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Found 105 results

  1. I have installed TNG at root level. public domain. Now I want to move the installation to a folder for TNG. What do I have to do to make it happen? Tore
  2. I am not proficient with programming or any kind of software codes or writing or anything. I bought TNG, took me a year or so to get it up and running, because of my limited technology skills, and now it is up. Question 1.. I used a Host, Simple Host, who said they would do everything, Sure Support is their support group. None of my media are connected to the people they are supposed to be connected to, no photos or media of any kind are showing up at all. The little icons are there as though the media is there, next to their names on an edit panel, but no matter what I do nothing appears for them. Even when I upload photos directly while editing a person, I get a blank screen then several error messages, but then, later, when I go back in, the media is there and connected...What cause it to do that? I see there is a ton of media when I look at the admin view, but nothing shows up for any person at any time. I put in a support ticket and Sure Support said they didn't know anything about that, it was a problem between me and the software. Uh oh. Can anyone help someone who is rather technologically challenged figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? (hopefully that does not involve uploading media too each individual ....there are over 20,000 in my tree...well, 40,000, but half those are doubles, from an uploaded GEDCOM that I THOUGHT would replace AND add to the existing population of the tree. Question 2, any suggestions on how to upload new people, lots of new people, every day. I enter them in Ancestry first, then I create a GECOM and upload, clicking replace matches, and it still adds duplicates instead of replacing matches ....it is the exact same Gedcom, every day, just 20 or so new people, ....it duplicates everyone, even though I set it to replace matches....any hope? Thanks, Synthia
  3. Robin, I'm unable to download the Cemetery Map & Image mod for v13, I'm being prompted to upload a zip file to the wiki. I was able to download the Cemetery Burials Table but was unsuccessful installing it. I hope I'm following the instructions correctly: 1. I backed up the files listed 2. Unzipped the files and ftp'd the cfg and folder to the mods directory When I went to the mods manager to install the mod I get the errors listed in the attachment. I looked in the folder that was in the zip file, there's nothing but another folder "languages". What did I do wrong?
  4. ^maikl11

    Mod Secret medias

    Hello everybody, I wanted to install the mod "Secret medias" today. But it cannot be installed. Can you tell me why ??? I have TNG 13.0.2 Template 12 Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi there, SOLVED Maybe I have completely misunderstood everything about languages... I have template 209, which supports more languages, and I have installed Danish-UTF8 and English-UTF8. I can change between the languages. That part works fine. Q 1) After kind advise and inspiration from Rob, I have decided to have my front page translated into English by someone who is better at English, than I am. Where (in which file) do I place the English version? Edited: okay maybe I have solved Q 1 my self: It as simple as 'choosing 'Create copy in' in template 209? Q 2) Where do I change the fields/labels? What I don't understand is, that there is only one database - but the fields/labels must be stored somewhere? I had i.e.. this issue: Even though I chose Danish, I got the label 'Census', but I Danish it should be 'Folketælling', so I translated them directly in the database table: tng_sources fields 'title' and 'shorttitle'. So now it is correct, when I choose Danish in the frontend, but (of course) it is wrong when I choose English. Can one of you advise me the central link to the explanation about how I should handle the languages? Best regards, Hanne, Denmark
  6. Michael A. Kennedy

    Installing WIKI on www.josephsmithsr.com

    Our website had wiki installed once before with several biographies already created in those wikis. I need our wiki fixed. Is there someone willing to assist with this? Willing to pay reasonable rate. Contact me at jsehs@xmission.com.
  7. Michael A. Kennedy

    TNG Wiki broken on www.josephsmithjr.org

    We were forced to change host providers with our website. We've since moved to a new provider and the site with TNG is working with the exception of our wiki pages are not displaying. I'm looking for someone who can fix this on our website. If someone is interested please contact me at mkennedy@xmission.com
  8. Hello TNG Community! I am the administrator of the Early Latter-day Saint Database and I am in the process of creating a new design for the site. At present I am running V.12.0.1 and have asked Darrin to help with the new install to the newest version. The "old" design is found at http://earlylds.com the new page in process is found at http://earlylds.com/EarlyLDSHome1.html. I would like to modify the plain template to add my own header and footer and change the colors to match the home page see the draft of the individual page attached. Doing this is beyond my ability and so I seeking to hire someone to help with the process. I can offer $75.00 for the work. If you are interested please contact me at tglatey@cox.net Terry
  9. ^maikl11

