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Found 24 results

  1. Hello dear community! I am still new here, however I have already been able to look at many hints. I build my website with Wordpress (AVADA) based on the principle of Cees Klostermann. What I like about TNG's pre-made template 12 is the "surname cloud (Top 100 Surnames in familiytree). I would like to install (or link) this on the homepage (site HOME) of the website with an element of the Fusuion Site Builder. I've been quite worried about that ... but I can not find a way. Is that even possible or does anyone have an idea? Or are there other alternatives of such a representation? I really do not want to use the tag cloud as a widget. An interface with adoption from the surnames of the ancestors would be my idea. Thanks in advance! Tom
  2. I have just noticed an issue with my live site that was not an issue a while ago. I have changed a few thing since I last know it was working, so I cannot yet identify what has caused it. Before I spend more time delving, I wondered if anyone else has found the same problem, or has any ideas. I use Chrome but I see the the same issue with Edge. The site uses TNG v.10.1.2; WordPress 4.4.1, Suffusion 4.4.8, and the WP/TNG Integration Mod. You can see the issue at http://www.hcnhistory.org.uk/blank-for-people/timeline2.php?primaryID=I25813&tree=hcn&chartwidth= - the Simile timeline is blank, although everything else seems OK. The plain TNG version is at http://www.hcnhistory.org.uk/tng/timeline2.php?primaryID=I25813&tree=hcn&chartwidth= and this works fine. [Note that you will see I do have a mod to add in a choice of comparative events - national/county/local, but I have ruled this out as the cause.] I have explored the issue in more detail on my WAMP, and have tried uninstalling all Mods, and WordPress Plugins, but the problem is still there. For the plain TNG version Chrome/Inspect/Console shows 2 identical errors http://localhost/tng/__history__.html?0 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) I have not investigated this issue - but it does not seem to cause a noticeable problem. For the WordPress/TNG version Chrome/Inspect/Console shows 4 errors http://localhost/blank-for-people/__history__.html?0 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) simile-ajax-bundle.js:1541 TypeError: Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null "XmlHttp: Error handling onReadyStateChange" simile-ajax-bundle.js:1543 Uncaught XmlHttp: Error handling onReadyStateChange http://localhost/blank-for-people/__history__.html?0 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) I presume the TypeError at simile-ajax-bundle.js:1541 is causing the problem, but my initial look at it has not given me a solution. I have had a look at a few WordPress/TNG sites http://tngwp.lisaandroger.com/genealogy/timeline2.php?primaryID=I8&tree=Roger&chartwidth= http://gregoryology.com/genealogy/timeline2.php?primaryID=I1854&tree=tree001&chartwidth= http://www.hardwickfamily.com/genealogy/timeline2.php?primaryID=I69&tree=tree1&chartwidth= But none of them has the Simile timeline. My main question is does anyone have the Simile timeline currently working in an integrated WP/TNG site? I know it used to work. Any other advice would be welcome. Thanks, Peter
  3. Turned this on live March 2 after about a week of learning TNG. https://www.kenspratlin.com/our-genealogy/ The link below describes the integration process. https://www.kenspratlin.com/2018/02/about-this-website/ I'm excited about the possibilities TNG provides to better share our genealogy research with the family. Also looking forward to learning more about Mods. Best regards, Ken
  4. Between the upgrades to WordPress as well as the TNG core, the old TNG WordPress plugin has become completely useless. This forced me to use an alternate method for integration. I chose the Kloosterman method which worked great. Unfortunately, this left me without Single Sign-In capability so that only site members would have access to the genealogy section, TNG. Even if I left the TNG directory out of all the site's navigation and links and used ROBOTS.TXT to prevent it being indexed by searchbots (at least the compliant, reputable ones,) it would still be accessible by any user (logged in or not) that entered the TNG directory address directly or had a link or bookmark that led to it. The imperfect workaround I went with was to use the .HTACCESS file to check the already existing WordPress cookie to see if a user is logged in. This applies only when they try to visit that directory or any of its subdirectories or files. If they go there and they're not logged in, they get redirected to the login page. (It's an imperfect method, because it's still hackable, but it's the best I could come up with on the spot.) <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^.*tng/.* RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*wordpress_logged_in.*$ [NC] RewriteRule . /wp-login.php?redirect_to=%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule> INSTRUCTIONS (Use at your own risk. I am will not be held responsible for any damage or losses to you or your site for trying this nor is it my responsibility to help you fix things if they break. I'm sharing a method that I use that works for me. I think it will work for most others as well, but I can't guarantee that.) Copy the code above, and be sure to change the TNG folder name to the one you use on your site. Open your own HTACCESS file, and find the basic WordPress code that looks like this: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule> # END WordPress Overwrite the part between BEGIN and END WORDPRESS with the new, edited code. Save your changes, and upload the new file back to the server. ADDITIONAL ACTIONS These are additional actions I went with for my site. I hope they help you as well. I turned REQUIRE LOGIN off so that users only had to log in to the membership section of the site once to see the full genealogy section. This keeps them from being able to edit the records. They can only suggest changes. This also prevents hackers that bypass my method above from being able to easily make changes without a login. I removed all LOGIN and ADMINISTRATION links from the TNG pages. Now I have to use my bookmarked links to get to the admin.php and login.php pages.
  5. Renze

