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Found 140 results

  1. Hi, I need your help please. I want to integrate a new page that should be accessible only for logged in users. I have built the page with the historytemplate.php, it works fine. Also the integration in the menu bar worked well. What code do I need to integrate at the top of the page that checks if the visitor is logged in? If he is NOT logged in, he should be redirected to the login page. Thanks and have a nice weekend Jürgen ----------------------- I think I have found my mistake. I had inserted the code: if (!$currentuser && !$_SESSION['currentuser']) {header('location: ../login.php'); exit;} before include( "../tng_begin.php"); But it must be inserted BELOW this line, then everything works as desired. Learning by doing ...😁 Jürgen
  2. I am using TNG 13.0.3, template 12! under Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings I enter the following in "Left image caption": ....<center> Family Landgraf and Eckart from Hawaii in 1905 <br> <hr> <hr> <div class = "header"> Info </div> <br> </center> <hr> <! - Start Log In button (Language Switching) -> </p> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="login.php"> &#x1f512; Login </a> </div> <! - End Log In button–> <! - Start Register button (Language Switching) -> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="newacctform.php"> &#9998; Register </a> </div> <! - End Register button–> </center> <! - Start suppress login and registration chapter once user logged in–>..... So far so good! If I now go to save, the index page is completely shifted! I know it has to do with these characters (& # x1f512; and & # 9998;, (because as soon as I leave it out, everything is saved)) How can I elegantly solve this so that these symbols remain ??? I would be grateful for a solution! Thank you!
  3. Rob Severijns

    (Solved) Java Script issue

    Hello, I'm having a problem loading pages in TNG. The issue has been around for more then a year now and is starting to annoy me. Login to my website works just fine but when I go to a sub-page like the getperson I get an error. The expand/collapse buttons don't work and the eventmap doesn't load. The getperson doesn't load properly until I have loaded several other pages and this process can take up to 3 minutes. I think the problem is visible in the screenshot. It says that the jquery-3.4.1.min.js and jquery-ui.min.js fail to load. Java Script is enabled. Anyone any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance, Rob Windows 10 Home, MS Edge TNG 13.0.3, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7 Update: Used another browser with the same result. Did a login via another machine and the error didn't occur. Must be in the settings on my laptop but still no clue to what's causing it 😪
  4. pdwight

    Menus organize

    I would like to arrange the TNG menus left and right. I have 4 dropdowns 'File' 'Media' 'Info' 'Other' and I want to put 'Other' on the left or before 'Info'. I think I have the hang of adding and moving menu links up and down (vertical) but can not find what makes the Main Menus lists move left or right (horizontal). Using TNG 12.0.2 Template 12 …...paul
  5. After I updated my online web site to ver. 13.2, the Public Access mode is not showing any text on the Admin_genconfig.php page. (See image.) The Mod still seems to work and I can figure out the selections by looking at the Wampserver page on my computer. It is still on Ver. 13.0 and working correctly. However, that's a rather awkward way to set things up. I've tried manually adding the $text entries to text.php in both English language folders, but that didn't help. I have the following Mods installed: Google Maps - More Place Levels Image Captcha Mod Open my Page Open Street Map OSM Auto Geocoding Mod Settings Block Regroup Person: Profile, Branch, Date place, No living, and Sources User Footer Copyright They all installed correctly and are functioning as expected. Would appreciate any suggestions and also wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  6. 4lexsharpe

    Blank page after update

    If I choose to edit a record from the public home pages The following page 'admin_editperson.php?personID=I73&tree=Lat1&cw=1' loads showing all the details. If I make a change and select save & close window the 'admin_updateperson.php' loads but with a blank screen. This has only started to happen today. In fact it seems to happen for any form I update from the public pages.
  7. webbirder

    Simile Timeline band colour

    How do I change background color for the 4 bands in Simile Timeline? I have tried changing values in timeline.css and timeline-bundle.css, but there are no visible effects. My TNG version is 13.0.1.
  8. ^maikl11

