help or ideas would be appreciated;
  4. Hi : I wish to export my tree to Findmypast as a Gedcom. I go into Import/export, click on the Export tab/Export Media Links. I have put in the right paths like "..\Photos\" and click on Export. All my numbers come up. Then I click on Download Gedcom, then all my names come up that are on my tree. What do I do now?? In the Import Gedcom screen, I click on select and its sitting in that folder. How can I get the Gedcom out of there and get it on Findmypast or has that Export Gedcom gone some where else.    Warren