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Found 81 results

  1. Hello, I'm using template 18 and want to replace the large picture on the front page. The current image is stretching from the left to the right side. I want to replace it with a picture on the left side with some text next to the right of that picture and another picture on the right side with text next to the left of it. How can I do this without breaking anything?
  2. Within a Mod cfg file, is it possible for the Target to be dynamic. I am wanting the Target to identify the particular template currently being used. So instead of: %target:templates/template16/css/mytngstyle.css% I would like something like: %target:currenttemplatepath/css/mytngstyle.css% . If possible, what code would I require.
  3. Jimatl

    Census Plus

    Hi, I am considering using Census Plus to transcribe my census. I have a couple of questions Currently I transcribe the Census into a word Document and then create a event of Census and paste the transcription into the event for example for you. This is what I transcribed SIX CENSUS OF CANADA,1921,District 51 Antigounish,EN Sub Dist,46,Larry's River polling Division,Pg5 Line1 Dwelling,28,Family,29,AVERY,Patrick R,Abode,Larrys River,Municiaplity,Guyborough,Own,8 Rooms,Wood,[HEAD},M,,Married,Age,47,Navitiy,Nova Scotia,Father,Nova Scotia,Mother Nova Scotia,Orgin,Candian,Tribe,French,Can speak English,can Speakl French,religon RCathloc,Can Read and Write,Fisherman,AVERY,Mary,Larrys River,Guysborough,[WIFE},Female,Married,40,NS,NS,NS,Nationality Canadian,Orgin French,Cannot Sp[eak french can speak english,RCathloic,AVERY,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,[SON],Male,Single,19,NS,NS,Nationality Canada,,RCathloic,Orgin French,Can speak French Can English,Cannot Read or Write,Laborer,Income,200,AVERY,Stephen,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,NS,NS,NS[SON],Male,17,Canada,French,Can speak French and English,Rcathloic,Can read and Write,Labourer,900,AVERY,Ida,Larrys River,Larrys River,Daughter,8,NS,NS,Canada,French,can speak French can speak english,RCathloic The forms that you Census Plus don't ask many questions It just require the basics. I like to add a bit more detail, I have attached a document that contains the l 35 questions they asked Is it possible to create your own template that you can add additional questions. Currently the generic sheet does not look like the 1921 Census It has the basics It would be cool if you could tweak it like the Census. Also The Library of Canada National Archives also have all their Census online it. I look up the matching Census and get the URL so they can click on the link and view it on line Here is the Link http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1921/Pages/item.aspx?itemid=5459991 Any thought's Suggestions,Comments Thank You for your Help Jim 1921-questions.txt
  4. Hello, I'm sorry if there is already information on this, but I can't seem to solve this problem. I had to start fresh with tng. I installed my original version and then the upgrades. So far things are working fine except I can not make to changes to template 4 because on Template Settings I can only choose a template and save. The Folder to change images etc. does not show up for most templates. Can anyone help me with this. I'm using Wamp on my home pc. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm looking for help with the header for my TNG site. https://gotts.one-name.net/tng/index.php using template 15, TNG 12.1 . At present the title is on the left and site image on the right. I have a wordpress blog https://gotts.one-name.net/blog/ where they are they other way round. I also have an html website with a similar fonts and colours: https://gotts.one-name.net/ I would like to make the three sites look similar, so is it possible for the TNG header to be as follows: coat of arms site image on the hard left Title in the middle or towards right Title font to be Arial 14 or 16 and definitely not Helvetica Serif! Thanks very much in anticipation.
  6. LStrom


    I would like to have a place on the homepage where users, including myself can post and where others can comment. (similar to posting on FaceBook, when in a group.) I have searched through the forums and wiki, and the only info I can find about posts include wordpress. Is there a TNG template that has a 'post' feature? Or is there a 'Post' feature that I can add to a template? thank you
  7. I find it very useful and inspiring to see the design adaptions in the different member webpages. I am currently using template 12 - does anyone like to share their template 12 webpage? Thank you!
  8. I'm trying to modify template 12. My website https://www.slektogdata.no/kolanordmenn/ I would like the text in the middle to change according to the language selected. I have a line in cust_text.php with the translation in the affected languages ($text['veltext'] = "Allered.........). This should work, but when I replace the text in template_12 with echo $text['veltext'] , I just see the code, not the text. Where is the error ?
  9. I'm taking the risk of stating the obvious here. But I had to poke around sometime to get the answer in the forum so here's a note about the issue. The template file for histories files advice you to NOT put a header in your text, but instead put it in a variable called '$yourtitle' . This however will not create a header on your page. After a while I found a comment on this forum that pointed in the right direction. However, as knowing nothing about php, it took me some trial-and-error to get it right. The solution was this. Do as you are adviced and put the title in $yourtitle. Then ad the following line before the body of your text: <h1><?php echo $yourtitle ?></h1> That will give you a nice headline on top of your histories page. You can substitute the h1 tag with h2 etc I guess. Best wishes, Hans-Eric
  10. Good afternoon, I need your help, I have change the primary image and on the front side of my homepage it is displayed correctly, but when I go to subpages it's not, where do I have to change the codes to view my primary image correctly on the subpages? I have one more small problem, when I add a link from the Danish church books (direct link to page) is the whole link not marked = not directly to the page https://www.sa.dk/ao-soegesider/da/billedviser?bsid=203400#203400,38575096 Thank you in advance Regards Jane
  11. I'm finally trying to get my site up and running using Template 13. I don't have the "Register for a User Account" language under the Log In link. How can I get or restore it?
  12. Hi, I understand that the events/ other events a displayed in date order. Is there another way of customising the events order. The order of events I would like is: Born, Birth Registration, Census, Died and Death Registration. Kindest Regards Tigs
  13. After being dormant for a while i upgraded from TNG version 9 to 11 and choosed template 15. Looked wonderfull and i decided for the full monty, Version 12.03 and again for template 15. But now in the Chrome-browser text and pictures are positioned tightly against the left bezel and that is very efficient but doesn't look good. My CSS skills, never been excellent, are still sleeping, can't find a lead In Internet Explorer and on a tablet there is a small margin. What can i do to get that margin in Chrome. Thanks
  14. Just added TNG 12 to my site. I am working with Temp 16. In my version, there is no place in the set up section to add the featured photo. I ave the featured title and featured paragraph. But can't find the spot to add the photo. What am I not seeing? Or, if missing what is the fix? I added a screenshot of my set up screen for Temp 16. Thanks, Nancy Sorofman
  15. I'm using template 13, v12.0.2. I see this code on the index.php page: <?php foreach( $mediatypes as $mediatype ) { if(!$mediatype['disabled']) { echo "<li><a href=\"browsemedia.php?mediatypeID={$mediatype['ID']}\">{$mediatype['display']}</a></li>\n"; } } ?> But, I don't see anywhere in admin how to "disable media types" so they don't appear among the list on my homepage? I can delete "reports," for instance, since that has its own line. But there are no lines here for histories, recordings, or videos. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find it. Can anyone tell me where this might be? homepage: https://buffalo.pitard.net/index.php
  16. MadRanger

