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Found 59 results

  1. John Paul

    Transfer localhost to live site

    Good morning all. I think I'm ready to transfer my localhost site to my live site. Should I use 1 of the 2 methods described here, https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-move-wordpress-from-local-server-to-live-site/, or just install everything from scratch, or another method? I've done a lot of work on it but it's still a long way from actually changing it over to my main domain name, joneshyman.org. the new subdomain is https://wptng.joneshyman.org (nothing there yet). It's purpose will be for when I have issues and post in the forum here, you can actually have a live site to look at and offer comments and suggestions, which will be appreciated.
  2. John Paul

    Randomphoto question(s)

    Good Morning all. On my localhost testing site, I'm using wp-tng Kloosterman setup, wp v6.02, astra pro as my theme and elementor pro as my page editor. Does anyone use the tng randomphoto.php on their homepage? I was looking in the WordPress forum here and only saw 2 posts about it, but those were from 2014 and really didn't help much. I know there are a bunch of wordpress plugins for random images, but I would like to know how to use tng's randomphoto.php. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated I'm in the process of setting up a sub domain to setup what I have on my test site and will post the site here when I think it's ready for folks to have a look.
  3. John Paul

    SOLVED - Another pedigree issue

    Hey guys and gals My project is creating a new website using the latest WordPress and TNG via the Kloosterman method on wampserver64 localhost (for now). Having problems with the cell contents of pedigree, descend and familychart.php Attached is a couple of screenshots. Any help in the right direction to fix it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. John Paul

    [SOLVED] Search and Reset buttons

    Hey y'all. I've searching hi and lo for the blue color of the Search and Reset buttons and since it's on hover, can't really get the right color with a color pic app. I've searched: all the tng css files in the css folder, used different color pic apps, etc. I found where you can change the text color, but I don't want to change that, just the button itself. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? FYI, using wp 6.0.2, Astra Pro 3.9.2 on windows 11 pro and Wampserver 64bit. One pic is the blue and the other is the color I want to change it to:
  5. Hi All, I would like to share this Shortcode Constructor with you. TNG Shortcode Constructor is a stripped down version of The TngApi V3.3 plugin for Wordpress. You may download latest release here. TngApi V3.3, a stand-alone plugin, published in 2015, integrates smoothly with TNG to display genealogy data in Wordpress pages. It's main attraction was the ability of the user to add / amend family data and ability of the administrator to perform one-click transfer of this data to tng database. With changes to MySQL, my extremely limited knowledge of mySQL and changes to TNG database structure , I have found it virtually imposible to support this feature. (I understand that, now, a TNG mod, the Family Group Worksheet ,has the facility for administrators to merge data in to TNG database.) Plan is to have the TNG Shortcode Constructor do everything the TngApi did, except update TNG data. Plugin obtains it's credentials from TNG setup. Plugin shares it's variables with TngApi Plugin Settings are in Wordpress Admin>Settings It implements Privacy Credentials in the TNG General SetUp>Privacy and User , if logged in. I have kicked it off with the following shortcodes from the TngApi. TngWp_birthdays List birthdays for the selected month. TngWp_danniversaries List death anniversaries for the selected month. TngWp_gone (Gone But Not Forgotten). Gives birth dates and deat hdates for yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is encapsulated in a DIV and it may be possible to include that in your content. ( I have used similar in my Home Page) TngWp_LandingPage This is similar to 'TngWp_gone' but has user name, birthdays, marriage anniversaries and death anniversaries added. TngWp_manniversaries List of marriage anniversaries for the selected month. TngWp_MyShortcode Template for adding your own shortcode TngWp_submitImage Upload images from Wordpress. Image will be stored in a TNG Media Collection specified by you. I am not sure whether this is helpful or whether it will work but I am hoping that we may start having contributions of variety of shortcodes to add to this constructor, for the TNG community to share. If you would like to know how to add your own shortcode, lots more details on GitHub Repository, here This very much a project that can evolve so please free to Fork and submit Pull requests if you would like to make changes to the Plugin. I would really love to have your feedback, so if you download, let me know Thanks. (PS; I still have not got the hang of formating this post😫. Hence several edits)
  6. Hi there - I've had a site for a while now which integrates TNG (v. 13) and Wordpress, at https://montgomeryhoffmann.com/wp/. With help from this Forum I was able to fix my issue with an overlapping title and tagline on the Genealogy page, so I'm hoping someone can help me again. The TNG sections of my site (https://montgomeryhoffmann.com/wp/genealogy and related pages) have a lot of white (or pale gray) text on the white background, making it difficult or impossible to see. I've commented out pretty much all of the mytngstyle.css page (the main part of the website looks fine), but maybe the font color in this area is defined somewhere else? I've attached a screenshot where I highlighted part of the white text (and you can see some of the other slightly-more-visible text also). Megan
  7. spuddled

