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Found 52 results

  1. In the last couple days I have been having changes in my TNG Sources after a GEDCOM import. I have not changed the way I import as it's the same as I done for several years. I'm using TNG V 12.0.1 and a GEDCOM file coming from Reunion on a Mac. The GEDCOM import includes sources. After an import the Sources on TNG, corresponding to the Sources imported with the GEDCOM have been altered in that all have the Short Titles removed and if there was a repository it too is now blank. I have checked and the numbers for the TNG Sources are the same numbers, respectively on the Reunion Sources. I have gone through and repaired each Source and backed it up before the next GEDCOM import and it is again altered; but suprisingly if I now go to rebuild the Sources I perviously backed up, they are not my repaired sources, but the ones that were altered--it's as if the altered Sources somehow were "backed up" even though I never backed them up. In addition, I have found that the mod Burial Website Media Import will no longer search Find A Grave after the Sources have been changed or even after I "repaired" them. I welcome any suggestions on how to correct this problem. Thanks. Ron
  2. mimohoorn

    Ancestry gedcom

    Hello, I've imported the GEDCOM that I have exported from my Ancestry account (around 500 persons) As I was getting along with my TNG website (montijn.com) I have added alot of new persons and also uploaded various pictures. A few of these pictures I was able to connect with the new persons I have added. Now I want to connect some pictures to persons that I have imported with the GEDCOM file and somehow I'm not able to connect any picture with any imported person. Who has got an answer for me?
  3. I don't update my TNG data anything like regularly enough, so when it comes time to update I'm usually checking back on notes etc. I use Legacy Family Tree v9, TNG v12 and am up to date with all the mods I use, in particular CensusPlus (great mod). But it looks like since I last updated, the way Legacy convert the shared census events has changed, and that is playing havoc with the CensusPlus implementation. Last update (which I think would have been from an earlier version of Legacy, about September last year), the shared events from Legacy went into the GEDCOM in the following form: 1 CENS [description] 2 DATE [date] 2 PLAC [place] 2 NOTE Role: [role] All these happily mapped to the same census event type in TNG, and got picked up by CensusPlus. Updating was simple, and previously linked transcripts all behaved after "Check Census Link" was run after an import Now, Legacy seems to only want to export these same events as: 1 EVEN [description] 2 TYPE Census-[role] 2 DATE [date] 2 PLAC [place] 2 NOTE Role: [role] So every role is creating its own unique event type, and simply fails to behave "properly" in CensusPlus. After running the Check, the Census data does not appear under the person if they shared the event, only the primary person. If I go to the transcript, it suggests there is a linked person already established. However, if I remove the link and re-establish it, it then creates a "Census" event (as distinct from the "Census-Daughter" one, for example, where I relinked the 1851 event). I don't know whether this may be as simple as using different options on the Legacy export (although I have tried every sort of combination). The Legacy support people weren't overly helpful, simply saying the way it now gets exported is the way it gets exported. As much as I really like the CensusPlus mod, I'm almost at the stage of having to turn it off (at least for other than the primary people). (Thank goodness for backups! Below is how the entry for this appeared prior to the latest attempted update, and ideally what I'd like to stick with.) Thanks for any thoughts/guidance.
  4. Does anyone know what I need to look for when I discover that a pedigree line breaks when I make a GEDCOM. I recently exported a GEDCOM from TNG and brought it into another charing program. Some lines went out 4-5 generations when there are 10-12. They appear fine in TNG. If someone knows what I must do to correct this, I would appreciate and tips you ay offer. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I currently plan on keeping my FTM/ancestry tree as my main tree, repopulating TNG from time to time through gedcom. I need to do a "replace all" as I often delete or merge people, so the ID numbers might change between two exports... That is not a problem in itself. There are two issues: - for some reason, FTM does not export Latitude and Longitude. While these are visible in FTM, and also visible in TNG (!), the maps won't work until I select each place separately and click on "search". It then goes to the numbers which were already present, and shows the map. Is there an easier way to do this? - it was recommended for a correct import to name the files "p_" for photographs, "m_" for headstones and "d_" for documents, so TNG would recognise the media type, put them in the correct folder and make them searchable. As I am cleaning up my database anyway, I am renaming all my media in this format. But... they also show like that on the website. I find it very ugly. Isn't there another way of adding media without the prefix, but still keeping the media type so one can search for pictures or documents etc? Regards, Tom
  6. John Meyer

