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Found 4 results

  1. Juliemuirhead49

    Change needed for DNA section

    Is it possible that the DNA section be changed so that the test information is just the bits relevant to the person who took the test name, date (if known), where taken, gedmatch, haplogroups (if known) etc. Then link that person in the database and add the other info like MRCA, largest segment etc. This would mean then that a single Test could be added once and link to multiple people with all the relevant information. The current system just doesn't work, in order to add the data for the match you would need to add the test multiple times. Just looking now at one match on MyHeritage this person matches me, my dad, my daughter and more. In order to add this I would have to either add it at least 3 times to add the segment data (which is all different which is to be expected) etc or add it once and skip the segment data etc. Currently it is totally impractical to add test data with detail, I manage DNA kits for at least 7 family members at present across all the DNA testing sites and I really need to be able to add each test (1 per person per site) to the database and then link them to who they match with known details. Having tested at 2 sites and uploaded my atDNA to many others for myself I am looking at matches across 7 sites for me alone plus I have done mtDNA. Then theres the family ones on top.
  2. Marc Bourgeois

    DNA - Fraudulent user access

    I have started loading DNA data to my website and this morning when reviewing my access log, I noticed IP address reviewing my DNA data. I checked and this address is classified as fraud risk by Scamalytics ( VPN ) Fraud Risk (scamalytics.com). My site requires an account to access, but I have always had a guest account for general restricted access and that how the IP accessed my site. I have never seen this IP before. Has anyone using the DNA feature seen this IP trying to access the DNA data? Other than Blocking this particular IP does anyone have a suggesting on how to ensure that DNA data remains safe?
  3. Ellen Marchese

    Upload DNA tests

    Hi, newbie here. I have looked through directions but cannot find where to upload DNA tests. I find information on how to do everything else related to it. I have 4 DNA tests to upload. thank you Ellen
  4. Can I search for a specific FACT in TNG? I would like to make a list of all people with a DNA-match. This FACT is identified in my Gedcom as "_DNA". Greetz from Germany Michael