    Title/tagline spacing issue

    Hi there - I've had a site for a while now which integrates TNG (v. 13) and Wordpress, at https://montgomeryhoffmann.com/wp/. Today I switched to the WordPress Avant theme. Everything transitioned beautifully except for the title and tagline on the TNG page (https://montgomeryhoffmann.com/wp/genealogy). I've attached screenshots of how the title section looks on the main site vs. the TNG sections (title font is larger and overlaps the tagline). Does anyone have suggestions for how to fix this wonkiness? Megan
  8. JThorin

    Mobile Menus Won’t Collapse

    Hello! I updated my site’s TNG to version 13 and now notice that the menus on the mobile version of the site do not collapse. In fact, they start out expanded and they overlap and obscure most of the screen. Anyone else have this issue? I did have some hiccups with database tables not being the same encoding or correlation, but I was able to find the solution on this forum. You can see what I mean here (though you must open it on mobile): https://www.thorinfamily.net/genealogy/searchform.php Much thanks ahead of time to any who lend a hand.
  9. John Paul

    weird issue with searchform

    no more wordpress project. no replies needed.
  10. John Paul

    my new project

    no nore wordpress project. no replies please.
  11. John Paul

    starting a new project - WP

    I'm starting a new project with WordPress. I've been going thru the admin section and seeing what it's all about. I have a question or 2 about this new project of mine. 1. I registered for a new account on WordPress.org earlier today but have not received the validation email from them and cannot find a contact to help remedy the situation. any ideas? thanks, jp EDIT: I think I already asked #2 in another post, so i'll get rid ot it here.
  12. John Paul

    WP themes

    Just out of curiosity, which themes do you WP guys use? Thanks
  13. Hi, I've started to integrate TNG on my website and encountered to my surprise a fatal error after installing the plug-in, reading the instructions thrice and making my site unreachable. After some minor tweaks and disabeling the plugin I searched for why the fatal error occured. As the error was nicely reported via my website email it turned out that in the source code on line 367 there were two single quotes missing, if that is the correct word for them, in regard to the variable mbtng_url_to_admin, see line below: echo "<td width=\"200\"><p class=\"submit\" style=\"padding:0\"><input type=\"submit\" name=\"GoToAdmin\" value=\"Go to TNG Admin\" onclick=\"newwindow=window.open('" . get_option(mbtng_url_to_admin) . "')\" style=\"margin-right:1em\"/></p></td>\n"; I changed that to: get_option('mbtng_url_to_admin') and no critical error anymore. I am now able to open the admin page from the WP-plugin but alas not from my website. Is there anyone with the same issue? Using WP 5.8.2 and TNG 13.1 by the way and am a newbie to WP.
  14. Hi I have made my site with Wordpress as the primary CMS and TNG as a part of this. The integration is done with the Kloosterman method. I have disabled all the menues in TNG. All navigation is done with Wordpress menues. I have one (at least 😀) problem, when I access the websitet from a smartphone (or tablet): The hamburger-menu works fine on pages/blogs in Wordpress. But when I access a TNG program the hamburger-menu gets destroyed. I think I have to disable the support for hamburger-menu in TNG, but I am not sure. (And I cant figure out how to do it). Any ideas how I can have Wordpress menues on a smartphone? I have a staging- site where you can see it: www.surlykkerne.dk/stg-61581 It is in danish. A little help: All submenues bellow "Slægtstræ" are TNG programs and all submenues bellow "Historier" are Wordpress blogs/pages. Regards Laurids Petersen
  15. Hello! I'm considering getting TNG and using Wordpress to host it. Before I proceed, I have a question. My grandparents are from two different towns in Southern Italy. Over the past 25 years, I've amassed a large database of families from both towns. I would like to make a separate TNG page for each but under one website. Do I need to purchase two TNGs, or can I use one for both pages? Also, would it be possible to set up a login page for each for privacy reasons? Thanks! Jason
  16. Hello, I'm testing (Off-line) TNG version 13.0.3 in Wordpress. I used the "Kloosterman-method" and it works good. Only in TNG are the orginal colors (dark-blue) in the pages that were generated in TNG (the tabs and the in that page stay dark-blue and don't have the basic color(s) of the theme that I installed in Wordpress (Simple Life). What can I do to change this? Jan Bos, Excuses for the language I'm not English and in school it was for me very difficult to learn it. In school I got an 4 in the yearly report. But now I do my best.
  17. Hello, I must preface this by stating that I have zero knowledge or understanding of anything I'm about to write (therein lies the problem!). I have done a fair bit of searching online, but I've not managed to find anything I can actually understand. It may seem at odds with the idea of a family history website but, for a variety of reasons, I would like to use TNG locally - for the foreseeable future, at least. The thought being that one day I will have a site worth making public, at which point I will look into web-hosting options, but that's a far-off goal and until then I should like to just be able to faff about with it offline as and when I am able to. Following advice and some further reading, I have installed Laragon for this purpose (I use Windows 10, albeit it on an old and decrepit machine). And now I am stuck. I am reasonably sure that I would like to do the whole integrating-TNG-with-Wordpress thing (the Kloosterman method, rather than the plugin). By any chance, does there exist a 'how-to' guide for doing this with Laragon? Or would anybody be able to provide basic instructions, please? I'm hoping that's not too big an ask, but I really am clueless so can only apologise if it is. Many thanks in advance =]
  18. Hi folks, I am migrating my tng site to a web hosting site and can only use one database it appears. I have wordpress/tng working in one site but find that this is using a database which is not up to date. My live TNG site uses an unique wordpress database and an unique tng database. The problem I am trying to solve is to use the wordpress setup from my old server setup and my newer tng database by migrating the wordpress site to the new host and then adding tng to the website and then merge to two databases into one. So question, is it possible to merge the tng database into the existing wordpress database? Sorry but rereading this makes my head hurt. Too many things on my plate right now, getting my offgrid house up in the Cascade mountains on the market up, getting my 1963 Dodge Dart convertible running without overheating, and then migrating to the new host. Thanks and Cheers! john
  19. Laurids Petersen

