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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, Is the Family Chart view somehow able to be controlled via a number of generations or is there a mod that enables this to be done. I am looking to be able to easily locate persons via a chart to ensure that the right person belongs to the right family regardless of genealogical relationship lines. I know that the Family Chart basically does that now but it is limited in what it display's, I'm looking for more generations. The normal Ancestors and Descendants charts follow a genealogy line and exclude siblings, which I understand.
  2. I am trying to create a report similar, or exactly if needed, like the one on the demo site. However I am only getting an error. I'm simply trying to create a report for persons that have been created and/or modified in the last 30-60 days. Thank you. This is what I have entered for the report: This is what I get in return:
  3. Rob Roy

    Modified Date Search

    I decided to make a change in my data entry standards. I need to create a report showing only records modified before 1 March 2020. A list of ID, full name, and birthdate. Been trying this with the Report Builder and failing.
  4. I am new at report building, and could use a bit of help for a simple report. I want a report that will sort places in descending order by a count of the number of burial events associated. The report length can be limited to the top 50 or 100 places. This report could then be used as I prioritize the addition of Cemetery records. If this type of simple report already exists, I apologize for not finding it.
  5. RMPayne

    Source reports

    Is there a way to create a report that shows Source ID and Source Title that can be exported? If so, HOW??? Robin
  6. How can I change from numerical birth/death dates to " month word" birth/death dates, such as 1 Jan 2018"?
  7. This report shows the sources and how often they are referenced to. select x.gedcom, x.sourceid as id, quantity, concat ('<a href="showsource.php?sourceID=',x.sourceid, '&tree=', x.gedcom, '">',shorttitle, '</a>') as source, title from ( SELECT s.gedcom,s.sourceID, COUNT(*) AS quantity FROM tng_sources AS s LEFT JOIN tng_citations AS c ON s.sourceID=c.sourceID and s.gedcom=c.gedcom GROUP BY s.gedcom,s.sourceID ) as x join tng_sources as t on x.gedcom=t.gedcom and x.sourceid = t.sourceid order by gedcom, quantity desc;
  8. select gedcom, concat ('<a href="placesearch.php?psearch=',place, '&tree=', gedcom, '">', place, '</a>') as place, count from ( select gedcom, place, count(place) as count from ( select gedcom, birthplace as place from tng_people where not birthplace is null and not birthplace like "" union all select gedcom, deathplace as place from tng_people where not deathplace is null and not deathplace like "" union all select gedcom, marrplace as place from tng_families where not marrplace is null and not marrplace like "" ) as places group by gedcom, place ) as result where count > 1 order by gedcom, count desc; This report returns a reference count of places. References includes birth, death and marriage. In the last line you can limit the count. As it is now, it will remove from the result all places that only have ONE reference. If you find this useful, please tell me. Every now and then I share code that might be useful to others. but until now I never got any feedback...
  9. I am looking for creating reports for Cemeteries Individuals Buried. I could not find any reports for this. Can anyone help with this reports? Thank you.
  10. RickGleason

    Determining Relationships?

    I want to find out if there’s a connection between the Mays and Caldwell families in my database. Is there an easy way to determine that? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  11. Is there a way to show all media links that are attached to an individual? Can't find any media links when I open a person for editing although the person has a link in the Photos collection. Conversely, I can't find a way of filtering the Photos media list on linked individuals.
  12. Would love to create a report with marriage places added column in the reports cagetory since there are no reports for marriage places, only couples with their marriage dates. It is pretty time consuming to open each individual to see their marriage places.
  13. Would like to create a report with Individual with missing places (birth, marriage, death and burial places). I cant use "Henny Savenije - Reports" due to problems with SQL or something like that.
  14. After a long time, I have 'flipped' my main data entry process from desktop software (RootsMagic) to direct input into TNG. That is all going well. From time to time, I like to export a Gedcom and import into RootsMagic. That's not just for additional file safe-keeping but because I can generate a variety of reports to please family members who are offline/older/whatever. Overall I am happy with the outcome. I exported a small tree from TNG to RM and ran an Ancestor report and the basics are there as expected. But I have a problem with sentence definition when exporting a tree from TNG into RootsMagic then creating such reports. I think it is part of the limitation of Gedcom which is well documented but still . . . Many facts need sentence correction - imbedded in report is warning: [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE etc]. . . . etc I do not know where those sentences can be defined. I know I could use a note editor to clean up the file but for bigger reports (this one is only a few hundred people) that would be tedious. Any suggestions for fixing this? Another way to export the data from TNG? Correction in RootsMagic (if anyone has dealt with this)? Have you had success importing a TNG Gedcom into other software . . . Legacy? Heredis? etc. How do you create such reports (if you do)? Is there a Mod for traditional ancestral/descendant reports I haven't found? I realize there is a report function in TNG - and I have used that - but that doesn't apply to the type of report I am mentioning here. Welcome any help with this issue. Thanks in advance! MSB
  15. Marla

    Missing dates Reports

    I am looking for creating reports for people with their missing birth dates, marriage dates and death dates. Anyone has this kind of reports?
  16. I noted today when I went to the "Find Places" screen I saw errors in my place names that were showing up in the the list of Top 30 Largest localities report (see attachment). The issue was some of my place names ended with their abbreviated states name and not with USA which is the Norman my data. I've strived with great pain to ensure my place names are consistent with city or town, County, State followed by USA. An example would be "Akron, Summit Co., OH, USA" In the case of foreign countries my standard is: Glastonbury, Somerset, ENGLAND So anyway I spent a good hour or two correcting the names in my Reunion program, then uploaded a new GEDCOM. But, when I loaded my website none of those corrections took affect! The Place List screen shows no changes! So what did I miss? Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. wkenddad

