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Found 449 results

  1. I have released Citation Master versions (TNG 11.0) , (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.2). This is a major update that adds: Formatted page references--Generated by getperson.php and suitable for copying by other genealogists. (Requested by Darryl Brady, Brian Larson, and Mark Middleton.) A new configuration file for the APA format, and updates to all other configuration files for the new page reference feature. The ability to prepend and append text to citation/source fields. (Requested by a few users who would like to add labels like 'Page:' to certain fields.) The ability to turn Citation Master's formatting engine on/off for citations, sources, references--controlled by mod parameters. (Requested by Darryl Brady and Bill Desjardin.) A new formatting instruction for inserting HTML breaks. (Requested by Ken Roy.) Improvements to the formatting engine's algorithm that eliminate some extra spacing that crept into sources and citations. Internationalization for 12 languages. In addition, the Citation Master Wiki page has been extensively updated to cover all the current features and provide additional examples and instructions on use. This version is recommended for all TNG 11 Citation Master users. Happy to help with any fine tuning of the configuration files. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  2. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+). This version changes the way in which meta keywords are generated, using a list of GEDCOM tags instead of individual tags in the mod parameters. So now...any custom event's value can be added to meta keywords by adding its GEDCOM tag to the list. Aliases (tag: ALIA) and nicknames (tag: NICK) are supported by default. Other useful tags might include occupation (tag: OCCU) or married name (commonly _NAMM). Individual names and nicknames entered in TNG still have built-in support. This version also adds HTML encoding to keyword values to correct cases where a quoted nickname or other instances of special characters are included in a name or event value. This version is optional for Simple SEO mod users. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  3. V11.0.2 I have several persons with two parents/families, as in birth and adopted parents. On the person page, there is an ancestor tab. The ancestor display seems to be inconsistent as to which set of parents is used for the ancestor display. Sometimes its the birth parent and sometimes its the adopted parent. I would think that the ancestor query should be qualified so that only birth p[parents are traced. Is there something that I am missing? or some way to force the birth parent to be used? Thanks very much Dave
  4. Hello, I have problems with displaying characters in French only with the customconfig menu. The other menus are OK. I reloaded the french-UTF8 folder without success. tng 12.02 Template 17
  5. Hello, I'm running into an issue when attempting to display the custom event types in the administration of TNG 11.1.2. The query fails and returns this message: An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: SELECT tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID, tag, description, display, type, keep, collapse, ordernum, count(eventID) as total_events FROM tng_eventtypes LEFT JOIN tng_events ON tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID = tng_events.eventtypeID GROUP BY eventtypeID ORDER BY tag, description LIMIT 50 MySQL server has gone away My database has many, many events and obviously the LEFT JOIN puts to much load on the MySQL server. A modified query that uses INNER JOIN works, but takes very long, and does not include those eventtypes that are not (yet) used, so it is not an acceptable solution. TNG version 10 did not do a LEFT JOIN for counting the events, so, this was not a problem in v10. Any ideas how to optimize the query to work / work fast? Thanks, Dietmar
  6. URL: https://www.sandersonancestors.com After upgrading from Version 9 to 11.0.1, the names of individual Albums are now showing in the menu on the homepage (see screenshot). In the past, I had edited the linkarea section of index.php file to control what items showed on the menu. Now, I cannot figure out which lines of code are causing the Albums to show. I've tried commenting out various lines which did not work. Then I tried pasting the whole linkarea section from my old index.php file into the new one, and that did remove the Albums, but all the remaining menu items were in disarray and overlapping. I looked at the Trim Media utility and that does not appear to be germaine to this issue. I'd appreciate any help you can provide.
  7. I have just used the "Refresh Living" section in Import/Export>>Secondary Processes and TNG has marked over 4,000 people as Living even though their death date is present. Far too many to modify by hand. Is this a fault with TNG or do I need to modify a setting somewhere? I have also noticed when adding a new person TNG automatically defaults to marking the person as Living.
  8. When I do an Export from the Gedcom Import/Export screen in TNG, none of the LDS data goes to the Gedcom file. However, when I pull an individual up and use the Gedcom tab on that screen, check the "Include LDS Info", the LDS data is included in the Gedcom. Of course I want to export all records in the TNG file. I'm running tng version 11.1.1 Any help appreciated...Sam
  9. I have a FRESH install of v11.1.2 with template 13 and no MODs installed. I installed the files, imported a GEDCOM, and did the setup. I used the readme.html "simple" setup to get the permissions, etc. The only non-standard thing was that I used the option to move the specified *config.php files to a location above my public_html folder. My system is closed and users must register to view any content. I set up a branch and added the labels so that I have 57 people in 17 families in the branch. I added a demo user with only guest privileges on the (only) tree and restricted the user to the specified branch. But when the user signs in, they have access to all non-living persons in the tree. They can also download gedcoms and make suggested edits - even though they were denied those privileges when the user was created. I cannot post a user/password in a public forum because this would open my entire database of non-living people to the public. Any ideas about what is wrong with my security? Is this the correct forum? Ray (the TNG nubie)
  10. The menu bar on the Family View page does not contain the same menu items as all other views. Here's what I mean: On the Ancestor View, Individual View, Descendants View, etc., the menu bar looks like this: However, if you click on the Family tab, the toolbar changes to this: , losing the ability to easily get back to any of the other views. Is there a way to fix the menu bar on the Family and Family Group Sheet views to match the other views' menu bar? I'm using TNG v11.0.1, template 15. You can see this in action on any deceased person's page, for example, start here: http://roots.inforapenny.com/tng/pedigree.php?personID=I357&tree=tree1 , then click on the Family tab to see (almost) all your other options disappear.
  11. Sake


