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Found 160 results

  1. Hi I have tried to find a way to add a document which consists of several pages to the document section in the media gallery, but so far no solution. Is there at way to do this? I first tried to add the document as a pdf-file, but no matter what I did, I only got a message telling me the pdf-file was too large according to settings in the php.ini file. Regards Jan Christensen
  2. SOLVED******** Fan Chart is not working. How can I fix it? See attached below
  3. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Assign People Their Own Tree?

    I'm just curious what you all do, and yes, I know it's up to me, just looking for feedback. When you get a new person to your site, do you set them as the starting or home person? I was wondering because I don't follow every single line. So I might have a 1st to 3rd cousin or whatever that I have the basics on them and nothing else. Obviously, they can backtrack and find the line that goes further. Or I can leave it and set it with myself and they can find it. What do you do? Pros and cons?
  4. Good morning, Under a new law, in Quebec, we should no longer publish data on people who died less than 30 years ago. Is there a utility option or program that a user would have developed for TNG to hide this data? Our base file contains this information. We would like to hide them except for the site administrators. Any help will really be accepted with great gratitude. Jean-Pierre Levasseur
  5. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Question Before Buying

    Hello all! First, wow... Just holy wow! I was looking for an alternative to Tribal Pages and saw someone mention TNG. Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the site, reading each link and looking at everything and how much you can do with this. Just WOW! Before I pull the trigger and buy, I have a couple of questions that was probably answered but I missed. 1 - Does this pull from Ancestry like FTM? Or --- After you have uploaded your GEDCOM --- add each ancestor and info as your research progresses? 2 -- I select a template and like the format, yadda, yadda, yadda.... Next year I change my mind/find another template I would like to use. Is that possible? Will I have to start all over? Will my img tags, etc. all stay intact? Thank you for the help, I can't wait to get into this! I just got my front end dev cert so this makes me very excited. Don
  6. Hi All, I would like to share this Shortcode Constructor with you. TNG Shortcode Constructor is a stripped down version of The TngApi V3.3 plugin for Wordpress. You may download latest release here. TngApi V3.3, a stand-alone plugin, published in 2015, integrates smoothly with TNG to display genealogy data in Wordpress pages. It's main attraction was the ability of the user to add / amend family data and ability of the administrator to perform one-click transfer of this data to tng database. With changes to MySQL, my extremely limited knowledge of mySQL and changes to TNG database structure , I have found it virtually imposible to support this feature. (I understand that, now, a TNG mod, the Family Group Worksheet ,has the facility for administrators to merge data in to TNG database.) Plan is to have the TNG Shortcode Constructor do everything the TngApi did, except update TNG data. Plugin obtains it's credentials from TNG setup. Plugin shares it's variables with TngApi Plugin Settings are in Wordpress Admin>Settings It implements Privacy Credentials in the TNG General SetUp>Privacy and User , if logged in. I have kicked it off with the following shortcodes from the TngApi. TngWp_birthdays List birthdays for the selected month. TngWp_danniversaries List death anniversaries for the selected month. TngWp_gone (Gone But Not Forgotten). Gives birth dates and deat hdates for yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is encapsulated in a DIV and it may be possible to include that in your content. ( I have used similar in my Home Page) TngWp_LandingPage This is similar to 'TngWp_gone' but has user name, birthdays, marriage anniversaries and death anniversaries added. TngWp_manniversaries List of marriage anniversaries for the selected month. TngWp_MyShortcode Template for adding your own shortcode TngWp_submitImage Upload images from Wordpress. Image will be stored in a TNG Media Collection specified by you. I am not sure whether this is helpful or whether it will work but I am hoping that we may start having contributions of variety of shortcodes to add to this constructor, for the TNG community to share. If you would like to know how to add your own shortcode, lots more details on GitHub Repository, here This very much a project that can evolve so please free to Fork and submit Pull requests if you would like to make changes to the Plugin. I would really love to have your feedback, so if you download, let me know Thanks. (PS; I still have not got the hang of formating this post😫. Hence several edits)
  7. I have two trees uploaded to my TNG site. One is my first tree I made on my TNG site. The other is one I loaded in from Myheratige.com. I want only one tree for view to guests. If that is not possible I guess I can save the first tree offline to my computer? I want to not allow visitors to see the first tree but for allow me to crosscheck data if I need. Peace, kozman
  8. crashar

