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Found 92 results

  1. Fritz Loseries

    Deny Media Upload or Import

    Is it possible to set a flag, that media will not be allowed to upload or to import via gedcom ? Could not find something concerning this within the configs.
  2. Michael Brasfield

    GED import progress - lack there of.

    I installed 12.3 about 7 months ago and imported my gedcom file without a problem. my website is https://brasfield.net - I have been attempting to update/replace the gedcom for the last few days and the progress image just keeps spinning with the phrase "opening Brasfield.ged", but it never completes the process. I realize the gedcom is large (64.67 with 53K names), but I have let it run for over 18 hours without success. Any ideas?
  3. Bob Mallett

    Gedcom import fails

    The company that hosts my website recently migrated my website to a new server, and now I am unable to import a gedcom. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? I am running TNG 12.3
  4. Allen

    Gedcom update

    Newbie here. TNG version 13.0.1. Windows 10. I have a webpage up and running, but have a couple of beginner questions. I use Family Tree Maker 2019 to do most of my work. I make changes nearly everyday. What are the best practices for updating my TNG webpage? If I upload a new gedcom, does it add only the new information? Is it easier to make the same changes on the TNG website itself? I'm also thinking about resizing most of media images to make them smaller. Most are more than 1mb. If I do so, and upload the new media file, with the same file names, will it simply replace the existing images? Thanks in advance for the replies, and I'm sure I'll have more questions. https://wilson-mcelmurry.com/index.php
  5. WimDirks

    GEDCOM _PRIM tag

    When I include the following in the person's INDI file the picture does not show up automatically in the person's record. 1 OBJE 2 FILE \photos\thumb_wim.gif 2 FORM gif 2 _TYPE PHOTO 2 _PRIM Y The picture is in the directory given in FILE My question is: is this the correct approach? Sorry, newbee since 1 week. Wim
  6. Rod

    Tree Not Viewable

    I just got TNG v13 installed and running. I imported my gedcom, which appeared to be successful (all people/places/media/sources/etc ). Now my problem is that I can't view the tree. If I click on the links at the top of the home page (eg "His Side"/"Her Side") I get a page does not exist error. The links for each one point to "mywebsitename/pedigree.php?personID=I2&tree=tree1" but it goes to the "this page does not exit" error page. If I look at SURNAMES or PLACES or PHOTOS etc in the links at the bottom of the home page all the items show up. What is the problem actually viewing the tree? If you need more information I will gladly tell you all I can. Server Info: Ubuntu Server 20.04 + Apache2 + PHP 7.4.3 + MySQL 8 Thanks in adavance for any help!
  7. Since upgrading to v13 when I replace All current data with a Gedcom import ALL the existing media entries are being updated on every import so all media (tries to) appear in "whatsnew.php" Is this caused by one of my mods or is it SOP?
  8. I have finally found a way to get my media files assigned to the proper custom media collections during the GEDCOM import process. It does require a "hack" to the gedimport_misc.php file, maybe someday the capability can be made standard by Darrin, or turned into a mod, but for now, this is a HUGE thing for me. I've never cared for the documents/video/recordings collections, always wanted to use my own collections and menu items. Since I use TNG just for display, and frequently clear the tree and reimport from GEDCOM, I needed the placement of files into collections to be automated and not manual. Now it is. I wrote it up in a longer blog post with lots of screen shots, and I'm afraid it probably still doesn't make too much sense, but thought I'd offer it here for anyone looking to do this. Say I have images of birth certificates and the like on my desktop in P:\Genealogy\exhibits\birth_records, and my genealogy program (RootsMagic) puts that entire path in the GEDCOM file. I really want to have a media collection and menu item called "Birth Records", and for the GEDCOM import to put those files in that collection for me. Here's how make the server folder structure similar to the desktop folder structure on desktop: P:\Genealogy\exhibits\birth_records on server: tng/documents/birth_records create the collection in TNG Admin>>Media collection ID: birthrec display title: Birth Records folder name: documents/birth_records add code to customconfig.php defining this collection and the gedcom file path $locimppath['birthrec'] = "P:\\Genealogy\\exhibits\\birth_records"; edit gedimport_misc.php to add this collection ID and import path info to the getLocalPathList function This is what gedimport_misc.php section looks like original: function getLocalPathList($mediatypeID) { global $locimppath, $mediatypes_locpaths; switch( $mediatypeID ) { case "photos": $locpath = $locimppath['photos']; break; case "histories": $locpath = $locimppath['histories']; break; case "documents": $locpath = $locimppath['documents']; break; case "headstones": $locpath = $locimppath['headstones']; break; case "recordings": case "videos": $locpath = $locimppath['other']; break; default: $locpath = isset($mediatypes_locpaths[$mediatypeID]) ? $mediatypes_locpaths[$mediatypeID] : ""; } return $locpath; } You need to add a "case" section for your new media collection. This is what you add: case "birthrec": $locpath = $locimppath['birthrec']; break; Do that for every additional media collection you have created. This is the longer blog post about this technique https://lptex.com/blog/tng-custom-media-collections-using-gedcom-import/ Here's what I see after I do a GEDCOM import and then run the secondary process to trim menus And this is what the menu looks like on the live site I'm working towards the TNG-WP integration and will not be using the TNG menus at all, so I didn't bother with any menu icons. I hope this helps others as much as it has me - this is something I've wanted for YEARS and finally sat down to figure out how to do it myself.
  9. cassyput

