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Found 356 results

  1. Helmer

    import Gedcom

    tng-v12.1 Import GEDCOM I have a question, I use a different genealogy program as a work program, and if I have enough data I read the gedcom file in TGN, Now it has happened a few times that all my pictures and documents are connected to the wrong people. Replace (in selected family tree): *All existing data records *Only exact records *Do not replace data *Add all records Import GEDCOM: *Accept data for all new custom event types *Import only custom event types What are the correct settings Greeting,
  2. Dear TNG users Does anyone know a solution to generate a genealogy in TNG. At this moment I manage to make an ancestor overview with all ancestors. I would like to make an overview from a person and then only in a straight line the male ancestors. Conversely, a genealogy from a person with a sequence number behind the offspring. Maybe someone knows if and how this is possible.
  3. wingfield

    Search People

    hello, is there a way to add the "search people" dialog to a custom web page? I've integrated TNG and Wordpress and I'd like to have the "search people" on my home page without using TNG's home page associated with the template. hope this makes sense. thank you,
  4. DavidR


    Hi Everyone, I am looking to put a custom banner on my site but have no clue on how to do this and was wanting to know does anyone in the community do this. Basically want to a run of generations starting with old photographs and ending in younger members of the family. Any information would be useful. Thanks David Ryals
  5. For some reason my site ourblood.co.uk has set itself into Maintenance Mode and I can't get it out of it. The maintenance mode toggle in database settings is greyed out as On and won't show anything else :( Anyone got any ideas please?
  6. paulbasel

    People Page - Gedcom tab

    Is there a way of disabling the Gedcom tab on the People pages or some setting that will not allow people to download a tree or branch? I have searched all settings and can't find a way to do it.
  7. My website used TNG v 10.1.3 (totally unmodified, apart from the recent "$mediatypeID = cleanIt(preg_replace("/[<>{};!=]/", '', $mediatypeID));" modification). My provider currently uses PHP 5.6 and I have no problems here. In a little while my provider will update to PHP 7.2 and this can now be tested. My own (non-TNG) PHP-pages work fine with PHP 7.2 (for example http://www.pdavis.nl/SeaOfficers.php?page=1 ) as does my TNG-index page (http://www.pdavis.nl/TNG/index.php), however all other TNG-pages (for example http://www.pdavis.nl/TNG/surnames.php), which work fine in PHP 5.6, only show the header: no content and no error message. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. Chris Lloyd

    Blocking emails or IPs

    I have a couple of persistent spammers who are signing up for user accounts and although I can easily delete them (I am deleting their requests several times per week) I would like some way of blocking their email addresses or their IP from accessing my site. Any ideas please?
  9. Rick39

    CPI Transcript Record

    Trying to transfer 600 - 700 Census records from FTM. Am having trouble visualizing the "Select Event to be used". Could someone define what this event is supposed to be. Does every different census series have its own event or why opportunity to select? But as series and year are specified separately? Thanks for any input Rick39
  10. Cornelius Smit

    Gedcom Upload for Users

    Are there a way that I can create a ROLE / privilege for a user to upload gedcom files to his /her own tree
  11. TGLE

    Illegal String

    My gedcom file is around 120MB and gedcom import has begun to stop when nearly complete. Examination of error log file has thousands of lines: PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'NOTE' in /home/xxxxx/public_html/gedimport_misc.php on line 1182. I haven't a clue what this means or how to rectify. PHP version (on Simply Hosting) is 5.6.30. Can anyone help, please? John
  12. Gordon Lane

    Login Error

    http://rumbolt.com/tng Using v11 When I try to login, but do not check the 'stay logged in on this computer' it does not log me in. When I check the 'stay logged in' I then get an error message that there have been too many redirects. To get back to my home page I have to empty my cache , temp files and browser history. It doesn't matter what provider I use, my home, my work or my cell phone - all different ISPs - and different browsers, Chrome, Safari or IE they all come up with the same error. I even tried a vpn tunnel and still the same issue I tried a tracert goes 11 hops from my computer to [] Any of the other links on the home page all work , All Media, Search etc. When I go to tng/admin.php it asks me to login but says my session has expired I cannot see ages etc of living people when I actually go to the site so that is not too much of a concern I can access the database via my provider control panel login and see all the tables and contents. in the users table I can see myself as an Admin but there is no info for dt_registered or dt_activated but not sure what those fields actually do. I can ftp into my site Where would the hook be to show login and stay login on this computer
  13. HeatherFeuer