    PDF charts

    I have been revamping the look and feel of my site with a new template from Marsha at Genealogy Web Templates. and doing a general cleanup recently. I noticed the option to generate a PDF version of many of the pages and charts on the Individual and Family pages. To be honest I have always ignored that option in the past. I was never able get it to work. I believe I once found a way to remove the link from the menu options but, for the life of me, I cannot remember how I did it. I searched this site and the wiki to try and find a hint but I guess I am looking in the wrong places. I am looking for some help to: Remove the menu option for users who are not logged in. Get the feature working for logged in users. For what it's worth, on my Synology NAS I do get the following message if I select the PDF option. I do not get any message my www.craswell.ca site (Simply Hosting). Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function gzcompress() in /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php:1925 Stack trace: #0 /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php(2271): tFPDF->_putfonts() #1 /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php(2326): tFPDF->_putresources() #2 /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php(291): tFPDF->_enddoc() #3 /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php(1208): tFPDF->Close() #4 /volume1/web/tng13/rpt_ind.php(442): tFPDF->Output() #5 {main} thrown in /volume1/web/tng13/tfpdf.php on line 1925
  9. Rob van Rij

    Not showing Living and Private persons at all

    When persons are marked private or living they will show up as ‘Living’ or ‘Private’ and no personal data is shown. My question is if it is possible to not show the person at all. Reason is that by showing just the person as living or private with the gender you already reveal personal information that I would like to hide. Example: If a family has 5 children and 2 of those are living or private I want to see only 3 children and not 5.
  10. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Solved: Character set problem with just one individual

    Hi I need a little bit of help from clever experts. In Danish we have many special characters i.e. æ, ø, å - and we often use ü, which I also have in my own surname. Issue: On data about myself all the characters are wrong. On all others persons they are correct. Here is an example: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&tree=HBS You can see that Stegemüller is correct on my father Jørgen Stegemüller in the field "Name". The line line below with the field "Relationship" I am spelled "Stegem?ller". If you go to data about me here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I1&tree=HBS you'll see that it is crazy with all the special characters. Data/characters about myself in the GEDCOM-file are correct. The GEDCOM-file is encoded with: "1 CHAR UTF-8". (Data come from Legacy Pro) Notepad++ tells: UTF-8 in the right corner in the bottom. In TNG I have the same as always: Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings: Language folder = "Danish UTF-8" and Character set: "UTF-8" In phpMyAdmin the database has collation as always: utf8_unicode_ci I have never experienced this before. How can it be correct on everybody except me? What can I do to make everybody correct? Well edited: If you look here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/search.php?mybool=AND&myfirstname=&mylastname=wagnholt you can see, that there are more issues wit i.e. "ø"
  11. George Hill

    Do I need to create thumbnails off-line?

    This must sound like a dumb question, but does TNG have some sort of process for creating thumbnails, or do I need to do it off-line for each photo that I upload?
  12. John Paul

    Single spacing

    How can I change my forum posts from double spacing to single spacing? And why are my Setting in my account shaded out and can't access them? Thanks John Paul
  13. Can anyone suggest why the same text icon, used as a thumbnail for ALL TNG media text (not rtf or doc/x) documents, shows for only for some of the text media uploaded to TNG. See: https://culbert.one-name.net/browsemedia.php?mediasearch=&tnggallery=0&mediatypeID=add&offset=0&tree=&tngpage=1 On page one of three, in the thumb(nail) column, the text icon (with a brown border) sometimes shows, but more often only shows the media title. This situation persists on the second and third pages. I have selected this icon every time when creating the thumbnail for ALL text documents in this media collection. I use a different icon for rtf documents, for which there is no issue. Jim Culbert
  14. About a year and half ago my son did a TNG software update and after that update thousands of my links to my source data disappeared. I have been meticulous about entering the links and now they are gone. What happened and is there a way to recover the missing inks. Thanks, Kathy Horan-Grambsch
  15. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Data Protection Policy in Danish

    I'm educated lawyer, so I also have focus on GDPR, rules and regulations. Therefore I've translated Data Protection Policy file into Danish, so that it is almost according to Danish (means European) rules. On my own I have on added this - so this is not part of the standard file (it is my own "invention"): Almost because: According to the Danish/European rules it should to be possible to accept some cookies and reject others before entering the site. TNG does not offer this possibility. You can only accept, because the button says "OK" and nothing else. Conclusion: You can download and use my file if you like. It is so precise as possible according to the rules. But it is not 100 percent legally. But you will show your customers that you have done so much as possible. data_protection_policy.php
  16. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    readme.html in Danish

    readme.html is now available in Danish. Darrin has approved the translation. You can grab the latest version of the file from here. Darrin suggested, that I placed a link to the Danish video guide for absolutely beginners in readme.html. So that link is now placed in the very beginning (line 380) with a text that means this in Danish: readme.html
  17. Doug120745

    Install readme.html hangs.

