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Found 159 results

  1. Holly Cochran

    Understanding templates: the basics

    I am upgrading a site from version 7 to 13.1.2. The site is so old, it either didn't use templates or used a default template, and I haven't used TNG much for about 3 years, so I've forgotten how templates work. The old site has a home page, index.php, in the root directory, to which I had originally added some links to specific tree branches. I want to now use template 15, or just about any other template, but I don't understand the interaction between the home page and the template. Am I supposed to modify index.php in the template folder and then copy it to the root directory? Or eliminate index.php from the root directory and it will somehow be found in the appropriate templates folder? I did tell the Configurator which template to use. Do I modify topmenu.php and footer.php in the template folder? Do I copy them to the root dir? Thanks for any help on this - I'm sure I'm just missing some really basic bit of information! Holly
  2. Hello all, once again I ask for your help. I use the template 220 from Marsha. The integration went without problems, only now I would like to change the background on the main page and do not find the necessary setting. Can someone please tell me where to change it ? Many thanks in advance. Many greetings Hubert
  3. Hi everyone. I've created a new template from template21 named template 31 (on localhost). That works fine. It successfully added to the database. BUT, why doesn't it show up in phpmyadmin under tng_tables?
  4. John Paul

    Different take on template 21

    Hello all. I've created a copy of template21 and have modified it somewhat, mostly changing colors and some css and a little code here and there and came up with this : https://joneshyman.org My main concern is that it's pleasing to the eye, especially on all page besides Home, since I have a map background image. Is it OK to read the text on those pages? Do I need some more opacity? I really would appreciate your opinions, comments and suggestion. The site still needs a ton of work but 90% of it is under the hood, so to speak. I hope you like what I've done.
  5. ok, I'm working on another project on my localhost. Fresh full install (today) tng v3.1.2 , so it's the latest version of randomphoto.php. This is a stand alone tng install, no wordpress. On my live site is standalone tng v3.1.2 UPGRADE (sometime back in july) and randomphoto works fine there. Using the template manager mod, I created a new template from template21 and naming it template31. Everything on that part of this project works fine. EXCEPT the randomphoto.php code. It doesn't work in t21 or the new t31. I've read all the threads concerning this issue and no help there. Can someone please explain what's going on here? And maybe some suggestions how to get it working. Localhost page source and f12 inspection: <!-- Random Photo Starts Here --> <!-- If you don't want to have a random photo displayed, just remove this section down to 'RANDOM PHOTO CODE ENDS HERE' --> <!-- Random Photo Ends Here --> t21 and t31 index.php: <!-- Random Photo Starts Here --> <!-- If you don't want to have a random photo displayed, just remove this section down to 'RANDOM PHOTO CODE ENDS HERE' --> <?php $rp_maxwidth = "90%"; include("randomphoto.php"); ?> <!-- Random Photo Ends Here -->
  6. John Paul

    Background Image

    Good morning all. On this other project I'm working on, using template21, I have added a background image to the container that holds the nivo slide show and Welcome Message. However, I would like to have that background image stretch full width, out of the container, just the image mind you. Here's a couple of shots to show you what I mean, as this is on my localhost. I'd like to simulate GWT's template221 > https://genealogywebtemplates.com/tng/demoframes-public.html this the css i have for it right now /* Background image behind slider and Welcome Message */ .bgbox { background-repeat: repeat; background-image: url('../img/lithuania.jpg'); background-size: 100% auto; margin-top: -10px; margin-bottom: 10px; border-bottom: 4px solid #86a7ba; box-shadow: 0 15px 20px -15px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4); } I have this at the end of topmenu.php: <div class="container"> <div class="bgbox"> The div is closed in the right spot (I think) in index.php.
  7. John Paul

    SOLVED - Another pedigree issue

    Hey guys and gals My project is creating a new website using the latest WordPress and TNG via the Kloosterman method on wampserver64 localhost (for now). Having problems with the cell contents of pedigree, descend and familychart.php Attached is a couple of screenshots. Any help in the right direction to fix it will be greatly appreciated.
  8. John Paul

