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Found 257 results

  1. Raymondish

    Disk Usage Warning

    Hello, I just received an e-mail "Disk Usage Warning" from cpanel@raymond-family.net with this message: The account currently uses 84.28% (842.76 MB/1,000 MB) of its disk capacity. The account currently has 2,895 files. Remove some files from this account, or ask the system administrator to increase the account’s disk quota. My questions are: When I upload a new Gedcom file to an existing database, does that generate obsolete files that I should delete? Can I do file deletions directly from a TNG administrator page, or should I contact the hosting service? Should I just ask for more disk capacity? Thanks, Raymond
  2. zanger02

    Timeline events duplicated

    The timeline is showing duplicated events. When I look at the events in the admin section there are no duplicates entries. On the individuals page #1-19 events are duplicated. (there are only 19 events listed on the admin page) So, instead of 19 events there are 38 events. I haven't made any modifications to the code. I'm using version 12.1 and the mod version
  3. I'm stuck on step 6 of the Readme HTML installation guide with the dreaded "Please wait, attempting to process..." message. TNG v12.3, MariaDB 10, PHP 7.2, DB name: "tng", DB username: "tng-local". I'm running the Readme from the URL to the web volume on the Synology DS916. Also have referenced SKDavis' install guide for Synology. I believe I have followed all of the other steps without missing or having issues. Screen shots attached to show privileges, versions, etc. (password omitted on screen shot but included during install). Have googled this and tried other suggestions, but I appear to be overlooking or misunderstanding something. Appreciate any guidance for this rookie mistake. Thanks. John
  4. Doug120745

    Install readme.html hangs.

    Hello, I am just attempting to reinstall TNG v12.3 after a year away from it. I am having difficulty getting TNG initialized on my home server. TNG is installed at location C:\xampp\htdocs\tng I started to follow your excellent YouTube video for installation and didn't get very far with the readme.html file before it hung up. The readme.html file is correctly accessed through my browser from http://localhost/tng/readme.html as shown in the attached snapshot below. I get to step 3 Set Permissions in the readme.html file, click the set permission button and receive the following " Please wait, attempting to process..." which never is returned. The same thing happens when I click the rename folders button in Step 4. Is there a way to do this manually if the readme.html file does not work? Exactly what permissions are to be set here anyways? I am using version 12.3 14 of March 2020 - Full version (not an update)
  5. Roger Rosentreter

    Pretty Permalinks?

    This is my very first post so please be gentle... Is there a setting or mod somewhere to change say https://some address/index.php to https://some address/ or https://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9414 to https://some address/theactualdocumentname??? Pretty permalinks are pretty much standard these days and I'm also using a sitemap generator which is currently sending Google, et al, a bunch of random data. For example: 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 16http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9414 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 17http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9411 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 18http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9413 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 19http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9415 Also... Where can I add the header <meta> tag information please??? I've found meta-title and meta-keywords but none of the others.
  6. As reflected by the attached pictures I have some PHP-detected errors. One is seen w/o login here: https://www.girander.dk/genealogy/browsealbums.php Another here: https://www.girander.dk/genealogy/calendar.php - also shown in the attached snips. I hope the pattern of errors points in a particular direction. Possibly a (some) corrupt php file(s)..
  7. uhanke

    Selection Criteria

    I am working already some time with persondata. Now i want to generate reports of persons. When i input the lastname in criteria it works fine. Now i would like to have a universal report where i will be asked for the lastname. When i insert just the field lastname i get the header of the report but no box asking me to input the name. Is it possible to input a operator and a string and what might be syntax? Edit: Maybe my engish is not good enough to explain what i like to get: i like to have a namelist which asks me which name of persons in database should be listed. The name should be a variable in criteria. The fields to be displayed and the fields to be sorted should be inserted into reportgenerator. As i am not familar with SQL-Sintax i cannot write a complete sqlrequest in the lower box of reportgenerator. I have some experience in programming so i would be able to customize values. Uli
  8. jhculbert

    How to Display Media for Places?

