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Found 64 results

  1. ^maikl11

    Thumbnails in reports?

    Hello, everyone I would like to include a thumbnail of the person in my reports. But how do I do that? Is that even possible? I can't do that with the "direct SQL SELECT statement". Who can help me? Thanks in advance.
  2. It would be nice to be able to display a tree of certain individuals based on say a hidden custom event on their record. i.e. you want a subset of the database displayed as a tree. Obviously you can create a report to extract the individuals but it would be nice to see how they related in a tree view.
  3. Hi there Not sure this is the right 'Forum' to add this, Sysops / Moderators please move appropriately, but PLEASE let me know it has been moved. There are two Mods relating (pun not really intended but it works 😀) which work well and each has their strong points. I'm happy to use either one. AND They work on TNG v13.1 .. Not sure they have been sorted for PHP v8 errors though 😁 The Mods are Relationship to Site Owner v12.0.0.6 Dev is Roger Moffat What appeals to me with this Mod is when the 'Relationship text' is clicked you are taken to the relationship Tab 'module' and a graphical display it shown. Relationship Display Mod v10.0.0.1 Devs are Jeff Robison & Gerald Leehan What appeals to me with this Mod is the ability to specify a 'Default Person' on the fly. I am wondering IF it would be possible to have the relationship shown on each of the 'Linked' pages Ancestors / Descendents & Timeline?
  4. It's been 2 1/2 years since the last release of Simple SEO, and it seems like I should get to work on a new version. I've already checked the code for PHP-8 compatibility, and there are a few things to be fixed there. I also plan to try and solve some mod-dependency issues that have cropped up over the years. But setting those changes aside...are there any suggestions the TNG Community have for V7? New features? Changes to existing features? Kudos? Complaints? In case you're not aware of what Simple SEO is used for, take a look at the Wiki page. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  5. sissabobon

    Mod to hide exact birth places

    Hi everyone I´m new to TNG and my genealogy site is still under construction. Can anyone help me in this topic: My ancestors are nearly born in the same town and I know the adresses of the birth places. So the birth places are specified like Brienner Straße 6, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Advantage is you can see the exact birth place of each ancestor in TNG on Google Maps. But I don´t want that guest users are able to see the full address, only town and country. Is there a mod out to fix that? How are you dealing with exact birth places in TNG? Thanks for reply :) Mona
  6. Legacy Family has a real neat feature that one can click on a subject's name and it will search Find-A-Grave if any known records. I am building my own link on www.houseofproctor.org and I want to incorporate that link to the appropriate event or what ever seems to be the best location. I was interested to find out if anyone has considered a mod for TNG that might be useful, and not against any code violations to provide our members. I would gladly help and test where I can, JoeP
  7. Leroy


    Really nice to have is a small list, guess you could call favorites too. Many times when working on something being able to call up an individual with one click would really be nice. Thanks.
  8. Hello everybody, I find the page "most wanted" graphically not very successful! On the left side everything is listed one below the other. Elusive People and Mystery Photos. On the left everything is empty (here is an excerpt) Is it possible to configure the page like in this example? Personally, I find it more appealing! Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english.....
  9. It would be useful if there were a couple of un displayed blank fields on the individual. These could be populated by admins only and used to create a query in the reports page.
  10. Gustave

    Why Wordpress?

