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Found 41 results

  1. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Assign People Their Own Tree?

    I'm just curious what you all do, and yes, I know it's up to me, just looking for feedback. When you get a new person to your site, do you set them as the starting or home person? I was wondering because I don't follow every single line. So I might have a 1st to 3rd cousin or whatever that I have the basics on them and nothing else. Obviously, they can backtrack and find the line that goes further. Or I can leave it and set it with myself and they can find it. What do you do? Pros and cons?
  2. I'm using template 17, I have the extra links up top - Third and Fourth Link - I could, obviously delete them, or add another tree. I don't want to add additional trees or branches. So I was thinking maybe a blog? Or article format maybe? Is there a blog mod? What have you all seen or done with the extra link?
  3. Whenever I try to load a 1910 US Census record using Census Plus International I get the following message: Ancestry.com - 1910 United States Federal Census Series is US Federal Census dbid is = 7884 iid is = 31111_4327295-00124 No header columns found after 2nd if statement No header columns found after my 1st if statement No header columns found after new if statement No header columns found after 3rd if statement No header columns found after 4th if statement Any ideas? Thanks, Marc
  4. Juliemuirhead49

    Change needed for DNA section

    Is it possible that the DNA section be changed so that the test information is just the bits relevant to the person who took the test name, date (if known), where taken, gedmatch, haplogroups (if known) etc. Then link that person in the database and add the other info like MRCA, largest segment etc. This would mean then that a single Test could be added once and link to multiple people with all the relevant information. The current system just doesn't work, in order to add the data for the match you would need to add the test multiple times. Just looking now at one match on MyHeritage this person matches me, my dad, my daughter and more. In order to add this I would have to either add it at least 3 times to add the segment data (which is all different which is to be expected) etc or add it once and skip the segment data etc. Currently it is totally impractical to add test data with detail, I manage DNA kits for at least 7 family members at present across all the DNA testing sites and I really need to be able to add each test (1 per person per site) to the database and then link them to who they match with known details. Having tested at 2 sites and uploaded my atDNA to many others for myself I am looking at matches across 7 sites for me alone plus I have done mtDNA. Then theres the family ones on top.
  5. I have many miscellaneous photos of historic nature about my home town and county. Also, many articles about the history of same. I would like to find a way to incorporate them into TNG. I am not sure how to do this. I have linked photos, cemeteries, articles, letters and deeds to individuals. What do you do with things that are related to my ancestors but general in nature? Thanks, Larry Simpson
  6. nacsaszta

    Connections v13.1.0.7

    If a person's ID begins with no I (eg I5) but "ind..." (e.g. ind66755), it indicates an error: "Length: Bad Person1 ID - Pleease Go Back and Correct" Connections v13.1.0.7 developed by Michał Jarociński. I tried to change the ID hand using the "Utilities >> Research IDs" procedure, to the TNG only for the 90's number! TNG 13.1.2 + PHP 8.1 + TEMPLATE 12. Thank you in advance for help AND suggestion! Pál.
  7. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Video guide in Danish - relevant here?

    I've made a video guide that in 28 minutes explains the purpose of TNG and explains readme.html (that I've also translated fra A - Z) for people who have absolutely never tried to establish a website before. I.e. they are wondering how to get data from their local machine to the internet, don't know what FileZilla is, don't know what a host is and so on. But they a great genealogists, without a chance to distribute and share their results achieved for maybe 30 years. I want them to see how easy it actually is to get TNG up running - and save a lot of money every year to some companies. Everything is down to earth and explained slowly, so that everybody can follow it. The introductory text in my Danish FAQ is: "If you follow this link, you will get to a video guide where I explain the purpose of TNG and the whole basic installation. You'll discover how easy it is to get started. The guide is intended for users who have never worked with websites before. If you follow the guide, you'll end up with a website." I've sent a link to Darrin so he can see whether he finds it precise enough for him to distribute the link to his (new) customers. He is busy these days but will have a look as soon as possible. Would a link to the guide be relevant somewhere in this community? Are there programs that can translate the video so you enthusiasts can maybe understand it a tell me what you think about it? I have spent really much time recording it (it is my first video tutorial), so now I know how difficult it is.
  8. Rob Severijns

