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Found 21 results

  1. Sometimes I need 30 minutes to do some server work, sometimes I might need a whole lot of time. I’d like (as with Joomla) to be able to modify the maintenance mode message as I put the site into maintenance mode. See attached image from Joomla by way of an example. You could just have “Maintenance Mode - On/Off” and a free text box. Phil
  2. Having run a commercial site in the past, I like to give users a heads up if there's server performances issue or if I plan maintenance...just out of courtesy. I try to avoid sending emails out to this effect, so I have come up with some code I am going to use in my index.php file of the template I use whenever I need to.... So they'll see this and be able to dismiss it when they come to the home page. I think it would be great to put this in as a part of TNG itself...I could find myself using it for a lot of other things, like announcing more images etc...just to add a bit of excitement? I'm suggesting an alert that can remain on for a number of days, when you choose to use it, and before you put the site into maintenance mode. Phil
  3. Murray Short

    Signature Display Mod

    Was wanting help with maybe writing a report or creating a menu item that will show all persons with a signature file (treeID.personID.sig.jpg) present in the /photos/sigs folder. It's a great Mod, I want to be able to highlight on my site that this is a new feature. ** as of now, this record is on my local server only, not the live site. **
  4. Hello TNG team, I have a clean install of v. 12.0.3 and do not have any integrations, a couple small mods from the Community here is all. I was playing with New User Registration and noticed the following behavior. After the description is a proposed fix. Thank you for reading this. I look forward to the replies. ---Bob https://spanel.familyds.com/tng Pre Conditions: New user follows the Registration link and successfully submits a valid request. Procedure: The admin reviews the newly submitted access request and changes the username to something different than user submitted. Admin checks box to notify user upon activation with email. Admin submits (approves) the new registration. Post Conditions: The approval email is successfully generated, however the user name contained within is wrong. Instead of the modified user name the Admin approved, TNG continues to use the user-submitted user name. BUT the user name in the TNG database is properly changed to the Admin-approved text. Proposed design: Modify the User Review page with a listener on the field for user_name. If it is modified, the text that is used in the email is dynamically re-generated. This must apply whether or not the check box to notify user has been checked or not. Then, according to my understanding of how the current code works, the generated email notification will contain the correct user_name data matching the database. This design will allow the user to verify the text in the email that will be sent upon submission. Especially helpful for people that make small tweaks depending on who is registering.
  5. I see that "tng-v12" option isn't available yet as a tag for those entering new topics in the forum. Perhaps the admin can add that?! Thx.
  6. Brian Yare

    PHPMailer end of life

    I have received a notification to say that " Outdated script detected on: (my web site) This is a notification that the PHPMailer installation in /htdocs/TNG on hosting account (my account), is end of life (version 5.2.22). End of life software is susceptible to vulnerabilities and bugs, which could result in your site being compromised. Please ensure you obtain and install the latest updates from the software vendor as soon as possible. Some of the scripts may be included as part of another software installation. Contact the vendor if you require further advice. Should the installed software remain out of date we may have no option but to suspend your web hosting service." What can I do to prevent losing my hosting service? Brian
  7. libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile (solved) I had lots of these warnings in the apache error log. After some Googling I found that it could have something to do with a color profile in .png files. Some changes in libpng version 1.6+ cause it to issue a warning or even not work correctly with the original HP/MS sRGB profile, leading to the following stderr: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile So I used Graphic Converter (https://www.lemkesoft.de/) (I'm on Mac OS) and sanatised (i.e. removed EXIF, IPTC etc) all the PNG files in the /img folder. So far I have not seen this warning anymore. See also: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Libpng_errors Just to share if someone has seen this too in his logfile and want to get rid of it. Jan
  8. There is a link that points to a non-existent page. It is a test-wiki-page of Ken, if I am not mistaken. Perhaps you should correct that sometime. But it is not important See image. (Mod manager -> Analyzer -> Analyzer) Jürgen
  9. Renze

    My family tree website

    My website created with TNG and Wordpress. Without the TNG plugin for Wordpress. But with the explanation of Cees Kloosterman. https://petersohn.nl
  10. I'd like to know if TNG has any plans to become "Family Tree Connect certified" (https://familysearch.org/blog/en/familysearch-certified-partner-news/) Specifically, I'm interested in TNG becoming CONNECT certified versus just becoming ACCESS certified.  Are there any plans to support this connectivity? If so, any anticipated timeline for this support? I'm currently using TNG v9 and would immediately upgrade if the certification/connectivity with FamilySearch was available. Thanks.
  11. Merv

