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Found 91 results

  1. cfj

    Cookie Error log

    I appreciate if anyone can help me with my error log. I use the mod: Show PHP Error Log and get: PHP Warning: setcookie() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home/path/..../tng/begin.php on line 18
  2. Hi - can anyone help me please. I've finished customising my template (16) on my computer, I'm using TNG v12.03 everything seems to be fine. I've uploaded to my new domain, www.fourbranches.co.uk -again everything seems fine. I'm logged in as admin - so in theory should be able to see all details whether living or dead or private. However, I decided to check something on my dad's page - he passed February 2018, I get just his name, dates and his relationship to me - I've added screenshots of what I'm seeing below. So I checked my brother's page - he passed in January this year, I get the same things! I checked my daughters and my own individual pages - everything shows - my 3x Great Grandfather - just the same as my dad and brother - so it can't be a privacy issue assuming that they only passed recently. Does anyone know of any reason this should be? And a solution perhaps please. - Just added screenshot of mods I have installed in case it might be one of those causing the problem! Thank you in advance Beverley
  3. I'm trying to modify template 12. My website https://www.slektogdata.no/kolanordmenn/ I would like the text in the middle to change according to the language selected. I have a line in cust_text.php with the translation in the affected languages ($text['veltext'] = "Allered.........). This should work, but when I replace the text in template_12 with echo $text['veltext'] , I just see the code, not the text. Where is the error ?
  4. How do I change the ID numbers after the gedcom import, or before or during the import ? I want the main (oldest) ancestor to be i1, wife i2, and all descendants in order of birth have subsequent numbers. father= i1, mother= i2 Child 1= i3 Child2= i4 etc. Thank you !
  5. Helmer

    ID number

    I want to create a database in which I can do all deeds, photos and documents in a folder per person, for these folders I want to use the ID number of this person. Now my question remains the ID number always the same of a person, or changed this ID number when I add new people in my family tree. Greetings Helmer Zandbergen www.helmerzandbergen.nl
  6. anderson.mc

    Geocode Problems

    Running TNG 12.0.3 with Google Maps API When making new geocode requests the following error is returned "Could not be geocoded (REQUEST_DENIED)". There is no problem with places already geocoded, or with place where I enter geocode information manually. Only when making a batch request. This is a relatively new problem - the last month or so. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! Mark
  7. This might make a helpful wiki entry, but I'm not comfortable with my expertise and so I submit it to the group for discussion, refinement and a decision on whether to put it in the wiki. Some folks may be having difficulty upgrading their sites to PHP 7 -- especially if they have code outside of TNG. (For example, I have numerous "sub sites" at http://MyKindred.com that use contact forms and other pages that currently won't work under PHP 7). Here is a good article -- How to Check PHP Version Compatibility After much searching, I settled on php7mar -- https://github.com/Alexia/php7mar I am doing my development using XAMPP on a Win-10 desktop. To run this, I open the command prompt and type -- php mar.php -f="path.to.tolder.or.file" PHP7MAR generates markdown format reports. The report for my web site was over 150 kB. A sample is below (the error at the top of the report is due to my version of XAMPP using PHP 5.6): 2019-01-21T14:43:02-06:00 Scanning C:\Users\.....\public_html Including file extensions: php ERROR! Syntax checking was selected and a PHP binary lower than 7.0.0-dev was specified. Processed 1018559 lines contained in 5166 files. Processing took 1621.9391770363 seconds. #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results\dna-new\includes\functions.php * deprecatedFunctions * Line 9: ` // $result = mysql_query($query);` * Line 14: ` // while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {` * Line 24: ` // mysql_free_result($result);` #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results\dna-new\includes\make_info_table.php * deprecatedFunctions * Line 110: ` //echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results\dna-new\includes\makehtml.php * deprecatedFunctions * Line 31: ` echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` * Line 120: ` echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results\dna-new\includes\maketables.php * deprecatedFunctions * Line 131: ` //echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` * Line 149: ` //echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` * Line 172: ` //echo ("<p>" . mysql_error() . "</p>\n");` #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results\dna-new\includes\parse_ftdna_y_xml.php * deprecatedFunctions * Line 66: ` //if (!mysql_query($query)) {` * Line 74: ` //if (!mysql_query($query)) {` #### C:\Users\.....\public_html\cloud\dna\results-new\debug\MyLogPHP.class.php * oldClassConstructors * Line 44: ` function MyLogPHP($logfilename = './_MyLogPHP-1.2.log.csv', $separator = ',') {` Now comes the work of going through this and deciding what to change and then mirroring that to the live web site.
  8. AlbanyMusician