    link leads nowhere

    Hello everybody, I want to create a page where you only search for the last name. The file (searchsurname.php) is located in the main directory. On my index page there is a button "Surname Search" on the left. (https://ahnenklein.com) But this link leads nowhere. I am using this code: <! - Start Search button–> </p> <div class = "mybutton"> <a href="searchsurname.php"> & # 128270; Surname Search </a> </div> <! - End Search button–> Where am I making a mistake? I would be grateful for any help. I use Template12, TNG 13.0.2
  9. Hello, When importing a Gedcom file of over 140,000 records we have several consecutive two or three commas in the "PLACE" field, and also accented characters which are transformed into weird characters. The GEDCOM export file is well encoded (ANSI). It is approximately 30% of the registrations which would have to be corrected. In short, is it possible to do a kind of "Search & Replace" in the places? Example I put a command to replace ",,," by ","? Thanks for your help !
  10. Hi Everyone! I hope this is in the right place! I'm following the instructions for using SimpleSAML as a method to create single sign-on between TNG and Media WiKi. So far, I have everything working including testing the SSO "admin" source. However, I can not get the "authsources" code that is mentioned on the WiKi integration page Single sign-on integration with SimpleSAMLphp - TNG_Wiki (lythgoes.net) to work - whether I modify the code or not, I get the same error: SimpleSAML\Error\ConfigurationError: The configuration (config/authsources.php) is invalid: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ')' I am using PHP 7.2 and my suspicions are that something has changed with the upgrades in PHP and there must be something that needs to be changed or is missing in order to make the code work. I am not a code writer but I have been somewhat successful getting some code to work. Unfortunately, this one I am afraid I can not. So, any PHP code writers out there that want to take a look at this and let me know what I'm missing? the code is below. Many thanks! Dave Authsource code: $config = array( 'tngidpauth' => array( 'tngextauth:External', 'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=yourdatabasename', 'username' => 'yourdatabaseusername', 'password' => 'yourdatabasepassword', 'tngpath' => '/home/example/public_html/tng/', // the TNG path from (and including) the 'home' directory; ends with a slash. 'loginpage' => 'http://example.com/tng/login.php', // full URL to TNG's login page. 'logoutpage'=> 'http://example.com/tng/logout.php', // full URL to TNG's logout page. ), /* Other authentication sources follow. */
  11. XerxX

    Empty map in showmap.php

    Hi all, I get a completely empty map in showmap.php and a PHP Notice. Can someone please check/confirm this using TNG 13.0.x. I found it using TNG 13.0.2 (never checked it with 13.0.1) This can be done with the OSM mod (I did) but not with Google maps. But as I don't have a Google map key I simply entered 123 for the map key, forcing the "Oops!" message: I select menu Find -> Cemeteries I select a cemetery by expanding it as much as possible: I click "Sånga kyrkogård" and I get an empty map! And this is the PHP Notice I get: [21-Dec-2020 11:05:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: place in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/TNG13/googlemaplib.php on line 77 This does not happen in my TNG 12.3 online installation. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation! Erik
  12. Hi all, While sometimes using date modifiers like bef, abt, between dates etc. i recognized that while using that kind of dates together with a place name, the date does not fit in the field, as a result it creates another line in that date field/column...see the attached picture. I would like to have it like Bef 01 Jan 1821, in 1 row. How to achieve this? I think it should be a simple code change to extend that field size, but i can not find that specific code where to change that? Someone? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Regards, Sandor
  13. marcirish

    Suppress showing some fields

    I have a number of fields that I import from my Reunion 12 database. These fields are really flags to indicate various things, like Died Young, Veteran, Has a Signature and the like. I use these flags to generate reports on people who have this flag set. These flags also show up under events for a person. I would like to suppress these items from showing up on the GetPerson Page but keep them active in the database for use on reports. Is this possible. https://marcirish.us Thanks. Marc
  14. Brett

    Mod Manager changing code

    I have a clean install of TNG13 with no changes and no Mods installed. It is running on WAMPSERVER 3.2.3, PHP 5.6.40 - 7.4.9, MySQL 5.7.31. When I install a Mod affecting getperson.php, lines 197, 200 and 203 are modified, even when those lines are not a Location in the Mod. It is always the same 3 lines, no matter which Mod is installed. Those lines, on a clean getperson.php end with a blank. Mod Manager removes the blanks on installing the Mod but does not return them when the Mod is uninstalled. I have tested this with several Mods. One to try is Collapse Family Children. Why is Mod Manager making these unnecessary changes? Additionally, shouldn't Mod Manager return any changes to how it was before the Mod was installed?
  15. There is unfortunate conflict between the two mods: Regroup Person Profile ( and Fixed Family Tab ( concerning line 583 of getperson.php (13.0.1). It's quite easy to resolve the problem temporarily, but of course it could be better to have it definitely correlated by the authors. Both mods are extremely useful and both are among my favourites for years. I wonder why they are still not included in TNG... Best regards Michal
  16. The DNA table in the getperson-page has a bigger font size as all the other tables on that page. Css class definition for the DNA table is "table.whiteback.tfixed", all other tables have "table.whiteback.tfixed.normal". I dont know where to change. Templapte is 19. Pls Hlp. Regards Walter
  17. Rob Severijns