    Watermark mod

    Hello everybody, unfortunately I can not install the Watermark Mod? Something is wrong in the admin_users file, line 70 !!! But what??? Who can help me?
  10. I'm stuck on step 6 of the Readme HTML installation guide with the dreaded "Please wait, attempting to process..." message. TNG v12.3, MariaDB 10, PHP 7.2, DB name: "tng", DB username: "tng-local". I'm running the Readme from the URL to the web volume on the Synology DS916. Also have referenced SKDavis' install guide for Synology. I believe I have followed all of the other steps without missing or having issues. Screen shots attached to show privileges, versions, etc. (password omitted on screen shot but included during install). Have googled this and tried other suggestions, but I appear to be overlooking or misunderstanding something. Appreciate any guidance for this rookie mistake. Thanks. John
  11. I have just downloaded tngupgrade9x-1302.zip (twice) and tngfiles1302.zip (once) as the first step in attempting to upgrade from version 9.2.1 to version 13.0.2 of TNG. The file sizes are 15,052,135 bytes (both times) and 16,639,406 bytes respectively. WinZip (9.0 SR-1 (6224)) pauses frequently while unzipping the downloaded files to report: I gave up on the upgrade file after skipping 27 files and on the full file after skipping the first of these files, admin_deleteentity.php WinZip provides no means of overriding the warning and its help file merely advises to download the Zip file again. I don't see any point in attempting to upload the unzipped files to my website when dozens of files are missing. Is the problem with WinZip or with the TNG files?
  12. Greetings, Back in the day I installed TNG 8.0.2. Added some data. Then... things happened. And now I am trying to resume where I left. I would like to upgrade to the latest version. Site doesn't work any more, because machine now has PHP 7 only. So what's the smoothest way to go about upgrading while preserving my data. (I have backup.) Completely fresh install, db and all. And then restore backup. Have there been any breaking changes in the db schema, that will prevent a restore (mysqldump sql file)? Drop the new code, fix config, point to existing db. Perhaps manually run a db update scripts of sort. Nothing to worry about. Normal version 13 install, and it will figure what needs to be updated with the existing database. I tried to look for the above information here at the forum and on the wiki, but was unable to find anything of interest. Perhaps the download page for v13 may have that info, but I haven't paid yet. Cheers! tjk
  13. I searched to see if this question has been posted before but couldn't find it. I hope it's not a duplicate. I'm trying to install TNG13 on a second site on a shared hosting package. I'm not sure where to install TNG in the directory for the second site since I already have TNG installed in public_html for my main site. My second site shows up in my main director as a separate folder on the same directory level as my public_html folder. Can I just install TNG for the second time inside the folder for the second site? I have attached a screenshot of my directory as viewed in FileZilla. Second question -- I'm using the same database for both sites. Is it possible to set up TNG on both sites to access the same database so I only have to upload updates to the database once, rather than having to upload it twice, once for each site? My main site is https://rykbrown.net/ My first TNG install is https://rykbrown.net/TNG/index.php My second site is https://stewartsofbalquhidder.com/ Thanks for any assistance.
  14. I installed v.13.0.1 (update from 12x) and everything seems to work fine except when I go to mod manager where I get an Error 500 - internal server error. Is there anything I can do to recover from this? The site is: http://elizabethriemer.com/index.php Thank you for any help, Liz
  15. What is the best practice for multiple trees? In my view would different IP ports be a good solution. But is this possible? But what alternatives are there? Wim Dirks
  16. Hi, I need to add additional space between the header and subheader. The top part of the text and image are cut off by the header. I use Chrome, Firefox and Brave for my browsers and the page appears the same in all three browsers. Also, I am wondering what is the average cost of Google Map? .When I went to sign up for a key, it ask for my credit card information. I don't like surprises when my credit card arrives. My site will recieve fewer than one hundred visitors a month. Thank you, Ed Reeners
  17. Hi, Happy Holidays! I am totally confused and could use some advice on how to proceed. Part of my problem is the number of families that I want to set up on my website. I am not sure if what I am trying to accomplish can be done or I will need some custom programming. Tried different setups but have gotten lost with all the options. There is an over whelming amount of information on TNG. My programming skill are limited, I am an advanced beginner in HTML. PHP, I can copy, past and make minor modifications. Depending on the cost, I am willing to pay for the modifications. There are five families that I am trying to cover in the one website, and one GED file. The Renaud/Reeners - My 3rd great grandfather’s family to present The Racine family - My 3rd great grandmother’s family after she remarried after the death of my 3rd great grandfather. Knoebel Family – My mother’s paternal family Schmid Family – My mother’s maternal family Kraus – My paternal grandmother’s family. I have been able to add the names in the Home page header but have been only able to get the first two links to work. (See Header.png) On the Home page, can it be modified to add an additional four more features like Feature 1 to the page? (See Welcome.png) On the Template setup page, can it be modified for the additional four families. (See Template.png) My last change is on the Family Information page. When opening I prefer it to open to the Descendants tab instead of the Ancestors. Is this possible? (See Information.png) Thank You Ed Reeners
  18. Hi, I have started my TNG 13.02 installation. All of my media files are in specific folders. Example: Cemetery, Census, City Directory, Documents, Headstones, Military, Obituaries, Photos, Personal Profiles, Social Security, Travel, Vital Statistics Do I need to add these folders to the database tables? Thank you, Ed Reeners
  19. Hello. I'm trying to install the Ancestor Map MOD version onto a TNG website running 13.0.1 on a Digital Ocean droplet running NGINX. The cust_text.php files have read/write priviledges under each language. Any idea what I can do to finish up the installation?
  20. Hello Brett, My old mod was working correctly with TNG 12 and now TNG13.0.1. Yesterday, I installed a new mod still in beta test. And Hide_Admin_DNA was marked immediatly 'Cannot install", but it is still in workin order : Button and menu link to DNA are still hidden. So I made a new test : uninstall all mods. to check about a compliance problem. Hide-admin_DNA is still with a "cannot Install", but DNA Menu and button are still hidden in admin. Errors are below : I made a last test : I deleted the mod (via administration of course) : Hide_Admin_DNA is completely removed and DNA menu and buttons are hidden. Well, that's how I want it, but is there a ghost in my site ? What happened ? https://tng-test.revestou.fr/
  21. Derek Heritage

