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Found 22 results

  1. I've been using TNG version 13 (Template 19) for several months now with no problem, but suddenly I haven't been able to login as administrator (the only account for the site). The only way I can login to make changes now is to go into my php admin on my hosting panel and delete my TNG admin account. When I try to re-create a TNG admin account, I receive the message that the account is activated and it shows up in my php admin module on my host but the login doesn't work. The only recent changes I've made are installation of the Custom Hook Menu Mod and having my host turn on SSL, and the site worked well after both of these changes. This is the link to my site: https://bbbfamilies.com Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  2. Rachael Williams

    Okay. I am fed up.

    What Desktop Genealogy Software do I need to buy? I need TNG to import a GEDCOM file that will link to the images that I have uploaded to the server, and not just the file name of the images! I will use the newly purchased desktop software, as an intermediary step, in order to import my FTM Gedcom and create a new Gedcom that was processed through this new software so that I am able to have a working TNG website.
  3. First post. After searching the forum not finding an answer I am still looking for a solution. I imported from gedcom. Individuals started from I0000 and go up to I00276 (or something). Now I added a new individual (not too many yet) and found out that I now have an individual I0001 and I1; I0002 and I2 (up to I15 or something). Syntactically, I1 and I0001 differ. Semantically they are the same. What is the best way to solve this? Renumber the whole database? Write my own SQL? Resquence ID's in the utilities menu did not solve anything.
  4. John Paul

    rename tree

    Good morning to you all. I just did a fresh install, on my home server, of tng1311 and was wondering if you can rename the tree after the install and uploading all the users, families and media? Thanks. or do i need to redo it all?
  5. Arne Storset

    Startup problems

    Lately I've been having trouble starting TNG - intermittently. Sometimes I get the program started, but stop when I need to open other pages. I enclose a screenshot from the diagnostic function under Setup. At the bottom of the page, it looks like there may be some errors. How do I fix this? My site: https://storset.no/genealogy TNG version: 13.1.1
  6. Rob Severijns