    GEDCOM Import

    I have FTPd my latest GEDCOM and converted it but for some reason cannot import it. It just 'hangs'. Never had this problem before. Anyone got any ideas as I'm out of them?
  10. Hi All! Wierd thing happen... I use tng v12.3, Rick too With the same gedcom, our sites looks different. I specify that no Mod is installed on both sites and changing of template have no effect too... This gedcom contains a special case : two persons are married twice : once in 1846 , the second marriage the jul 4, 1865. (Gedcom line 350 and next) Those two marriage are concerning Peter SWINDELLS and Mary GARDINER. Can some of you try to import this little gedcom (20 families) and look what is showing on his screen? Michel By Rick, this result in a second line for the second marriage :(see wife 2) On my site, this result in NO lines for the second mariage. Rick.ged
  11. Jan Suhr

    PEDI tag in Gedcom

    I've been looking for a way to get the PEDI tag to properly import in to TNG. I'm asking for a way to differentiate between birth parents and step parents. As it is now an individual shows up with two pair of parents and there is no way to tell them apart other than to look at their marriage date and from that conclude that this child was born a long time before their death. There is of course one parent that is part of both marriages so you can read it out that way but the first impression when you come to that page might be confusing. Is there a MOD that handles this? I found this one that handles step parents but it seem to do a lot more than what I'm asking for. https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Show_All_Family Thanks
  12. On my desktop I've been using Family Tree Maker as my preferred data entry software for about the last 10 years. For somewhat longer than that I've been using TNG, more recently integrated with Wordpress, to display it, although I also sync to Ancestry. I've always been disappointed I couldn't get media automatically allocated to the correct TNG Collection after importing a GEDCOM produced by FTM. Sadly, my TNG tree hadn't been updated for quite a while, partly because my media links were a mess, with many "File not found" errors, multiple links to the same file etc and I kept procrastinating about facing the challenge to tidy it all up . Over the Christmas/New Year break I bit the bullet, upgraded TNG from v. 11.x to 12.2 and spent some time modifying the CSS files to harmonise with my Wordpress theme (another thing I'd been putting off). Then I started researching the media collections issue; the excellent "gotchas" item in this very wiki was the hallelujah moment when I started to see light at the end of the tunnel! That article led me to Stephen Conner's FTM to TNG Gedcom Fixer program, and also Robin Richmond's GEDCOM Converter mod. Because I was more specifically interested in the media collections I focused on the former. So I spent days modifying the media filenames using FTM to match the requirements of Stephen's Fixer program, a process that's easy enough if quite tedious. I had replicated my website onto my desktop (in a WAMP environment) to fiddle with the CSS and some other mods, so I could test importing a new GEDCOM without jeopardising the live site. I deleted all the existing media files from the tng \media folder and copied the newly-renamed files from my FTM media folder into their respective new website folders. When I imported the fixed GEDCOM file (selecting the options Replace all current data and Import media if present) I was confused to see weird results eg only 12 out of 37 headstones correctly allocated in TNG, 50 out of 269 documents, etc. I spent more time researching and studying the GEDCOM files before & after the fixer program but couldn't see any issues. Then I used PHPMyAdmin to study the TNG database and noticed entries in the media table that didn't look right, and furthermore the number of rows didn't correlate with the number of files. It finally twigged that TNG doesn't clear (ie empty) the media tables when doing a GEDCOM import, even if the option to replace all data is selected. I came to realise that renaming the media files had therefore left things even more messy than previously, and that what I should do is clear all the media tables before doing an import so that TNG would rebuild it from scratch on import. With a view to helping other in the same predicament who may not have the expertise or inclination to play around in the database with PHPMyAdmin I quickly found an excellent backgrounder and tutorial by Bob Cumberbatch on doing it the easy way from within TNG itself (which also confirmed my thoughts). When I followed Bob's procedure to clear all the tables, but NOT restoring the media table (thereby forcing TNG to rebuild it) and re-imported the GEDCOM, Happy Days - all looks great! So if you've waded through all the background, here's my step-by-step takeaway to get your FTM media Categories reflected in TNG Collections. I've tried to pull together tips and procedures from several different places together with my experience into one resource. This has been produced with FTM 2019 and TNG 12.2, but I believe it should work with at least the immediately previous versions of both (but not FTM 2012). It worked for me, but use it at your own risk . NOTE: This should only be done if you use only Family Tree Maker (or Ancestry and sync to FTM) for your data entry and use TNG only to display it! NOTE 2: Sorry Mac users but this process will only work on Windows machines, because Stephen Conner's GEDCOM Fixer program only runs on Windows (though maybe OK using a Windows emulator? Anyone able to confirm please comment below!) I highly recommend replicating your online TNG site to your desktop and backing everything up (including all your media files, before renaming them) so you don't jeopardise your live site in case this doesn't work for you. Do all your modifications on your desktop site and check everything before going through the same steps on your live site. That's beyond the scope of this article, but if you Google or search YouTube for "WAMP" or "XAMPP" you'll find plenty of guides to get a local webserver set up. Also beyond the