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Found 72 results

  1. The mod 'Shows issues' cannot install, and an error message says "Bad Target". TNG: 12.3 Mod: Shows issues: Anyone who knows . . . .? ENo
  2. Hi All, I am new to TNG and have just set up our genealogy site. When I loaded up the Gedcom file the Dad's side and Mom's side is wrong. It's as if the system is using my mother as the starting point. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks in advance, Dave
  3. I had TNG installed and working properly on a Synology RS 815 NAS. But after a reset of the server, I can't get TNG reinstalled. The data base is still existent. PHP and html seem to work fine (e.g. on Mediawiki). When I try to install a new instance of TNG, I get Please wait, attempting to process.. on "Set permissions" followed by the message in annex. Does anyone know what might be the cause? "Set permissions" has no influence on the database or am I wrong?
  4. I have looked around and I am sure this has been asked many times...I am starting from scratch due to my hosting account being hacked. I downloaded my GEDCOM from Ancestry which I had spent many hours researching and documenting my family history and added a large amount of media. When I downloaded the Ancestry file, and uploaded it to TNG, non of the media came with it. Instead, it shows a generic icon and it links back to Ancestry to download a document ...or more frustrating is a file name on the TNG site (see below) Some of these photos I no longer have. Is there some way to DL from ancestry to include the media files......or some sort of work around? Over the years, I have used several PC's and I would have to search all of them individually to try and recreate what I had. Many thanks, Dan
  5. I'm using the subroot functionality to put my configuration files outside the user accessible area. (above the www path). I also want to do the same for my media and other content folders. This would also allow me to use these files for my production website and development website. How can I implement this?
  6. Over the past year, I have seen a lot of confusion over how to configure the Google Maps API key. This applies to new users and to those existing users who are affected by Google's API changes that went into effect on June 16, 2018. Some users also want to avoid Google Maps altogether and use OpenStreetMap (OSM) as their TNG mapping solution. Answers to these questions are scattered, and mostly lack thorough steps to get the job done. To help overcome this issue, I have written a comprehensive step-by-step guide (with screenshots) on how to configure Google Cloud Services console to provision an API project and an API key that contains the Maps JavaScript API (to deliver the maps) and the Geocoding API (to enable batch geocoding of place locations). This guide is also applicable to users who are finding that "old" pre-2018 keys are no longer working on their sites.The guide shows one how to: Create a new Google Account for those who do not currently have one (required) Create a new API Project & provision it with the necessary Maps API's (new & existing users with non-functional keys) Restrict API usage to your domain to thwart hackers from using your resources Set quotas for API calls Configuration options you can utilize in TNG Admin setup Select and install the OSM map feature instead of Google The guide thoroughly discusses the differences between Google Maps & OSM, along with the ramifications of certain setup options so that you can make informed decisions. To see this, go to: https://journeysingenealogy.com/adding-mapping-to-tng/ It is also available as a downloadable PDF file through a link at the bottom of the guide. Happy Mapping! 😎
  7. So I found this Family Group Worksheet by Rick Bisbee on TNG Wiki. It says it is "standalone" and it appears MOD Manager is not required to install. I'm using Version 12 TNG and downloaded the correct FGW zip file (version, extracted the folder, uploaded it to my TNG folder on the server and attempted to navigate to the setup page. 1st attempt failed, throwing a 404 error. I next tried placing the folder inside the TNG Extensions folder and tried again but the result was the same with a 404 error. I've tried to use Rick's support mechanism but two tries there resulted in unable to deliver message. Has anybody used this with Version 12? Does anybody have any idea why I'm getting the page not found error? My apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to discuss an add-on. If it is, would someone direct me to the correct place please. Thanks, Larry
  8. I upgraded from v9 to v12 last night, using Filezilla. Unfortunately I made a hash of copying the files over, the ended up in the wrong directory (twice!) and in trying to clear them out I think I have deleted some vital files that allow me access to my own webites bothe are unavailable to me and one has nothing to do with TNG 😩😩 I'll be asking my ISP for help to get that bit sorted for me, but I have a question here about permissions on files in TNG as a permissions check tool provided by my hosts suggests that the permissions are wrong on a number of files. or at least, are not what they would recommend. I'm pretty sure they are going to ask me about these so I've put some examples below and appreciate some feedback on whether they are ok or not for TNG. PHP files are mostly set to 644 (ISP recommends 600) bak files are set to 664 (ISP recommends 755) Everything else is mostly set to 755 (ISP recommends 644) Are these permissions correct please, or should I go with the ISP's recommendations? Thank you, Sharon
  9. When I realized that I was not receiving the email from Contact form etc I went looking into the wiki and the forum. Im having trouble finding what I do not have set correctly. Does anyone else use gmail successfully? I've filled out the smtp information (see attached) and get this error message below. Can someone help me fix this please? Thank you! ( Im running TNG 12.1 and template 13. Its new and only has the OpenStreetMap mod.)
  10. Install error after update TNG to 12.10 Private Media Mod ENp
  11. SiEiNo