    Have Google maps for a couplet of years on my website. Bút now it says : for development purposes only!
  12. Is there a way to get the statistics page to look at just one branch, rather than the entire database? On my site, I have three branches, and if someone from one side of my family was looking at the site, I'm sure they would be interested in statistics only for that branch, not the entire database. Thanks, Rick
  13. How can I change from numerical birth/death dates to " month word" birth/death dates, such as 1 Jan 2018"?
  14. Kia ora. I'm hopeful someone can help. I'm trying to find out how I can get fix the following issue. When I do a search through my Wordpress genealogy page (named whakapapa in this instance), the display is messed up with a full vertical genealogy menu at the top and terrible looking results beneath. When I change the word 'whakapapa' in the url to 'tng' it works perfectly, but it defaults to whakapapa whenever the actual menu link is clicked. I have spent a great deal of time on this integration and am extremely happy with the results so far, but would desperately like to change this. The following are the two urls (with obvious different results) https://fowlerwhanau.live/whakapapa/getperson.php?personID=I22&tree=tree1 https://fowlerwhanau.live/tng/getperson.php?personID=I22&tree=tree1 i did find something in the Wiki that I thought would resolve it which involved adding the following lines to the beginning of the .htaccess file, but it didn't make any difference for me (although I admittedly wasn't certain where exactly to add it so just tried a variety of possibilities - and yes, I changed the word genealogy to whakapapa ) RewriteEngine On ReWriteRule ^genealogy/admin(.*)$ tng/admin$1 [R,L] Any help/suggestions will be most gratefully received Ngā mihi
  15. How can i change the numerical birth/death years to "word" birth/death years, such as 1 Jan 2018? See Death and Birth Columns. Thank you in advance.
  16. Using Template 12, can you have more than 1 event map ? Reason is an ancestor was in the civil war, and I wanted to show where he fought during the civil war ... So I want a map to sow the battle locations, and to say for example "Haws Shop - 28 May 1864" at 1 spot, then another might be "Peninsula Campaign March - July 1862" etc .. I have a custom event type called Civil War - I might be able to use that with different colored pins (?). Thank you
  17. tngrlkrz

    Person ID Prefix Change

    I am testing changing TNG's personID from 'I' to 'P'. TNG is rebuilt from a gedcom exported from Family Historian totally with every update. '@I' is was changed to '@P' with a text editor in the gedcom before import to TNG. All appears to work OK except for calls to 'my page' , 'my bookmarks' still creating a url with the 'I' prefix in the variable 'mypersonID' . Somewhere that variable is still getting loading with the 'I', even though admin:setup:prefixes has been changed for Individual to 'P'. Any idea where to look for this? Wingrep shows numerous php files use the 'mypersonID' variable, but I don't see the prefix being loaded with the 'I'. The reason for changing the prefix is the 'I' is used on quite a few screens (and more so with the mods I've installed), and I utilize user-selectable fonts as well, so font changes to make the 'I' not look like the number '1' are a bigger challenge. UPDATE: The issue is resolved. I overlooked changing the prefix in the TNG users database . Now all works wonderfully.
  18. mimohoorn

