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Found 430 results

  1. I note that when I see a relationship chart using my TNG website, it always shows my adopted parents rather than my birth parents. I prefer the latter. How to fix this? Also, why are some of the names slightly boldfaced while others are not? Thank you!
  2. swedenmark

    unwanted dot in sources

    Dear all! I run https:// swedenmark.eu and I have discovered a problemt in my source lines. I have one to many dots in the end of an source, please see the following likn - https://www.swedenmark.eu/getperson.php?personID=I30829&tree=swedenmark - Person Ove Vincentsen Lunge (Dyre) in the source there are two sources. Number 1. has one dot and number 2 has two dot. In number one I have not placed an dot in the end. Number two I have placed a dot in the end! I'm using TNG 11.1.2 and I will not update to 12 before I have solves this problem? I have tried to uninstall all my mods one by one in order to see if that caused the problem, but it is still there? Does anyone have an hint how to get rid of the dot to many? Best Regards Søren Wendt
  3. Hi, I'm not well versed with PHP so bear with me, please. I've managed to incorporate the surname cloud on my index page. However, it was pointed out to me by a visitor that many of the names while being "family" are not necessarily my direct ancestors. Since I have several cousins (1st to 5th and as many removed) they want to see the direct ancestors to which they might link. Is there any way to accomplish this (that would be fairly easy for a beginner) without starting from scratch? Looking forward to any ideas Thanks Beverley
  4. Cornelius Smit

    redirect after login

    After Person sign in goto the person's family tree to add more users or option for a profile page or even just a redirect after login
  5. I've had this problem occur before with photos in general, but have always been able to fix it, by deleting the associated media files and adding the photo once again but, not this time. I want to replace an older headstone photo for an individual. I deleted the two older photo files both full-sized as well as the thumb versions from TNG as well as from the server. I FTP'd the newer photo to the headstone folder on the server. I checked all settings and have confirmed everything looks okay. When I view the photo (as well as the thumbnail) from the headstone folder on the server they are the correct newer versions. The thumbnail on the individual's page is is also the newer version. However, every time I click on that thumbnail to view the actual photo it is the older one. I have tried every way I know how to fix this and have deleted and reinstalled from scratch the headstone photo and again verified file locations and the media file settings to no avail. I've even deleted the old files, then shutdown my Mac to make sure I'm starting from as clean a slate as I can, but the old photo still comes up. Makes me wonder is there some kind of cookie in the system that prevents me from seeing the newer photo? Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.
  6. wkenddad

