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Found 5 results

  1. ^maikl11

    Report cemeteries

    I want to create a report that shows me all the cemeteries in my database. I entered that here: SQL: SELECT tng_people.living, tng_people.private, lnprefix, prefix, suffix, title, tng_people.branch, birthdate, birthdatetr, altbirthdate, altbirthdatetr, deathdate, deathdatetr, burialdate, burialplace, lastname, firstname, deathpersondate, deathplace, tng_people.ID., Deathplace, tng_people , tng_people.gedcom, nameorder FROM (tng_people) WHERE (burialplace LIKE "% Friedhof%" OR "Memorial" OR "Cemetery") AND tng_people.gedcom = "KLERC" ORDER BY burialplace But only places that contain the word "Friedhof" are shown to me: Cemetries and memorials are not displayed! Where am I making the mistake? Thank you for your help in advance....
  2. Derrick

    cannot delete a place

    I click on the x box to delete a place, and the red comes and goes, and the place remains. It's odd; this has never happened before. That's the little video clip attached. It's there still if I log out and come back later. When I select or more places and click "delete selected," a new utterly white tab opens but nothing changes. This happens in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Has anyone else seen this? Derrick deleteclip.mp4
  3. When I go to places in admin, there is a blank record being displayed. If I delete it and leave places and come back, it reappears. Never had that problem with 12.
  4. byingjl

    Google Map problem ??

    Not sure what happened but my maps quickly close immediately after they render. I get a message to refer to the Java Script Console. I checked my browser config for activating Java.... it’s turned on and don’t find any other problem. I recently updated to V13 but had the problem for quite some prior to it. I’ve read everything WiKi has and google and I’m puzzled... can anyone help? http://www.byingtonfamily.org ~ jeff
  5. I'm not sure if the category "Installation and Configuration" is the correct address (maybe also developers) There seems to be an unsolved conflict on editing rights for places, notes, sources, etc. if there are editors for different trees. All these editors are allowed to edit places, notes, sources, etc. although they are only editors for their own tree. These seems to be a critical bug. Is there a chance to solve this problem quickly. Or to make a workaround. I'm not familiar with PHP and the Mod scripting. It would be at least adviceable to exclude editing and deletion Regards, Fritz Loseries