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Found 470 results

  1. Hi all, Running TNG11.1.2 (customized templ #1) and got a new application for an account. TNG doesn't accept the e-mail xxx@swahn.one (I replaced the original 3 letters by "xxx" as this is public) I've checked that swahn.one is a registred site but not active (prob used for e-mail only) Anyone know anything about this? TIA Erik
  2. John Paulding

    Paulding Hart Family Tree

    Paulding is paternal side and Hart is maternal. It's a WordPress/TNG integration using the Kloosterman method. No real WordPress content yet. Just some filler stuff for visualizing things and making style changes. I'm using the mahesh unified login plugin - https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/14089-tng-worpress-login-widget-version-201/ I'm not using the login widget from the above plugin. I'm using a Popup Login plugin which gives me a Login link in the regular menu, which is visible on both WP and TNG, and once logged in, that link changes to Logout. This login/popup plugin has a signup/register form but I'm using the one from the mahesh plugin instead. I don't have a link registration visible on the site as it will be by invitation only. Most everything is visible except for Living and only family needs access to that. https://pauldingtree.com/ TNG menu is under Genealogy and there is gen data. 7,588 people but my sister, the genealogist of the family, has her big tree on webtrees which she prefers to build her tree with. That one has over 10k people. Attached image is of Login Popup and when Capt Elisha Sampson's face pops up at you, it can be slightly startling. I'll probably rotate that pic occasionally with other portraits. Still many things to do. Write articles, create image galleries etc.(after I scan, edit and optimize over 1000 photographs) I'm going to load some different fonts too. Something not so crisp so that it looks a bit more like a newspaper. Not much can be done about the crisp clean borders as far as I know. I know there is such a thing as img border or border img in css but I haven't tried it yet. Looks tricky, especially with most tng pages being tables with some being created dynamically as far as cell sizes. If I can get the wp header and top menu borders replaced with images of slightly rough lines, I'd be happy.
  3. Good day, I had a profile which displayed two headstones, one correct and one incorrect: This despite the fact that only the correct headstone is attached in my PC Software (Rootsmagic): I checked the Geldenhuys image as well, and it is only tagged with the two people mention on the grave. I deleted the files from the server and removed them from the profiles in the software and attached using a different filename (just tossing ideas and seeing what sticks). Then uploaded the Gedcom again (I update the site from a Gedcom once a week). Now I've got the correct file, but TNG is still trying to display the deleted files (I've deleted both the files and their thumbnails). I checked the gedcom in Notepad++, but it doesn't refer to the original, now-deleted files anywhere. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this (and perhaps prevent it - not sure why the problem arose in the first place). Regards, Anrie
  4. Drake

    Census Plus Import Error

    I just installed Census Plus for the first time. I am using version When trying to import, I received the following page: Ancestry.com - 1920 United States Federal Census Series is US Federal Census Country is 1920 Contact the mod developers using the TNG Community Forum and attached the failing DOM Source file, Attached is the DOM file. spencer census 1920.txt
  5. RickGleason

    What is an Image Map?

