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Found 77 results

  1. I'm using template 17, I have the extra links up top - Third and Fourth Link - I could, obviously delete them, or add another tree. I don't want to add additional trees or branches. So I was thinking maybe a blog? Or article format maybe? Is there a blog mod? What have you all seen or done with the extra link?
  2. Rob Severijns

    Help function in TNG

    Hi everyone, Not everyone visiting my TNG familytree is very skilled in navigating the familytree and there are older familymembers who aren't skilled in browsing the web either. This leads me to believe that for those who visit a TNG website for the first time or not frequently can easily get lost in the tree. Not exectly knowing what they are looking at and/or where to find certain information can be a major reason for people not to return to the website. With that in mind I have started to create some instructions on what can be found where in the familytreee and how navigation works in the familytree. Basicly I made a Help function that works from within TNG itself. Remeber though that this doesn't replace the TNG WIKI For the Help to work I took the following steps. I downlouded the free History template form GWT - History template which is available for free and will fully intergrate with your own TNG installation. I created a Help directory in the TNG directory (FTP) I used Notepad++ to create the help content. Made several PHP files that reflect the help topics so each helptopic has it's own php file. Created a Help link on my familytree homepage. Clicking the Help link will open a new tab in the browser which shows the help template in a two collumn format. (See screenshots) The left collumn is a menu with hyperinks to the different Help topics. The right collumn contains the explanation of the specific Help topic. Since I'm still working on it, the translation is Dutch only at the moment but as soon as all is ready I will start working on an English translation. Bare in mind that the Help topics are based on my personal TNG installation including some installed Mods. So for you to make it work in your own TNG installation you need to tweak the PHP files to your own needs. This also means you will need some basic knowledge of writing PHP files. It's not to difficult for I did it too. Trial and error combined with Notepad++ and worked perfectly for me. If anyone else is interested in this Help functionality please whisper (PM) me. If you can't wait just let me know and I will gladly send you the current PHP files for you to work on. Hope this is useful to others too and if you have any comments or question don't hasitate to share them. Added are a few screenshots.
  3. I have very large PDFs that I have on my TNG website. Issue is the load times are ridiculously long, Has anyone used Adobe or a competitor's product to speed load times by only displaying the pages that display, or not having to download entire file. I do not want to use the folio idea because I want them to still be able to search the PDF files Thanks
  4. Hello! TNG functionality has a limited number of localized languages for the site. There is Russian, but no Ukrainian. Who would you turn to to do Ukrainian localization? I can translate the text from Russian and check it with English, but it needs to be implemented in the system. Thank you
  5. Juliemuirhead49

    Change needed for DNA section

    Is it possible that the DNA section be changed so that the test information is just the bits relevant to the person who took the test name, date (if known), where taken, gedmatch, haplogroups (if known) etc. Then link that person in the database and add the other info like MRCA, largest segment etc. This would mean then that a single Test could be added once and link to multiple people with all the relevant information. The current system just doesn't work, in order to add the data for the match you would need to add the test multiple times. Just looking now at one match on MyHeritage this person matches me, my dad, my daughter and more. In order to add this I would have to either add it at least 3 times to add the segment data (which is all different which is to be expected) etc or add it once and skip the segment data etc. Currently it is totally impractical to add test data with detail, I manage DNA kits for at least 7 family members at present across all the DNA testing sites and I really need to be able to add each test (1 per person per site) to the database and then link them to who they match with known details. Having tested at 2 sites and uploaded my atDNA to many others for myself I am looking at matches across 7 sites for me alone plus I have done mtDNA. Then theres the family ones on top.
  6. Jean-Luc Lauzon

    user page changing the branch column

    Is there a way to change the branch or tree column in the user page to person id Thanks Jean-Luc
  7. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Video guide in Danish - relevant here?

    I've made a video guide that in 28 minutes explains the purpose of TNG and explains readme.html (that I've also translated fra A - Z) for people who have absolutely never tried to establish a website before. I.e. they are wondering how to get data from their local machine to the internet, don't know what FileZilla is, don't know what a host is and so on. But they a great genealogists, without a chance to distribute and share their results achieved for maybe 30 years. I want them to see how easy it actually is to get TNG up running - and save a lot of money every year to some companies. Everything is down to earth and explained slowly, so that everybody can follow it. The introductory text in my Danish FAQ is: "If you follow this link, you will get to a video guide where I explain the purpose of TNG and the whole basic installation. You'll discover how easy it is to get started. The guide is intended for users who have never worked with websites before. If you follow the guide, you'll end up with a website." I've sent a link to Darrin so he can see whether he finds it precise enough for him to distribute the link to his (new) customers. He is busy these days but will have a look as soon as possible. Would a link to the guide be relevant somewhere in this community? Are there programs that can translate the video so you enthusiasts can maybe understand it a tell me what you think about it? I have spent really much time recording it (it is my first video tutorial), so now I know how difficult it is.
  8. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Data Protection Policy in Danish