    Getting lots of spam since 12.0

    I just recently installed V 12.0 on my system. Now, all of a sudden I am getting bombarded with spam. What can I do to cure this?
  9. Just a question. Is there a special reason for the fact that there is a admin-folder, which is empty, and all the admin*-files are in the root-directionary? Could i move them to the admin-folder?
  10. MichaelM

    Sort any media by date

    Question from newbie, Is it possible to sort any media for a specific person by date automatically ? Currently I think, the order is by description, and when description is missing, the file-specification is used as standard description for sorting. Greetings from Germany Michael
  11. Brian Yare

    PHPMailer end of life

    I have received a notification to say that " Outdated script detected on: (my web site) This is a notification that the PHPMailer installation in /htdocs/TNG on hosting account (my account), is end of life (version 5.2.22). End of life software is susceptible to vulnerabilities and bugs, which could result in your site being compromised. Please ensure you obtain and install the latest updates from the software vendor as soon as possible. Some of the scripts may be included as part of another software installation. Contact the vendor if you require further advice. Should the installed software remain out of date we may have no option but to suspend your web hosting service." What can I do to prevent losing my hosting service? Brian
  12. TNG v.12.0.2 Families Issue I’ve been struggling with this and maybe I can get some guidance. I need to add parents to I716. I click Add New Parents (0). And it brings me to the Add New Family screen and creates a new Family ID (F1028). Below that is the Spouses/Partners box (I find that misleading as I’m trying to add parents). I click on Find as the father & mother do exist and add their ID#. They already have a family ID (F1019) and I’m just trying to add an additional son. Saving creates two Family IDs for the same father and mother but with son #1 in one ID, and son #2 in the other. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any assistance.
  13. Without success from another source, I am posting here in hopes someone will tell me what I am doing wrong with the validation code AND answer the two questions at the end: I have added a field to the “newacctform.php” as follows (in the table) <tr><td valign="top"><?php echo $text['howrelate']; ?>*:</td><td><textarea cols="50" rows="4" name="howrelate"></textarea></td></tr> I have the text right and I believe everything else is correct. The form works fine until I go to try to “validate” the field. This is what (and where) I have currently: <script type="text/javascript"> function validateForm(form) { var rval = true; if( form.username.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['enterusername']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.password.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['enterpassword']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.password2.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['enterpassword2']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.password.value != form.password2.value ) { alert("<?php echo $text['pwdsmatch']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.realname.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['enterrealname']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.<?php echo $_SESSION['tng_email']; ?>.value.length == 0 || !checkEmail(form.<?php echo $_SESSION['tng_email']; ?>.value)) { alert("<?php echo $text['enteremail']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.em2.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['enteremail2']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.howrelate.value.length == 0 ) { alert("<?php echo $text['howrelatepop']; ?>"); rval = false; } else if( form.<?php echo $_SESSION['tng_email']; ?>.value != form.em2.value ) { alert("<?php echo $text['emailsmatch']; ?>"); rval = false; } return rval; } </script> I have tried to place the validation field in different locations but no matter where I put it, when I fill out the form and submit – I get the message that the “user name is already taken”. IF all I do is remove the validation statement, the form is working and submitting just fine, and everything works as designed. Is it possible to tell me where I am going wrong with the validation? Second – once I get this working, where do I need to go to tell the submittal to include the newly added field information when I go to review the new user. And finally, as an extra bit of question – When an error occurs such as “password does not match” an alert is generated which may be java script but I'm not certain. Where can I find this alert so I can change the part at the top that now says “my website name” – for example, your password doesn’t match or any other error has occurred.
  14. I have a FRESH install of v11.1.2 with template 13 and no MODs installed. I installed the files, imported a GEDCOM, and did the setup. I used the readme.html "simple" setup to get the permissions, etc. The only non-standard thing was that I used the option to move the specified *config.php files to a location above my public_html folder. My system is closed and users must register to view any content. I set up a branch and added the labels so that I have 57 people in 17 families in the branch. I added a demo user with only guest privileges on the (only) tree and restricted the user to the specified branch. But when the user signs in, they have access to all non-living persons in the tree. They can also download gedcoms and make suggested edits - even though they were denied those privileges when the user was created. I cannot post a user/password in a public forum because this would open my entire database of non-living people to the public. Any ideas about what is wrong with my security? Is this the correct forum? Ray (the TNG nubie)
  15. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to give a person, for example, 5 or 10 queries in the database before registration?
  16. Hello, I have problems with the display of characters in French. Following a request for help, I received this answer from Mr Lythgoe: « As for the accents, it sounds like you need to change the character set being used in TNG. When you get back in, go to Admin/Setup/General Settings/Language and choose "French-UTF8" as the language file and "UTF-8" as the character set. You may have to log out and back in again or clear your browser cookies before you notice the difference. » I adjusted these parameters and followed all the instructions, but I still have the same problems with characters. è, à, ê With a Imac, Safari, Firfox and IPAd, same problem. Can you help me ? Thank you Jean-Pierre Levasseur
  17. I'm hoping somebody can help with this problem. A person married. He and his wife had two children together. Then he had an "affair" with somebody else and had a child. Then he returned to his wife and they had a further two children. So child number 3 has a different mother than 1, 2, 4 and 5. How do I show all of this in the correct order in TNG? Thamks in advance, Allen Maunder
  18. I have v.12.0.1 and everything works with the exception that on an iPad or iPhone the keyboard remains on the display after entering a name in the search box. Tested with Safari and Chrome with the same results. In addition, clicking on any link on the interface brings up the keyboard. Any ideas? Mobile settings attached.
  19. on one of 4 sites using TNG v12 the mod manager page shows $extspath missing
  20. harold watson