    I thought I knew what the image map feature would do from the edit photo screen, but after numerous attempts, I'm unable to see any result whatsoever. My impression was that you can outline a section of a bigger photo and add that cropped version as an image to another person's page. i.e. Take a photo of several people and from wihin the edit photo page, using the Image Map section, crop an image of just one of them, making it the default photo for that individual's page. I go through the entire process, assign what I've just done to an individual and see the code in the Image Map box below the photo. I save the results, but nothing ever shows on the targeted individual's page. Am I mistaken? If I am, maybe someone can explain what the feature is designed to accomplish. If I'm correct, what magic step am I overlooking? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  6. One request that I have made to Darrin a couple times over the years, which has not materialized, is the ability to link two different places to each other, much like the ability we currently have to link a cemetery that you build in TNG to the Cemetery Place in TNG so that when you look that the Cemetery Place, you can see a link to the built cemetery as in the attached image showing the Acton Cemetery. While I use the actual name and place of a Cemetery as it is today for where people are laid to rest, I try to record birth, death, and all other events as what the place was when the event occurred, so I have many places in the tree like in the attached New Mexico Place List image where I have Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico and Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico Territory which are actually the same place, just at different times. I also have many towns that were in one county when an event occurred but due to state and county formations down the line, the town is now in another place, and so I would like to be able to link the two places so that I am reminded of the other place. I know I can use html in the notes of places to link them but I prefer to use the notes for short paragraphs of historical information or to record the dates of county formation and what not. Ideally, I would like the linked place to show up as Places, under the map, much like the Acton Cemetery on the attached image shows up under Cemeteries. You would actually link or connect the two places via Admin/Places where an option to link to a place would show say between Cemeteries: and Notes:. That said, I thought I would throw up a query and see if any one has created a mod or a way for linking two places in a TNG tree as described above.
  7. I have recently created an album of an ancestor's RevolutionaryWar Pension application papers. It is 31 pages. I have successfully linked this album to the individual. (Great feature !) My question is - is there a way to link descendants to this album in bulk ? There are maybe 100 descendants so far --- is this feasible or should I do this manually for maybe 2-3 generations ? Many thanks,
  8. I was wondering if anyone can help me make these 2 mods installable with each other ? I'm running tng 11.1.2 and have maxed out my installation on updates so I'm stuck at this version of tng. I tried following the suggested fix on the Research mods fixes but it is the wrong version and I'm not able to find the lines suggested in the simple seo's config file. Any help of idea's would be most appreciated.
  9. At the time of release of version 1.0.3, there waqs release MYSQL 5.7. In it's strict mode, it prevented saving 0 as date. This meant new registrations did not created SQL errors. it was only tested on TNG versions 9 and 10.1.3 asI had not upgraded to V12 it's operation in WP-TNg integration (by Mark Barnes) was a bit flacky. I have bumped up new release to version 2.0.1 because I have now upgraded to TNG version 12.1 and this version and this now TNG-Worpress login works with most TNG versions. What does Version 2.0.1 do? Adds a Registration Form which may replace the Wordpress registration form by deselecting 'Membership>Anyone can register' in Wordpress Dashboard>Settings. Adds a User Profile page which saves the changes in Wordpress and TNG database Adds an enhanced Password-Reset module which checks for the presence of email of registered user. Almost all the text used in pages and emails is customisable by the administrator. User may login using either registered user Name or email. On successful login, if User Name exists in TNG database, the user is also logged in to TNG. GDPR Privacy policy is implemented Compatibility Tested on TNG versions, 9, 10.1.3 and 12.1 Not tested on TNG V11 but database changes are incorporated (Thank you @Darrin for providing me the details of the changes) Tested on PHP version 5.4 - 7.3.1 Tested, successfully, with Kloosterman and Mark Barnes methods of Integration Detects TNG versions in use to allow for database changes Customisable privacy settings track TNG 12 cookie and consent flags set consent flag for TNG V9-11 saves consent flag in Wprdpress database set to ask returning user for consent Outstanding Issue If using Mark Barnes plugin, Login within TNG is not functional. User can only login / logout using the Widget. Cause of this is buried deep inside the tne plugin and I have not been able to resolve this. I have the widget working on my live site using Kloosterman method and on my Test site using Mark Barnes plugin. Sadly, both sites are still using TNG V10.13. I have not got round to upgrading the two sites. ­čÖü Upgrade to tng V12.2, on both sites, was forced on me because PHP 5.4 became depracated. If you are using Mark Barnes Plugin, remember to 'uncheck Integrate TNG/Wordpress logins: ' in the plugin setup You may download V2.01 V2.0.2 form here If appropriate please message me if you intend to test/use this plugin.
  10. Good afternoon, When generating thumbnails, I have a few (20 or so) that give the following error: (invalid image or inadequate permissions) As suggested by a post dated, 02.08.2009, I set the permissions to 777: Here is a screenshot of the file: However, I still get the error: public_html/headstones/thumbnails/thumb_DYK M.B.J.P., van 1885-963 & J.S. 1911-1989.JPG (invalid image or inadequate permissions) The file is in the correct folder, I re-uploaded it to make sure: /public_html/headstones Here is a link to the profile of the person concerned: http://vandykregister.com/getperson.php?personID=I639&tree=vandyk I am using TNG 11.1.2 This doesn't happen to the majority of the thumbnails. Just a few of them, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Anrie
  11. tngweb