    Hello, I am just attempting to reinstall TNG v12.3 after a year away from it. I am having difficulty getting TNG initialized on my home server. TNG is installed at location C:\xampp\htdocs\tng I started to follow your excellent YouTube video for installation and didn't get very far with the readme.html file before it hung up. The readme.html file is correctly accessed through my browser from http://localhost/tng/readme.html as shown in the attached snapshot below. I get to step 3 Set Permissions in the readme.html file, click the set permission button and receive the following " Please wait, attempting to process..." which never is returned. The same thing happens when I click the rename folders button in Step 4. Is there a way to do this manually if the readme.html file does not work? Exactly what permissions are to be set here anyways? I am using version 12.3 14 of March 2020 - Full version (not an update)
  18. John Paul

    ancestral view

    Hello again. I'm using tng 13.1 on one install and 1311 on another install. this is all on my local home server. this issue does not appear to be happening on the live server. Have I asked this before? If I did I apologize. On the home server installs, when viewing the ancestral view, some of the lines between cells are broken or not there unless i play around with it. Not that it matters that much being on my home server, but I just wanted to know why it's happening. doesn't seem to matter what template i use. like I said, i'm using tng 13.1 and 13.1.1 on a windows 10 machine running wampserver64. I've attached a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.
  19. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    SOLVED: Blank screen - help - I give up

    Solved! With a lot of kind help. Thanks again. Hi there I hope somebody can help I have been working with MODs today, a wonderful world, and when I had almost finished, and had installed the last MOD, I realized I only get a blank screen, when I try to go to an individuals "Personal Information". An example is my dad here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&tree=HBS Before I started working I downloaded all files, so I have a panic-backup. I have tried to upload all these files. This does not help. Next: I have deactivated all Mods and deleted those that could not be deactivated for some reason. After Next: I have tried to get a fresh new version of the files from Darrin's download page and upload getperson.php I have cleared bowser cache. The issue is not depending on the browser. Root path, database and every thing in setting is untouched. My TNG version is 13.1.1. Which simple thing do I miss to do?
  20. I run my TNG instance in English. When I enter Polish alphabet letters ę or Ę, they come up as ? marks after the text is saved. Most other special characters are displayed without issue. Nothing I have tried under the Admin options renders a fix. Help ... Keith
  21. John Paul

    Your testing environment

    I'm curious to know what some of you use for your tng testing environment. Also do you test for different screen sizes, mobile, etc.? I may be wrong to some of you but I've been only testing on a 24" and a 22" monitor. With these types of monitors these days, it seems to me, whats the point? if the user only has a 17" monitor, they need to upgrade. Your thoughts on this?
  22. As reflected by the attached pictures I have some PHP-detected errors. One is seen w/o login here: https://www.girander.dk/genealogy/browsealbums.php Another here: https://www.girander.dk/genealogy/calendar.php - also shown in the attached snips. I hope the pattern of errors points in a particular direction. Possibly a (some) corrupt php file(s)..
  23. I was quite sure I had it set up like this for several persons before. But apparently this is not the case. So... How do I hide all details (for not logged in guests) of a deceased person, without cheating by leaving the 'Living' checkbox marked? I know there is a 'Private' checkbox, but with that active, the name is still fully visible, only some details seem to be hidden. What am I missing, or do I not understand? It would be cool if there was a 'Hide deceased' option, that would change the name of an individual to 'Deceased', similar to how the 'Living' checkbox changes the name to 'Living'. (Running v.13.1.1) Thanks!
  24. I've been working for like 24 hours now to figure out why the wampapache64 service quit yesterday and will not restart no matter what I do. I need access to phpmyadmin to backup my db's. can't get there from here anymore
  25. John Paul


    Hey you all. I have my site hosted with Simply Hosting. Where is the php.ini file found?