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Found 30 results

  1. I have seen a few folks listed on this map of TNG Users by Google.. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1vWtrcOBfXUWDAoApHcRGAoZznSo&msa=0&ll=-39.012280712386264%2C175.29644032226577&spn=27.424492%2C62.578125&iwloc=lyrftr%3Amsid%3A214515488343126797248.0004da2ba07e970abf091%2C0004eea67ced74d8249d0%2C-34.7550065%2C149.7163781%2C0%2C-3&z=7 I recall reading about it somewhere but don't remember where. Does anyone know how to get onto it or who to contact to do so?? Thanks in advance
  2. Has anyone using TNG installed the Cookiebot consent banner and widget for the GDPR and CCPA requirements. The scripts need to be added to the HEAD tag and be the 1st script. No obvious place for it to be added in the admin sections so I am guessing that it would need to be added in the topmenu.php
  3. Rob Roy

    Forum Improvement

    How about adding a new section to the forum called Tips and Tricks. This would be a place for users of TNG to post good ideas they have discovered. Ways to Improve the look and feel of their sites.
  4. 4lexsharpe

    Blank page after update

    If I choose to edit a record from the public home pages The following page 'admin_editperson.php?personID=I73&tree=Lat1&cw=1' loads showing all the details. If I make a change and select save & close window the 'admin_updateperson.php' loads but with a blank screen. This has only started to happen today. In fact it seems to happen for any form I update from the public pages.
  5. I'm wondering if there is a way to sort the responses to questions?? I have had a bit of a nosey round and cannot see anything.. I would like to have the latest answer at the top when I click into a Question.. CHeers
  6. Robin Richmond

    Rating answers to questions

    Forums like this usually have a way for users to rate answers to questions, though there doesn't seem to be an explicit concept of "answer" in this forum, so I suppose that I'm just asking about the ability to upvote posts. I see the "reputation" rating in user profiles, and that's usually tied to user ratings of user posts, but I don't see a way to actually rate or upvote a post. Is it there? Is it suppressed?
  7. I'm not really sure whether these two questions are independent from each other. I thought that I remembered an explicit way to invite people to a TNG Community conversation, but I don't see it now. What's the best way to do o.? I'm thinking that if I want to invite multiple people, I need to grab the Share link on a post, compose a email message independently of the Community, and then paste the link into that message. I'm only inviting one person, I can create a message within in the TNG Community, but I think that I still have to grab and paste that Share link. And if I do send a message to a user, does that message become part of a public conversation, or is it private? - Robin
  8. users should terminate and log out in the normal course. In many cases, the process is just kept in the background when other activities are in use. In any case there should be time limit to terminate the process say 5 minutes to process terminate automatically or call a reminder if the user want to continue. Is there any code or mode for for this situation? Thanks Kris
  9. Hi, Apologies for the long post but best to outline things from the start... Last night I needed to import GEDCOM into TNG and so I created a new tree. When I was taken back to the trees page, a blank entry was present and not one with my desired naming etc. Thinking that MAYBE it was blank because it didn't have any people loaded, I uploaded a GEDCOM to it. All completed normally BUT the blank entry was stil present. I deleted the tree and tried adding it again but the same thing happened. I went in with myphpADMIN and updated the column values manually so all the correct entries i.e. GEDCOM exists. Checking the people, families and trees all relationships appeared intact after which I logged out. Since then I have not been able to login, with either admin or normal users. IDs and passwords are correct as I use a password manager. Finding a number of similar (but old) 'login failed' posts I: Entered my email address and went through the forgot user name process. I received the correct userid but unable to login. Entered my email address and userid sent to me and went through the forgot password process. I got "The e-mail address and username you provided do not match any user account currently on record. No information has been sent." In the event that the email field was somehow corrupted I modified it using myphpADMIN but to no avail. Looked at the password field for admin in the users table and it is the same as the value in a DB export I performed a couple of months ago. I then changed the password of another admin user to 'password' and the password type to 'none' but the same thing. This last GEDCOM I imported was generated using Legacy V0.9. I've imported in the past using Ancestry GEDCOMs with no problem. Could this be character set related? I'm stumped.... Thanks and any assistance you can provided will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Krisamd

    extrapgs in tng12.3

    I have several user pages created in TNG10.1.1 and put under TNG>extrapgs>xxx.php I am unable to understand how to modify the files as indicated in "TNG V12 Change Impact" - Impact on user Created Pages. One such page for example: <?php include( "../begin.php"); if( !$cms['support'] ) $cms['tngpath'] = "../"; include($cms['tngpath'] . "genlib.php"); $textpart = "getperson"; include($cms['tngpath'] . "getlang.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "$mylanguage/text.php"); $link = tng_db_connect($database_host,$database_name,$database_username,$database_password) or exit; include($cms['tngpath'] . "checklogin.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "log.php" ); tng_header( $text[help], $flags );?> I will appreciate feed back Kris
  11. Hello, I am looking for option to give a user acccess to sone branches, not only one? ENo
  12. Hi, I wrote a java app to automatically add IDs to people. If anybody is interested, please read the following and tell me. How do you organize your data? I started by applying an ID to each person using initials of a descendant and the ancestor count from there. (Ahnen-ID in picture) Example: For "Adam Bennet" this would result in Himself AB-0001, His father AB-0002, His mother AB-0003, His grandfaher AB-0004 I am sure you get the pattern... Later I added reference IDs to sources like CV2-6658 which means second book on Charleville, person ID 6655 (Quellenreferenz in picture). Now I wrote a java app to attach events to each person that show exactly these IDs in TNG. Is anybody interested in this app? You will need at least good skills in administering TNG direct access to your database a little SQL knowledge and have to use MySQLWorbench or eg. dbViszualizer to access the database directly a little programming skills and installation of eclipse development environment. Jan ps: I modified the ancestors PDF generation as well to show theses IDs. This is very useful:
  13. Brett