    I am in the process of developing my core software that will run my site. This may be something I share with the broader community at some point in time. I would like to understand what the core drive is to a TNG/Wordpress integration? Is it the blogging aspect of Wordpress? Modern Templates? Ease of Use? If you are not comfortable posting in the forums, please send me a personal message.
  11. On my website https://xuri.dk/Genealogy/index.php I have in the top menu added a very useful function - a Find Person ID button that reuses TNG code to have the button "Find Person ID" on all TNG pages where the first press gives access to search for a person and the second press jumps to the found person. That it is performed in 2 steps is because I have not found in Javascript a solution that waits to perform step 2 until step 1 is finished. Is there a known solution so that only 1 press is needed?
  12. Hi, this is my first post to this community. In these Corona times, it's good to have a winter project to work on, so I just want to share my planned project about missing Relationship Rute Calculation for non-blod rutes, that also can be used in Labelling Branches. The task: My genealogy database consists of well over 26000 people and I have a rule that all people must be able to connect to me and they must be arranged in 5 branches labelled according to connecting to me by passing through one of grandparents or my wife (FF, FM, MF, MM, WF). My branches can be seen on my website: https://xuri.dk/Genealogy/index.php Solution idea / method: When Google Maps has shortests route calculation that can quickly give the shortest route between 2 places, then it is the same solution I will focus on to check if each one in the genealogy database can be connected to me to comply with my rule of no islands, as well as by finding which shortest route that arrives to me, which of my 4 grandparents or wife was passed decides the branch group the person belongs to. Solution recipe: Build a network model where Google Map's cities are replaced by my 26000 people and connecting paths (roads) between cities are replaced by each person's family relationships. My original genealogy database, where all updates take place is offline on PC in the program Legacy 9 which has a build-in function to determine if a connection can be created between 2 random people and which people are part of the connection (not only directly related - I miss this in TNG's relationships solution). By the help of DBeaver application I have found out to take a snapshot of Legacy's MSAccess database and place it in MariaDB (works like MySQL) which is my TNG database, so I can make a (graph) table on MariaDB to build the network model. In order not to start from Adam and Eve every time, I have searched the internet to find PHP code that performs the shortest route calculations on the network model - a well and extensively described solution I have found here: https://www.sitepoint.com/data-structures-4/ Here is how TNG Relationship Calculation could become in the future: https://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2018/05/tuesdays-tip-the-relationship-calculator-beginner.html So what do you think of the ideas ? / Jan
  13. Hi, I'm starting to get spam through TNG suggest form, which means such mails bypass my spam detection. I've tried to set the "nosuggest" flag, but the contact page is still shown and active. What is "nosuggest" flag meant for if not for this? Idea: add two alternatives to the contact form: Change it to a simple "mailto" link. Show a contact page with instructions on how to contact, preferably with the mail-address rendered on an image (not in clear text). ~Per
  14. Is it possible to write a single-screen data update screen? Here is the scenario: A parent or grandparent who rarely uses TNG wants to report the marriage of their child and record birth of grandchildren. Today, I got such a request, and it took a while to do it. For someone unfamiliar, the data entry screens are not easy to use or intuitive. Someone completely unfamiliar would try and quit. What is needed is: ADD A MARRIAGE: Go to my individual file Select my child who just got married and 'x" [quick entry] that brings up a one-stop entry screen Allow me to first update any details on my child that are missing, especially adding photos as a one-stop process with [Add photos - x if default] On the same screen, allow me to "Add new spouse" [Fill in name, date and place of birth, photograph and other common data] - automatically generate a new ID number "Married Date [_________] Location [___________] Type and other common data Also display any previous marriages and allow to enter divorce date, location and other common data that is missing because this is when need for corrections will be noticed Then on same screen, allow me to "ADD CHILDREN" - automatically generate a new ID number [Name] [Date of Birth] [Location] [Type] {upload Photo - x if default} and other common data Press + to add more children Press [Save] to save
  15. 4lexsharpe

    Place level

    Is there a way to set place level at 'Event' rather than the place as places are recorded for many types of events.
  16. I'm wondering if there is a way to sort the responses to questions?? I have had a bit of a nosey round and cannot see anything.. I would like to have the latest answer at the top when I click into a Question.. CHeers
  17. Rob Severijns

    Default Photo

    Hello everyone, In order to quickly see which photo is set as the default photo one has to go to Admin --> People. It would be nice if there was a the possibility to easily remove the default photo for multiple selected individuals. Especially if someone by "accident" assigns the first photo as default photo for an individual via the Admin --> Media --> Thumbnails. But of course for any other reason one might want to remove multiple default photo's. This prevents the opening of each individual media file and unchecking the default photo checkbox which is time consuming and requires a lot of mouseclicks. An extra icon in the Action Collumn or a checkbox right of the thumb could be an option. Has anyone ever missed this feature before or is there a mod that accomplishes this? Kind regards, Rob
  18. Hi everyone, I agree that the loss of level of security with case insensitive usernames is minimal. But it made me wonder about something else. Many of us genealogists keep private data of living persons in our databases. GDPR forces us to mitigate the possibility of dataleaks and protect the privacy of the personal data in the database. There are several ways to achieve this like HTTPS via SSL, the required login with a useraccount and the priivacy settings in TNG itself. Now a days many websites use 2-factor authentication to make sure the right person is logging in. This 2-factor authentication is not build in into TNG (yet) but it might be an idea for future releasses. In my opinion the more we can do to protect personal data the better it is or is this idea over the top? Rob
  19. Rob Severijns

