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Found 23 results

  1. I have several family trees on my website. Is it possible to link a name from "family tree A" to a person from "Family tree B"?
  2. Hi everyone, I have several individuals in my family tree who originate from Northern Ireland (Portadown) Anyone any suggestions regarding good online sources for Church records and Civil Registration records? Since Napoleon never set foot in England, Civil Registration most likely started later in comparison to the rest of Europe. If I would plan to go to Northern Ireland (Portadown) what would be the best place to start visiting if I want to look for Church records and Civil Registration records? Kind regards and stay safe, Rob
  3. jayat1familytree

    Can anyone help Restore my Site?

    Hi folks - My late brother spent a decade or two building a geneology website, and we've lost it (the hosting service deleted it after missed payments). I have his files, tons of backups and a new Domain name, but don't know how to proceed from here. I can pay $$ to someone that's interested in geneology and preserving family histories. -Mark
  4. This is a study of the Culbert surname worldwide, supported by the Guild of One-Name Studies. The home page has been modified to facilitate mobile access.
  5. I have suddenly find out that many of my source links to church records are disappeared. I do not know when it has happnend. I have looked in the citations.bak files back to 2016 but the missing links not found. When I make a birth registration I go to Sources, Edit Action and do the registration of text and the link in Actual Text field. In the early days I made the registration in the Notes field. I think that most of the missing links has been registrated in the Notes field. Is that the problem? I use both http and https links. Is it possible to make a script or something to find the missing links? I have over 10.000 persons. Best Peter Skjoldhoj
  6. Shukataan

    Trouble with thumbnails.

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I have TNG v. 12.2. I am using the mod "Admin Thumbnails" I am using Wamp Version 3.1.9 - 64bit on my laptop. I installed Admin Thumbnails because I was having problems with making thumbnails for many of images. I had originally the setting for max image size for thumbnails at 2000, I have now set it to 10000. The reason I have done this is because I was and still have problems generating thumbnails. All my media is from Ancestry.com, I downloaded the gedcom from the tree I wanted from the most updated Family Tree Maker 2017. I transferred all my media from Family tree maker 2017 to the Wamp>TNG>www>photos folder. Each picture can be viewed on a mouse over with the dead link thumbnail icon on the admin media folder. Some of the thumbnails have showed up aside for maybe 30+ images out of 399. I have used ADMIN Thumbnails mod to try to regenerate the thumbnails repeatedly and nothing has worked. I tick the Regenerate existing thumbnails box and Regenerate thumbnail path names where file does not exist. I have even tried both at the same time. No luck... Any suggestions? Thank You
  7. tngweb

    Chubbuck Family

    The Genealogy of the Chubbuck Family is quite interesting (AND confusing) to say the least. Keep in mind, this is a constant work in progress and I feel it'll never be complete. Please feel free to visit http://www.chubbuckgenealogy.com/ You can log in using ID: guest PW: guest Running TNG-v12 with the latest Wordpress.
  8. When I find an error in the name of a city in the list of Places, I click the button Test next to it. What appears is a list of persons linked to this place. When I click one of them, I get an error: Query: SELECT display, eventdate, eventdatetr, eventplace, age, agency, cause, addressID, info, tag, description, eventID, collapse, ldsevent FROM (tng_events, tng_eventtypes) WHERE persfamID = "I87146" AND tng_events.eventtypeID = tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID AND gedcom = "soest" AND keep = "1" AND parenttag = "" ORDER BY ordernum, tag, description, eventdatetr, info, eventID Unknown column 'ldsevent' in 'field list' I have versions 12.0.3 running on my laptop as localhost, port 8080. Engine behind this is XAMPP v3.2.2 on Windows 10
  9. Jimatl