    Template4 Format

    Having installed TNGv12, I am having difficulty obtaining the proper look for Template4. The feature articles are not aligning with the right edge of the page in a column abeam the introduction paragraph. Since the setup is on my XAMPP, I am copying the View Page Source code that immediately follows the intro para thru to the first line of the first feature ... and a screen clip of the area. Would sure like to know where/how the format is going wrong. Thanks Regis </div> </div> <div class="rightsection"><br /> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td valign="top"><span class="normal"><b>Feature Articles</b></span></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top" class="line"></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> <div class="normal"> <p> <a href="histories/Carr-Louis-Drury-2009-Bio V2b-Draft.pdf">
  17. lieuwe

    Template 13 language issues

    Template 13 shows different size of the menu box, and also in the Dutch language only 80% of the menu:
  18. Hi, is it possible to have two differents template for two differents tree on the same server ? I don’t think so, but maybe? ex tree one with template 12 and tree two with template 14 ? thanks Jean-Pierre
  19. I'm using Template 14 in TNG v12.0.1. Emails are not being sent from "Contact Us", "Suggest", or "New Account Requests". I followed the guidance in the wiki to set Send all mail from address above: to Yes because I am not getting emails, but I still get the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'phpmailerException' with message 'SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.' in /public_html/class.phpmailer.php:1692 Stack trace: #0 /public_html/class.phpmailer.php(1540): PHPMailer->smtpConnect(Array) #1 /public_html/class.phpmailer.php(1335): PHPMailer->smtpSend('...') #2 /public_html/class.phpmailer.php(1213): PHPMailer->postSend() #3 /public_html/tngmaillib.php(53): PHPMailer->send() #4 public_html/addnewacct.php(144): tng_sendmail('...') #5 {main} thrown in public_html/class.phpmailer.php on line 1692 I can send and receive emails from the account directly without a problem. Does anyone have a recommendation as to how to fix this?
  20. I have made a custom header of several images stitched together ...I would like to include the names, but cannot seem to make image high enough .. looks like 95 pixels is the limit, but this makes the text very hard to read...I have tried 1312 x 95, which works, but is difficult to read... Anyway to customize the size of the sections in template 12 ? Thank you
  21. susanr

    Help with Template 5

    I had my site upgraded to V12.0 -- it is wonderful except my brain (due to health reasons) has a hard time figuring/understanding some things out. Every thing is the same on my index page except the link on the picture doesn't work so I would like to correct / add to my welcome paragraph but I have searched and searched and cannot figure out how to edit the paragraph and reinsert the link to the page I would like. It used to be this the family chart for me: which now looks like this: http://aboutmyheritage.ca/herstorie/familychart.php?personID=I1&amp;tree=Herstorie This is my site: http://aboutmyheritage.ca/herstorie/index.php I tried reading the wiki instructions but it just confuses me more. I hope once I get this down in my brain I can figure out the key and and dna info. Is there someplace that I can see it easier step by step instructions Thanks susan
  22. John Schulte

    Template 16 Photos

    Hello everyone, Just replaced my TNG page template with #16 and love the bright design and layout. I was wondering if anyone has been able to randomize which photo show up on the main page? It's a gret idea, but the same images show up each time. Thanks in advance, John Schulte www.ourbranches.org
  23. After the upgrade to v12 my TNG won.t show the special Norwegian letters correct (Æ,æ Åå, Øø) - but only on the main page and the main title on other pages. TNG 12 and template 14. I've tried several changes, but nothing . . . . Any idea??? ENo
  24. I'm interested in trying to enable "responsive fonts" in the template footer. When viewing in a mobile device, including iPad and iPad pro, while everything else on the page IS responsive, the text inside the footer is not and will not resize the font. Any suggestions appreciated. Larry
  25. LJLachance

    Template 13 V12 - et al

    Again, Template 13, but I suspect this question would apply to any template. I want to remove the "register for new account" link and form from the index page in its entirety and republish it on a separate web page (same public html hierarchy but outside TNG). First I need to know how (from where) to remove the standard link and replace it with a link to "the other page" outside TNG, then I need to know how to link back to the "register form" inside TNG. (Where is this form?) I know how to make links, just not where to find these two pieces in V12. Thanks