    Identify Mods affecting pages

    Recently there have been some forum posts regarding conflicts on some sites, mainly due to Mod changes. It is not always easy to identify which Mods affect which pages. I would like to highlight Show Mod Names by Robin Richmond as a working solution. Show Mod Names lists mods (utilising the Mod) that affect the files used by the running program. While it does not identify errors, it can save some time, as it is not as necessary to uninstal all the Mods when finding the error Mod. It is only needed to uninstall those Mods affecting the page the error occurs on. If Mod developers would look into incorporating this into their Mods, it could benefit TNG admin users in identifying or reporting error detail. An example on the getperson.php is shown. No details print and the view is only available to logged in Admins.
  14. Hello ! I can't remember how to edit my signature in this forum. I don't see it in my profile editing. Who can help please ?
  15. ojay


    Hi Gustave, there is missing the German "translation"? for minutes or only the number (of the minutes value) is missing. German view: Link: https://screenshots.firefox.com/suRhYHnvbFqgL13x/tng.community English view: https://screenshots.firefox.com/5DpaZmeCKFrh9H2u/tng.community also in hours display: This issue is also in the other languages visible. Except in English. kind regards Olaf
  16. Helmer

    ID number

    I want to create a database in which I can do all deeds, photos and documents in a folder per person, for these folders I want to use the ID number of this person. Now my question remains the ID number always the same of a person, or changed this ID number when I add new people in my family tree. Greetings Helmer Zandbergen www.helmerzandbergen.nl
  17. I see that "tng-v12" option isn't available yet as a tag for those entering new topics in the forum. Perhaps the admin can add that?! Thx.
  18. Masterhistorian

    New user: Temp 15 Error

    I am very new but Iam learning as i go. I was in admin setup and the whole right sidebar and underneath main photo just vanished. I t at the time messing with anything. I've compared index, and other files and they all match up. Ideas on what could have happened? Also were would I go to add background image to entire site. and would this be the appropriate code Background-image:url (); for the body
  19. snerd

    I'm Back!!

    I was perusing some very old bookmarks this morning, and saw this site from way back in 2004!!! I remembered buying I think version 6 at the time, maybe that was 2008, not too sure. I see that I still have the files in an archive folder from back then lol!! So I went ahead and bought a new license for v 11 and am excited to do it right this time! I just wanted to say hi to everyone, this brought back a lot of memories from over 12 years ago! Good to be back, and I'll have many questions to come. Mike
  20. Firefox is reporting the community sites as insecure with incorrect certification. While I have made the site an exception I am wondering what, if anything, can or should be done about this. Presumably other users have come across the same issue.
  21. Jimatl

    Mod to send updates

    Hi, I put a detailed report in the What's new additions corrections for my family to read is there a way to take that page create a email with the information and sent to a list and post it into my family's facebook group page I currently maintain a email list in excel of who want to be emailed I create a update report of what records have been update I cut and paste into TNG then I create an email paste the the info and email and create a post manually in facebook One thought I had is create a Media Item called updates using histories as a template create a document and paste the info into the body and save, is there a way to have the contents of the document sent to a email list and Post to facebook Another thought is there a Mod that creates a blog or a wall where I can post updates and notify by email of updates. or create a blog on blogspot and have a interface to view and post to the external bog Thanks Jim
  22. I searched for "Bot-Trap Mod" on the community and Found 3,512 results. Something's wrong. The top page in the results has "bot" in the page source, but not "bot-". Was something changed recently or is this some user error?
  23. Dieter Plassmann

    Modern touch for genealogy

    Dear TNG community, I plan to launch a site to stimulate (beside the older generation) the younger generation in my family. So far an aunt of mine has organised family meetings and created a huge word document with the family history. This contains tree charts for the diverse branches and a single page with characteristics, contact details and stories for each person. Now we would like to bring thinks to the next and following generation with a more modern approach with a family web site. So far I have been looking at TNG and webtrees. Both with an impressive feature set. However both lack on social network functions and addressing to reach out for the younger generation, who interacts with instagram, whatsapp, wechat (QR code), Facebook URL, LinkedIn URL, etc. Browsing through the forums I found the people want to stick strictly to the GEDCOM specification, which does not include such data fields per person. Even the address is an “event” that may include an e-mail, phone number and URL, which sound weird for me. Actually I’m looking for a simple solution that allows me to add some of those attributes to the living persons of today. Because those are the ones I would like to share the work with and those I would like to support to communicate easy to each other. If all else fails I’m thinking of setting up a Wordpress page for each person on which I can include such attributes and link those as “address” event to genealogy site. I would wonder, if there is a simpler (rather integrated) solution that some one can point me to. Thanks a lot for you help. With best regards Dieter
  24. Gustave

    Community Support

    Support / Feedback / Bugs We have enabled a support queue, which will allow you to submit questions to TNG Community Administrators. Please use this support queue to obtain help related to this site. The feedback and bugs area is still here, just placed under the support menu.
  25. Hi Gustave, I send you (and Darrin) long time ago a favicon suggestion for this site. Maybe you could upload it or create such similar icon? Kind regards Olaf