    Help with report

    Since Missouri has Death Certificates from 1910 to 1965 available on-line an a great many of my relatives (Mom's side) are from Missouri I'd like to search the database for for those who died in Missouri, but do not have a death certificate associated with their record. https://s1.sos.mo.gov/Records/Archives/ArchivesMvc/ They also have limited info for pre-1910 Birth and Death info: http://s1.sos.mo.gov/records/archives/archivesdb/BirthDeath/#searchDB I was able to create a report that lists everyone whose death was in Missouri, but it includes those who already have a death certificate associated and those who died prior to 1910 and after 1965. Can anyone assist me with a report that meets the following criteria? Death occurred in Missouri Death occurred between 1910 and 1965 The individual does not have a "Death Certificate" associated with them When I save the media I do so as "Death Certificate - John Doe.jpg" Sort by Last Name, First Name
  18. Hi, Is there a feature/method in TNG that can filter out my mothers all cousins? I want to know how many she got and have them in a tree form maybe, or a list. Is it possibile?
  19. Chris Lloyd

    Track your site visitors

    This may be of interest to some of you - I am using the free version of Hotjar which gives you some very interesting insights on visitors to your site and shows you what they look at in video format and tracks the way they look at the page(s) - you can find more info here: https://www.hotjar.com/
  20. John S. Nielsen

    Invalid characters in report csv file

    This topic concerns csv report with invalid danish characters. When I want to see a report as a csv file from the report page, I get strange characters in stead of the danish Æ,Ø,Å and æ,ø,å. And it's only when I use export to a csv-file function. It looks like this: Fødselsdato" - it should be "Fødselsdato" Any ideas to solve this?
  21. I am conducting the Culbert One Name Study using TNG. I would like to create 2 reports, one that identifies all instances for individuals as fathers where his Culbert surname differs from any child's surname and their relationship is a birth, and another for all instances for individuals as children where their Culbert surname differs from their father's surname and their relationship is a birth. I am obviously NOT interested in adoption, foster, or stepchild relationships in these reports. The options available under TNG Admin. on the "Reports >> Add New Report" page do not allow me to create these reports, and I know nothing about creating my own SQL statements. For those genealogists interested, this situation occurs when children change their their surname spelling, or adopt a different surname, and it is not uncommon to be found in surname studies such as mine. I want to be able to easily find those instances in my database, which now consists of almost 28,000 individuals. Thank you in advance for any help with this.
  22. Jan Bastiaanssen

    Sorting report problem

    I used the Generic SQL for Notes Reports (CUSTOM Events for Individuals), from the TNG Wiki Reports – Notes by Graham Chamberlain. It gave me the results that i wanted, but i would like it to be sorted by the dates in the Verdict-colum (which is a char-string). Anyone an idea how to do that ? Any help would be very much appreciated, Jan SQL: SELECT P1.personID, P1.lastname, P1.firstname, X1.note AS Verdict, E1.eventdate, E1.eventplace FROM tng_events E1 INNER JOIN tng_people P1 ON E1.gedcom = P1.gedcom AND E1.persfamID = P1.personID LEFT OUTER JOIN tng_notelinks N1 ON E1.gedcom = N1.gedcom AND E1.eventID = N1.eventID LEFT OUTER JOIN tng_xnotes X1 ON N1.gedcom = X1.gedcom AND N1.xnoteID =X1.ID WHERE E1.eventtypeID = "38" ORDER BY X1.note Matches 1 to 33 of 33 » Comma-delimited CSV file # Person ID Last Name First Name Verdict eventdate eventplace 1 I23748 Hermus Antonetta 01-02-1854, Prov. Gerechtshof Noord-Brabant, Diefstal, 1 maand From 7 Mar 1854 to 6 Apr 1854 2 I23744 Hermus Goverdina (Henrica) 01-02-1854, Prov. Gerechtshof Noord-Brabant, Diefstal, 14 dagen From 6 Mar 1854 to 4 Jun 1854 3 I23749 Hermus Antonia 01-02-1854, Rechtbank Breda, Diefstal, 1 maand From 7 Mar 1854 to 6 Apr 1854 4 I23744 Hermus Goverdina (Henrica) 01-12-1851, Rechtbank Breda, Mishandeling, 14 dagen From 25 Dec 1851 to 29 Dec 1851 5 I23744 Hermus Goverdina (Henrica) 03-05-1847, Rechtbank Breda, Diefstal van Boschgrint, 8 dagen From 15 May 1847 to 23 May 1847 6 I24120 Hermus Cornelia 06-07-1892, Kantongerecht Zevenbergen, Stroperij van onbewerkt hout bij herhaling, 12 dagen From 8 Nov 1892 to 20 Nov 1892 7 I23741 Hermus Joannes Cornelius 07-01-1856, Rechtbank Breda, Diefstal, 14 dagen From 7 Jan 1856 to 21 Jan 1856
  23. Hi all, I just installed TNG to a test server in my home today so that I can play around with it prior to going live. After my usual pains with getting Linux file permissions correct, I'm up and running. I tried creating a report using a SQL query, but it appears that perhaps not all SQL syntax is supported? I've attached two screenshots which include the SQL queries attempted. This first report properly displays the names and counts. There are 1634 different last names in this file. However, if I try to name the columns as in the following query, it leaves the rows blank (but notice that it does show the correct number of rows). This query works fine from the MySQL command line. Just curious, did TNG ever support naming of columns from the SQL statement using "SELECT column AS 'name'" syntax? I did notice that TNG adds "Limit 50" to the end of the SQL statement for pagination, so I can't really limit it to the top 100 names (at least without some more thought, trial, and error). None of this is a big deal, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can, including any limitations. I'm loving what I'm seeing thus far! And, this will give me an excuse to learn a little PHP along the way. Thanks, Dave