    Security / Privacy Question

    Hi all, My genealogy website is private and for now I want to keep it that way. I'm trying to prevent robots/crawlers etc from indexing, following and using my data. In order to achieve that I was thinking of modifying my .htaccess file by adding the followig: <FilesMatch ".(docx|pdf|png|jpeg|jpg|gif|mp4)$"> Header add X-robots-tag "noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nocache, notranslate, nosnippet, noyaca" </FilesMatch> Is this the correct way to do it? Do I still need to adjust my robots.txt / tngrobots.txt file too? I suppose that if the robots.txt / tngrobots.txt are set to follow and index this is blocked by the .htaccess settings or am I wrong? Is it still usefull to adjust my genlib.php with: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" /> or a slightly different code? I'm also using rel=”nofollow” in my external hyperlinks <a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://www.example.nl/” >Example</a> in cases where I need to link, but don’t want to be associated with the link target. I have read the articles in Security too and that's why I was looking into this. I know these are a lot of questions but hopefully relevant to other users too. Any comments and/or advise is welcome here. Rob
  7. Just installed the update to 13.1 from 12.x. All went well except, when I tried to log in, my Admin login failed. After panicking and tearing my hair for an hour or so, I discovered that the problem was that version 12.x would accept upper and lower case letters in the user name as being equivalent. However, 13.1 has (rightly so) eliminated this equivalency and insists that both the User Name and password match EXACTLY! Of course my browser had happily stored my login credentials precisely as I had entered them including the wrong case for one letter! Hope this helps someone.
  8. Has anyone using TNG installed the Cookiebot consent banner and widget for the GDPR and CCPA requirements. The scripts need to be added to the HEAD tag and be the 1st script. No obvious place for it to be added in the admin sections so I am guessing that it would need to be added in the topmenu.php
  9. When we attribute a role to a user and this user don't have the right to see living person, TNG is showing a 404 error page. There is a way to track this error message for displaying a more useful message for user like "You don't have rights to see this contents". Thanks
  10. I've successfully run MariaDB (the 'drop-in' successor to MySQL, created by the original team that authored MySQL many years ago) on my TNG live site for years. Now, with Apple making it harder and harder for software developers to install and manage development tools, I've had to switch to Brew for maintaining software that my TNG test installations require. One good positive development, though, was the possibility of leaving MySQL (and Oracle the owner of MySQL) behind forever with a move to MariaDB. All good...or so I thought. My first attempt to create a fresh TNG 13.0.4 test installation stalled at database table creation. The script just never finishes. Approximately half of the tables get created, and then...nothing. Process inspection shows that MariaDB does not appear to be doing any work (so...no live-lock though perhaps a deadlock, I suppose). PHP does not appear to be working either. A second attempt stalled as well, but after getting not quite as far through the tables as the first. My system: MariaDB 10.6.4 / PHP 7.4.2 / macOS 11.5.2 (otherwise known as "Big Suck" ... oh, sorry... "Big Sur") Any insights would be appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  11. Will someone show me where I can find the steps to install a working version of TNG on a local server. I am about as green as they come and need the "installation for Dummies" process for installing on a local Windows 10 machine. I have installed Ver 13 on my webserver and can get into admin. So I am not a complete novice. The instructions fo the web are very good. I now want to install ver 13 on my local Windows 10 machine for development and testing before moving to my website. So far I have: downloaded ver 13. Properly installed: WAMPServer 3.17 on D drive D:/WAMP64. I get the green W on the taskbar. Windows Service name MySQL80 MySQL connection id is 11 Version 8.0.25 My community server - GPL Apache 2.4.46 PHP 7.3.21 SQL 8.0.21 Ports: HTTP 80 MySQL 3306 created a virtual host - "tngsite" on D:/tngsite executed tngsite/readme.html and can display the TNG Installation Instructions page Copied tgn downloaded directories and files to D:/tngsite (with no changes. straight copy) skipped step 2 because I want the installation on my local machine Step 3 'set permissions:' then "Please wait, attempting to process" nothing happens. freezes. What have I missed? Thanks to anyone that can show me the way. Lee
  12. Tried to install mod for hiding Google links in V1303 and almost succeeded. The third change candidate in the mod was not accepted. I think the syntax of the statement looked for had been changed since V12. Is it possible to have another version of this mod, please? 😀 Regards, Fokko
  13. After installing a Mod, I wish to change one text field set by the Mod. I do not, at this stage, wish to change to a private Mod. I thought if I included this in cust_text.php after //Mods should put their changes before this line, local changes should come after it. I thought it would overwrite as last . Is this not possible please?
  14. I am not proficient with programming or any kind of software codes or writing or anything. I bought TNG, took me a year or so to get it up and running, because of my limited technology skills, and now it is up. Question 1.. I used a Host, Simple Host, who said they would do everything, Sure Support is their support group. None of my media are connected to the people they are supposed to be connected to, no photos or media of any kind are showing up at all. The little icons are there as though the media is there, next to their names on an edit panel, but no matter what I do nothing appears for them. Even when I upload photos directly while editing a person, I get a blank screen then several error messages, but then, later, when I go back in, the media is there and connected...What cause it to do that? I see there is a ton of media when I look at the admin view, but nothing shows up for any person at any time. I put in a support ticket and Sure Support said they didn't know anything about that, it was a problem between me and the software. Uh oh. Can anyone help someone who is rather technologically challenged figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? (hopefully that does not involve uploading media too each individual ....there are over 20,000 in my tree...well, 40,000, but half those are doubles, from an uploaded GEDCOM that I THOUGHT would replace AND add to the existing population of the tree. Question 2, any suggestions on how to upload new people, lots of new people, every day. I enter them in Ancestry first, then I create a GECOM and upload, clicking replace matches, and it still adds duplicates instead of replacing matches ....it is the exact same Gedcom, every day, just 20 or so new people, ....it duplicates everyone, even though I set it to replace matches....any hope? Thanks, Synthia
  15. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Danish version of Data Protection Policy

    Hi there I would like to translate https://tng.stegemueller.dk/data_protection_policy.php into Danish and make a few changes in the English version. The file 'data_protection_policy.php' is found in '/tng.stegemueller.dk/languages/English-UTF8' and contains the following: <?php $nologin = 1; include("tng_begin.php"); $dataprotect_url = getURL( "data_protection_policy", 0 ); $logstring = "<a href=\"$dataprotect_url\">" . xmlcharacters($text['dataprotect']) . "</a>"; writelog($logstring); preparebookmark($logstring); tng_header( $text['dataprotect'], $flags ); $langfolder = findlangfolder("data_protection_policy.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "$langfolder/data_protection_policy.php"); tng_footer( "" ); ?> Where can I find the file, where I can make changes in the English version? To me the php script above looks like the file is ready to fetch translations (but I know nothing about php). Where do I place my Danish version? And can template 209 find out, that there is also a Danish version? Kind regards, Hanne
  16. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    I would like to have two languages