scope of this article you'll need to be familiar with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. Google or YouTube "FileZilla" for a start. Read the "gotchas" article on this wiki and the detailed information available on Stephen Conner's page (with its linked help docs) and Bob Cumberbatch's page, all as linked above, so that you understand the issues and what the proposed fixes do. Using FTM, rename your media files to match the requirements of Stephen Conner's fixer program. This might take quite some time, depending on your individual situation. Do the following in TNG. In Administration | Setup | Configuration | General Settings, Paths & Folders, setup the new media folders eg: In Administration | Setup | Configuration | Import Settings, make sure the Local [*] paths match those used by FTM on your computer, eg on my system this is (where "XXX" is my Windows username and "YYY" is my tree name in FTM) - yours might be very different: If you're not sure what this path is, either open your GEDCOM file (see below) in Notepad or similar, scroll to the bottom where the media entries are located and look for a line like the following: 1 FILE D:\Users\XXX\Documents\Family Tree Maker\YYY Media\p_4 generations.jpg or in Family Tree Maker (assuming you're using the default database path) go to the Tools | Options menu, General tab, copy the database path, eg for me this is: paste it into the TNG box and add "\[your tree name] Media\" on to the end of it, replacing [your tree name] with the actual name of your FTM tree. Note that in FTM, all media files are stored in the one folder, so you'll use the same path for all of the TNG settings. This path will be removed from that recorded in the GEDCOM file by TNG for each media file so that it can store just the actual filename. In Administration | Trees, for your selected or only tree, click the "Clear" icon: and answer OK to the prompt. When you get to this step on your live site you'd use your selected FTP program (eg FileZilla) for these steps, but initially of course this should be on your local machine so you'd use Windows Explorer/My Computer on Windows or Finder on a Mac to delete all the files in yout TNG media folder, then copy all your renamed media files from the FTM media folder into their respective new folders on your TNG installation, as described in Stephen Conner's documentation. In FTM, select the File | Export menu. The important options are highlighted here, other options at your discretion: then at the next prompt select Other as the Destination: Note the filename chosen when you click OK; you'll need it next. Follow the procedures in Stephen Conner's documentation to setup and run the fixer program, including installing any necessary Windows support files (one-off). From TNG's Administration | Import/Export page, select your "fixed" file, making sure it's not the original one exported from FTM: Select the important options as highlighted below, other options at your discretion: and finally click Import Data. Wait for a short while, then verify what you expect to see. Hopefully like me, you'll be a happy person! Enjoy! A huge thank you to Stephen Conner, Robin Richmond and Bob Cumberbatch for throwing light on this area, and certainly not least Darrin Lythgoe for making TNG so flexible and such a capable environment for our purposes! Cheers Ian Davidson
  13. Hi, Apologies for the long post but best to outline things from the start... Last night I needed to import GEDCOM into TNG and so I created a new tree. When I was taken back to the trees page, a blank entry was present and not one with my desired naming etc. Thinking that MAYBE it was blank because it didn't have any people loaded, I uploaded a GEDCOM to it. All completed normally BUT the blank entry was stil present. I deleted the tree and tried adding it again but the same thing happened. I went in with myphpADMIN and updated the column values manually so all the correct entries i.e. GEDCOM exists. Checking the people, families and trees all relationships appeared intact after which I logged out. Since then I have not been able to login, with either admin or normal users. IDs and passwords are correct as I use a password manager. Finding a number of similar (but old) 'login failed' posts I: Entered my email address and went through the forgot user name process. I received the correct userid but unable to login. Entered my email address and userid sent to me and went through the forgot password process. I got "The e-mail address and username you provided do not match any user account currently on record. No information has been sent." In the event that the email field was somehow corrupted I modified it using myphpADMIN but to no avail. Looked at the password field for admin in the users table and it is the same as the value in a DB export I performed a couple of months ago. I then changed the password of another admin user to 'password' and the password type to 'none' but the same thing. This last GEDCOM I imported was generated using Legacy V0.9. I've imported in the past using Ancestry GEDCOMs with no problem. Could this be character set related? I'm stumped.... Thanks and any assistance you can provided will be greatly appreciated.
  14. If this is addressed already, apologies... I have created a "user defined tag or fact" for specific individuals in my "desktop database" currently using "Legacy Family Tree". I never update or append my existing TNG database online, rather I upload a clean copy each time I upload/update to TNG. What I want is to add some sort of identifier to the individual that I have "tagged" such that when you view the person in TNG that person is readily identifiable as "different". For example, on the "Individual Screen" you see now the persons Name, Born, Baptized, Gender, etc. I'd like to add a field for the tag I've created, as a for instance, "STRAY" or "OTHER" or "NOT RELATED" ... or even change the font color of the name or background based on this single "custom tag" that gets imported. I need someway to differentiate on the individual screen, the family screen and the group sheet. If this makes no sense, please tell me and I'll try to better explain.
  15. andrewfindlay