    Chubbuck Family

    The Genealogy of the Chubbuck Family is quite interesting (AND confusing) to say the least. Keep in mind, this is a constant work in progress and I feel it'll never be complete. Please feel free to visit http://www.chubbuckgenealogy.com/ You can log in using ID: guest PW: guest Running TNG-v12 with the latest Wordpress.
  12. I am cleaning up loose files and unused folders [in CPanel] and would like to maintain a more compact file structure for Histories and the images used within PHP files filed there. I can create a PHP story which is filed under Histories. I can also store images for that story in a sub-folder under Histories and code correctly within the php file to connect the images to the story. What I can't seem to do is create a 'story folder' that contains both the php file AND the images for that file. It seems the PHP file must be rooted to the Histories folder and not in a subfolder. I did try expanding the php path from $cms['tngpath'] = "../"; to $cms['tngpath'] = "../../"; without success. Am I missing a path structure or is it inherent in TNG that I can't store the php files and its images together in a 'story sub-folder' under Histories? As always, I appreciate your help. MSB [I hope this is has been submitted to the right place on the forum . . . my topics always seem a little 'grey' for the available headings . . . I might need a training class]
  13. I INSTALLED MAC CATALINA AND GOT A NEW MODEM (is this relevant). TNG (V 11) RUNS UNDER WORDPRESS IN MAP GENEALOGY (WP is ok). AL OF A SUDDEN A LOT OF WARNINGS AT STARTUP OF TNG: Warning: Illegal string offset 'subroot' in /home/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxx.nl/public_html/genealogy/subroot.php on line 3 AND MUCH MORE LINES (FILE ATTACHED). What is going on? How to fix.? MFK WarningTNG_4oktober2019.rtf
  14. I have released Citation Master versions (TNG 11.0) , (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.2). This is a major update that adds: Formatted page references--Generated by getperson.php and suitable for copying by other genealogists. (Requested by Darryl Brady, Brian Larson, and Mark Middleton.) A new configuration file for the APA format, and updates to all other configuration files for the new page reference feature. The ability to prepend and append text to citation/source fields. (Requested by a few users who would like to add labels like 'Page:' to certain fields.) The ability to turn Citation Master's formatting engine on/off for citations, sources, references--controlled by mod parameters. (Requested by Darryl Brady and Bill Desjardin.) A new formatting instruction for inserting HTML breaks. (Requested by Ken Roy.) Improvements to the formatting engine's algorithm that eliminate some extra spacing that crept into sources and citations. Internationalization for 12 languages. In addition, the Citation Master Wiki page has been extensively updated to cover all the current features and provide additional examples and instructions on use. This version is recommended for all TNG 11 Citation Master users. Happy to help with any fine tuning of the configuration files. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  15. raisondetre

    Links to FamilyID

    How do I insert a FAMILY link (familyID) within a document (not just 'link to . . .' )? I think I am missing something fairly easy but haven't found an answer yet. I tried 'getfamily.php?familyID=' . . . but that must be incorrect. Can you help? I know how to insert a PERSON (personID) into a document/histories as a link using the following method: Links to Person pages . . . If you want to make a link from the Feature Page to the Individual Person, you would code the link as follows: <a href="<?php echo $cms['tngpath']; ?>getperson.php?personID=Innn&amp;tree=treeID">Person Name</a> where personID=Innn identifies the person by its TNG personID which is I plus a number and tree=treeID identifies the ID assigned to your tree. You should be able to determine this by looking an Individual page displayed by TNG.
  16. raisondetre