    Hi there, SOLVED Maybe I have completely misunderstood everything about languages... I have template 209, which supports more languages, and I have installed Danish-UTF8 and English-UTF8. I can change between the languages. That part works fine. Q 1) After kind advise and inspiration from Rob, I have decided to have my front page translated into English by someone who is better at English, than I am. Where (in which file) do I place the English version? Edited: okay maybe I have solved Q 1 my self: It as simple as 'choosing 'Create copy in' in template 209? Q 2) Where do I change the fields/labels? What I don't understand is, that there is only one database - but the fields/labels must be stored somewhere? I had i.e.. this issue: Even though I chose Danish, I got the label 'Census', but I Danish it should be 'Folketælling', so I translated them directly in the database table: tng_sources fields 'title' and 'shorttitle'. So now it is correct, when I choose Danish in the frontend, but (of course) it is wrong when I choose English. Can one of you advise me the central link to the explanation about how I should handle the languages? Best regards, Hanne, Denmark
  17. Rob Severijns

    Private Media Flag

    Hello everyone, I have several media files that are provided to me by family members. The deal is that I can use the media files as long as they are not visible within the family tree and as long as certain family members are still alive. This means these media files need to be marked as Private. Setting the media files marked as Private results in these files being visible to users with rights to view Private content only. It would be nice if the Private flag could, by default be set as mentioned above and that besides that there is an option to override this setting for specific Inividuals and/or families. Basicly saying: Private for all except for users who have the right to view Private content set in the User rights and specific Individuals and/or Families set for each applicable media file. This creates the possibility for the provider of the media file to view that specic media file. Hope this explanation is clear enough. Rob
  18. DanC

    Daniel Cooley

    Late in 2018 I had such a hassle with installing TNG in WordPress that it left me traumatized for two years. I am returning and now find that I can't get to my TNG Administration page through WordPress. 2 years ago my email and password for WordPress dashboard were the same for TNG. Now TNG doesn't even recognize my email. The trauma continues. Can I get to TNG Admin another way? How can I re-establish myself at TNG? Please provide specific instructions not a summary of what to do.
  19. When I go to places in admin, there is a blank record being displayed. If I delete it and leave places and come back, it reappears. Never had that problem with 12.
  20. Good day. For the profile at https://vandykregister.com/getperson.php?personID=I26487&amp;tree=vandyk the birth and death dates don't show unless I've selected "Allow to view information for private individuals" is selected. I was contacted by a user who was unable to see the dates, even though she was signed in. Since the person in the profile is deceased, this shouldn't even be necessary, since our site only restricts details about living individuals to signed-in members. I thought that it was a browser problem, so created a test account with the same rights and tested it in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Same problem. Only once I gave the permission to view information for private individuals did it show. My problem is that I cannot see where this person might be marked as individual. I use Rootsmagic as my main family tree software, then upload the tree to TNG weekly. I am used to marking events as private in Rootsmagic (which then don't show on TNG), but a) nothing about the specific profile is marked as private in Rootsmagic and b) I haven't marked her as private on TNG, or rather, I can't see anywhere there is an option to do that. Website: https://vandykregister.com Problematic profile: https://vandykregister.com/getperson.php?personID=I26487&amp;tree=vandyk Test login credentials: Anrie-Toets; Anrie-Toets (currently set to "allow to view information for private individuals") TNG version: v. 11.1.2 Problem summary: profile supposedly set to private, despite my not knowing how that is possible or where the specific setting is Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Fritz Loseries

    Deny Media Upload or Import

    Is it possible to set a flag, that media will not be allowed to upload or to import via gedcom ? Could not find something concerning this within the configs.
  22. Jan Bastiaanssen

    * SOLVED* Missing thumbs in admin_people

    Somebody else missing these thumb's here, or do i something wrong ?? Jan