    Census Plus

    Hi, I am considering using Census Plus to transcribe my census. I have a couple of questions Currently I transcribe the Census into a word Document and then create a event of Census and paste the transcription into the event for example for you. This is what I transcribed SIX CENSUS OF CANADA,1921,District 51 Antigounish,EN Sub Dist,46,Larry's River polling Division,Pg5 Line1 Dwelling,28,Family,29,AVERY,Patrick R,Abode,Larrys River,Municiaplity,Guyborough,Own,8 Rooms,Wood,[HEAD},M,,Married,Age,47,Navitiy,Nova Scotia,Father,Nova Scotia,Mother Nova Scotia,Orgin,Candian,Tribe,French,Can speak English,can Speakl French,religon RCathloc,Can Read and Write,Fisherman,AVERY,Mary,Larrys River,Guysborough,[WIFE},Female,Married,40,NS,NS,NS,Nationality Canadian,Orgin French,Cannot Sp[eak french can speak english,RCathloic,AVERY,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,[SON],Male,Single,19,NS,NS,Nationality Canada,,RCathloic,Orgin French,Can speak French Can English,Cannot Read or Write,Laborer,Income,200,AVERY,Stephen,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,NS,NS,NS[SON],Male,17,Canada,French,Can speak French and English,Rcathloic,Can read and Write,Labourer,900,AVERY,Ida,Larrys River,Larrys River,Daughter,8,NS,NS,Canada,French,can speak French can speak english,RCathloic The forms that you Census Plus don't ask many questions It just require the basics. I like to add a bit more detail, I have attached a document that contains the l 35 questions they asked Is it possible to create your own template that you can add additional questions. Currently the generic sheet does not look like the 1921 Census It has the basics It would be cool if you could tweak it like the Census. Also The Library of Canada National Archives also have all their Census online it. I look up the matching Census and get the URL so they can click on the link and view it on line Here is the Link http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1921/Pages/item.aspx?itemid=5459991 Any thought's Suggestions,Comments Thank You for your Help Jim 1921-questions.txt
  10. I need some very basic help. I just joined Ancestry to get access to census data and now that I have some, I am not sure how to enter it into TNG. I am reluctant to ask such simple questions but here it goes... What part gets added as a repository and what part gets added as a source? A related question is how do I make a note that the name shows as Mary Shanahan in some places and shows as Mary Shannon in other records. I am trying to find the birth certificate to confirm which name is correct.
  11. mystreet

    Couple Marrying Twice

    Hi All, General question regarding a couple that married-divorced-married each other again. How do you handled that in your tree software. I am using family tree builder from My Hertiage and it will not let me do it, states already married to each other. Thanks in advance Dean
  12. Interesting reading... https://thinkprogress.org/ancestry-com-takes-dna-ownership-rights-from-customers-and-their-relatives-dbafeed02b9e/
  13. Not sure this is a new idea, but i am struggling with how to register the country and region in places. I am not sure what is common. One can use the local language country name e.g. Nederland(Netherlands), or the 2 and 3 iso codes like NL and NLD. But it would be nice using the full local country name (Nederland). And having a multi language site, e.g. with German and English, the country should show as Niederlande and Netherlands (in places etc.). Kind Regards, Sandor https://vanseeventer.nl
  14. boonie67

    WP & TNG Integration

    Ken, $flags['noheader'] = false; $flags['nobody'] = false; $flags['noicons'] = false before the ........tng_header( "History of Acadian Families", $flags ); This worked great, thank you. But not in the WordPress & TNG Integration which is hard to incorporate these two together, it does not work live but works fine in wamp server. Notice the two footers are different also, the wordpress has that footer and genealogy has the original tng footer. Also the media litbox popups in this version, whereas it did not work before this theme update. As the header is concerned that can be coded with whatever we want and will do so if and when it is all error free.
  15. After searching several times need some help to find instructions. Could someone direct me to the instructions to move genealogy in public_html to genealogy folder. Thanks for the help.
  16. Renze

    My family tree website

    My website created with TNG and Wordpress. Without the TNG plugin for Wordpress. But with the explanation of Cees Kloosterman. https://petersohn.nl
  17. Dieter Plassmann