    I'm educated lawyer, so I also have focus on GDPR, rules and regulations. Therefore I've translated Data Protection Policy file into Danish, so that it is almost according to Danish (means European) rules. On my own I have on added this - so this is not part of the standard file (it is my own "invention"): Almost because: According to the Danish/European rules it should to be possible to accept some cookies and reject others before entering the site. TNG does not offer this possibility. You can only accept, because the button says "OK" and nothing else. Conclusion: You can download and use my file if you like. It is so precise as possible according to the rules. But it is not 100 percent legally. But you will show your customers that you have done so much as possible. data_protection_policy.php
  9. I have collected numerous GEDCOM files (50-60) from various family members and others. I'm now retired and now want to merge/extract these files into one entity. There are obviously duplicates, some with more information than others. I am trying to decide what methods to use. I've thought of trying a GEDCOM to SQL parser but defining the schema and all of the tables and dependencies seems overwhelming. I've also tried using manual duplicate/view/edit functions in some of the available genealogy apps, but that seems tedious and non-productive. Has anyone faced this same situation? Can TNG do this somehow? If I import all 50-60 files into TNG will I end up with a mess? And how did you go about solving it?
  10. Hi all, over the past few days I’ve taken advantage of MyHeritage.com offering free access to their photo tools to either repair, enhance or colourise images. Many of the results have been…a little bit odd, to say the least… but in some cases the enhancement of the image has been very good indeed. I’m still not that comfortable with displaying a colorised version of a black and white photo, but in some cases, the enhanced image or “restored colour” image has been quite impressive. The images download with a watermark in the bottom right, which I don’t have an issue with…and I’m still mulling over whether I’m actually going to include these computer enhanced images in my Reunion genealogy database. Personally I’d never just display the enhanced version…I’d always include the original and indicate (somehow) the difference. I’m trying to figure out how I could label the image as “Enhanced” in Reunion, and then when I import via GEDOM into TNG, have them displayed as such? As all my works is done in Reunion and then imported into TNG. But… it made me wonder if some clever person might be able to create a mod that allows you to associate a value with an image, to indicate that it is computer enhanced…AND…when the image is displayed in TNG, it clearly indicates that somehow? Personally I’m not wanting a watermark added to the image…I’m thinking something that just highlights on the page displaying the media that it is enhanced. But to be honest, I’m just thinking out loud, because I’m not exactly sure what the best approach would be and what is achievable? All comments welcome. In case anyone is interested…I also have Adobe Photoshop that can do colorisation…but My Heritage was just so fast and easy to use, I took up their free offer (while it lasted) instead. It’s not something I will continue to do…I’m just trying to figure out the most effective way to use a few of the images that I am quite pleased with.
  11. edglimited

    The new look of TNG

    In todays market, TNG would need to lift it's game, if it wanted to stay competitive, in the future Family Tree market. The terms Male and Female, now no longer apply, so additions would need to be added to appeal to the L,G,B,T,Q,I mob and the other H,D,O,Z,W,X brigade. Either an updated drop down menu in the get-person creation, or a space to add your own identity, or identity of. Then of course, you have those that don't identify as either Male or Female, they simply acknowledge themselves as being "Non-Binary". They would much rather be identified as a Toaster or a Breville Snack Maker. I'm not sure if @Darren has thought of it, or about it, but first horse out of the gate, normally wins the race. Would certainly put TNG out in front.
  12. I can not code MODs (or anything else), but I'm a perfectionist in Danish language, so I have this offer to the many MOD developers: If you ever need/want something in a MOD or maybe in a template translated into Danish please tell me. I'll be happy to assist and give back a bit to this wonderful community.
  13. It would be nice to be able to display a tree of certain individuals based on say a hidden custom event on their record. i.e. you want a subset of the database displayed as a tree. Obviously you can create a report to extract the individuals but it would be nice to see how they related in a tree view.
  14. I was thing about this when I downloaded v.125b. If someone who has the time and the knowledge to code php, they could resurrect it since it's no longer supported and maintained. Just a suggestion. Think about it....
  15. ^maikl11

    Thumbnails in reports?