    tng 13 Templates 19 & 20

    I've updated my 12.3 site to 13 but though templates 19 and 20 are listed, there are no images or way to install them. Haver I missed something?
  22. Hi, I have just installed TNG in a subfolder of my https://roots.fred-baltus.nl site. This site is protected with Let's Encrypt. When i go to https://roots.fred-baltus.nl/tng FitiFox give me a message that not the whole site is secure. (Mixed content blocking in Firefox) Does someone knows what i have to change somewhere in TNG? Thanks, Fred
  23. I'm running TNG13 on my own Ubuntu Server 20.01 LTS. On my home page I encourage users when Registering to only provide the mandatory information (username, password, email and real name) but most people seem happy to fill in address, phone number etc. as well. I'm uncomfortable storing this information and I don't need it. I generally only grant registration to family members in any case. I could just manually delete the information when granting access but would prefer they didn't provide it. Would it be possible to suppress showing the non-mandatory fields on the registration page? If anyone has a suggestion how to do that please let me know. I'm comfortable editing PHP though not very proficient. Thanks
  24. I had TNG installed and working properly on a Synology RS 815 NAS. But after a reset of the server, I can't get TNG reinstalled. The data base is still existent. PHP and html seem to work fine (e.g. on Mediawiki). When I try to install a new instance of TNG, I get Please wait, attempting to process.. on "Set permissions" followed by the message in annex. Does anyone know what might be the cause? "Set permissions" has no influence on the database or am I wrong?
  25. Krisamd


    I have noticed that captcha is for fresh registration only. I would like to provide captcha as a requirement for all users login I am not sure which php need to be modified for this as I see the following php refers to login/out login.php admin_log.php loginlib.php Thanks Kris