    Customising of charts

    Dear TNG community, I would like to understand how can I customise graphical view of the charts. Particular I’m looking for a function that allows to view parameters in “Descendants Charts”. More specific I would like to add numbering to the chart similar to the PDF function, but in chart view including to provide the start number. E.g. the male in the 1. generation might be the 9th child. Thus, I would like to start with 9. In the 5th generation a child might have than the number 9-5-2-1-1 (or just 95211). A prefix for the family name of that branch might be nice as well like P-9-5-2-1-1. In a more generic way other parameters might be nice such ocupation, place of living etc. Finally, a way to customise such a chart for printing (PDF) would be great. E.g. a landscape view with the first generation at top. Maybe I’m wrong but I cannot find such or even similar functions in TNG out of the box. I also looked at webtrees which has a numbering function but does not allow to set the starting number. Thus, my question is what is need to get this function. If the answer is “write a mod yourself”, then please give me some more hints where and how to start as well as an idea, if it is “reachable” with reasonable effort. Thanks a lot for you help. With best regards Dieter P.S.: For those who would like to know why I do need this. In fact the example above is real. The purpose is regular family meetings with a large number of people. For those an grand uncle of mine has introduced the numbering scheme. Each person gets his number printed and attached. With a large printed tree view of all the descendants all people can easily find the relations.
  18. Dieter Plassmann

    Modern touch for genealogy

    Dear TNG community, I plan to launch a site to stimulate (beside the older generation) the younger generation in my family. So far an aunt of mine has organised family meetings and created a huge word document with the family history. This contains tree charts for the diverse branches and a single page with characteristics, contact details and stories for each person. Now we would like to bring thinks to the next and following generation with a more modern approach with a family web site. So far I have been looking at TNG and webtrees. Both with an impressive feature set. However both lack on social network functions and addressing to reach out for the younger generation, who interacts with instagram, whatsapp, wechat (QR code), Facebook URL, LinkedIn URL, etc. Browsing through the forums I found the people want to stick strictly to the GEDCOM specification, which does not include such data fields per person. Even the address is an “event” that may include an e-mail, phone number and URL, which sound weird for me. Actually I’m looking for a simple solution that allows me to add some of those attributes to the living persons of today. Because those are the ones I would like to share the work with and those I would like to support to communicate easy to each other. If all else fails I’m thinking of setting up a Wordpress page for each person on which I can include such attributes and link those as “address” event to genealogy site. I would wonder, if there is a simpler (rather integrated) solution that some one can point me to. Thanks a lot for you help. With best regards Dieter
  19. tendril

    Same Sex Marriage

    Hi there There doesn't seem to be a functionality for same sex marriages. The software assumes there to be a man and a woman but no option for man and man or woman and woman. Am I missing something? Thanks
  20. Chris Lloyd


    Hi I have just received an offer for a 1/2 price subscription to MyHeritage.com. Does anyone on the forum have any experience or knowledge of what MyHeritage offers that is better than the Ancestry or FMP databases? Cheers Chris
  21. Tore W. Granli

    Churches and Cemeteries

    Hi! I'm kinda "missing" a tighter connection between churches and cemeteries. What I mean is that when i look at a church, is it possible to display it's connected pictures along with it's notes, connected people (baptism, marriage) - and the cemeteries that belong to the church? Maybe also under each cemetary the people (registered in my database) who are burried there? Maybe not so easy, but would be very nice..!
  22. tendril

    Best practice with adopted surnamed

    Hi there   what is the accepted best practice for naming surnames where an individual has been adopted? I have a family member who was adopted by her grandparents at age 2. A new birth certificate was issued after the adoption. Would it be best to use her birth surname or her adopted surname? Whilst she was alive she always referred to her maiden name being her adopted surname? Any help and advice appreciated. I currently have her listed using her birth surname.   Many thanks in advance   tendril
  23. Hello, I noticed that when viewing a person record who has a same gendered spouse that it shows as "Married".  Might I suggest that you change this in the next release so that it says "partnered" rather than "married" if the gender of each partner is marked as the same and are not legally married?  Not all same-sex spouses are married to their partners but may have been together for long periods of time and are considered family. Thank you! Dan