    Ancestry gedcom

    Hello, I've imported the GEDCOM that I have exported from my Ancestry account (around 500 persons) As I was getting along with my TNG website (montijn.com) I have added alot of new persons and also uploaded various pictures. A few of these pictures I was able to connect with the new persons I have added. Now I want to connect some pictures to persons that I have imported with the GEDCOM file and somehow I'm not able to connect any picture with any imported person. Who has got an answer for me?
  19. tngweb

    Chubbuck Family

    The Genealogy of the Chubbuck Family is quite interesting (AND confusing) to say the least. Keep in mind, this is a constant work in progress and I feel it'll never be complete. Please feel free to visit http://www.chubbuckgenealogy.com/ You can log in using ID: guest PW: guest Running TNG-v12 with the latest Wordpress.
  20. Steve Hess

    Maps stopped working

    I am running TNG v11.1.2. It has been running fine all along as far as I know. Today I looked to make some updates and notice that if I look at the page of an individual the map will briefly appear then disappear leaving this error: "Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." I went back to the wiki: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Google_Maps_-_Getting_Started looked up my current API's which were created less than a year ago. I created a brand new one to see if something else changed. Still no dice. Is there something entirely new I'm missing now? Thanks in advance!
  21. Some my pages are not displaying in full width, their links are posted above their screen shots below. I want most of them displaying in full width, how can I fix this? Thanks and all the best, Carl http://rhodesfamily.org/rev_war.php http://rhodesfamily.org/bio_rufus_napoleon_rhodes.php
  22. GaryK4

    Newbie Questions

    I have my site started on a local Raspberry PI 3 computer and I am making OK progress. My first impression is that it is not as intuitive as I would like. Is it possible to have the site totally private until a user logs in? Adding photo's seem a little strange to me. I upload a number of images by drag and drop. Then I find the person and add media. I select the file and let TNG make the thumbnail. This works OK, except when I see (2) items for the picture. One is linked to the person and the other is not. It does contain the image name under Title. After linking, I delete this duplicate. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Curious label: When I edit a person there are option at the top. One being Test. It brings up (8) tabs (individual, Family, Ancestors, etc.) It is not very intuitive. If you select the Family tab, it shows (3) tabs and the other selections disappear. You must hit the back key to get back. The other tabs do not do this. Items 1-2 are the most important for me to move forward. Update: I did figure out how to set the default image for charts, etc
  23. One request that I have made to Darrin a couple times over the years, which has not materialized, is the ability to link two different places to each other, much like the ability we currently have to link a cemetery that you build in TNG to the Cemetery Place in TNG so that when you look that the Cemetery Place, you can see a link to the built cemetery as in the attached image showing the Acton Cemetery. While I use the actual name and place of a Cemetery as it is today for where people are laid to rest, I try to record birth, death, and all other events as what the place was when the event occurred, so I have many places in the tree like in the attached New Mexico Place List image where I have Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico and Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico Territory which are actually the same place, just at different times. I also have many towns that were in one county when an event occurred but due to state and county formations down the line, the town is now in another place, and so I would like to be able to link the two places so that I am reminded of the other place. I know I can use html in the notes of places to link them but I prefer to use the notes for short paragraphs of historical information or to record the dates of county formation and what not. Ideally, I would like the linked place to show up as Places, under the map, much like the Acton Cemetery on the attached image shows up under Cemeteries. You would actually link or connect the two places via Admin/Places where an option to link to a place would show say between Cemeteries: and Notes:. That said, I thought I would throw up a query and see if any one has created a mod or a way for linking two places in a TNG tree as described above.
  24. jhculbert

    Heat Map Function ?

    I am using TNG v. 11.1.2. I have a question about how the Heat Map works. I set up the following search, and get the following Search Results Listing: "Matches 1 to 50 of 2,663 for Last Name contains Culbert AND Birth Place contains U.K. AND Tree equals Culbert" I then click the Heat Map button, and see the following Heat Map Results Listing: "Places for Last Name contains Culbert AND Birth Place contains U.K. AND Tree equals Culbert (3,320)" Why the difference in results between what is in my database and what Heat Map is showing? How can there be more places than people, when each person has only ONE birthplace? You can see this yourself by using the Advanced Search at: http://culbert.one-name.net
  25. swedenmark

    Backup and Uptimize

    Hi. I’m webmaster of https://swedenmark.eu Everytime I make optimizing after making Backup I Get an White screen? I Think it is a syntaks fault, but how do I Locate it? Best Regards Søren Wendt