    WP themes

    Just out of curiosity, which themes do you WP guys use? Thanks
  9. Hi there I stopped genealogy (finding new information) a couple of years ago, but I am still playing with both Legacy 9 and the TNG database. I bought a new template, that has room for all the stories and not only dates. I love the possibility to be a 'nerd' You can see my results here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk Best regards, Hanne B. Stegemüller, Denmark
  10. I am using template 13 in German. Alternative language 'English' works well apart from "Feature Links", where I want to lead users to an English version of a website. The link still leads to the German version even if the language "English" has been chosen before. Could it be that it doesn't accept additions to the national domain. To get to the English version the ".de" address is followed by "/eng.php". This is not active in the English version of the template. Thanks. Mac
  11. When I upgraded my hosted site to 13.1.2, everything is perfect. When I did a new install on my new Dell pc, I get this in the screenshot. anyone see or run into this from other users? Thanks
  12. Krisamd


    I am using TNG version 13 I have my own template 30 Setup/configuration/template Settings Folder: templates/template30 Wamp64/www/TNG13/templates/teplate30/templateconfig.php This override Wamp64/www/TNG13/ templateconfig.php MySQL 5.7.14 charifamily/TNG_templates If I edit the setup in Administration, the edit does not change either in templateconfig.php or mysql/table Are there any issues coordination among these three related tables Thanks Kris
  13. Hey y'all. I'm trying to add a feature link in template 19 template setup using this format: Family Stories, localhost/tng/extrapages/family_stories.php Also tried: Family Stories, extrapages/family_stories.php and http:/localhost/tng/extrapages/family_stories.php BUT the menu item does not show on the main page. What am I doing wrong? I've done this before and it worked, so I must be doing something wrong....Thanks John Paul
  14. John Paul

    Histories or extrapages?

    Hey y'all. On my side, I blew up my local tng install trying to do some stuff and couldn't recover from it...(no backup… I know, I know….) so I just deleted it all and am starting over. Now my question is do I use the histories for my stories, places, doc, etc. instead of using the extrapages like I have been? I downloaded the free history templates from Genealogy Web Templates but haven’t checked them out yet. Would appreciate your input on the subject. Thanks, JP
  15. Good Morning TNGer's. The question I have is : can you use customconfig.php for more that one dropdown menu? Although I am currently making my first attempt at creating a mod for this, I was wondering about using customconfig.php or editing topmenu.php. but like i said I'm attempting a mod for this purpose. I was just wondering about the other 2 options out of curiosity. Thanks
  16. Hello all. I realize that messing around with genlib.php can get you in some deep trouble, but.... TNG v13.1.1 template 19 - In genlib.php, line 973, there's the 'hook for custom dropdown options' and below that is 'Rick Bisbee's mod' for creating a dropdown. Does anyone know how to utilize those 2 options, or add another dropdown after the INFO dropdown (line 966 of genlib.php). I'm already using customconfig and the 2 cust_text file for a dropdown. This would be one more dropdown called Family Stories with submenus . Any advice, suggestions or criticism will be appreciated. Thanks JP
  17. Hello again, John Paul here. I have a couple of questions about template 19: 1. On the main page at the bottom there's a Quick Links and a Contact Us column. In the Contact Us column there's a link for Footer Text (no link there). right below that is Link or email address also with no link. What would be a example of those 2 items and what file(s) would I edit? Starting to get my head wrapped around this stuff....
  18. Tobbe