    Gedcom Export

    While the Gedcom export works well, it has little flexibility when exporting data. The ability to exclude select pieces of information would be very useful, especially for 'Notes.' Custom event types contain an option to exclude events during a Gedcom import and providing a link to the event types/custom event types so that selected items can be excluded during export would prove useful. I realize that I can privatize 'Notes' and then exclude them during an export. Currently, I use a Klutzy work around using desktop genealogy software and while I can remove some information however, I cannot remove as much as I would like before posting to the various Genealogy Websites.
  7. Ian Davidson

    Media Import from Gedcom Errors

    Hi folks, I use Family Tree Maker (2017) & Ancestry but successfully host TNG (currently v.11.1.2) on my personal website, which is based around Wordpress. I recently decided to apply a long-overdue data update so exported the full file including media files to a Gedcom file. In TNG Setup | Configuration | Import settings I inserted the path on the PC to the FTM media folder, and in Setup | Configuration | General Settings set the TNG folder for all media types to the one folder, into which I then uploaded all the photo, document etc files using FTP. I then imported the Gedcom file successfully into TNG. All the data looks good. However clicking on any media file generates a 404 - Page not found error. Hovering the mouse over the link shows the correct path on the website and file name, except that the url ends in "%0D", which is of course the hexadecimal notation for a carriage return character. If I manually remove the %0D from the end of the url the photo or document loads as expected. It's almost as if when TNG is parsing the Gedcom file it's not stripping the <CR> character from the end of the line, and saving it as part of the filename. So my questions to the group are: 1) Am I doing something wrong, if so what? 2) What's the best way forward? Thanks for any help! Sorry if this topic has been addressed elsewhere but if so I couldn't find it Cheers Ian
  8. Problem with eventdate, eventdatetr and eventplace being empty during import I have imported a gedcom file into TNG. Now I noticed that on an individuals page the events like BIRTh, OCCUpation, RESIdence, EDUCation and DEATh are neatly presented in chronological order. However the events that have the tag "EVEN" in the admin's Custom Event Types pages are presented on the individual's page in a random order. So I looked in the tng_events table and noticed that the columns eventdate and eventplace are empty and eventdatetr is set to a default value of "0000-00-00" for all rows that contain the tag EVEN. I checked the file gedimport_misc.php contains this piece of code: $query = "INSERT INTO $events_table (eventtypeID, persfamID, eventdate, eventdatetr, eventplace, age, agency, cause, addressID, parenttag, info, gedcom) VALUES(\"$eventtypeID\", \"$persfamID\", \"" . $eventptr['DATE'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['DATETR'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['PLAC'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['AGE'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['AGNC'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['CAUS'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['ADDR'] . "\", \"" . $eventptr['parent'] . "\", \"$eventinfo\", \"$tree\")"; I then put in some echo statements and concluded that during import the variables $evendate , $eventdatetr, $eventplace are empty. One can change and update those events using the Edit Existing Person , Other Events table, but this seems a bit cumbersome as I have hundreds of those events. My question, has anyone seen this behaviour and more important, has anyone got a solution for me? Thanks Jan Wessel P.s. I did send an email to Darrin some weeks ago, but have not had a reply from him yet.
  9. I've been trying to import a zipped gedcom into TNG but I get the message: Could not upload file: My Genealogy.ged.zip. Your 'gedcom' folder may have inadequate permissions (try 755 or 777). I know I'm supposed to use an FTP but my computer knowledge doesn't extend to this. The TNG wiki says a zipped gedcom should automatically expand and import. Can anyone help please?
  10. Hi all, I have a family member who has done a lot of research and has their tree on Ancestry. I'm wanting to get a GEDCOM and import it into my tree, however we're going to have 100's of duplicates all with pretty much the same data. Since I don't have time to sit through and manually deal with all these dupes, can anyone recommend a way to go about the import? I know it's going to be pretty difficult. I was thinking of removing existing members in one or the other and leave a common ancestor but that would still take a lot of work.
  11. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+). This version changes the way in which meta keywords are generated, using a list of GEDCOM tags instead of individual tags in the mod parameters. So now...any custom event's value can be added to meta keywords by adding its GEDCOM tag to the list. Aliases (tag: ALIA) and nicknames (tag: NICK) are supported by default. Other useful tags might include occupation (tag: OCCU) or married name (commonly _NAMM). Individual names and nicknames entered in TNG still have built-in support. This version also adds HTML encoding to keyword values to correct cases where a quoted nickname or other instances of special characters are included in a name or event value. This version is optional for Simple SEO mod users. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  12. I am a long time FTM user and a brand new TNG user, so please excuse me if I am asking questions that may have been covered before. My purpose of setting up TNG was to bring together relatives who will be interested in expanding my existing family tree which already covers many common ancestors. I work with FTM and online services to add facts, media related data to that same tree. It seems to me that there is a place in the genealogy world for both FTM (or the like) and TNG. My question\problem is; if people make changes to TNG and I make changes to FTM how do I get them to be in sync? The most recent iteration of FTM has the facility to sync FTM with published trees on Ancestry.com. Is there a way that i can do the same with FTM and TNG? Thanks, Mark
  13. During export via Gedcom from Legacy 9.0, I'm having trouble transferring geo-codes to TNG. I have examined the Gedcom-files, but cannot find latitudes or latitudes in the file ( and of course they are not shown in TNG after import, either). I have tried different sets of setups from Legacy (Legacy file and Gedcom 5.5), but when I examine the Gedcom-files, none of these have info on geo coordinates. If anyone out there can help a panicking Norwegian, I would greatly appreciate your feedback! Best regards Morten
  14. John Cordes