    mod manager message $extspath missing

    i am using v12 on 6 separate sites. only one of which throws the message when mod manager is selected from the admin page. the message is displayed in the space where the mod list should be. i thought i had updated the mods on all of my sites when i did last update to 12.0 but clearly not. kind of a hit and miss TNG user. the problem site is now showing 12.0.1 but i can find no tng wiki reference to installing the mod manger separately
  21. tngrlkrz

    Person ID Prefix Change

    I am testing changing TNG's personID from 'I' to 'P'. TNG is rebuilt from a gedcom exported from Family Historian totally with every update. '@I' is was changed to '@P' with a text editor in the gedcom before import to TNG. All appears to work OK except for calls to 'my page' , 'my bookmarks' still creating a url with the 'I' prefix in the variable 'mypersonID' . Somewhere that variable is still getting loading with the 'I', even though admin:setup:prefixes has been changed for Individual to 'P'. Any idea where to look for this? Wingrep shows numerous php files use the 'mypersonID' variable, but I don't see the prefix being loaded with the 'I'. The reason for changing the prefix is the 'I' is used on quite a few screens (and more so with the mods I've installed), and I utilize user-selectable fonts as well, so font changes to make the 'I' not look like the number '1' are a bigger challenge. UPDATE: The issue is resolved. I overlooked changing the prefix in the TNG users database . Now all works wonderfully.
  22. The "Datenschutzerklärung" content MUST be in German. I think there is also a requirement by german law for this website to have an imprint ("Impressum"). (Don't blame me for this, I am only the messenger) Rudi
  23. Mike Twinn

    Regain control

    Help required. Not being very competent with TNG I have v11.1 I have 50 users and decided to try and send a block email to them couple of tries didnt receive one myself and thought it was because they were all on a a specific tree and I was on All so i changed my access to the specific tree all were on and sent of course received the email. But now I cannot gain all the administrators function how do I change the access if I can not get into it. My apologies for my ignorance. the tree is http://www.the-twinns.co.uk Kind Regards Mike
  24. jhendee

    Male Female and Parent Lines MOD

    Recently installed Male Female and Parent Lines MOD (v11.0.0.7 for TNG 11+ in TNG 12.0) and everything works fine except I can't get the Notable Descendants option to work. I have created the IMPO Special Events and added the IMPO event to persons as instructed, but nothing shows up (except the individual being searched) when the "Notable Descendants" link is clicked. Does this option work with TNG v 12.0?
  25. If this has been addressed I can't find it and I apologize in advance. I have tried to determine if "media upload" would work but I'm not sure it will do what I am hoping. Maybe there is a built-in function already or perhaps a MOD of some sort but again, can't find - I want to add an link to my drop down lists (available only to registered users) that would allow them to upload ANY file (except the obvious extensions like .js, .exe, .htm, etc) and have that file land inside a "secure" folder on my server so that only I may retrieve it either on line or via my ftp client. I'm not looking for an interface to TNG, rather I want to allow someone who has a password (that I've already approved) to "click to upload" a file such as a photo, or a scan from a birth or death certificate, or even a small gedcom. I'd like to limit the size of the potential upload as well to maybe 15Mb or more if necessary. And it would even be nice to have a short form they could fill out telling me what it is they are uploading. I could make the form but don't want to reinvent the wheel if it's already been done by someone before me. It would be nice to have a success alert telling them their files have been successfully transferred as well. Anybody with any ideas? I'll take them I know there are third-party offerings such as Dropbox but I really don't want to use that unless I have to. Thanks Larry