    Changing row size

    Hi, As in the image added. I want to get a wider row where it says "från 1824 till 1826" so it only is in one row. And all others also of cource. Thanks //Tobbe
  19. I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my public site, here: culbert.one-name.net and also on my home computer. On my public and home sites I have recently added additional information to the home page that is entered for "Text 1-3 Titles and Paragraphs" on the "Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings" admin page. This information shows up on my public home page in the bottom blue-green area, but only using Firefox, not Safari. However, on my home computer, with the same information entered, neither the bottom blue-green area nor the text shows up using either browser. What controls the view of this bottom blue-green area and text besides the entries on the "Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings" admin page? Or, could something with browser settings be interfering? But, if so, why the difference between public and home views using the same browser? I attach four screenshots, with the image titles indicating the sources. The Firefox_Public_Site_View is the only one that displays and functions correctly. I posted this message to the tngusers forum, but there have been no replies. Thanks! Jim Culbert
  20. I'm running version 13.0.4, and occasionally put the site in maintenance mode for updates. Granted, being in maintenance mode does display a small label on each page, but what I'd really prefer is to simply display a splash page with no access at all during maintenance mode time periods. I could go into my template and code one, but being an IT person by trade and thus natively lazy, I thought I'd see if someone had perhaps already invented that wheel. Feedback welcome.
  21. New user. I'm trying to create histories to go along with my genealogy site. I'm using Template 13, running under TNG 13.1.1 on SimplyHosting. I've looked at the the guide for Creating Histories and don't see anything that explains my experience. I began by opening a new Histories document within Media. I've pasted content copied to clipboard (Mac OS 12.0.1) from Blogger into the Histories text window. Everything seemed to come across flawlessly. I saved and exited, viewed the content from Public Home. All OK. I've gone back and done some extensive editing to the file from Admin Home / Media. I don't see any problems while editing but when I save and edit and view the document everything – text and images – past a certain point has disappeared. I've experimented with different approaches, trying "save and exit" and "save and stay" and both pasting text, typing from the keyboard, and also pasting images from the clipboard and the end result is the same. It's like there is an invisible limit past which nothing will be saved. I've tried pasting a longer text with images into a new Histories file and that seems fine. However, as soon as I try to paste other images into the body of the content, the problem recurs. But it isn't just a case of the added image disappearing; all the following text has disappeared as well. I've looked at the HTML code and don't see anything that might explain why things are disappearing (see the end of the document below). The SS Pennsylvania did arrive in New York in June 1904, but a name-by-name search of the passenger list has not yet located anyone who might be my great-grandfather.</font></p><font data-keep-original-tag="false" data-original-attrs="{" style":""}"="" face="georgia" style="font-size: medium;"><div><font data-keep-original-tag="false"><font data-keep-original-tag="false" data-original-attrs="{" style":""}"="" face="georgia" style="font-size: medium;"><br></font></font></div></font></font> Any suggestions about how to fix or avoid this problem would be appreciated. If it's a matter of TNG not allowing me to use Mac OS's paste function to add images to documents, I'd appreciate pointers to how to get around this. Thanks, Lee Jaffe
  22. John Paul

    near dawn/dark

    Hey everybody. I was testing some of the themes on my local site using tng v13.1.1 and the neardawn and neardark templates don't seem to want to load up to choose in the template settings. Unless I'm doing something wrong. Now, I left the db type blank instead of the utf8 thing that's there during the install. All the other templates look like their doing what they're supposed to.
  23. John Paul

    Extrapage template issue

    Hey there you guys. I'm trying to use an iframe for phpbb3 in a extrapagetemplate. I've searched here, the net, the w3school of html, the phpbb website, etc. but can't figure this out, if it's the iframe, or the template. I'll upload a screenshot and the template file i'm using. if more info is needed just let me know. this is on my home wampserver and not the live site. thanks for taking a look. phpbb3iframe.php
  24. John Paul

    edit ribbon menu

    Good morning all you tng'ers. I've been looking hi and lo but just can't seem to find out where in the world do you edit the ribbon bar menu (I'm using template 18)? Mine (Home, Search. Login), the login link does not work. it's calling index.php# instead of login.php. Thanks.
  25. Roger Rosentreter

    Pretty Permalinks?

    This is my very first post so please be gentle... Is there a setting or mod somewhere to change say https://some address/index.php to https://some address/ or https://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9414 to https://some address/theactualdocumentname??? Pretty permalinks are pretty much standard these days and I'm also using a sitemap generator which is currently sending Google, et al, a bunch of random data. For example: 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 16http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9414 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 17http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9411 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 18http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9413 2022-01-14T06:45:58+00:00 weekly 0.6400 19http://some address/showmedia.php?mediaID=9415 Also... Where can I add the header <meta> tag information please??? I've found meta-title and meta-keywords but none of the others.