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Found 129 results

  1. Rob van Rij

    Not showing Living and Private persons at all

    When persons are marked private or living they will show up as ‘Living’ or ‘Private’ and no personal data is shown. My question is if it is possible to not show the person at all. Reason is that by showing just the person as living or private with the gender you already reveal personal information that I would like to hide. Example: If a family has 5 children and 2 of those are living or private I want to see only 3 children and not 5.
  2. Hi everyone, I just noticed that it's possible to have multiple login with the same user account. I know it might be a little far fetched from happening but could this cause problems when an admin account has multiple login and changes are made.? Could this potentialy corrupt any of the TNG files resulting in a broken intallation? A check to see if a user is already logged on should/could prohibit a second logon by the same account. Rob
  3. I have just successfully upgraded from v11 to v 13, as usual excellent and precise instructions. I am currently using template 11, but tried also template 3 which had the same problem. In most of the non-admin pages (except the home page), there is a narrow top banner with useful links: home search logout followed by menus: 'find' 'info' and 'media' m When a user is logged in, the corresponding links are correct, like http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/index.php http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/searchform.php and http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/logout.php?session=PHPSESSID so everything is fine. I have chosen to allow display of 'deceased' items to users who are not logged in, like for example this link to one of my Danish great-grandfathers, search for Christian Pedersen and pick the one born in 1848 at the same place as me: http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1116&tree=sortkaerheron and very conveniently the top banner changes dynamically to this banner: home search login ...etc and now the links are as follows: http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/index.php (which is correct, unchanged...) http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/searchform.php (which is correct, unchanged...) and http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1116&tree=sortkaerheron# (which is NOT correct and furthermore makes the site hang; should have been http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/login.php ) Tried to switch to another template like #3, but the problem persisted. I had in fact the same problem under v11, (using template 3) and had hoped the upgrade would 'fix' the problem. Any help or suggestion to fix it much appreciated, thanks.
  4. ^maikl11

    Internal Server Error

    Hello everybody, since I updated to TNGv13.0.3 (from 13.0.2), TNG is running very slowly! I hardly changed anything, even installed fewer mods! E.g: Upload Gedcom: now takes at least 5 minutes, previously just under 1 minute. Querying locations takes forever until "Internal Server Error" etc etc ...... Can someone confirm that too ..... ???? PS: Sorry for my bad english....
  5. 4lexsharpe

    Blank page after update

    If I choose to edit a record from the public home pages The following page 'admin_editperson.php?personID=I73&tree=Lat1&cw=1' loads showing all the details. If I make a change and select save & close window the 'admin_updateperson.php' loads but with a blank screen. This has only started to happen today. In fact it seems to happen for any form I update from the public pages.
  6. Messages entered using the "Contact Us" and "Suggest" forms do not process. When the "Contact Us" or "Suggest" forms are filled out and launched, this message is returned: Not Found The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache Server at www.bluenestling.com Port 80 When the "Register for a New User" form is filled out, e-mail announcing the the request processes normally however. Help!
  7. 4lexsharpe

    Moving Media folders

    Is there a way to simply move a media folders location. i.e. I have created a 'birth records' folder in the the base directory but I would like it to be a sub directory of the 'documents' folder
  8. So due to problems with my existing webhost service, I am forced into migrating to a new hosting service. I'm presently running TNG v10, so I recognize I will need to upgrade to 13. I hvae to migrate all data from backup files. So; my question: am I able to do a backup restore of all media and documents using the backup files, or will I have to migrate the actual objects residing in the different file folders? Thank You
  9. Guest

    Map Icons

    Could someone please advise how I can assign different map icons to events rather than the same pink pointer item displaying for every event.
  10. I just created and imported a new tree. Soon after, I got an "exceeded max_questions" error. I believe I have to wait an hour for my sql server to further queries. But now when I go to my tng site, the error message displays. I tried refreshing and two different browsers, with same problem, so it's not a cache issue. So if anyone tries to access my tree for the next hour, they'll get an incomprehensible (to them) error page instead of my TNG site. Is there some way to avoid this? A custom error page I can display? I know there is a feature to disable site access during updates. (Or something like that. I can't access my site right now to look around.) Is this feature to avoid these errors to the public? Mike My TNG site: https://cushings.com/roots/public_tng/
  11. Chris Lloyd


    Is anyone currently using adsense to monetise (hah) their website? If so where have you found the best place to add the code? I would appreciate links to your site to see the effect... Merry Christmas and I sincerely hope that you aren't too seriously affected by Covid. Hopefully 2021 will be an improvement on 2020.
  12. I'm wondering if there is a way to sort the responses to questions?? I have had a bit of a nosey round and cannot see anything.. I would like to have the latest answer at the top when I click into a Question.. CHeers
  13. I have been searching the wiki and found nothing on the "Display Order" for adding a Custom Event Type. What I would like to do is add a Custom Event "Full Titles" which shows all the titles a noble held during his life time. This way I can only put the most important in the Suffix field. I would like the new event to show up before birth and after name fields. Right now I am using the Name Note but it is a poor solution. If nothing else if someone can point me to an article on display order, that would get me started.
  14. Hi everyone, I have several individuals in my family tree who originate from Northern Ireland (Portadown) Anyone any suggestions regarding good online sources for Church records and Civil Registration records? Since Napoleon never set foot in England, Civil Registration most likely started later in comparison to the rest of Europe. If I would plan to go to Northern Ireland (Portadown) what would be the best place to start visiting if I want to look for Church records and Civil Registration records? Kind regards and stay safe, Rob
  15. Good Morning, I am news in this forum and i begin with the sofware TNG, I'm french, i must to wake up my english I have a problème with the thumbnail, image, I download a picture for a collateral ancestor (sister of my grand-grand father), i would like that this picture arrive in thumbnail for the page of Amelie Le Téo, but the photo stay like a camera and not like image, when I see all the media How i must to do http://familleensemble.livehost.fr/getperson.php?personID=I22&tree=FamilleLT sincerely Zazoult
  16. Would one of the admin advise how additional Tags are added to the Create New Topic Tag list on the Forum.
  17. Rod