    Layout of media change

    I have several people with Yearbook Entries I link the Jpegs of each page to a "Education" Event. When the persons page displays these Jpegs are in rows. is it possible to have these items display as columns in a single row or a table of 1 x 4 or 2 x 2? Or even better a MOD that allows several Items to be linked in a table format and that table be linked to the event. P.S. Is there anyway to have them display in order A-Z versus order of entry?
  7. I have released Citation Master versions (TNG 11.0) , (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.2). This is a major update that adds: Formatted page references--Generated by getperson.php and suitable for copying by other genealogists. (Requested by Darryl Brady, Brian Larson, and Mark Middleton.) A new configuration file for the APA format, and updates to all other configuration files for the new page reference feature. The ability to prepend and append text to citation/source fields. (Requested by a few users who would like to add labels like 'Page:' to certain fields.) The ability to turn Citation Master's formatting engine on/off for citations, sources, references--controlled by mod parameters. (Requested by Darryl Brady and Bill Desjardin.) A new formatting instruction for inserting HTML breaks. (Requested by Ken Roy.) Improvements to the formatting engine's algorithm that eliminate some extra spacing that crept into sources and citations. Internationalization for 12 languages. In addition, the Citation Master Wiki page has been extensively updated to cover all the current features and provide additional examples and instructions on use. This version is recommended for all TNG 11 Citation Master users. Happy to help with any fine tuning of the configuration files. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  8. I am having problems getting user registration notifications. Below is my settings with my email. I tested this with another email address that I have. Neither the user or myself gets notified when they submit a registration request. I check spam / junk and it is not being filtered. Any Ideas?
  9. I am wondering if there is a way to automatically mark everyone as Private who is shown as under a certain age like 18 and under? Is there a mod for this? Is there a way to automatically then remove the private flag / mark when the person reaches a certain age? I know how to do this manually, it is just that I have about 100 to do right now. But I will have them done in a few days.
  10. A TNG user recently posted an idea for a new mod on the TNG users list. He requested APA formatted citations for the pages generated from getperson.php. I responded that Citation Master could produce that pretty easily and generated a couple of Citation Master v8 release candidates that incorporate the feature. As currently coded, the feature produces an additional section just above the citations that looks like (APA format): Reference: Herndon, William Robert. (2018, March 4). Donald Crain Herndon. TNG 11.0.1 Website. Retrieved from http://localhost:3030/getperson.php?personID=I2092&tree=tngtest The IEEE format looks like this: Reference: Herndon, William Robert. "Donald Crain Herndon," TNG 11.0.1 Website, March 4, 2018. [Online]. Available: http://localhost:3030/getperson.php?personID=I2092&tree=tngtest The idea being that your site's users could copy this reference from your site to theirs or for incorporation as a source in their own genealogy database. Here's the issue: At least one interested TNG user (and perhaps others) would like this feature without the bulk of Citation Master's other features, but I need Citation Master's internal formatting engine to make this work. The easiest way to make that happen would be to split Citation Master into two mods: One for the features, one for the formatting engine. I'd then create a new 'Page Reference' mod that would also depend on the formatting engine. So...the question for Citation Master's users: Would you still use the Citation Master if it were split in two, so that you'd have to install both the feature mod and the formatting engine mod? Let me make clear that I think this is a cool feature, but my existing users come first. So I'll figure out an alternative if splitting Citation Master isn't the preferred way to go. Thanks for your input and suggestions. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  11. Hi all, I currently plan on keeping my FTM/ancestry tree as my main tree, repopulating TNG from time to time through gedcom. I need to do a "replace all" as I often delete or merge people, so the ID numbers might change between two exports... That is not a problem in itself. There are two issues: - for some reason, FTM does not export Latitude and Longitude. While these are visible in FTM, and also visible in TNG (!), the maps won't work until I select each place separately and click on "search". It then goes to the numbers which were already present, and shows the map. Is there an easier way to do this? - it was recommended for a correct import to name the files "p_" for photographs, "m_" for headstones and "d_" for documents, so TNG would recognise the media type, put them in the correct folder and make them searchable. As I am cleaning up my database anyway, I am renaming all my media in this format. But... they also show like that on the website. I find it very ugly. Isn't there another way of adding media without the prefix, but still keeping the media type so one can search for pictures or documents etc? Regards, Tom
  12. HeatherFeuer