    Event Report for Families

    I know how to create a TNG report to find a specific event connected to a specific person/individual. And I think I know that such a report does not exist for families. What I want to do is clean up, merge, combine, simplify Family Censuses. My tags, event names have changed over the years. I need to have more consistency. If I could just search, for example, which families are connected to the early, more generic "Federal Census (fam)" and to the more recent individual years, e.g. "Census1920 (fam)", I could then make the necessary adjustments. Even though I could export a GedCom and import into regular software (such as my safety backup database, RootsMagic) and then run a report there to find them, I would rather work a report in TNG. Has anyone tried this? Any ideas? Thanks!
  17. I would like to write an overview for a family - an introductory paragraph 'About this family' that might describe migration roots, family traditions, joint interests, anecdotes, etc. I know I can add such information as a note to an EVENT tag for both individuals and families - "More about this individual" or "More about the family" For Individuals: The 'story', if you will, appears as an Event item fairly close to the top of the individual's page (Name > Born > Gender > More about this person > Person ID > Last modified). I'm OK with that. In fact, I can use the 'Name' note field for notes that I might want to appear right under the name. BUT . . . For a couple, a family: The only place I can see the 'story' is on an individual's page, moving down the page, under Spouse/Partner > Married > More about this family > Children > Photos . etc. It would be ideal to have such a paragraph at the top of the Family Group sheet or chart as an overview, intro . . . but I know that would be a tricky tweak of the template. I would be satisfied to simply have Events show on the Family Group Sheet . . . somewhere, anywhere . . . at the top would be great but I would settle for inserting Event items before the children. Has anyone wanted to do this? Is there another way I could introduce an overview of a family? I'm open for ideas on this . . . Thanks!
  18. Would there be anyone interested in helping to develop a mod for a to-do list and research log? Or at least help me learn enough about the mod system to get me started? I have some ideas of what I would like to do, but my programming skills are a bit old school. Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated.
  19. I'm trying to figure out what *.php files I need to add my google analytics scripts to, and how/where the Google index/search scripts/codes. When I use search words such as Brown Genealogy, "person" name nothing from my site comes up. When I look at the access log on my site, I see lots of activity that isn't mine, but none of those "visits" are showing in my Google analytics account. Any help and or suggestions would be great. Google help on these are useless because it only gives for straight html and css settings. I didn't see a mod for either, and not finding other related topics in the forum. I'm using template 10 on v11.0.2, w/ simple_SEO mod
  20. While in admin mode, I'm seeing "Living" on people, this just started about an hour ago (from this posting), before that, I could see their names, DOB, all of it. I can see all of their information in edit. I'm getting the same thing in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. I've made no changes in my admin rights. Is there something I need to change, or mod (I've checked and not finding one on the wiki) I'm using v11.0.2, template 10.
  21. wmpbrown

    How can I move "Contact Us"

    I want to move Contact Us to the empty space below. I'm using v11, template 10. Please include a screen shot of the code placement so I don't get it wrong.
  22. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+). This version changes the way in which meta keywords are generated, using a list of GEDCOM tags instead of individual tags in the mod parameters. So now...any custom event's value can be added to meta keywords by adding its GEDCOM tag to the list. Aliases (tag: ALIA) and nicknames (tag: NICK) are supported by default. Other useful tags might include occupation (tag: OCCU) or married name (commonly _NAMM). Individual names and nicknames entered in TNG still have built-in support. This version also adds HTML encoding to keyword values to correct cases where a quoted nickname or other instances of special characters are included in a name or event value. This version is optional for Simple SEO mod users. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  23. When I started with TNG I had several family lines of my wife's and my own which I brought across in one huge GEDCOM. Lately I have been receiving concerned (nasty??) email messages from people who are complaining because their details can be accessed by the casual visitors. Even though the only details that show are initials and a surname, they say that is too much. My question: if I put their unwanted (in TNG) family lines into separate branches, is there a way that I can delete everyone in these branches with just a few keystrokes? Many of these branches will have many thousands of names. The only other way that I can think of is to delete everything (somehow - close the website?) and make separate GEDCOMs of the family lines that I want in TNG and start all over again. I only want the family lines concerned with my Guild of One-Name Studies to be in the TNG website. Hoping this makes sense and hoping somebody can help.
  24. I have a FRESH install of v11.1.2 with template 13 and no MODs installed. I installed the files, imported a GEDCOM, and did the setup. I used the readme.html "simple" setup to get the permissions, etc. The only non-standard thing was that I used the option to move the specified *config.php files to a location above my public_html folder. My system is closed and users must register to view any content. I set up a branch and added the labels so that I have 57 people in 17 families in the branch. I added a demo user with only guest privileges on the (only) tree and restricted the user to the specified branch. But when the user signs in, they have access to all non-living persons in the tree. They can also download gedcoms and make suggested edits - even though they were denied those privileges when the user was created. I cannot post a user/password in a public forum because this would open my entire database of non-living people to the public. Any ideas about what is wrong with my security? Is this the correct forum? Ray (the TNG nubie)
  25. I have spent about 60 hours working over the last week on linking sources and media to people. Tonight I said to myself, "you really ought to back things up after making all of those changes". So I went to the Utilities page, selected all of my files and in the "With selected" field I (stupidly) selected "Restore" instead of "Backup". So, of course, it restored all of my files to their state on June 3, before I spent 60 hours modifying them. :-( To top it off, I discovered that my hosting service wasn't running automatic backups, so I can't restore from there. I'm probably totally screwed, but is there any secret door in TNG that I can use to unrestore my restore?