    Hello, everyone I would like to include a thumbnail of the person in my reports. But how do I do that? Is that even possible? I can't do that with the "direct SQL SELECT statement". Who can help me? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi there Not sure this is the right 'Forum' to add this, Sysops / Moderators please move appropriately, but PLEASE let me know it has been moved. There are two Mods relating (pun not really intended but it works 😀) which work well and each has their strong points. I'm happy to use either one. AND They work on TNG v13.1 .. Not sure they have been sorted for PHP v8 errors though 😁 The Mods are Relationship to Site Owner v12.0.0.6 Dev is Roger Moffat What appeals to me with this Mod is when the 'Relationship text' is clicked you are taken to the relationship Tab 'module' and a graphical display it shown. Relationship Display Mod v10.0.0.1 Devs are Jeff Robison & Gerald Leehan What appeals to me with this Mod is the ability to specify a 'Default Person' on the fly. I am wondering IF it would be possible to have the relationship shown on each of the 'Linked' pages Ancestors / Descendents & Timeline?
  17. It's been 2 1/2 years since the last release of Simple SEO, and it seems like I should get to work on a new version. I've already checked the code for PHP-8 compatibility, and there are a few things to be fixed there. I also plan to try and solve some mod-dependency issues that have cropped up over the years. But setting those changes aside...are there any suggestions the TNG Community have for V7? New features? Changes to existing features? Kudos? Complaints? In case you're not aware of what Simple SEO is used for, take a look at the Wiki page. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  18. sissabobon

    Mod to hide exact birth places

    Hi everyone I´m new to TNG and my genealogy site is still under construction. Can anyone help me in this topic: My ancestors are nearly born in the same town and I know the adresses of the birth places. So the birth places are specified like Brienner Straße 6, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Advantage is you can see the exact birth place of each ancestor in TNG on Google Maps. But I don´t want that guest users are able to see the full address, only town and country. Is there a mod out to fix that? How are you dealing with exact birth places in TNG? Thanks for reply :) Mona
  19. Legacy Family has a real neat feature that one can click on a subject's name and it will search Find-A-Grave if any known records. I am building my own link on www.houseofproctor.org and I want to incorporate that link to the appropriate event or what ever seems to be the best location. I was interested to find out if anyone has considered a mod for TNG that might be useful, and not against any code violations to provide our members. I would gladly help and test where I can, JoeP
  20. Leroy


    Really nice to have is a small list, guess you could call favorites too. Many times when working on something being able to call up an individual with one click would really be nice. Thanks.
  21. Hello everybody, I find the page "most wanted" graphically not very successful! On the left side everything is listed one below the other. Elusive People and Mystery Photos. On the left everything is empty (here is an excerpt) Is it possible to configure the page like in this example? Personally, I find it more appealing! Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.....
  22. It would be useful if there were a couple of un displayed blank fields on the individual. These could be populated by admins only and used to create a query in the reports page.
  23. Gustave

    Why Wordpress?

    I am in the process of developing my core software that will run my site. This may be something I share with the broader community at some point in time. I would like to understand what the core drive is to a TNG/Wordpress integration? Is it the blogging aspect of Wordpress? Modern Templates? Ease of Use? If you are not comfortable posting in the forums, please send me a personal message.
  24. On my website https://xuri.dk/Genealogy/index.php I have in the top menu added a very useful function - a Find Person ID button that reuses TNG code to have the button "Find Person ID" on all TNG pages where the first press gives access to search for a person and the second press jumps to the found person. That it is performed in 2 steps is because I have not found in Javascript a solution that waits to perform step 2 until step 1 is finished. Is there a known solution so that only 1 press is needed?
  25. Hi, this is my first post to this community. In these Corona times, it's good to have a winter project to work on, so I just want to share my planned project about missing Relationship Rute Calculation for non-blod rutes, that also can be used in Labelling Branches. The task: My genealogy database consists of well over 26000 people and I have a rule that all people must be able to connect to me and they must be arranged in 5 branches labelled according to connecting to me by passing through one of grandparents or my wife (FF, FM, MF, MM, WF). My branches can be seen on my website: https://xuri.dk/Genealogy/index.php Solution idea / method: When Google Maps has shortests route calculation that can quickly give the shortest route between 2 places, then it is the same solution I will focus on to check if each one in the genealogy database can be connected to me to comply with my rule of no islands, as well as by finding which shortest route that arrives to me, which of my 4 grandparents or wife was passed decides the branch group the person belongs to. Solution recipe: Build a network model where Google Map's cities are replaced by my 26000 people and connecting paths (roads) between cities are replaced by each person's family relationships. My original genealogy database, where all updates take place is offline on PC in the program Legacy 9 which has a build-in function to determine if a connection can be created between 2 random people and which people are part of the connection (not only directly related - I miss this in TNG's relationships solution). By the help of DBeaver application I have found out to take a snapshot of Legacy's MSAccess database and place it in MariaDB (works like MySQL) which is my TNG database, so I can make a (graph) table on MariaDB to build the network model. In order not to start from Adam and Eve every time, I have searched the internet to find PHP code that performs the shortest route calculations on the network model - a well and extensively described solution I have found here: https://www.sitepoint.com/data-structures-4/ Here is how TNG Relationship Calculation could become in the future: https://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2018/05/tuesdays-tip-the-relationship-calculator-beginner.html So what do you think of the ideas ? / Jan