    TNG and Wordpress integrated

    Hi I have made my family website as an integration between TNG and Wordpress. I use TNG for the family-tree and Wordpress for all the stories. All stories in WordPress are linked to the mentioned people in TNG and in TNG - when looking at a person (or familiy) you can see (and link to) stories in WordPress. All maintained by programming. The reasons I have made it this way is: 1) Compared to the possibilities in Wordpress the media-section in TNG, I think TNG has too few options 2) I am not the only one maintaining the website. It has been essential to me that my co-editors should not distinguish between frontend and backend. So with some MOD's and a control via menus, they can maintain family tree and stories from frontend Feel free to check the website: www.surlykkerne.dk (It's in Danish ) /Laurids
  20. MBaisdon

    Event Map Layout issue

    I am using TNG 13 and wordpress with the official wordpress/tng plugin. I am having an issue where the pins and even the Event Map label on the left are being put half way down, not at the top. I have tried all kinds of edits to make it show correctly but can not determine what is causing this. If I load the page directly everything is showing correctly, and if I choose a generic WP theme it shows correctly. Everything else on this wp theme shows correctly just having this issue on the getperson of an individual. You can see in the attachment how it is displaying.
  21. I recently added SSL to my Wordpress site. I have TNG running under the site. I used the Kloosterman method for TNG integration. Everything is working except the import. When I try to import a gedcom file it just hangs, so I know that I need to change something, but I don't know what. Any help would be appreciated. Kathie
  22. I did follow the steps as mentioned in this guide. I have 2 sub folders: I have the following diagnostics: see image attached: Aantekening 2020-08-30 200509.png I followed all the steps and when I open the adress https://www.paulvanachterberg.nl/genealogie/ it leaves all blank. I also added the TNG pugin options. See the image TNG Plugin options. I also added Site Design and Definition. See the image Desing and setting. Any ideas what I might have missed?
  23. Hi, I’ve WP.4.2 and TNG 12.3 installed and use the WP-Plugin TNG WordPress Integration for Integration. I followed the instruction given in the wiki. My homepage is https://kuhnert.ch/ and with https://kuhnert.ch/stammbaum/ we see the TNG page, but there is no link working. What is wrong? Thanks, Klaus
  24. I already have my TNG site up and running. It's a project in progress ( https://thethomasshephardfamilytree.co.uk/ ) . What I want to do is incorporate it with WordPress. I was wondering if anybody has done a video tutorial on this or know of any that are available. I have searched Youtube and the internet but cannot find any. Any help will be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Thomsi
  25. Hi, I have been working with a local version of TNG and WP to set it up with the TNG Wordpress Plugin. All seems to work fine in the local version, but if I try to do the same in the online version the TNG header shows up expanded vertical under Wordpress, like this: ../wp/genealogy The local version looks normal like this: ../wp/genealogy I dont know why this is happening or what is triggering it and more important how to fix it. To make it more confusing so will the same index.php thats used for this show up normal if addressed directly: ../tng/index.php Any tip or idea of how to solve this will be much appreciated Regards Jastro