    Problem with login

    My website is built according to the method of Kloosterman (Wordpress & TNG). This works perfectly only when logging in, then it's going wrong. As soon as I click on login, he refers to: https://tng.petersohn.nl/img/ssl-certificates-icon.png. I use SSL on my website. I would like to refer to my website after logging in. Someone an idea how I can solve this? Account: Website: https://petersohn.nl click on "genealogie" Username: Test Password: 12345
  6. raisondetre

    Histories - with Subfolders

    This 'should' be easy but . . . In C-panel, I created sub-folders under 'Histories' so a number of stories will be grouped with a particular family. For example, a story file name is BenjaminArgust.php which belongs with the Lawton family so I placed it under the subfolder, 16Lawton The path therefore, one would think, would be /histories/16lawton/benjaminargust.php but that does not work I CAN save benjaminargust.php directly under the Histories subfolder and that works fine: /histories/benjaminargust.php As I enter numerous essays, research articles, biographies, this will be increasingly important. I know I can name my files with lead-in codes (16 = Lawton family so the Benjamin Argust file could be renamed 16benjaminargust.php) - that would be one long list of files under "Histories" - but traditionally I created hierarchies that kept this sort of thing in order. It appears TNG does not accept 'child' folders to the sub-folder 'Histories'. Or am I missing something? Can you confirm/help?
  7. Renze

    My family tree website

    My website created with TNG and Wordpress. Without the TNG plugin for Wordpress. But with the explanation of Cees Kloosterman. https://petersohn.nl
  8. I have a WordPress/TNG site that I set up some years ago (www.hcnhistory.org.uk) using the WP/TNG plugin. I used the free Suffusion theme and managed to get it to do everything I wanted it to via customization, plugins and coding. Unfortunately Suffusion is no longer WP-compliant and the developer could not get it reinstated. He said "For those who have the theme currently installed, don’t worry – it will still work as it has; I just will not be able to release any updates for it and it will no longer be available as a theme from the WP directory." I am not too worried about this, but I do see I will need to upgrade my site for a number of things (https, accessibility, mobile-friendly, TNG 11 etc - but not all at once!) so I thought I would look at moving to another free theme that will support me going forward. I decided to explore Atahualpa because others on this forum seem happy with it, and it is customizable. But then I saw that the same people have the Montezuma theme which seems to be more modern and built to be responsive. They say you need know CSS and php to customize it (which I am probably able to do), but I cannot find anyone in the TNG Forum mentioning Montezuma. Has anyone looked at it, or have any comments or suggestions? Thanks Peter Cooper
  9. heatherlynn

    Wordpress/TNG Plugin Widget to Menu

    I was wondering if anyone has modified the wordpress tng plugin to convert the widget menu to a navigation menu on wordpress. If so, can you please provide me with the code. My site is here. As you can see on my site, I don't want the "genealogy menu" as a widget, but as a navigation menu so that I can place it at the top navigation menus. Currently, I manually added the links to my nav menu, but then I realized that if someone logs in, the nav menu will not hide the "log in" and "register" links.
  10. Ok, 1st I have TNG working great with the wp-tng plugin, BUT the footer is only centered on the index.php page. Where/what do I edit to have it centered on all the rest of the TNG pages? 2nd, I've added 2 items to cust_text.php to change the Home link and Search link to Genealogy Home and Search Home, but I just can't seem to remember where I edited this change before. A little help please? Thanks. Figured out the Home and search issue. it's in genlib.php lines 471 and 475. Still trying to figure out centering the footer on all pages..... Figured out the centering and learned a couple of things from another post. index.php uses the footer code in that index.php file. all the other pages use footer.php, so i just aligned that center. duh....
  11. For some reason, the Genealogy page shows blank, but TNG shows up when you click on the Sample Page in the menu. Maybe I'll try creating a new menu. I know all the links and everything are correct....any ideas on this? Thanks. Never mind, I deleted the menu I had and created a new one and it's all good now.
  12. jpjones55