    WPTNG Frontend User Functions 3.1 Released

    I recently discovered that there was an issue with captcha that allowed users to register without entering the correct captcha. I have now fixed this bug and if the captcha is NOT correct, an alert box pops up stating the captcha is incorrect and sending the user back to correct the captcha. Only when it IS correct can the user submit the registration form. This has been updated for both the simple and advanced registration forms. The updated plugin is available for download on the demo site. I have also updated the instructions for the TNG Plugin for usage with post-TNG version 10.1 sites and added a new post with my version of the Kloosterman instructions. I hope you find all of it useful.
  14. I am refreshing my TNG site on my WAMP, so doing a new GEDCOM import. As far as I know I am using a valid GEDCOM (with no errors per VgedX) that is similar to one I have used before. The import is stuck and from gedcom_import_monitor I see it gets as far as the first citation and says "Cannot execute query". The query is INSERT INTO tng_citations (persfamID, gedcom, eventID, sourceID, description, citedate, citedatetr, citetext, page, quay, note, ordernum ) VALUES("I2", "hcn", "292436", "S6", "", "", "0000-00-00", "Recorded as..", "HO107...", "3", "", "0" ). From phpAdmin I see it is specifically because it is trying to put a value of "0000-00-00" into citedatetr [and the supported range for MySQL date fields is '1000-01-01' to '9999-12-31']. This comes from the GEDCOM 2 SOUR @S6@ 3 PAGE HO107... 3 DATA 4 TEXT Recorded as.. 3 QUAY 3 Having edited the GEDCOM I see that it fails for each and every citation, and none have a date. They have never had a date. I don't remember this being a problem the last time I did an import. I am on an unchanged version of TNG (10.1.2), but the WAMP has been updated so it is using Apache 2.4.27; PHP 5.6.31; MySQL 5.7.19. I generate the GEDCOM myself from my own software, so I can easily put in an artificial date, but I did originally decide not include one because of the confusion around them (see eg https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Citations). Any other suggestions? Might it go away if I upgrade TNG (which I want to do anyway soon)?
  15. Sarahlmc

    Mixed up languages

    I am moving my site and am in the process of installing TNG on my new site. During the installation process, I said that I was installing TNG in English. I went to administration and set up template. I chose template 11. I copied and pasted data from my old (working site) to my new site under setup Template. I then realized that I had to add Spanish and did that, and then I added English back. Now my homepage (English) has a mixture of English and Spanish links. And when I go to other administrative functions, such as general settings/Privacy, under show living data I get depending on the user's rights (English) but when I go to show names for living my choices are Si or No (Spanish). I have tried downloading information from other site's folder and uploading it to this site, but nothing seems to clear up the hodge-podge of English and Spanish on the "English" page. The Spanish page is just fine. My site that I am debugging is sarahsgenies.com and the site that works fine is genealogy.smcactuary.com.
  16. I have been struggling to find a solution to stop scraping of images from my site media and directories and need to find an htaccess file to place in media folders that prevent direct linking but still allow the site to function when users are logged in that want to view images in those folders. When I use any type of htaccess, the images become blank with broken icons and I can’t seem to figure a solution to protect them. I also tried the media protection mod but I was not able to get it installed because it conflicted with some other mod which I spent a couple of hours trying to trace and finally gave up. So to be specific1. no directory browsing - so I placed an index in each folder and had tried options -indexes2. No direct linking to media file names - htaccess does not work for me yet with any rewrite for preventing access to jpgs, pngs, etc but at the same time allowing images to display for logged in users. The directory browsing and direct linking are prevented but logged in users cannot see any of the images in those folders, they are blank images or icons work fine but larger images are blank and broken image icons.3. allow only logged in users to see media files - all media is assigned to specific trees and people for logged in users 4. SSL protects entire site and no user is allowed to view files without logging in. Thanks,
  17. I’ve been trying to modify the way a burial info is displayed. In the far left column of the Individuals info page - I would change the “Burial” row to one of these options with the Icon below the text: Buried Buried Unknown Buried – No Marker Cremated Body Donated to Science With my elementary coding skills I’ve been able to get to this point: If I select one of the options - the selected text appears on the left of the burial info on the individuals page. But if I return to the edit page the previous selection is not saved or if overwritten to the default. The individual info page reverts back to the standard text. "Burial" This is how I would like it to display: My questions are as follows: Is it possible to code the Icons to appear below the text on the individuals page? (as shown in the mark-up) How do I get the burial info to stay once changed? (found the field in the table that holds the info) I’m including the files I have modified. Any help or direction would be appreciated getperson2.php getperson.php admin_newperson2.php admin_newperson.php admin_editperson.php
  18. Hello, I'm new to this forum, so please excuse me if the answer to my question has been asked already. Here is my situation. Both my father-in-law and I have been running TNG for a number of years now as "separate" sites. I have a copy of his DB/tree running on my server. I'm looking for a way to link two DB/trees together, is this possible? I would like to be able run the "ancestors' chart so that it pulls from both databases. My Tree has ~1,000 entries and his ~12,000. ( I don't want to merge them at this time.) If it is possible link them, is there also way to create an "external link" to his site so that I don't have to import his DB to reflect any changes? Thanks, K
  19. I'm trying to install TNG 11.1.2 on a Synology DS414 NAS device. The PHP version is 5.6.31 and the database engine is MariaDB 10, which seems to be compatible with MySQL. The installation went smoothly, once I got the database credentials right. However, importing a GEDCOM file consistently quits at about 1100 records. I've tried all the suggestions given on the TNG Import page. Earlier, I tried to load TNG and my data onto my powweb.com account, but the GEDCOM import exceeded the "max_questions" MySql configuration parameter (currently 75,000) because the file size is 18MB. They wanted $80.00 to raise the "max_questions" php.ini parameter to 150,000, so I decided to try loading on the NAS since there's no guarantee 150,000 would be enough. Most likely the import is failing because I'm exceeding some parameter in MariaDB, but I can't see what it might be, and it doesn't have a "max_questions" option. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. eino

