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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone else have an issue with fan charts where the 6th an 7th generations are misaligned with the lines of the fan chart in the light green section? It seems to affect just that section of the chart. If the description doesnt make sense, I've attached a screenshot to demo what I'm talking about. Is there anything I can do to correct this?
  2. webbirder

    Simile Timeline band colour

    How do I change background color for the 4 bands in Simile Timeline? I have tried changing values in timeline.css and timeline-bundle.css, but there are no visible effects. My TNG version is 13.0.1.
  3. Guest

    Map Icons

    Could someone please advise how I can assign different map icons to events rather than the same pink pointer item displaying for every event.
  4. The title specifies the primary question in this posting. I can't find any such option at Admin>>Chart Settings (or elsewhere). Overall, I'd rather just use the browser's zoom feature - which I can do, but then those zoom buttons are just noise on the screen, and, of course, invite what I consider to be the problematic zooming that I've described below. I wonder if these following characteristics of the zoom feature that I see are universal (I've tried it in two browsers), and whether you consider them problematic. I admit that some (most?) of them are definitely not that big a deal, but they combine to make me want to suppress that feature. The zoom icons print. Of course, the graphical charts are generally not well-suited for printing in the first place. Still, a style rule could easily suppress printing of the icons. (Actually, that applies to all of the navigation menus in the non-print mode, but that's a whole other consideration.) Unfortunately, I can't say that I'm seeing this behavior right now, but, sometimes, zooming just the chart is not nearly as fine or as smooth as the native browser zooming, and the chart seems to jump around on the page. When I'm at the beginning of the horizontal charts and zoom out, white space is added above the chart, and (a small part of) the chart disappears at the bottom. That doesn't seem right. Yes, I can drag it back to where it ought to be, but that's an extra and not necessarily obvious step. More problematically, when I'm in the vertical chart and I zoom out, expecting to see more of the chart, much of the visible chart can disappear to the left. That definitely doesn't seem correct. Thinking about this some more, I guess that the zooming feature zooms from the center of the chart (even if the center is off of the page), rather than from the top left, as the browser zoom does. When I enlarge the chart, some of it disappears at the top of the window, and leaves no scrollbar. It took me a while to figure out that I could just drag the chart back down. I don't expect everyone to be so slow on the uptake, but I would expect some users to be confused by it. I suspect that it works the same way on your sites and browsers, but, just in case, you can try this page on one of my test sites