    I have several images in my Photos media collection showing churches and churchyards. Assuming that this can be done in TNG, I would like to know how to get these images to show when I view the Place associated with those media. When I edit those media, such as is shown in the screenshot example below, I link the media to an existing place. However, when I view that Place, I see no image here, nor thumbnail. What am I missing here? See below. Where does this media show, besides in the Photos media collection? Should I be making the media always viewable? Please advise. Thanks!
  9. Simple SEO V7 for TNG releases 12 and 13 has been posted and can be downloaded from the Wiki. There are no new features in this release, but plenty of bug fixes and minor updates to improve the code, including: PHP-8 compatibility Support for meta keywords from familychart.php (a bug fix) Improvements to the code inserted into getperson.php that corrects some long-standing conflicts with the Sosa and Relationship Display mods This update is recommended, but not required, for Simple SEO users unless one intends to move to PHP-8. However, this will be the last major release of Simple SEO for TNG 12. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  10. I would like to replace the links to his and her sides of the family tree with personalized links based on who is logged in. It appears that this mod has been done previously. Question: It has been a long time since I set up my site and I have done virtually nothing to it since setup. I would like to make this modification, but am at a loss as to how to accomplish it. Can someone help me with how to make this change? Please provide a step-by-step approach if you have the patience. This mod: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/My_User_Links_Add-on This thread: https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/12161-mod-wanted-or-code/&tab=comments#comment-57912 My site: http://www.garyconniefamilytree.net/index.php My server (if it matters): I am using SimplyHosting. Thank you, Gary
  11. I've posted the 1st release candidate for Simple SEO V7. No new features in this release...yet, but I've included PHP-8 compatibility updates, numerous bug fixes, and support for meta keywords from familychart.php. In addition, I've simplified/streamlined the code inserted into getperson.php to correct some long-standing mod conflicts with Sosa and Relationship Display The release candidate can be downloaded here or from the Wiki page. This update was developed against TNG 13.0 and 13.0.4 but may work with all releases from TNG 12.0.3 forward. Comments, bugs, and suggestions for additional features are very welcome. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  12. 4lexsharpe

    Report Parameter

    Does TNG support the user entering a value to run a report e.g. I f I want to list all entries for a census year, rather than writing a query for each census year, can the user be prompted for a value and the report returns all census for that year?
  13. Hello! I'm considering getting TNG and using Wordpress to host it. Before I proceed, I have a question. My grandparents are from two different towns in Southern Italy. Over the past 25 years, I've amassed a large database of families from both towns. I would like to make a separate TNG page for each but under one website. Do I need to purchase two TNGs, or can I use one for both pages? Also, would it be possible to set up a login page for each for privacy reasons? Thanks! Jason
  14. africanaunty

    TNG not mobile friendly

    Morning All Google Search Console has reported that 'familygroup.php' page is not mobile friendly as the viewport is not set. How can we fix this?Google Search Console has reported that 'familygroup.php' page is not mobile friendly as the viewport is not set. How can we fix this? This is the website domain https://www.ancestors.co.za/database/trees/ and below are the three urls of the errors 3 page resources couldn’t be loaded  Resource Type Status  https://www.ancestors.co.za/database/trees/js/net.js Script Other error  https://www.ancestors.co.za/database/trees/templates/template209/css/mytngstyle.css?v=12.3 Stylesheet Other error  https://www.ancestors.co.za/database/trees/templates/template209/css/tngtabs2.css?v=12.3 Stylesheet
  15. rcpettit

    Add citation section

    Is there any plans to add a citations section to the admin area. It seems a waste of space to have multiple copies of a citation in the database and having to edit them individually if you make an error.
  16. I did follow the steps as mentioned in this guide. I have 2 sub folders: I have the following diagnostics: see image attached: Aantekening 2020-08-30 200509.png I followed all the steps and when I open the adress https://www.paulvanachterberg.nl/genealogie/ it leaves all blank. I also added the TNG pugin options. See the image TNG Plugin options. I also added Site Design and Definition. See the image Desing and setting. Any ideas what I might have missed?
  17. clferris