    WPTNG Frontend User Functions 3.1 Released

    I recently discovered that there was an issue with captcha that allowed users to register without entering the correct captcha. I have now fixed this bug and if the captcha is NOT correct, an alert box pops up stating the captcha is incorrect and sending the user back to correct the captcha. Only when it IS correct can the user submit the registration form. This has been updated for both the simple and advanced registration forms. The updated plugin is available for download on the demo site. I have also updated the instructions for the TNG Plugin for usage with post-TNG version 10.1 sites and added a new post with my version of the Kloosterman instructions. I hope you find all of it useful.
  13. I swapped to TNG from Webtrees - I prefer TNG, there are more ways to customise that webtrees. That being said, Webtrees does do a very nice job of statistics, without the need to imput the sql queries or reports. I've included a screen shot of some of the statistics from my own (ex) webtrees site. Is it possible and how do I go about creating the sql or report for each of these... SQL not being my strong point. Any help or advice is most welcome.... Thanks in advance
  14. libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile (solved) I had lots of these warnings in the apache error log. After some Googling I found that it could have something to do with a color profile in .png files. Some changes in libpng version 1.6+ cause it to issue a warning or even not work correctly with the original HP/MS sRGB profile, leading to the following stderr: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile So I used Graphic Converter (https://www.lemkesoft.de/) (I'm on Mac OS) and sanatised (i.e. removed EXIF, IPTC etc) all the PNG files in the /img folder. So far I have not seen this warning anymore. See also: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Libpng_errors Just to share if someone has seen this too in his logfile and want to get rid of it. Jan
  15. After importing a gedcom that was exported from Ancestry.com, I'm getting several places duplicated like this: Polk, Minnesota, USA Polk, Minnesota, USA***Data is already there*** I've been unable to determine where this 2nd Polk ***Data is already there*** is coming from. My workflow is to: Sync Ancestry.com tree with Family Tree Maker Resolve all places in Family Tree Maker (so for example, there is only a single place "Polk Minnesota, USA" with no variations in spelling or location appearing as a place in the tree after resolving all places) Sync Family Tree Maker tree back to Ancestry.com Export Ancestry.com tree as gedcom and import to TNG. I can obviously merge these duplicates, but would like to fix the underlying issue in either the Ancestry.com record data or TNG app. The only lead I've got at the moment is that it appears these duplicate places are associated with individuals who have 2 identical marriage events (same date, same place) associated with them. Any ideas what is causing the duplicate places in TNG? Thank you Ken
  16. This morning I went into mod manager and updated some mods. Alas the whole of TNG is now unavailable, and I can't even see a way to switch off the problem mod so I can fix things. I think the culprit might be the Show Signature mod? The error message is "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare showSigPhoto() (previously declared in /home/mywebsite/public_html/sites/all/libraries/tng/extensions/signature.php:8) in /home/mywebsite/public_html/sites/all/libraries/tng/extensions/signature.php on line 8" Any suggestions to help me get it running again? Thanks
  17. raywaldo

    Can't delete a branch

    When I try to delete one or many branches from my tree, I get the following error: Any idea what is wrong or how to fix it? BTW, I have done several overwrites with new GEDCOM files. I also had to change the person prefix from "I" to "P" to match the GEDCOM from Ancestry.
  18. I want to know how the "Most Wanted" page works because the data (text and images) are visible in my new site's "Most Wanted" Admin area, but nothing shows up in public view. I am in the process of transferring a TNG website from one server to another. I have moved the data files and media. What is missing?
  19. I would like to include both French accents (eg ç) and Polish lettering (eg Ł) in the letters that display and can be collated (eg to c and L) on my site.My TNG Admin > Languages are English-UTF8 and French-UTF8.My TNG Admin > Setup > Configuration > General Settings > Language is ... Folder = English-UTF8, character set = UTF8Question 1: When I look in my phpMyAdmin, I can see a "server connection collation", and a "server charset" and then also a tab called "charsets". Which do I adjust to achieve the correct outcome?a) “Server connection collation”, which is currently set (not by me) at “utf8mb4_unicode_ci”b) “Server charset”, which is “UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)”c) Lastly, there is a “tab” in phpMyAdmin called “charsets”. This shows a lengthy table of Collations and accompanying Descriptions; within this table, various collations are highlighted, including: this one for utf8: utf8_general_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive; and this one for utf8mb4: utf8mb4_general_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive.Do I need to change the server connection collation OR the server charset?Do I need to make sure a particular "charset" in the long table of charset is highlighted under the "charset" tab?Question: where the wiki advises using a certain collation for the lettering, is it referring to a) b) or c), or some combination of this above? Question 2: Which is the correct "collation sequence"? I have looked through a number of the options given in a chart on the "Database Collation - Explain Choosing" page on the wiki - http://collation-charts.org/mysql60/ - but to no avail. Thank you for your help.
  20. Turned this on live March 2 after about a week of learning TNG. https://www.kenspratlin.com/our-genealogy/ The link below describes the integration process. https://www.kenspratlin.com/2018/02/about-this-website/ I'm excited about the possibilities TNG provides to better share our genealogy research with the family. Also looking forward to learning more about Mods. Best regards, Ken
  21. I have been struggling to find a solution to stop scraping of images from my site media and directories and need to find an htaccess file to place in media folders that prevent direct linking but still allow the site to function when users are logged in that want to view images in those folders. When I use any type of htaccess, the images become blank with broken icons and I can’t seem to figure a solution to protect them. I also tried the media protection mod but I was not able to get it installed because it conflicted with some other mod which I spent a couple of hours trying to trace and finally gave up. So to be specific1. no directory browsing - so I placed an index in each folder and had tried options -indexes2. No direct linking to media file names - htaccess does not work for me yet with any rewrite for preventing access to jpgs, pngs, etc but at the same time allowing images to display for logged in users. The directory browsing and direct linking are prevented but logged in users cannot see any of the images in those folders, they are blank images or icons work fine but larger images are blank and broken image icons.3. allow only logged in users to see media files - all media is assigned to specific trees and people for logged in users 4. SSL protects entire site and no user is allowed to view files without logging in. Thanks,
  22. GaryK4