    Mod Bot-trap

    Error message when trying: "Run Checks": Warning: include(begin.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 2 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'begin.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 2 Warning: include(adminlib.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 3 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'adminlib.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 3 Warning: include(getlang.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 4 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'getlang.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 4 Warning: include(/admintext.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 5 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/admintext.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 5 The directory 'bot-trap' already exists. The file 'blacklist.dat' already exists. The file 'robots.txt' already exists. The file '.htaccess' already exists. You may proceed with installation This happened after update to TNG 12.10. Bot-trap v. What can be done? ENo
  12. Hi, When I first installed TNG on my host, I decided to make a subfolder and install TNG. I found that was not a good idea and I now want to move it so I have the "root" as the startfolder. Is it possible to do that by moving all files and subfolders to the root or is that causing problems? Would it be easier to just delete the installation and reinstall it? //Stefan
  13. A new install of TNG 12.1 under MAMP 4.1.0. Diagnostic show all green. PHP is 7.2.10. I have run TNG 8,9,10,11, 12 successfully in the past. Most recent has been a TNG update to TNG 12.1. Today, the drop down to add an event is blank, rather than having marriage, divorce etc. I went through the process a second time, new database etc, and the same result. Any solutions requested.
  14. Rob Severijns

    *Solved* Installation fails

    I'm trying to install TNG 12.1 but installation fails at the point where the tables are created. I launch the readme.html from the browser (MS Edge) and start the setup procedure. Everything goes well until the creation of the tables. Here it says "TNG is not communicating with your database. No tables were created." (see attachment) Funny enough in the previous step I was able to make a connection to my database and the verification went well. Also all other steps prior to the creation of the tables went well. In the past I never really had any problems with the installation. What did change though was that in the past my Public_Html directory was placed in the root. Now, my public_Html directory is in a sub-folder named domains. I'm using SSL on my site but had that in the past too. As far as I know the rights to create tables in the database are correct too. Already asked for support from my hosting provider but I didn't receive a satisfying reaction yet. Is it mandatory to put the Public_Html in the root or do I need to make further changes if Public_Html is in a sub-folder. According to troubleshooting point 3 where it says I might have forgotten to assign a user to my database I wonder If that should be done prior to creating the tables even though it is planned after the creation of the tables in step 8 of the setup. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
  15. New Install over a previous installation with the same problems and more. I just could not get things working so I initiated a Scorched Earth Policy and wiped the folder and MySQL database. It didn't help This problem: 1. Page won't allow me to select either of the checkboxes, "Accept data for all new Custom Event Types Import Custom Event Types only (no data is added, replaced or appended)". See attached screenshot. 2. Therefore won't do anything with Uploading a GED whether from my Desktop or the Internal folder. My server is running ControlWeb Panel: CWP Pro 7. The PHP is presently PHP Version 5.6.37 but it could easily be upgraded through to 7.3 if there was a reason to do so. And this is what the Configure line looks like: Configure Command './configure' '--with-zlib' '--enable-soap' '--enable-exif' '--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php' '--with-config-file-scan-dir=/usr/local/php/php.d' '--enable-phar' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar' '--with-curl' '--with-iconv' '--with-mysql' '--with-mysqli' '--with-mysql=mysqlnd' '--with-mysqli=mysqlnd' '--with-mcrypt' '--with-imap' '--with-imap-ssl' '--with-gettext' '--with-xmlrpc' '--with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd' '--enable-posix' '--enable-ftp' '--with-openssl' '--enable-mbstring' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--with-kerberos' '--with-xsl' '--with-bz2' '--enable-zip' '--with-gd' '--with-libdir=lib64' '--enable-sockets' '--with-pcre-regex' '--with-mysql-sock=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' MySQL is MySQL version 10.1.39-MariaDB Browser is mostly Chrome (because something is broken in FF) but also FF at times. java version "1.8.0_191" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode) Not sure what other information you need so please feel free to ask. Oh, I have managed sites and servers before, been playing with this stuff for far too many years. I just can't work out why this page won't let me select buttons and successfully load up a GED.
  16. Anyone knowledgeable about the Gedcom Converter mod and why it does not work properly? Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home4/hopemetzler/public_html/genealogy/admin_filepicker.php on line 137 I just want to simply work on my genealogy in Family Tree Maker 2017 and occasionally upload my work: scanned documents, photos, latest tree, to the web. But it seems that FTM 2017 does not work with TNG at all. I thought the mod would make the transition smooth. Anyone have experience with this? TIA! Hope
  17. I am in the process om moving the content from one TNG site to another and have a thought about the import function - if I import a gedcom from the old website to the new one and also mark the option to import media, does that mean that Pictures too get imported from the old site? Both are using v12.1
  18. Majohejoan