    Cannot get past step 7

    I had it all working perfectly BEFORE my harddrive crashed on me. Now with new drive, wamp 2.5 tng 10.1.3, and wp 4.4.1, I cannot get past step 7 of Roger's tng-wordpress-plugin instructions. I haven't gotten to the part to install tng yet and all i get previewing the new Genealogy page is: a 404 error The requested URL /genealogy/ was not found on this server. I have followed the instructions to the T. I setup a menu and even get the 404 error on wp's Sample Page. I can get to the Home Page and wp-admin pages, but thats it. What the Heck am I missing here? my folder structure is the same as the instructions, index.php and .htaccess are copied to the root and index.php is modified per the instructions....name of the local site is tng_wordpress. permalink is http://tng_wordpress/genealogy/
  13. john_rogers

    Mod Manager Loads Wordpress 404 Page

    I've recently installed TNG and Wordpress using the plugin integration method. Everything appeared to work as it should until I tried to access the Mod Manager, which loads Wordpress with a 404 message in the frame where the Mod Manager should appear. I am NOT using TNG from within Wordpress. I checked the TNG folder on the webhost to ensure that admin_modhandler.php was there. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks, John
  14. mhenkenis

    Font and Font Size Issue

    My setup and integration is coming along pretty well now, but I've got one issue with the integration that I haven't been able to figure out how to correct. The fonts are coming in at different sizes, and I can't figure out which settings to include in mtngstyle.css in order to fix it. My wishlist: The font style is being picked up from the theme. I would ideally like to change it to make it consistent with the rest of TNG without having to change it for my whole site. The sizing is different depending on which tab I'm on. For example, on the Ancestor tab the sizing is OK. http://henkestrand.com/tng/pedigree.php?personID=I1&tree=henkesrand. But on the anniversaries/dates, Family, and Individual tabs it is very large http://henkestrand.com/tng/getperson.php?personID=I1&tree=henkesrand. Anyone run across this before or have any suggestions on what I might need to set? Thanks, Mike
  15. mhenkenis

    Button and Table Formatting Issue

    I'm new to TNG and have an issue I hope is resolveable. I've got a plugin I want to use that is properly supported by very few templates - Aesop Story Engine (It does heavy formatting of text in posts). I'm looking at two templates, and unfortunately there are formatting issues with both. The first one is called Longform (second choice is Fable by Aesop, but it is very expensive.) While TNG works technically, there are three issues I'm seeing: 1. The Find, Media, and Info menu buttons are cut off on the bottom. This has happened on almost every template I've tried. 2. A number of buttons are picking up formatting from the theme. 3. The Search forms are not formatted correctly. All three of the behaviors can be seen here: http://preprod.henkestrand.com/wp/genealogy/searchform.php How I would like it to look is here: http://preprod.henkestrand.com/tng/searchform.php I have the same behavior with both the plugin and Kloosterman methods Is this something that is easy to fix? I see the same behavior on a lot of templates, so assume others have come across the same issues... This is not a production site, so if it helps to get admin access, let me know. Thanks, Mike
  16. mhenkenis

    Error with Kloosterman Installation

    I am wanting to do a full integration with the Kloosterman method and the theme I'm currently using (Xenon from RocketTheme, built on Gantry). I'm getting it on all browsers. The link to the page is http://henkestrand.dev.henkestrand.com/tng/surnames.php If I switch to a default theme the installation works, and with the messages below it looks like the Timber plugin (used by Gantry) is the issue (the twig directory is used by Timber). The messages I'm getting is:Warning: Division by zero in /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/timber-library/timber.php on line 528Warning: Division by zero in /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/timber-library/timber.php on line 528Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'LogicException' with message 'Gantry: Please set current configuration before using $gantry["config"]' in /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/gantry5/src/classes/Gantry/Framework/Services/ConfigServiceProvider.php:34 Stack trace: #0 /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/gantry5/src/vendor/pimple/pimple/src/Pimple/Container.php(113): Gantry\Framework\Services\ConfigServiceProvider->Gantry\Framework\Services\{closure}(Object(Gantry\Framework\Gantry)) #1 /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/gantry5/src/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Template.php(469): Pimple\Container->offsetGet('config') #2 /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/cache/gantry5/rt_requiem/twig/b0/b05dd4b3f5d4d349c245c36ce5c7b58b01c8d635fd786a4cff16be46f94f9832.php(52): Twig_Template->getAttribute(Object(Gantry\Framework\Gantry), 'config', Array) #3 /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/gantry5/src/vendor/twig/twig/lib/T in /home/drittpos/public_html/dev/henkestrand/wp-content/plugins/gantry5/src/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Template.php on line 396 If I delete the line " css/YOUR-TNG-EXTRA.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/> " from the meta file the error message is gone, but I am left with a pure white screen, but the error exists and the same message is visible when I inspect the page. Any ideas before I abandon my template? Thanks, Mike
  17. jpjones55

    TNG search buttons

    Using the WP-TNG plugin, using WP v4.3.1, TNG v10.1.3 and suffusion theme. All search buttons, including the WP search icon are shaded half the correct color and half gray. this occurs only in TNG and not the rest of WP. Sorry, still on localhost so can't supply a link to a website yet. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. jpjones55

    WP 4.4 upgrade

    Has anyone using the WP-TNG plugin upgraded to WP 4.4 yet? any issues? Thanks
  19. jpjones55

    Can the TNG templates be used?