    Show photo's on one row

    Hello everyone, I always save all my documents as a .jpg file so the generating of thumbnails is easy and I always have thumbnail available. If you go to Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings>>Media>> and set “Show photo's on one row” to Yes all photo's on the person page appear on one row. Except for photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event (See picture) With this in mind I asked Darrin of this was intended. Here's what he said. Since I save all my documents as a .jpg file I wanted to see those on one row too. This is for those who save their documents as a .jpg file too. If you want to see the photo's (documents) on one row too (see picture below) do the following: Make sure you make a backup of your personlib.php. Edit your personlib.php file. Find the line (somewhere around 1012) that says : if(count($media) > 1 && ($mediatypeID == "photos" || in_array($mediatypeID, $mediatypes_like['photos']))) { and change it into: if(count($media) > 1) { Make sure to use the closing bracket after the 1 for otherwise it will generate an error 500. (happend to me 😞) If you reload your person page the photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event will appear on one row. Unfortunately I'm not able to write a mod so after an update/upgrade this needs to be reapplied. HTH Rob
  20. Hello all, When creating families there is the possibility to create a family consisting of two people of the same sexe. Unfortunately they're always referred to as father and mother. instead of father/father or mother/mother. Has anyone ever created a mod that mitigates this? I know this can go furher than just the mentioned relationships above but for now it would be a good step in the right direction. Next week I plan to send an email to Darrin too, asking him about his point of view. I will take your comments into considiration too. Kind regards, Rob
  21. Roger Gill

    Multiple databases

    Running a Family History Society web site we have installed TNG and loaded a large Gedcom family history donated to the Society. We envisage more donations of this type but need to install them separately, each with its own front/title page. Can we have two installations of TNG on the same web site or is there another way to tackle this opportunity?
  22. Brett

    Add Blacklist for Mod downloads

    Using the Click Counter II Email Notify Mod, I was receiving a significant number of 'Download not authorized' emails which were from the same IP address. Remove gender row v9.2.2.0 was requested by User:Anonymous IP: ( Country: United States Region: Virginia City: Ashburn… A search of the IP shows it to be known as Spam, Web Application Attacks, Hacking, Other Online Attacks, Spam by Email, Spam on WebSite. Last week the emails from that IP changed details of the Country etc to another. Remove gender row v9.2.2.0 was requested by User:Anonymous IP: ( and ( Country: Netherlands Region: City: It is more than likely that Mods that do not restrict mod downloads to TNG Wiki logged-in users would be receiving such requests. Is it possible to add an extension (eg SpamBlacklist) to LocalSettings.php of the Wiki to add a blacklist to stop these requests?
  23. Krisamd

    Member sign in password

    The members select their own password and there is no password setting requirement. My members are insisting strong password requirement as they would be putting their family info. I need Capital+small+numbers+special charactors (@,#,%,&,) and minimum 6charactors. If members generating password does not meet the requirement, it should reject and give reasons. Is there any solutions in TNG ? Will appreciate feedback Thanks Kris
  24. RLByrd

    Emailed reports

    I've been fiddling about with creating a method to email a birthday report using the existing codebase. The idea would be to create a cron job that sent out an email with birthdates, death dates, etc., that occurred on the current date. While I could do this using curl or wget and then using sed to change a few bits and pieces of the html that is generated, it would be much more user-friendly is there were a mod to email reports out in the codebase or as a modification. Does anyone else do this kind of thing, and if so, how?
  25. Opening a new Topic about this idea, resuming some advices from TNG users Aug 19, Ron Said : "That would be of interest for sure. Along with open my page, and bookmarks, etc, the site would be tailored to the user. I think today the user isn't comfortable setting or designating the Sosa, particularly each time they log on. Good winter project indeed! " Aug, 20. Katryne said : "Michel : a Sosa to be chosen by each member, something like a cookie attached to his profile ? That would be gerat for the village website. " Answer : Yes Katryne, something like that... May be a little table with user-sosa1-tree server side and a local array... I still have to think about it. Aug 20, Ken said : " You should also consider an option that allows the TNG Administrator to decide whether users can set their own Sosa or not. Possibly use an option that is tied to the user record that contains the user's treeID and personID, assuming they all contain valid data, to anchor the starting Sosa so it could be set by the administrator and not chew up bandwidth and MySQL execution time while the user plays with their starting number. My user records do not all contain the user's treeID and personID because my database was not updated when Darrin added those 2 fields to the user record. Just a thinking out loud here, since i can see Sosa number setting as chewing up MySQL execution time. " Answer : In any case, the option would be offered ONLY for connected members, possibly with pre/post authorization of the administrator.