    FH GEDCOM Import Failing

    I have exported a Gedcom from Family Historian 6 and then imported into TNG 12 following all the advice on the FH and TNG help pages, user groups, wikis etc. However all that will import are 520 people (of over 6,000) and they are fragmented, with links only going one generation. I have checked the exported Gedcom, cleared trees, made new trees and anything else I can think of, with no result. Only thing that worked was exporting a Gedcom based on a diagram of 469 people. Is there a setting in TNG that is limiting the number of people imported? If not, does anyone have any other ideas?
  16. Hi All, I am new to TNG and have just set up our genealogy site. When I loaded up the Gedcom file the Dad's side and Mom's side is wrong. It's as if the system is using my mother as the starting point. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks in advance, Dave
  17. As my actual database (not TNG) contains stories and notes. I have chosen NOT to export them to TNG via gedcom, however, all events for individuals ARE exported and appear on individual pages. This would be items like "obituary", "medical notes", "fact events", "hospital", "funeral home", etc. All of this shows on "public" pages. Is there a way to keep this information available BUT set it such that ONLY a registered user would be able to view the information. Apologies if the answer is here already, just can't find it.
  18. Is it possible to import a GEDCOM file from the command line? So I can script the import when I export from my main database? I have TNG 12 on an Ubuntu server.
  19. I have looked around and I am sure this has been asked many times...I am starting from scratch due to my hosting account being hacked. I downloaded my GEDCOM from Ancestry which I had spent many hours researching and documenting my family history and added a large amount of media. When I downloaded the Ancestry file, and uploaded it to TNG, non of the media came with it. Instead, it shows a generic icon and it links back to Ancestry to download a document ...or more frustrating is a file name on the TNG site (see below) Some of these photos I no longer have. Is there some way to DL from ancestry to include the media files......or some sort of work around? Over the years, I have used several PC's and I would have to search all of them individually to try and recreate what I had. Many thanks, Dan
  20. I am creating a new version of my TNG website and testing it on my wampserver before deploying it. I converted a Family Tree Maker 2017 gedcom file using the gedcom_converter_v12.0.0.13 and placename_format_v12.0.0.4 mods. I am very pleased with the result. Particularly the ability to import 'citation' links which show up as thumbnail-media-links right below the relevant source citations in the 'Sources' section of an individual's page. I think this looks cool and would also be convenient for anyone trying to understand what my sources were rather than just a written citation. I would be 100 percent happy if not for one vexing problem. When I click any of these links, the media displays as it should, but then there are two PHP errors at the bottom of the page. Warning: mysqli_free_result(): Couldn't fetch mysqli_result in C:\wamp64\www\mywebsite\tng\tngconnect.php on line 81 Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc(): Couldn't fetch mysqli_result in C:\wamp64\www\mywebsite\tng\tngconnect.php on line 50 Of course, the file size of this media is very large and I intend to take care of that later, but that has nothing to do with the errors. In fact, if I deleted all the 'citation' links to this media and just left a 'person' link, the errors would go away, but then the thumbnails will not display below the citations either. I