    Security / Privacy Question

    Hi all, My genealogy website is private and for now I want to keep it that way. I'm trying to prevent robots/crawlers etc from indexing, following and using my data. In order to achieve that I was thinking of modifying my .htaccess file by adding the followig: <FilesMatch ".(docx|pdf|png|jpeg|jpg|gif|mp4)$"> Header add X-robots-tag "noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nocache, notranslate, nosnippet, noyaca" </FilesMatch> Is this the correct way to do it? Do I still need to adjust my robots.txt / tngrobots.txt file too? I suppose that if the robots.txt / tngrobots.txt are set to follow and index this is blocked by the .htaccess settings or am I wrong? Is it still usefull to adjust my genlib.php with: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" /> or a slightly different code? I'm also using rel=”nofollow” in my external hyperlinks <a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://www.example.nl/” >Example</a> in cases where I need to link, but don’t want to be associated with the link target. I have read the articles in Security too and that's why I was looking into this. I know these are a lot of questions but hopefully relevant to other users too. Any comments and/or advise is welcome here. Rob
  9. Just installed the update to 13.1 from 12.x. All went well except, when I tried to log in, my Admin login failed. After panicking and tearing my hair for an hour or so, I discovered that the problem was that version 12.x would accept upper and lower case letters in the user name as being equivalent. However, 13.1 has (rightly so) eliminated this equivalency and insists that both the User Name and password match EXACTLY! Of course my browser had happily stored my login credentials precisely as I had entered them including the wrong case for one letter! Hope this helps someone.
  10. Hi there Not sure this is the right 'Forum' to add this, Sysops / Moderators please move appropriately, but PLEASE let me know it has been moved. There are two Mods relating (pun not really intended but it works 😀) which work well and each has their strong points. I'm happy to use either one. AND They work on TNG v13.1 .. Not sure they have been sorted for PHP v8 errors though 😁 The Mods are Relationship to Site Owner v12.0.0.6 Dev is Roger Moffat What appeals to me with this Mod is when the 'Relationship text' is clicked you are taken to the relationship Tab 'module' and a graphical display it shown. Relationship Display Mod v10.0.0.1 Devs are Jeff Robison & Gerald Leehan What appeals to me with this Mod is the ability to specify a 'Default Person' on the fly. I am wondering IF it would be possible to have the relationship shown on each of the 'Linked' pages Ancestors / Descendents & Timeline?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem getting my TNG import to not show people who are still alive. I've attached the settings I'm using, Not sure why this is happening. I'd appreciate your help. Bob
  12. lavoiep66

    Default Photo

    For some reason, after choosing and assigning and saving a default photo for an ancestor, it never shows up. I've used a JPG image in my photo editor, cropped the head and saved it as possible candidate for an ancestor. I then sign it to the ancestor as administrator, as the default photo and then save the results. I then refresh the ancestor page and the default photo is NOT THERE. I've noticed this problem on a number of cases. Almost all of my default photos work when assigned. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help
  13. Juliemuirhead49

    Problem/Bug found

    Hi I am having an issue with single parent families. When on the child on a public page if I click to go to the mothers page I get. I'm using v.13.0.4 "Error 404 - Not found Your browser can't find the document corresponding to the URL you typed in." Not sure if aware of this or if anyone else is getting it.
  14. 4lexsharpe

    Access to multiple tree

    Hi I have created 2 trees on my site and I have also created a 'guest' Account with restricted access to only one of the trees. If I login as this user and click on the 'Advanced' search button, both trees are visible and will return records from the tree not selected in the user setup 'Restrict the above rights to the following:' tree button? Any advice appreciated.
  15. Hi @Michel KIRSCH Love this new mod you have created.It even works out of the box with my private mods.. (Real Bonus).. Not sure if the intention was there for it to occur, it appears one cannot edit Events. Would that be something easily added?? I have attached a screen shot for you.. If I can be of any help please ask.. An Admirer Rick M
  16. Hi, I'm starting to get spam through TNG suggest form, which means such mails bypass my spam detection. I've tried to set the "nosuggest" flag, but the contact page is still shown and active. What is "nosuggest" flag meant for if not for this? Idea: add two alternatives to the contact form: Change it to a simple "mailto" link. Show a contact page with instructions on how to contact, preferably with the mail-address rendered on an image (not in clear text). ~Per
  17. Ed R