    Sticky Menu

    Hi All, Does anyone have any thoughts on implementing the option of sticky menus with TNG... https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/09/sticky-menus-are-quicker-to-navigate/ Our mobile sites already have them, and according to the above article, users prefer them because it makes a website easier to navigate. It may not be possible with all templates, but as an example, template 8 could work like this... This may be one way of how it could be implemented? http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/create-sticky-navigation http://codepen.io/Guilh/pen/JLKbn There are also sticky plugins and a CSS variable “position: sticky” that has been on the drawing board for a few years but still not recognised by all browsers
  12. Chris Lloyd

    Track your site visitors

    This may be of interest to some of you - I am using the free version of Hotjar which gives you some very interesting insights on visitors to your site and shows you what they look at in video format and tracks the way they look at the page(s) - you can find more info here: https://www.hotjar.com/
  13. I searched for "Bot-Trap Mod" on the community and Found 3,512 results. Something's wrong. The top page in the results has "bot" in the page source, but not "bot-". Was something changed recently or is this some user error?
  14. I had a user register for a username/password. I confirmed and completed her registration only later to find out that she misspelled her email address. What I want to do is correct the email address and resend the confirmation email that she is set up, since she will not get it at the wrong address. Is there already a way to resend her the confirmation email? If not, might I suggest that if you change a users email address that TNG would automatically populate an email with the new address and their username/password. Emails do change and this might be a way to handle the changes and send them a reminder of their login info. Thanks
  15. If a large number of names is associated with a source you'll see the [More individuals] to expand and show more. If someone is viewing this page I think there is a good chance they will miss this because it blends in too easily. It could be shown at the bottom (perhaps in Bold or a different colour) but wherever, it needs to be more obvious. Just a suggestion, thanks.
  16. I have a bit over 11,000 jpg files for my site, which is currently running on a wampserver on my local computer so I can learn about TNG before uploading my site to the Internet. After importing my Gedcom and the media associated with it, I used the Create Thumbnails feature in TNG to create thumbnails for all the images. TNG created thumbnails for roughly half of the files in the Photos folder. Does anyone have any idea why it would only pick up half the images? My next though was to just identify the ones that didn't have thumbnails and use Photoshop to create them. The problem with that idea is that TNG PREPENDS the thumb designator in the file name instead of APPENDING it. If the thumb designation was appended, then it would be a simple matter of sorting by file name and grabbing the images without a thumb. Any way this change might be considered in future versions?
  17. Hi Gustave, Can you correct the translation? from: Eintäge to: Einträge Thank you & kind regards Olaf
  18. Hi Gustave, 1.How can I get to my posted messages here in the forum.If I go to "messages" in the top right corner, than I get only the "inbox".Where can I find the outgoing messages??? 2.Also yesterday (my time), I tried to answer on the PM from you.Than I wanted to click into the "Reply to this conversation..."-field.But than the content of the field changed to " Drag files here to attach, or choose files.." and coudn't write an answer any more. very strange... kind regards Olaf
  19. Hi Gustave, sometimes is the URL http://tng.community not reachable, because we get here a time out screen. The cause is an IPv4 / IPv6 issue in our internet provider settings. Some users here have no problems. If I call up the site tng.community with mobile internet than it is OK. (So I do now ) But with my default internet provider there are the settings not good for this site! All other TNG sites we could call up without problems. Only those domain tng.community ( and all other at this server e.g. http://curbowfamily.com we can not call up. At all URLs we get 'time out' message. Sometimes at the day it works... Edit: I could set a new IPv6-adress in my dsl-router and solved so (I guess temporary) that issue. kind regards Olaf
  20. Hi Gustave, the function to insert a link with link text is not working. You can put a link in the messages (like in my signature), but it is not possible to use the Link-function to create a link with linktext. Maybe it is only not working in (my) Firefox? In Opera it is working. (see below) btw: the text here always get a paragraph (<p>) for each new line (return), is it possible to change it to break (<br />)? (I wrote this text in the text editor, so the text gets closer) btw:  isn't it possible to delete posts, if no one has answered yet?  I tried to delete the message in the community-feedback area, as I read, that  those bug reports should be posted here. The best genealogy software kind regards Olaf
  21. Hi Gustave, 1. How can I get to my posted messages here in the forum. If I go to "messages" in the top right corner, than I get only the "inbox". Where can I find the outgoing messages??? 2. Also yesterday (my time), I tried to answer on the PM from you. Than I wanted to click into the "Reply to this conversation..."-field. But than the content of the field changed to " Drag files here to attach, or choose files.." and coudn't write an answer any more. edit: It is only not working in (my) firefox-browser (v37.0.1) very strange... kind regards Olaf