know very little about PHP, but I suspect that the errors are probably caused by my PHP configuration with my wampserver, but that is only a guess. I hate to upload this to my actual website and still see these errors there. In my wampserver, I checked PHP > PHP extensions > and there I see 'php_mysqli' checked, so that means it's alright?? Right? My php version is 5.6.38 and the TNG Diagnostics tab shows all green checks. TNG V12.1 My hope is that someone with greater knowledge than I will be able to help me solve this problem for which I would be very grateful https://thebrownfamilytree.info .
  21. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+). This version changes the way in which meta keywords are generated, using a list of GEDCOM tags instead of individual tags in the mod parameters. So now...any custom event's value can be added to meta keywords by adding its GEDCOM tag to the list. Aliases (tag: ALIA) and nicknames (tag: NICK) are supported by default. Other useful tags might include occupation (tag: OCCU) or married name (commonly _NAMM). Individual names and nicknames entered in TNG still have built-in support. This version also adds HTML encoding to keyword values to correct cases where a quoted nickname or other instances of special characters are included in a name or event value. This version is optional for Simple SEO mod users. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  22. Hi all - We are seeing a strange thing happening with external links to images. After importing the ancestry.com gedcom the media items appear to be correctly linked to their respective People and Families. However, the button to "View item..." is not appearing. I'll try to describe the behavior with a bunch of screen snips. (main Question is at end of this post.) This first image shows what is happening when viewing the photo. The external photo is not loading. I'm not really worried about the filename not showing the entire URL. This is likely because Ancestry doesn't allow it. That's fine but isn't the problem. In the Edit screen TNG shows the full URL and the "external checkbox" unselected. When I click the external checkbox the URL field is blanked out. After I either, 1) leave the box unchecked and paste in the Owner/Source, or 2) check the box and re-paste the Media URL I get the View Item... button as expected. My question is: Is there a way to correct the condition where these external links are not displaying the View Item button correctly? ///Bob
  23. Hi there, I contribute to a RM-7 database that interfaces, for people like me, to the internet via TNG 12.0.3. On occasion, I like to aggregate research from this database with content in the FamilySearch Family Tree. What I notice, if I manually download a 4-generation GEDCOM via TNG and manually upload same to FamilySearch Family Tree, is that the sources aren't listed and therefore also aren't linking to facts in FamilySearch Family Tree. Just to be clear though, these sources ARE apparent in TNG and properly associated with their respective facts. [EDIT....... New info since posting this 15 min ago..........] I just chatted with Diana via RootsMagic website "chat" feature. She tells me this is a known issue that can't be resolved until FamilySearch fixes its application programming interface (API). What options does this leave us in the interim? Until this API issue is resolved at FamilySearch, or maybe even after; I oftentimes wonder if there's potential for an automatic or semi-automatic means of providing a FamilySearch Family Tree person profile with a URL that is unique to an individual's profile on a TNG website (where primary sources may be more plentiful). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  24. Pyrenees Pirate