    Crash on Save

    I've used V12 for some time now, but today have experienced a new problem. When I SAVE, for example, a new cemetery or editing a photo, my TNG site crashes. After several moments I see the usual generic message about the site timing out. Then my whole site can not be launched again for 5 to 10 minutes. (I haven't timed it - but it is several minutes.) I am able to add a new individual but can not seem to Save media or cemeteries. I have checked API keys, although I really don't have a clue about the mechanics of TNG. I am wondering if version 12 has become unstable somehow. GoDaddy is my host and they said they had no problems getting into the site, although I didn't ask them to edit anything. They suggested cleaning out cache and cookies which I did. Any suggestions? Thanks, Connie "Haven't A Clue" Ferris
  18. I have finally found a way to get my media files assigned to the proper custom media collections during the GEDCOM import process. It does require a "hack" to the gedimport_misc.php file, maybe someday the capability can be made standard by Darrin, or turned into a mod, but for now, this is a HUGE thing for me. I've never cared for the documents/video/recordings collections, always wanted to use my own collections and menu items. Since I use TNG just for display, and frequently clear the tree and reimport from GEDCOM, I needed the placement of files into collections to be automated and not manual. Now it is. I wrote it up in a longer blog post with lots of screen shots, and I'm afraid it probably still doesn't make too much sense, but thought I'd offer it here for anyone looking to do this. Say I have images of birth certificates and the like on my desktop in P:\Genealogy\exhibits\birth_records, and my genealogy program (RootsMagic) puts that entire path in the GEDCOM file. I really want to have a media collection and menu item called "Birth Records", and for the GEDCOM import to put those files in that collection for me. Here's how make the server folder structure similar to the desktop folder structure on desktop: P:\Genealogy\exhibits\birth_records on server: tng/documents/birth_records create the collection in TNG Admin>>Media collection ID: birthrec display title: Birth Records folder name: documents/birth_records add code to customconfig.php defining this collection and the gedcom file path $locimppath['birthrec'] = "P:\\Genealogy\\exhibits\\birth_records"; edit gedimport_misc.php to add this collection ID and import path info to the getLocalPathList function This is what gedimport_misc.php section looks like original: function getLocalPathList($mediatypeID) { global $locimppath, $mediatypes_locpaths; switch( $mediatypeID ) { case "photos": $locpath = $locimppath['photos']; break; case "histories": $locpath = $locimppath['histories']; break; case "documents": $locpath = $locimppath['documents']; break; case "headstones": $locpath = $locimppath['headstones']; break; case "recordings": case "videos": $locpath = $locimppath['other']; break; default: $locpath = isset($mediatypes_locpaths[$mediatypeID]) ? $mediatypes_locpaths[$mediatypeID] : ""; } return $locpath; } You need to add a "case" section for your new media collection. This is what you add: case "birthrec": $locpath = $locimppath['birthrec']; break; Do that for every additional media collection you have created. This is the longer blog post about this technique https://lptex.com/blog/tng-custom-media-collections-using-gedcom-import/ Here's what I see after I do a GEDCOM import and then run the secondary process to trim menus And this is what the menu looks like on the live site I'm working towards the TNG-WP integration and will not be using the TNG menus at all, so I didn't bother with any menu icons. I hope this helps others as much as it has me - this is something I've wanted for YEARS and finally sat down to figure out how to do it myself.
  19. I recently discovered that after editing a person, I am left on a blank page. I then need to close it and refresh the person's page to see the new edits. Is this how it always was and I don't just remember? I've been working with the blog side and had to change the php version. Could that be the problem?
  20. 4lexsharpe

    Blank page after update

    If I choose to edit a record from the public home pages The following page 'admin_editperson.php?personID=I73&tree=Lat1&cw=1' loads showing all the details. If I make a change and select save & close window the 'admin_updateperson.php' loads but with a blank screen. This has only started to happen today. In fact it seems to happen for any form I update from the public pages.
  21. I have several family trees on my website. Is it possible to link a name from "family tree A" to a person from "Family tree B"?
  22. Chris Lloyd


    Is anyone currently using adsense to monetise (hah) their website? If so where have you found the best place to add the code? I would appreciate links to your site to see the effect... Merry Christmas and I sincerely hope that you aren't too seriously affected by Covid. Hopefully 2021 will be an improvement on 2020.
  23. I am using TNG v. 12.3. I recently added 3 employment custom events to an existing individual in my database, but these custom events do not show in the normal view! The employment custom event shows in the normal view for other individuals. Can anyone suggest a cause and fix for this? Unfortunately, this is for a living individual that I must now publicly share in order to seek resolution. Screenshots attached. Thanks!
  24. jhculbert

    Search Issue

    I recently created a duplicate TNG site by copying the backup data tables to a new location. However, although the people.bak files were the same for both sites, in the new duplicate site I cannot find (using advanced search on the individual ID) many of the individuals that are in the database. To summarize my dilemma, for my public site now, on the Admin Home page it shows 69,077 individuals in the database. And, if I do an advance search for all people without entering any name information I get 69,077 results. This is as should be expected. However, for the duplicate site, on the Admin Home page it shows 68,891 individuals in the database. But, if I do an advance search for all people without entering any name information I get only 34,999 results. It appears that the individuals that cannot be found using TNG search are the living individuals, although the TNg statistics say that there are 34,292 of them, not 68,891-34,999=33,892 of them. Do not be concerned about the numerical difference between 69,077, and 68,891, as more individuals have been added to the public site since I copied the people.bak data table. Can anyone come up with a reason for why this would be, and how I can correct it so that all individuals can be accessed on my duplicate site?
  25. Hi All, Version of the Fixed Family Tab mod is published with these important updates: * Multiple marriages are supported * No conflict with Robin Richmond's Regroup Person Profile mod v13.0.0.19e <-- Note version 19e (published Nov 28, 2020) Grab it here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fixed_Family_Tab Note for TNG 12 users: A version is coming today or tomorrow, but it will NOT include the Regroup Person Profile adaptation. BTW! Public Access Control is updated by Robin to solve conflicys. See here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Public_Access_Control Best regards, Erik