    Spousal order

    I know this question has been raised a few times before but I think my current situation has not been covered, not exactly anyway. My desktop program is TMG and I update my TNG 11.1.2 site by replacing everything with a new Gedcom file. I have a situation where an individual with two marriages has the first marriage date known exactly, the second is not. But by using sort dates in TMG the exported Gedcom file has the FAMS entries in correct order: i.e. the FAMS for the first marriage appears before the FAMS record for the second marriage. Importing into TNG I always run, in Secondary Options, sort children, sort spouses and track lines. Yet the marriages appear in the wrong order in the TNG site. I've just done a temporary fix using TNG -- it is wonderful that TNG makes it easy to drag the marriage events into the correct order so easily. But clearly I don't want to have to do that every time. My current Gedcom file is large (over 9 MB). Is it worth while my trying to make a very small test file to demonstrate the problem? Or am I wrong in thinking that TNG should (normally) handle this situation correctly? I thought the crucial thing when not all dates are known would be the order of the FAMS events in the Gedcom file, but perhaps I am mistaken about this. Thanks for any advice, John Cordes
  15. When I import a GEDCOM (exported from FTM 2017) into TNG ( v. 11.0.2), I have a large number of persons marked as living with the death date present. I do not understand why TNG marks these people living. There is no "LIVING" tag in the GEDCOM 5.5 standard so this appears to be something that TNG is interpreting during import. It appears that many of the people marked as living have a null CHR (christening) tag without a date or place in the GEDCOM. Deleting the empty christening fact in FTM displays the deceased person. Unfortunately I have thousands of these entries in my FTM database and no easy way to clean it up. Is there a work around to fix this problem? Here is an example http://www.trippgenealogy.org/tng/getperson.php?personID=I58157&tree=Master In this example, 7 of the 14 children are reported as living although all were born before 1860.
  16. Having upgraded to version 11.0.2, I have set up a copy of my site on my PC using Wampserver and all working. To populate the standalone tng site I exported the whole tree via Gedcom and imported it into my wampserver site. All seems to have gone well except that no Custom Events have migrated at all. I have deleted the tree and tried reimporting 3 times to no avail. Custom events are all set to allow. Clearly I'm missing something and undoubtedly it's simple but I can't fathom out what it is. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or alternatively, are they all contained in a folder on the Simply Hosting web server which I can just copy across using Filezilla, as I have done with my Media. Which file are they contained in, as I can't identify that either?
  17. stillman