    New Site

    Hi, It has been about five years since I did my last website, (v10) so I am a little rusty. I primarily use Family Tree Maker and Ancestry to do my research. While I was on my genealogy break, I have collected many new photos and documents that need addition to my Family Tree Maker. This may take me months to complete. My question is, should I wait to set up my new website until all of my additions are complete in Family Tree Maker, or can I make updates to my online database as the work is completed? Thanks, Ed Reeners
  18. Hi ! When testing the vertical descendants chart I found some issues that may be bugs. 1. Suddenly there were two extra yellow arrows not connected to any box. 2. The horizontal lines going to the right to vertical lines going downwards don't meet completely. Attaching picture. The zoom feature works nicely but scaling of the lines when making the chart smaller makes them at some point disappear, maybe the line scaling should be limited to some minimum value. Best rgds, Claes
  19. I am curious to hear from some power users on how they are maintaining their places table. I have a smaller family tree that I have only had time to dabble in from time to time. I had started by transcribing a Great Aunt's family history from paper into a genealogy program called Brother's Keeper. But I converted to TNG when I found that it was easier for quick access anywhere I had internet access. Now as I go back and try to clean up my places to bring some consistency I cannot decide if I want to define places for particular street addresses or not. I would like to hear how others in the community approach the maintenance of their places.
  20. I've tried to enhance privacy by adding mods and by (considering) making mods described in your Protecting Access Log wiki article. Neither can be used because the majority of user roles have a limited admin status. I would like close relatives to be able to add and suggest modifications to my data, giving them a "Custom" user role. Their page access (template 12 info drop down menu) includes Admininistration (though as far as I can tell they then have no access to any of the administrator pages) and Access Log (which I would like to keep private and available only for the true Administrator, i.e., me). They also no longer have the convient menu option of "Contact Us". I tried to use a Hide Branches mod but it didn't seem to be working. Roy informed me, and now I see on the user roles in their setup screen that only Guest and Submitter roles "have no access to Admin area", so in my case, I cannot use the mod. Alternatively, I suppose, mod writers could be encouraged to include an option to true Administrators only, though I don't know how difficult or feasible this would be. (If the latter is the preferred solution, it would be helpful if wiki articles like Protecting Access Log would include code to execute for true Administrators, also.) I'd rather that users (other than me, the Administrator) not be able see other users' search history. So as not to seem unappreciative: TNG is a solution I've been looking for for years, being a longtime Rootsweb WorldConnect user, but not happy with the alternatives offered today. But needing to get my tree/database back online to help me share and collaborate with other genealogy researchers. The installation assistance through the readme file, and the support you make available through direct e-mail, readme, wiki, and forums is really impressive, and the display of information is very nice.
  21. Sometimes I need 30 minutes to do some server work, sometimes I might need a whole lot of time. I’d like (as with Joomla) to be able to modify the maintenance mode message as I put the site into maintenance mode. See attached image from Joomla by way of an example. You could just have “Maintenance Mode - On/Off” and a free text box. Phil
  22. Having run a commercial site in the past, I like to give users a heads up if there's server performances issue or if I plan maintenance...just out of courtesy. I try to avoid sending emails out to this effect, so I have come up with some code I am going to use in my index.php file of the template I use whenever I need to.... So they'll see this and be able to dismiss it when they come to the home page. I think it would be great to put this in as a part of TNG itself...I could find myself using it for a lot of other things, like announcing more images etc...just to add a bit of excitement? I'm suggesting an alert that can remain on for a number of days, when you choose to use it, and before you put the site into maintenance mode. Phil
  23. Murray Short

    Signature Display Mod

    Was wanting help with maybe writing a report or creating a menu item that will show all persons with a signature file (treeID.personID.sig.jpg) present in the /photos/sigs folder. It's a great Mod, I want to be able to highlight on my site that this is a new feature. ** as of now, this record is on my local server only, not the live site. **
  24. Hello TNG team, I have a clean install of v. 12.0.3 and do not have any integrations, a couple small mods from the Community here is all. I was playing with New User Registration and noticed the following behavior. After the description is a proposed fix. Thank you for reading this. I look forward to the replies. ---Bob https://spanel.familyds.com/tng Pre Conditions: New user follows the Registration link and successfully submits a valid request. Procedure: The admin reviews the newly submitted access request and changes the username to something different than user submitted. Admin checks box to notify user upon activation with email. Admin submits (approves) the new registration. Post Conditions: The approval email is successfully generated, however the user name contained within is wrong. Instead of the modified user name the Admin approved, TNG continues to use the user-submitted user name. BUT the user name in the TNG database is properly changed to the Admin-approved text. Proposed design: Modify the User Review page with a listener on the field for user_name. If it is modified, the text that is used in the email is dynamically re-generated. This must apply whether or not the check box to notify user has been checked or not. Then, according to my understanding of how the current code works, the generated email notification will contain the correct user_name data matching the database. This design will allow the user to verify the text in the email that will be sent upon submission. Especially helpful for people that make small tweaks depending on who is registering.
  25. I see that "tng-v12" option isn't available yet as a tag for those entering new topics in the forum. Perhaps the admin can add that?! Thx.