    I finally got the Wordpress-TNG plugin to work.  My question is now, Can i use any of the tng templates inside my Genealogy page in Wordpress?  I know the wiki instruction said to turn that off, for now, so that kind of left the door open for it....
  20. BB

    Destination after TNG login

    I'm very new to TNG and still getting things set up. I'd had some difficulty with the integration (still sorting things out) but am currently using the Kloosterman method (no plugins).  After a user logs in to TNG, it's redirecting them to a page that's not using the WP theme (mydomain.com/genealogy/index.php). How do I get it to go to a different page within the WP install instead? Do I create a logged-in-user homepage for this, and somehow redirect them there from within TNG (feeding different information to login.php or processlogin.php perhaps -- I'd rather not modify core files if possible, for ease of future updates)? Thanks!
  21. I'm using TNG 10.1.2 with Wordpress 4.3 and the Kloosterman method for integration (not the double tags-thing yet) The search form on the home page and advanced search page do not work properly when searching with first names only. You can check it here (home page) and here (advanced search).  Try searching for 'jean' for example (no last name), and you'll get all people in the database as a result. Also, clicking on the page numbers at the result page, doesn't work. The quick search on the home page works though. This issue occured in previous versions of TNG also (from 10.x).   I've already tried: - replacing most TNG-files (except config and index files) with the fresh 10.1.2 ones; - updating Wordpress and my theme (Atahualpa); - double checking the Kloosterman configuration from his website and double checking my TNG configuration; but, no luck yet.   Any suggestions?
  22. Katryne

    Iframe versus Include

    Hello ! The cms I use is brand new, even in alpha version. It can run alright, but examples and feedback are near to non-existent. I am trying to integrate my TNG in the cms, calling it via an upper menu link. Here is the site : http://chauvigne.info/   with the menu links Geneakat (iframe : OK) and Geneatest  (include : KO) Sorry : very few pages of TNG are public, since it is set with login requirement. I managed this integration via an iframe in a page : http://chauvigne.info/geneakat.php. But I would prefer an integration via an include, such as I did with the gallery (link Documents : http://chauvigne.info/album.php ) But my include try  http://chauvigne.info/geneatest.php  is a failure, since it looks like the cms and TNG both use session management and members management with cookies. And I am lost, since I am really no coder. Here is the code I used for my include test file : <?php require_once("include/config.inc"); include(PATH_INC."hpage.inc"); htable("", "100%"); ?> <?php // tng integration START $path_to_tng = "mat/"; define("TNG_ROOT", $path_to_tng); require(TNG_ROOT . "index.php"); // tng integration END ?> <?php btable(); include(PATH_INC."bpage.inc");An advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, I'm working on a WP-TNG site (http://www.thorinfamily.net) using a possibly untested theme (Sensible by modern themes.net). I feel like I am very close to getting everything to work right, but I am encountering just the slightest of difficulties. From my limited perspective and background, I would not assume that the issues I am facing are related to the theme. But I don't know much about these things. The issue is that the TNG pages appear totally unformatted, as if there is no CSS customization going on at all (I've tried moving the CSS files from TNG template 13 into the tng/css folder to no avail). Otherwise, the header and footer from the WP theme appear just fine (menu functionality and all). This can be confirmed by navigating to "Surname Index" under "What to See" (some of the links are not yet established and that's my fault; things [WP pages, etc.] are still under construction). At first the TNG pages were blank, but removing "wp();" from the WPTNG-topmenu.php fixed that as mentioned on other posts. But what might be causing the completely unformatted TNG pages? Thank you, JThorin P.S. I realize that clicking on the links for the TNG pages might bring you to a login.php screen, but the issue is apparent there too.
  24. JThorin

    Event Map Table Too Tall

    Hello again, Things are going well with my Kloosterman Method WP TNG install, in fact there is only one minor bug I have left to work out. If you navigate to one of the people on my site, you will see that the event map is rendering with way too much gray space below the map / above the events (I suspect the events are the culprit to the whole table appearing off as they are not displaying against the top of the table unlike other TNG sites I've seen). Does anyone know what the issue could be? Installing the Person_map_v9 mod did not reduce the extra gray space. I'll attach a picture of the issue below. JThorin