    Medias on citations

    I use the new Heredis 2018 Pro (Mac) for my home computer genealogy database and export GEDCOMS for TNG. I wish to use the new function "citations", especially for using all my birth, death certificate,etc. but it does not seem to be allowed in TNG. Here is a part of my gedcom : 2 SOUR @835@ 3 NOTE http://www.archivesdepartementales.lenord.fr/?id=viewer&doc=accounts%2Fmnesys_ad59%2Fdatas%2Fir%2FEtat civil%2FFRAD059_MI_A_Z_2011_07_01.xml&page_ref=290818&lot_num=1&img_num=1 3 DATA 3 OBJE @796@ 3 PAGE AD 59 - Tourcoing - N, Ta (1899-1899) - 1 Mi EC 599 R 040 - Vue 35/318 - N°1407 3 QUAY 3 3 _QUAL 4 _SOUR O 4 _INFO P 4 _EVID D Is anyone can explain to me the problem. Thanks for your help.
  18. WRT FTM, the desktop "gotchas" at http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Desktop_gotchas is getting pretty long in the tooth. It quits at FTM 2012, and I've already moved on to 2014, then 2014.1, now 2017. Do the "gotchas" notes apply equally well to FTM 2017? Is the GEDCOM converter mod useful for GEDCOMs created by FTM 2017? I have been using FTM 2017 and have been pretty happy importing its GEDCOMs into TNG, but it does seem like I am missing a lot of media links. But many work fine with no intervention. On the other hand, I'm thrilled with TNG so some clean-up is fine by me.
  19. After a long time, I have 'flipped' my main data entry process from desktop software (RootsMagic) to direct input into TNG. That is all going well. From time to time, I like to export a Gedcom and import into RootsMagic. That's not just for additional file safe-keeping but because I can generate a variety of reports to please family members who are offline/older/whatever. Overall I am happy with the outcome. I exported a small tree from TNG to RM and ran an Ancestor report and the basics are there as expected. But I have a problem with sentence definition when exporting a tree from TNG into RootsMagic then creating such reports. I think it is part of the limitation of Gedcom which is well documented but still . . . Many facts need sentence correction - imbedded in report is warning: [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE etc]. . . . etc I do not know where those sentences can be defined. I know I could use a note editor to clean up the file but for bigger reports (this one is only a few hundred people) that would be tedious. Any suggestions for fixing this? Another way to export the data from TNG? Correction in RootsMagic (if anyone has dealt with this)? Have you had success importing a TNG Gedcom into other software . . . Legacy? Heredis? etc. How do you create such reports (if you do)? Is there a Mod for traditional ancestral/descendant reports I haven't found? I realize there is a report function in TNG - and I have used that - but that doesn't apply to the type of report I am mentioning here. Welcome any help with this issue. Thanks in advance! MSB
  20. I'm as new as they come. Just yesterday I downloaded the TNG software, set up an account and received a domain from Simply Hosting. My nearly 24,000 names are on the site. Little camera's indicate photos are waiting to be linked up. So there lies the first question, no doubt followed by more to come. I just read the Import Media Using GEDCOM page in the TNG Wiki. I believe I have a basic understanding of what is expected but, I'm still wondering how to proceed. I've been using Reunion for the Mac software for years. My photos of individuals are spread among many folders. They all begin with the folder name "People" and then within that folder very often the photos are put within folders bearing that person's surname. Then within the surname folder they are put into another folder bearing the individual or their husband's name. In some cases, depending on how many photos I have available for a particular surname, I may just put an individuals photo in a "Miscellaneous" folder among the list of Surname folders. Often times, because I might not have many photos attached to a single individual, I would put their photo within their surname folder in another folder named, again, "Miscellaneous." I've attached a screenshot of my file folder layout to give you a better idea of the situation. After reading the Wiki page mentioned above It appears that the way my photos are organized, spread among numerous multiple folders (probably hundreds), the process of pointing to each would be extremely tedious and time-consuming, assuming you could enter that many paths in the Setup >> Configuration >> Import Settings screen. So, here comes the question. Is there any way to make this process easier? Do I need to reorganize all these photos on my computer (and there are hundreds, likely more) into a limited number of folders in order to make the process of setting the paths easier? That's an awful lot of files contained in a few folders! As I understand it, if I do that I would have to export another GEDCOM file overwriting everything that's on the site. Not a big deal I suppose. We haven't even gotten to my equal number of headstone photos that are likewise organized, nor the hundreds of documents, some histories and other media that I will need to move to the website. Is there anything else I'm missing? My organization of these numerous files have worked well over the years within Reunion. It isn't perfect and I occasionally stray from "the norm." But, I'm not so sure it is an ideal system for moving them to my TNG website. Thanks you so much for your help and consideration in this matter and, as you might guess, it is very much appreciated! http://bit.ly/ClearfieldDescendants
  21. I have some WebTags in RootsMagic which don't appear in TNG They are set to be output from RM in the gedcom I use to refresh my TNG database As are some other RMagic specific tags/facts/events call them what you will. They appear in the gedcom eg 1 _COLOR 9 1 _WEBTAG 2 NAME Chromosome Map for Lorna as at Aug 2014 2 URL http://surnames.lornahen.com/tng/dna/105164ChrMap.html 1 _WEBTAG 2 NAME Lorna's Living DNA results 2 URL https://my.livingdna.com/share/02fe9814-7d51-11e7-ab56-5254002fd1a4 1 EVEN http://surnames.lornahen.com/tng/dna/105164ChrMap.html 2 TYPE WebLink 2 DATE 11 MAR 2014 2 _SDATE 1000 (I'm experimenting on how best to link/show the data) The import is set as accept data for all new Custom Event Types The Replace in selected tree is set to All current data Custom Event types show _WEBTAB as accept for Individual and Source, with 116 and 374 events associated On my page Personal information doesn't show any _WEBTAG All info - ditto The EVEN type WebLink appears just fine, the _COLOR shows, but not the _WEBTAG Where else do I look to make these appear? The site is mostly private so none of this will be visible sorry.
  22. I'm installing tng and when I go through the express install everything works fine and when I finish, the Diagnostics page shows everything installed correctly. But if I logout and try to log back in, TNG does not recognize my username and password. I've even tried to use the password and username recovery, but tng says that the username is not associated with my email address. One other problem I'm having is that when I try to import my gedcom (2meg) tng will only import about 135 people and stops. I have the gedcom stored in my gedcom folder. It was generated by FTM-2017, but I have also tried using a gedcom made directly from ancestry.com with the same results. The data that it does import seems to be correct. Help. Russ
  23. Kevin Muehring