    Connecting Media to Sources

    Hello again, I really like the TNG website builder and I have started to build my site!! I have imported a Gedcom from Family Historian 6, I have customized the template page with my photos and I have linked the mapping tool. Fantastic. However, I am having a few problems with attaching my media files to the sources on TNG. I have setup an identical directory structure in TNG as I have in FH6 (screen dump attached) I did the following..... Copied across FH6 Media Directory in full to Photo directory Regenerated Gedcom in FH6 Deleted my current tree in TNG Set up new tree in TNG Reimported Gedcom via import facility in TNG…...all fine so far! Go to Media.....opened a source - Andrews Newspaper Cards and in the file name on site window it is showing "edia/Death Record/DR Andrews Newspaper Cards William Hayward Jul 1884.JPG " (screen dump attached) Any ideas please why it is knocking off the "M" from Media? Have I missed something? Am I doing this right? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in anticipation PP
  25. New Install over a previous installation with the same problems and more. I just could not get things working so I initiated a Scorched Earth Policy and wiped the folder and MySQL database. It didn't help This problem: 1. Page won't allow me to select either of the checkboxes, "Accept data for all new Custom Event Types Import Custom Event Types only (no data is added, replaced or appended)". See attached screenshot. 2. Therefore won't do anything with Uploading a GED whether from my Desktop or the Internal folder. My server is running ControlWeb Panel: CWP Pro 7. The PHP is presently PHP Version 5.6.37 but it could easily be upgraded through to 7.3 if there was a reason to do so. And this is what the Configure line looks like: Configure Command './configure' '--with-zlib' '--enable-soap' '--enable-exif' '--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php' '--with-config-file-scan-dir=/usr/local/php/php.d' '--enable-phar' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar' '--with-curl' '--with-iconv' '--with-mysql' '--with-mysqli' '--with-mysql=mysqlnd' '--with-mysqli=mysqlnd' '--with-mcrypt' '--with-imap' '--with-imap-ssl' '--with-gettext' '--with-xmlrpc' '--with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd' '--enable-posix' '--enable-ftp' '--with-openssl' '--enable-mbstring' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--with-kerberos' '--with-xsl' '--with-bz2' '--enable-zip' '--with-gd' '--with-libdir=lib64' '--enable-sockets' '--with-pcre-regex' '--with-mysql-sock=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' MySQL is MySQL version 10.1.39-MariaDB Browser is mostly Chrome (because something is broken in FF) but also FF at times. java version "1.8.0_191" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode) Not sure what other information you need so please feel free to ask. Oh, I have managed sites and servers before, been playing with this stuff for far too many years. I just can't work out why this page won't let me select buttons and successfully load up a GED.