    Better Slide Show

    I find the current picture and slide viewer very mediocre. I am testing piwigo with the Fotorama extension. I like it much better. It would be great if this could be integrated into TNG. If I want to use piwigo current, it would have to be a separate program without any integration.
  23. This report shows the sources and how often they are referenced to. select x.gedcom, x.sourceid as id, quantity, concat ('<a href="showsource.php?sourceID=',x.sourceid, '&tree=', x.gedcom, '">',shorttitle, '</a>') as source, title from ( SELECT s.gedcom,s.sourceID, COUNT(*) AS quantity FROM tng_sources AS s LEFT JOIN tng_citations AS c ON s.sourceID=c.sourceID and s.gedcom=c.gedcom GROUP BY s.gedcom,s.sourceID ) as x join tng_sources as t on x.gedcom=t.gedcom and x.sourceid = t.sourceid order by gedcom, quantity desc;
  24. Hi all I'm in the middle of upgrading TNG from v7.1.3 to v11. Got to point 6 in the guidance notes: 6. Move custom language files In your web browser, run the script upgrade_migratelangs.php (or just click the link). This operation will open a new window and attempt to move the "cust_text.php" files from your existing language folders to corresponding new folders within the "languages" folder. If you previously used any non-standard language folder names, this operation will attempt to copy the entire folders. When the operation is complete, it is recommended that you remove the upgrade_migratelangs.php file from your web site. Also, your old language folders are now obsolete. Please see the related note at the end of these instructions. I tried to run the script as above but got a message in a new browser window saying: TNG 8.x Language Migration Attempting to move English/cust_text.php to languages/English/cust_text.php...failed. File does not exist. Upload it to the new location if you still want to use this custom file. The language migration process has finished. Please take note above of any action you may still need to complete. I’ve had a look at the original language folder on my website and it just has eng (folder) index.html languages.php In the eng folder it has: core.php index.html I've done a search through my site and there doesn’t seem to be a "cust_text.php" file anywhere? Is this a problem? Any help appreciated! Many thanks Mark
  25. select gedcom, concat ('<a href="placesearch.php?psearch=',place, '&tree=', gedcom, '">', place, '</a>') as place, count from ( select gedcom, place, count(place) as count from ( select gedcom, birthplace as place from tng_people where not birthplace is null and not birthplace like "" union all select gedcom, deathplace as place from tng_people where not deathplace is null and not deathplace like "" union all select gedcom, marrplace as place from tng_families where not marrplace is null and not marrplace like "" ) as places group by gedcom, place ) as result where count > 1 order by gedcom, count desc; This report returns a reference count of places. References includes birth, death and marriage. In the last line you can limit the count. As it is now, it will remove from the result all places that only have ONE reference. If you find this useful, please tell me. Every now and then I share code that might be useful to others. but until now I never got any feedback...