    Photos/Media not viewable TNG13

    After installing TNG13 and importing a gedcom file, all information appears to loaded into the site. I checked my phpmyadmin and verified all the info is there as well. On my site, clicking the PHOTOS link, all photos and details are listed. Problem is that none of the photos can be SEEN, only the filename/description/ID etc. No thumbnail, no photo. All the information from the gedcom is there, you just can't SEE it. Any ideas what I should do?
  18. Rod

    Tree Not Viewable

    I just got TNG v13 installed and running. I imported my gedcom, which appeared to be successful (all people/places/media/sources/etc ). Now my problem is that I can't view the tree. If I click on the links at the top of the home page (eg "His Side"/"Her Side") I get a page does not exist error. The links for each one point to "mywebsitename/pedigree.php?personID=I2&tree=tree1" but it goes to the "this page does not exit" error page. If I look at SURNAMES or PLACES or PHOTOS etc in the links at the bottom of the home page all the items show up. What is the problem actually viewing the tree? If you need more information I will gladly tell you all I can. Server Info: Ubuntu Server 20.04 + Apache2 + PHP 7.4.3 + MySQL 8 Thanks in adavance for any help!
  19. Marla

    Refresh Living

    When I clicked on "Refresh Living" under Import/Export, there were a lot of deceased ancestors showing on "Living" list. Something this has to be fixed. I don't want to have so much time consuming on UNCHECK "Living" on each deceased ancestors. What can I do with this? Thanks,
  20. I am curious to hear from some power users on how they are maintaining their places table. I have a smaller family tree that I have only had time to dabble in from time to time. I had started by transcribing a Great Aunt's family history from paper into a genealogy program called Brother's Keeper. But I converted to TNG when I found that it was easier for quick access anywhere I had internet access. Now as I go back and try to clean up my places to bring some consistency I cannot decide if I want to define places for particular street addresses or not. I would like to hear how others in the community approach the maintenance of their places.
  21. I am a newbie to TNG and have managed to install and got working my site as here: Website: https://wilkinsonfamily.site TNG Version: TNG 13.0 Template: 13 I am finding the various instructions and guidelines in the admin help and the wiki are helpful but very confusing. I want to make some basic configuration changes and additions to the site but I can't figure out where to start. What I need is a guide as to how, what, where I need to make changes in order to add or delete or change the pages - mainly the home page - to suit my purposes. For instance, if I want to add a hit counter to the main page footer, where do I insert the html code to call the function? TIA.
  22. Alex van Hoboken

    hiding media for unauthorised users

    Hi all, On my site (http://genealogie.vanhoboken.nl) I use the mod "Public Access Control" to prevent the access to photo's by not-logged-in users. This works certainly ok but as soon as a user is authorised for a tree, it has access to all media. Is there a way (or mod) that allows the logged-in-user only to see the media that is linked to the branche he is authorised for? Thanks for any help Alex
  23. Brett

    Add Blacklist for Mod downloads

    Using the Click Counter II Email Notify Mod, I was receiving a significant number of 'Download not authorized' emails which were from the same IP address. Remove gender row v9.2.2.0 was requested by User:Anonymous IP: ( Country: United States Region: Virginia City: Ashburn… A search of the IP shows it to be known as Spam, Web Application Attacks, Hacking, Other Online Attacks, Spam by Email, Spam on WebSite. Last week the emails from that IP changed details of the Country etc to another. Remove gender row v9.2.2.0 was requested by User:Anonymous IP: ( and ( Country: Netherlands Region: City: It is more than likely that Mods that do not restrict mod downloads to TNG Wiki logged-in users would be receiving such requests. Is it possible to add an extension (eg SpamBlacklist) to LocalSettings.php of the Wiki to add a blacklist to stop these requests?
  24. Michael Dietz

    Is there a method to link to another web site

    I would like to link to another web site which has dozens of photos about my family. How do I do that either on a general manner or specifically within a individual's data presentation? Thank you so much Michael Dietz charmike238@gmail.com
  25. Hi All! Wierd thing happen... I use tng v12.3, Rick too With the same gedcom, our sites looks different. I specify that no Mod is installed on both sites and changing of template have no effect too... This gedcom contains a special case : two persons are married twice : once in 1846 , the second marriage the jul 4, 1865. (Gedcom line 350 and next) Those two marriage are concerning Peter SWINDELLS and Mary GARDINER. Can some of you try to import this little gedcom (20 families) and look what is showing on his screen? Michel By Rick, this result in a second line for the second marriage :(see wife 2) On my site, this result in NO lines for the second mariage. Rick.ged