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Found 8 results

  1. idogenealogy

    Cemeteries only displaying one page

    TNG Version 14.0.1 In Admin, only page 1 (30 cemeteries) is listed. No page 2 is given and the total number is 50. New cemeteries have been added and do appear if alphabetically placed the cemetery on page 1. This does not apply to Cemeteries in public view. Same display in Chrome, Firefox (Mozilla), and Edge. All browsers are up-to-date. Has anyone else experienced this error? Thanks ~ Lynda
  2. Hello, Hoping I can get a bit of help. I've been figuring out a lot on my own, but this one I don't know. Probably looking right at me or I'm too stupid. I'm trying to add cemeteries, but when I do, I get the error message populated in the image below. The Table Database it says doesn't exist, "bonesare..." is listed under setup Database. If that's even where I'm supposed to look. Under my cpanel, public_html, I do not see a "cemeteries" folder like I do with headstones, histories, img, photos, etc. etc. Does that matter? Do I need to define max lines? If so, what is the standard (I do realize it's an ind. preference, but as this is a TNG thing, I don't know, start with 25? 50?)
  3. Is it possible not to have headstones in cemetery list, but just the link to the cemetery? I have created 6 cemeteries in Montréal region and the list is getting very long. And I need to create more. Also because we see the same headstones once we chose a specific cemetery, seeing those headstones in the list is redundant. Thanks Jean-Luc
  4. Why Cemeteries and Headstones page don't show city name? I created a cemetery "Notre-Dame des Neiges" off the parish of "Notre-Dame" in the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada and on the main page of "Cemeteries and Headstones" it's under "Notre-Dame". Same for St-Francois d'Assise" who should also be Montréal, and St-Finnan who should be Alexandria. It should show the city and the cemetery name so to choose the proper cemetery Thanks Jean-Luc
  5. What is the proper way to add media to a cemetery. I created a cemetery, and now I want to add the picture/media to it. But I have 93 pictures that need to be added to the cemetery. I don't want to edit each of 93 picture and assign them to the cemetery. There must be a way to add them all in one shot. (a lot of thumbnail are missing, I'm working on it) Thanks, Jean-Luc
  6. MrC

    Linking Headstones to Cemeteries

    I like to go to cemeteries and take pictures of all the headstones there. Most of the ones that I do are less than 500 headstones. I would to upload each cemeteries headstones and connect them to the appropriate cemetery all at one time. I have not found a way to do that. It appears to me that you must link each headstone image to a specific cemetery one at a time. Am I missing something?
  7. slowjim

    Cemetery place link

    I cannot figure out how to programmatically link a record in the tng_cemetery table to a corresponding record in the tng_places table. At least, that is what I think I need to do. I have written a very useful tool for myself and would share with anyone who wanted it once it is perfected. I use rootsmagic 7 to create gedcoms to import my Ancestry data into TNG. One of the great about Rootsmagic is that I don't have to do too much cleanup to the .ged file before I import. Looking at the rootsmagic generated .ged file I noticed that there are _WEBTAGs for all the findagrave entries in the file , however upon import into TNG that information is lost. It was not too difficult to write a small php file that generated a list from that gedfile with the individual's ID and the urls on each line. Then from that info, another php file puts all the findagrave links into TNG as an external link into the individual's page. All done practically instantaneously. However, then I decided to carry it a step further. I would put these links into a person's burial section along with the correct cemetery name. So you'd have the findagrave link there and also if you clicked the little magnifying glass next to the burial place you'd get a map and below it everyone else who was buried there. To do this, I wrote a file which read all the lines in the list I generated of the person's ID, and findagrave link. The program loads the link (findagrave) page, finds the cemetery name and location from the memorial page, then loads the cemetery page and retrieves the gps coordinates from a meta tag on that page and generates a new list with all that info on it. I could get a couple of hundred before their server stops me, times out or something, and then I'd have to do it again with the remaining entries. It took a few minutes and three runs before I got the whole list of 517 burials in 217 cemeteries. Then I created another php file which reads that list and puts all that into the website programmatically and instantly.. The problem is that when you click the magnifying glass next to the burial location it shows the cemetery name and every person buried there, but no map! I solved that on my website by going to admin > cemeteries and going to the edit page of each of the 217 cemeteries and checking the box to 'Copy the geocode information below to this place' and now they all work correctly. Even though they are all now working correctly on my site, having to manually edit each entry kind of takes a little out of the whole idea. I want to do the whole thing without editing anything. Now to be clear, even when this current problem is solved, the program still needs a lot of cleanup. I found a couple of places on findagrave.com where there was a memorial, but no cemetery, which would cause an error in my program. That's what error-handling is for, so I am sure that and a couple of other details can be cleaned up. I am hopeful that someone out there with more knowledge of how tng works, and also more programming expertise will tell how I can do this all without having to manually edit afterwords. Thanks https://thebrownfamilytree.info
  8. ^maikl11

    Report cemeteries

    I want to create a report that shows me all the cemeteries in my database. I entered that here: SQL: SELECT tng_people.living, tng_people.private, lnprefix, prefix, suffix, title, tng_people.branch, birthdate, birthdatetr, altbirthdate, altbirthdatetr, deathdate, deathdatetr, burialdate, burialplace, lastname, firstname, deathpersondate, deathplace, tng_people.ID., Deathplace, tng_people , tng_people.gedcom, nameorder FROM (tng_people) WHERE (burialplace LIKE "% Friedhof%" OR "Memorial" OR "Cemetery") AND tng_people.gedcom = "KLERC" ORDER BY burialplace But only places that contain the word "Friedhof" are shown to me: Cemetries and memorials are not displayed! Where am I making the mistake? Thank you for your help in advance....
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