    "Places" not updating

    I recently uploaded a new GEDCOM to my tree and noticed that the "Places" database didn't update. I cleaned up many places in my Ancestry tree before creating the new GEDCOM, so I know the "Places" should have changed. What am I doing wrong? Am I not uploading the GEDCOM correctly?
  24. Hi, I update my site weekly via a gedcom import and have for ever been using 'replace all' when importing the gedcom. This successfully updates the individuals and families in my database with the new information, however as I discovered to my suprise, does not replace the places. I have the old place entries, new place entries and the 'cleanesed' place entries. Which other tables in the database does 'replace all' not replace all? Do any other power users have a script, list of tables, they 'clean' prior to a gedcom import? Thanks.
  25. I am creating a GEDCOM in TNG v11.0.2 for export to Roots Magic. All of my media items have titles (see attached example), but the GEDCOM file does not contain anything in the TITL field. Here are the corresponding lines from the GEDCOM: 0 @M6915@ OBJE 1 FORM JPG 1 FILE E:\RootsMagic\Kalt-Sperber\documents\mendel-manele-kalt-birth-record-1861.jpg 1 TITL 1 _TYPE PHOTO 1 NOTE Birth year is 1860, even though file name contains 1861. Titles are included in the GEDCOM file for source records, but not for any media files. Why am I not getting anything in the TITL field for any of my media files?