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Found 14 results

  1. Jean-Luc Lauzon


    Where does collection info get stored? I just added a collection in my media and I cannot find where the info is stored. I need to know in which file it get stored Thanks
  2. Often I find it useful to create and add medialinks to multipage .pdf files to display in an individual's document section. On all my PC browsers these files render correctly and let me move between pages with no problems. I noticed when I access my site on any browser on my iPad and try to view a .pdf it only shows the first page and will not let me see the additional pages in the file. In trying to solve the problem I read many suggestions that the reason was because none of the browsers on my iPad were able to add an extension for pdf's. However, I put that to a test. I uploaded the exact same .pdf file to Ancestry.com into an individual's 'Gallery Page'. With my iPad and using Safari I viewed the exact same .pdf file on Ancestry.com's website and it rendered correctly and let me move between pages. Same results with Edge and Chrome on my iPad. Worked great. However, the exact same .pdf file will NOT render correctly from my TNG site viewed from my iPad. The file works great viewed from my PC. For an example, you can go to my website. Without a login you can click 'All Media'. On the resulting page, in the searchbox type 'Wunsche'. Click the resulting medialink ("Wunsche Bros. Cafe celebrates 100-year history in Old Town Spring". If you are on a PC the file will show both pages perfectly. If you are on an iPad it will only show the top page. The point is that I do not understand how it could be a problem with browsers running on iPadOS not allowing extensions when it renders correctly from Ancestry, but NOT from my TNG site. I am sure I'm not doing something correctly. I would like all aspects of my website to work correctly on most popular devices. Would really appreciate any help. https://thebrownfamilytree.info
  3. Rob Severijns

    Albums on person page

    Hello everyone, I recently started making use of the Album function within TNG. In my opinion a nice feature that let's you keep several photo's linked to a certain person and/or event in one place (the album) What I don't like is the way it is presented on the person page (see screenshot below) I would like to see the picture oulined to the left and the box a little less wide (110px) Wanted to make a change in mytngstyle or mytemplatestyle but I'm not sure how to achieve this. Anyone any idea? Thanks in advance, Rob
  4. Hello! I just noticed a "small" problem on my site. I don't know if it's recent or not since I didn't pay attention to it before today. The problem is that I can't display the full size media. I am able to see the small formats but not the large ones. This always gives me the message "loading" (in French). https://francoissoucy.com/tng/showmedia.php?mediaID=2231&medialinkID=8690 USER: visiteur PASS: visiteur Thank for help!
  5. I was always under the impression that TNG withheld information of living people. That appears not to be the case. Yesterday I was showing a Genealogy Society TNG 13.0.4. The question was "do you withhold information on living people?" Yes was my response and went to my profile, I was not logged in, and much to my amazement there was information there that I expected not to see. There was no profile picture or birth dates as I expected. Further down in Photos was a group picture of all 7 living direct family cousins. I clicked on the picture and the tag names showed for all. I then clicked on each tag. Out of the seven, two showed the profile picture, the rest did not. All withheld birth information. What's up with that? I was expecting not even to see the picture of all 7 of as we are all living. I checked to make sure living was checked for each person and it is.
  6. Hi Community members, If I upload a photo in my new test environment (version 13.0.2 and template 13) and everything goes well. The thumbnail looks good, but when I go to the showmedia.php page, the photo looks very different from the original. The aspect ratio is then no longer in the correct proportion and the photo is wider than the original. (see attached image). Did someone of you encounter the same problem and solved it? Kind regards, Frans Erich
  7. Korycki


    There are classic media collections at TNG: Photos, Documents and Stories. Materials published there can only be edited by the administrators or owners of the relevant family tree. The problem arises if we add another collection. If I create a collection named "Trips", any logged-in editor can delete these media. How to prevent it? Piotr Korycki
  8. pdumain

    Show individual media

    Hello, When i have for example 2 medias linked to a person, what i would like is to show the first media, eventually with a link to the second, but not like showmedia which has a link to every media in the site. Is it possible natively in TNG or is there a MOD doing that ? Thanks for your help. Regards, Patrick
  9. I am not proficient with programming or any kind of software codes or writing or anything. I bought TNG, took me a year or so to get it up and running, because of my limited technology skills, and now it is up. Question 1.. I used a Host, Simple Host, who said they would do everything, Sure Support is their support group. None of my media are connected to the people they are supposed to be connected to, no photos or media of any kind are showing up at all. The little icons are there as though the media is there, next to their names on an edit panel, but no matter what I do nothing appears for them. Even when I upload photos directly while editing a person, I get a blank screen then several error messages, but then, later, when I go back in, the media is there and connected...What cause it to do that? I see there is a ton of media when I look at the admin view, but nothing shows up for any person at any time. I put in a support ticket and Sure Support said they didn't know anything about that, it was a problem between me and the software. Uh oh. Can anyone help someone who is rather technologically challenged figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? (hopefully that does not involve uploading media too each individual ....there are over 20,000 in my tree...well, 40,000, but half those are doubles, from an uploaded GEDCOM that I THOUGHT would replace AND add to the existing population of the tree. Question 2, any suggestions on how to upload new people, lots of new people, every day. I enter them in Ancestry first, then I create a GECOM and upload, clicking replace matches, and it still adds duplicates instead of replacing matches ....it is the exact same Gedcom, every day, just 20 or so new people, ....it duplicates everyone, even though I set it to replace matches....any hope? Thanks, Synthia
  10. ^maikl11

    Mod Secret medias

    Hello everybody, I wanted to install the mod "Secret medias" today. But it cannot be installed. Can you tell me why ??? I have TNG 13.0.2 Template 12 Thanks in advance...
  11. I found Ken Roy's Report Footer Mod, which is indispensable, but not what I had in mind: it turned out to be more a Table Caption Duptication mod in my eyes (but hey, I am not Anglophone...). The Description field under the title is good, but that must to be just a few lines. A small image in that box could be handy. (And the word "Description: " should not be IN the text.) For a few of my reports, in a text after the table I would like to give some background info. It could easily be half a page. Sometimes a beatyfull photo asks for inclusion, max half a page as well. Anyone who could build that? Leo
  12. Rob Severijns

    Private Media Flag

    Hello everyone, I have several media files that are provided to me by family members. The deal is that I can use the media files as long as they are not visible within the family tree and as long as certain family members are still alive. This means these media files need to be marked as Private. Setting the media files marked as Private results in these files being visible to users with rights to view Private content only. It would be nice if the Private flag could, by default be set as mentioned above and that besides that there is an option to override this setting for specific Inividuals and/or families. Basicly saying: Private for all except for users who have the right to view Private content set in the User rights and specific Individuals and/or Families set for each applicable media file. This creates the possibility for the provider of the media file to view that specic media file. Hope this explanation is clear enough. Rob
  13. 4lexsharpe

    Moving Media folders

    Is there a way to simply move a media folders location. i.e. I have created a 'birth records' folder in the the base directory but I would like it to be a sub directory of the 'documents' folder
  14. Fritz Loseries

    Deny Media Upload or Import

    Is it possible to set a flag, that media will not be allowed to upload or to import via gedcom ? Could not find something concerning this within the configs.