    exporting gedcom?

    I want to make a gedcom file to download. It's easy, but the result is in txt format?? How may I import it as a gedcom to my local program?
  21. Mike Harvey

    Adding Gedcom to Tree

    I have my family tree and all is working, Now I have a new Gedcom file that is for my Grandmothers, Fathers family tree. I have both as separate trees in my install. I'd like to make the link so that when I search my Family Tree (Harvey's) and I get to my Grandmother, I can also have her fathers family show up in the Harvey Family Tree. How would I go about this. I tried adding the Densmore Gedcom file to the Harvey Tree, and I've made Great Grand father Densmore my grandmothers father, but none of the rest of the densmore family was added in, just the great grand father? I'm fairly new to TNG, but not the web or databases. Cheers Mike
  22. For those using the Burial Website Media Import Mod, Find A Grave has recently changed the format of its URL that points to memorials. For the moment, it seems they are still forwarding URLs in the old format. However, if you start entering records with the new URL, you need to make the following change in your customconfig.php $BWMI_mod['web']['FAG']['match_url'] = "[?&]GRid=|/memorial/"; If you want to have your URLs in the new format, you will need to also add the following change in your customconfig.php $BWMI_mod['web']['FAG']['url'] = "https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/%s"; Now if you don't delete the old entries, when you change to the new URL above, you will see both old and new media entries in TNG. New ones don't overwrite the old ones with different URLs. This is unavoidable, since there is not a good way to tell if the media is a good one or not. Some folks actually like to point other Find A Grave links of other individuals under the person too. e.g., spouses. So I recommend deleting all your old entries first. The quickest way I've found to remove a bunch of Find A Grave links is to: Go into administration select Media on the left under "Collection" select "Find A Grave" make sure all the other fields are blank click search click "Select All" click "Delete Selected" repeat 6-7 as many times as needed until all are removed. Rerun Burial Website Media Import, to add all the Media entries using the new URL I know it is a pain. But it really only needs to be done once, anytime a website completely changes their URL structure. And if you do have other links there (i.e., spouses), then you need to make sure you uncheck any that you want to keep and edit by hand (or go through them one at a time.) At some point in the future I will update the Mod version with these changes.
  23. RickGleason

    Determining Relationships?

    I want to find out if there’s a connection between the Mays and Caldwell families in my database. Is there an easy way to determine that? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  24. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 10.1.0+), (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+) This release corrects a pretty serious privacy issue with living persons names being inappropriately displayed on the Family Group banner. It also adds internationalization support for Dutch, Czech, and Polish, and has been tested for TNG release 11.1.2. This version is recommended for all Simple SEO users. This will be the last release of Simple SEO for TNG release 10.1. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  25. gtw

    site will not allow access

    Hope someone can help ... willingmyre.org v10 site is hosted by "simplyhosting" Twice now I have been adding records and when I try to save an entry associated with a "new item" the site hangs up and the new item will not save and I can no longer access the site . I filed a request with simplyhosting" to fix the problem. Simplyhosting must have fixed the first problem since a couple days later the site was up and running. But when I tried again this morning to add a "new item" to a record the site hung up again. Anyone have this problem before? Any advice to fix it? GTW