    Show photo's on one row

    Hello everyone, I always save all my documents as a .jpg file so the generating of thumbnails is easy and I always have thumbnail available. If you go to Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings>>Media>> and set “Show photo's on one row” to Yes all photo's on the person page appear on one row. Except for photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event (See picture) With this in mind I asked Darrin of this was intended. Here's what he said. Since I save all my documents as a .jpg file I wanted to see those on one row too. This is for those who save their documents as a .jpg file too. If you want to see the photo's (documents) on one row too (see picture below) do the following: Make sure you make a backup of your personlib.php. Edit your personlib.php file. Find the line (somewhere around 1012) that says : if(count($media) > 1 && ($mediatypeID == "photos" || in_array($mediatypeID, $mediatypes_like['photos']))) { and change it into: if(count($media) > 1) { Make sure to use the closing bracket after the 1 for otherwise it will generate an error 500. (happend to me 😞) If you reload your person page the photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event will appear on one row. Unfortunately I'm not able to write a mod so after an update/upgrade this needs to be reapplied. HTH Rob
  18. Can anyone tell me where the code is to set the default opening option for the Get Person page? On my online site (still testing, not public) it is defaulting to Personal Information instead of All. On my computer (Wamp server) it defaults to All which is what I want. TNG version is updated to ver 13 and I have added the most recently updated files as well. So far to troubleshoot I uninstalled and deleted all mods and loaded a fresh getperson.php file, but it still defaults to Personal information, so I'm assuming the code is in another file. Help please.
  19. Michel KIRSCH

    Working with search function of TNG

    Hi Moders and Programmers ! I would like to write a Mod that would allow to insert a link to a individual of the genealogy into a note. For this, I would like to use TNG's search function (the one we usually use to search for a spouse or a child we would like to add). This search function is called with a button : <input type="button" value="Person Search" onclick="return findItem('I','hiddennote' , 'mynote' , '' , '' );"> findItem() is a function from selectutils.js So I create a button, a text field (mynote) and a hidden field (hiddennote) in the note editing window. It works very well, the search window opens and I can select a person in the genealogy. The return URL is in the form : http://....../admin_editperson.php?personID=I5&tree=KC1&cw=1# The problem is that I don't know where and when this "admin_editperson.php" is inserted in the URL. I would have to replace it by "admin_editnote.php" to be able to intercept the result... Can someone help me? Thank you Michel
  20. Rob Severijns

    Login issue

    I have an issue when trying to login. Normaly if I press the login button on the startpage https://www.severijns.family/index.php I should be directed the the login screen. In my case I'm directed to: https://www.severijns.family/index.php# Basicly my startpage ending with a # I saw the underlying code looks like this: <a href="#" onclick="return openLogin('ajx_login.php?p=');" title="Login" class="tngsmallicon" id="log-smicon">Login</a> If I change the code into: <a href="login.php" onclick="return openLogin('ajx_login.php?p=');" title="Login" class="tngsmallicon" id="log-smicon">Login</a> logging in works but not via the login popup. I have no clou what the side effects of the code change will be but maybe someone can shed a light on this. I also have no idea where to permanently change the code so if someone could tell me that too that would be really nice 😊 Rob Using TNG 13.0
  21. Brett

    Mod: Click Counter II Email Notify

    On rare occassions, I receive the 'download not authorized email' where the Mod requested does not match the Wiki page. email subject: Download not authorized: Hide Admin DNA TNG11+ Hide Admin DNA TNG11+ was requested by User:Anonymous IP: (xxx.xxx.xx.xx) Country: France Region: City: TNG Wiki page is: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Insert_Children_Gender I have not been able to replicate this myself. Do any other Mod developers using Click Counter II Email Notify notice this? Does anyone have an idea of what may be occurring?
  22. Hello all I have been away for several years but have now updated my TNG to version 12.3. My old reports doesn't work anymore. One error I have fixed. The call "mysql_num_rows()." in the file showreport.php I changed tomysqi_num_rows() That was appearantly fine, but now I get another error... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$textpart' (T_VARIABLE) in /customers/6/6/5/binatech.se/httpd.www/tng/showreport.php on line 1 FYI, the file showreport.php was upgraded together with everything else to TNG 12.3 (the date on the file) This is my Diagnostic screendump Thanks for any help. // Ove Tegnér
  23. RLByrd

    Emailed reports

    I've been fiddling about with creating a method to email a birthday report using the existing codebase. The idea would be to create a cron job that sent out an email with birthdates, death dates, etc., that occurred on the current date. While I could do this using curl or wget and then using sed to change a few bits and pieces of the html that is generated, it would be much more user-friendly is there were a mod to email reports out in the codebase or as a modification. Does anyone else do this kind of thing, and if so, how?
  24. rcpettit

    Add citation section

    Is there any plans to add a citations section to the admin area. It seems a waste of space to have multiple copies of a citation in the database and having to edit them individually if you make an error.
  25. users should terminate and log out in the normal course. In many cases, the process is just kept in the background when other activities are in use. In any case there should be time limit to terminate the process say 5 minutes to process terminate automatically or call a reminder if the user want to continue. Is there any code or mode for for this situation? Thanks Kris