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Found 33 results

  1. Looked in the Forum entries & wiki but couldn't find this: how do I move a group of people from one tree to another tree?
  2. With the connection tested and OK for a new DB with no tables, I click on the Create and Save button to create the tables and get this message: You must log in first. Log in where? My DB user has All Rights on the DB.
  3. TNG v 9.0.4. I can use the Recover username successfully, but when I enter the email and username it sends me together to get a temporary password the system does not send the temp pwd. The user in question (the admin user) is in the user table with the correct email address and username. Running on a shared host at Bluehost, my own install, v 9.0.4 Any suggestion where to look to solve this problem?
  4. should look like this, I think: $y1 = drawHusbWifeCombo($xwid, $startnum * 32, $smallboxheight, $smallboxheight, $boxspacing, $gen6sp, $spacer, 1, 1, 1); $y2 = drawHusbWifeCombo($xwid, $startnum * 32+2, $smallboxheight, $smallboxheight, $boxspacing, $gen6sp, $spacer, 1, 1, 1); $y3 = drawHusbWifeCombo($xwid, $startnum * 32+4, $smallboxheight, $smallboxheight, $boxspacing, $gen6sp, $spacer, 1, 1, 1);... $y16 = drawHusbWifeCombo($xwid, $startnum * 32+30, $smallboxheight, $smallboxheight, $boxspacing, $gen6sp, $spacer, 1, 1, 1);  (ignore the ending 1,1,1 ... I heavily modified the code...)
  5. Hi,I would like to print custom events (STAT - Status) into the pedigree (PDF format).I already played a lot with the code in rpt_pedigree.php, but I don't know how to access other data from database than this: function drawIndInfo($ind, $x, $y, $w, $availLines, $xh = 0) { ...    else if ($availLines == 6) // full data, men (with marriage)        $list = array($ind['birthdate'], $ind['birthplace'], $ind['marrdate'], $ind['marrplace'], $ind['deathdate'], $ind['deathplace']); }   thanks
  6. Hello. Sorry for this basic question. I just cannot find the link to create and download a gedcom file of my entire tree. I find only links to import and links to create gedcom of individuals. Thank you
  7. I am quite intrigued by this. I have just discovered that I am getting a blank screen when I display Descendent Chart with url, http://www.upavadi.net/genealogy/descend.php?personID=I172&tree=upavadi_1 If I replace genealogy with physical folder name, http://www.upavadi.net/tng/descend.php?personID=I172&tree=upavadi_1 display is fine. All works fine on my localhost with tng version 9.1.0 and php 5.3.5 My ISP has just upgraded the site to php version 5.4.38. I upgraded TNG to version 9.2.2 as I started getting media errors with the previous version. Now I am not sure whether it's php version or TNG version that's giving me blank screen when I view descendents. All other TNG pages work fine. I am using v 2.1 of TNG wordpress integration. All else worked fine once I removed line include_once("session_register.php");Any ideas?
  8. thePeri

    TNG Plugin Blank Page Resolution

    I had a blank TNG page issue on my TNG-Wordpress website. The resolution for me was to remove one line of code from my TNG-Wordpress plugin. This may also work for other sites using a TNG-Wordpress plugin. If you are using a TNG-Wordpress plugin on your site you can test if my solution will work for you: Disable “Integrate TNG/WORDPRESS logins”. Check if TNG pages are displayed in WordPress.If disabling “Integrate TNG/WORDPRESS logins” allows your TNG pages to be displayed in WordPress but you would like yo have logins integrated then you need to remove one line of code in your TNG-Wordpress plugin. The following information is based on the plugin that I believe is being maintained by Rodger Moffat. Remove the following line of code:              o Function: mbtng_login               o Line: 534               o Content: include_once(“session_register.php”); Now that I have modified my TNG-Wordpress plugin my site is running WordPress 4.1.1 and TNG 10.0.0. I hope my solution may be of helps to other sites using a TNG-Wordpress plugin.