    Ancestors page is blank.

    Hello, After installing version 1203 if I go to Ancestors (Voorouders) tab I get a blank page. To see what happens go to the link and to Voorouders tab.Voorouders (Ancestors) tab. I deleted the cache, but that didn't work. I hope you can help me to solve this problem. Thank you. Marian Schaapkens
  19. Hi I have not used TNG for a couple of year, but on trying to install it I get the following issue. I get the same issue with either the express or the regular install, it affects all the buttons within readme.html. Example if I click on set permissions, it come up with "Please wait attempting to process" it will not change or show anything else, it is as if it can not talk my hosting provider 1&1 IONOS are my hosting providers The PHP on my site has recently been updated and is now 7.2. I have had a website with 1&1 before, with no issues. Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated Brian
  20. Don Quigley

    Wikipedia Link mod

    Any ideas why this mod won't install? I'm using TNG v. 12.0.1.
  21. I'm running TNG12.0.1 and want to upgrade to TNG12.0.2 but I can not get access to the downloads12 page. (http://tng.lythgoes.net/downloads12) Unauthorized This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required. Additionally, a 401 Unauthorized error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. What's wrong?
  22. I installed TNG 12.02.and use Template 3. I also have installed the mod "Media display columns mod". I have no preview of my media-files. What can I do? PROBLEM SOLVED!
  23. MadRanger

    Template4 Format

    Having installed TNGv12, I am having difficulty obtaining the proper look for Template4. The feature articles are not aligning with the right edge of the page in a column abeam the introduction paragraph. Since the setup is on my XAMPP, I am copying the View Page Source code that immediately follows the intro para thru to the first line of the first feature ... and a screen clip of the area. Would sure like to know where/how the format is going wrong. Thanks Regis </div> </div> <div class="rightsection"><br /> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td valign="top"><span class="normal"><b>Feature Articles</b></span></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top" class="line"></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> <div class="normal"> <p> <a href="histories/Carr-Louis-Drury-2009-Bio V2b-Draft.pdf">
  24. Larryw

    Installation problems

    Information: Destination: TNG 12.0.02 - Template #1 Source: Legacy - Database: 74,000 + people - GEDCOM types tried: Legacy, 5.5.1 only, basic - ANSI & UTF-8 Equipment: HP Laptop - Windows 10 - Chrome browser - Filezilla FTP Server Side: PHP 5.5.38 - MYSQL 5.5.5-10.0.36 When trying to install the first time I let the GEDCOM run for about 24 hrs because I had read that large files may take a very long time. While running the import the activity shown at the bottom of the screen looked good; waiting for host, processing request, connecting... etc. After 24 hrs I stopped the Import and clicked on People in the Administration Menu, it showed only 446 people imported in the database! I deleted all 446 people and tried the above flavors of GEDCOM's, the total never went above 446 people. In digging deeper into the Forum I was surprised at the number of MODs there are; my initial reaction was this software is for programmers and hackers not users (like me). I have used about a dozen genealogy software programs and they have all been more-or-less plug and play; including, the now unsupported PHPGedview. Some of the MODs that looked like what I need require a completed install. I have been trying everything I can think of for 5 days, 16 hrs a day with zero progress. So, here I am making my plea for ideas and assistance. I downloaded GEDCOM Validator and ran it against the above GEDCOMs and if it is correct the GEDCOMs don't do very well meeting the standards and specs for GEDCOMs. The idea of this TNG software is fabulous and ticks all the boxes of what I want in a genealogy software. Thanks, Larryw
  25. jeff_zupan

    Problem with V12 upgrade

    Lots of errors creating/modifying MySQL tables (see attached - top portion), then errors on individual pages (see attached - bottom portion). Everything else not DNA related works fine, Admin pages all work fine. Host running PHP 5.6 and MySQL also 5.6. I've tried to do the upgrade 3 times with no difference in result. Any suggestions, anyone? TNG 12.txt