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Found 183 results

  1. christineH

    Newbie question

    Hi everyone, and please excuse a true rookie question I have been using TNG for about 72 hours. I have imported my gedcom and have my media in "photos". The import has worked because I can see that the photos have been linked to the people because they are listed at the bottom. But for the life of me I can't work out how to get the profile pics to show for the people who have them (there are several hundred). I also haven't worked out the instructions on the thumbnails and perhaps the two problems are related. Can someone please tell me how to do it very simply, or point me to where the instructions are on the wiki? Thank you 😉 Chris
  2. Hi ! When testing the vertical descendants chart I found some issues that may be bugs. 1. Suddenly there were two extra yellow arrows not connected to any box. 2. The horizontal lines going to the right to vertical lines going downwards don't meet completely. Attaching picture. The zoom feature works nicely but scaling of the lines when making the chart smaller makes them at some point disappear, maybe the line scaling should be limited to some minimum value. Best rgds, Claes
  3. Rod

    Photos/Media not viewable TNG13

    After installing TNG13 and importing a gedcom file, all information appears to loaded into the site. I checked my phpmyadmin and verified all the info is there as well. On my site, clicking the PHOTOS link, all photos and details are listed. Problem is that none of the photos can be SEEN, only the filename/description/ID etc. No thumbnail, no photo. All the information from the gedcom is there, you just can't SEE it. Any ideas what I should do?
  4. Rod

    Using Photos From "Media"

    I have TNG13 installed and am working through some "newbie" issues. I am trying to change the "default" photo on the home page of the template to one in PHOTOS. When I click on CHOOSE FILE It only allows me to upload a photo from my computer or SELECT only allows me to select from the images in the template's image folder (which are default images). How can I choose a photo that exists in PHOTOS on my site?
  5. Rod

    Tree Not Viewable

    I just got TNG v13 installed and running. I imported my gedcom, which appeared to be successful (all people/places/media/sources/etc ). Now my problem is that I can't view the tree. If I click on the links at the top of the home page (eg "His Side"/"Her Side") I get a page does not exist error. The links for each one point to "mywebsitename/pedigree.php?personID=I2&tree=tree1" but it goes to the "this page does not exit" error page. If I look at SURNAMES or PLACES or PHOTOS etc in the links at the bottom of the home page all the items show up. What is the problem actually viewing the tree? If you need more information I will gladly tell you all I can. Server Info: Ubuntu Server 20.04 + Apache2 + PHP 7.4.3 + MySQL 8 Thanks in adavance for any help!
  6. Am definitely not great with mysql, I will get there I'm sure.. This report was one of the pack that came off the Wiki page It currently shows length of marriage for those people deceased (both parties) and those divorced (living or deceased) I would like to have the report show ALL marriage lengths both fore living and deceased. Would one of the msql experts be able to point me in the right direction please.. Many Thanks in advance.. select CONCAT('<a href = \"familygroup.php?familyID=', F1.familyID, '&tree=', F1.gedcom, '\" target=\"_blank\" class=\"fam\">', F1.familyID, '</a>') as FamilyID , IF(F1.living=0, "Deceased", "Alive") as Status ,CONCAT(P1.lastname, ', ', P1.firstname) as HusbandName ,CONCAT(P2.lastname, ', ', P2.firstname) as WifeName ,case when YEAR(F1.divdatetr) != 0 then YEAR(F1.divdatetr)-YEAR(F1.marrdatetr) when YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) != 0 and YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) != 0 and YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) <= YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) then YEAR(P1.deathdatetr)-YEAR(F1.marrdatetr) when YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) != 0 and YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) != 0 and YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) > YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) then YEAR(P2.deathdatetr)-YEAR(F1.marrdatetr) else 0 end as YearsMarried ,F1.marrdate ,F1.divdate ,P1.deathdate as HusbandDeathDate ,P2.deathdate as WifeDeathDate ,case when YEAR(F1.divdatetr) != 0 or (YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) != 0 and YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) != 0) then ' ' when YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) = 0 then 'Husband death date not known' when YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) = 0 then 'Wife death date not known' end as Comment from tng_families F1 inner join tng_people P1 on F1.gedcom = P1.gedcom and F1.husband = P1.personID inner join tng_people P2 on F1.gedcom = P2.gedcom and F1.wife = P2.personID where F1.marrdate != '' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'ABT%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'AFT%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'BEF%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'BET%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'CAL%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'CIRCA%' and UPPER(P1.deathdate) not like 'EST%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'ABT%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'AFT%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'BEF%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'BET%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'CAL%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'CIRCA%' and UPPER(P2.deathdate) not like 'EST%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'ABT%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'AFT%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'BEF%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'BET%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'CAL%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'CIRCA%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) not like 'EST%' and UPPER(F1.marrdate) != 'Y' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'ABT%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'AFT%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'BEF%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'BET%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'CAL%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'CIRCA%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) not like 'EST%' and UPPER(F1.divdate) != 'Y' and (F1.divdate != '' or P1.deathdate != '' or P2.deathdate != '') and not (YEAR(F1.divdatetr) = 0 and YEAR(P1.deathdatetr) = 0 and YEAR(P2.deathdatetr) = 0) having Comment = '' order by P1.lastname, YearsMarried desc, F1.marrdatetr desc ;
  7. ** UPDATE SEE BELOW ** So I have JUST noticed that with Headstones & Cemetery Photos (Media), they are two entirely different media in the resulting output showmap.php. When I first added Headstone photos I ticked 'Link this Media directly to this Cemetery'.. Never gave it a further thought UNTIL today.. Been trying to figure out some code in showmap.php (I could not understand the production of a table for what appeared to be headstones. I decided to test a theory and lo and behold Untick 'Link this media directly to this Cemetery' and this mysterious table pops up with 'Headstone' pics. Thats great. HOWEVER, the Map that always showed now does not.. And that is regardless of ticking ' Show cemetery map and media whenever this item is displayed ' I am using OSM and have uninstalled ALL Mods except OSM.. Since I have only discovered this method of showing headstones v other media for a cemetery, I may not have some other setting set right. OR Might this be an 'undocumented feature'?? Screen pics?? Let me know I can do that.. ** UPDATE ** After much fiddling and confusion.. Remove the latitude/longitude and Zoom Level from the media edit screen, no ticks for either option (as above) for each headstone and bingo, the map returns. We have the Headstones Table and or Cemetery Photos Table depending on options 'ticked'. So it seems one cannot Geo Locate a headstone AND have a Cemetery Map show.. Don't have a Google Maps 'Map Key' so cannot see if this is purely an OSM issue or TNG/OSM issue or TNG.. Cheers in advance..
  8. tngrlkrz

    Mod Behavior Change TNG 13.0.1

    I noticed Mod behavior which seems to have changed in TNG 13.0.1. (cache cleared, no other mods but prolog, tng 13.0.1) EDIT: my bad....Mod behavior is same as before..(deleted memo detail,.trying to hide the evidence of my faux pas.)
  9. Bart, Ken, Robin or others, This morning I did the update from TNG 13.0 to 13.01. All previously installed mods work fine after re-installing except for the Person Map mod. It generates an error on line 83 (see screenshot) Installing the previous version of the file admin_updatemapconfig.php solves the problem so the error is probably be in the new version of the file although I'm not sure. A lot of people use this mod so can anyone solve this error? Kind regards, Rob
  10. Hi All, There was - as I remember - a post regarding this subject. I can't find it now so maybe I'm not correct. Anyway: Installing the Comments mod when you use template #19 will give a database error when you click the Create DB Tables button. No tables are created. The reason is that in topmenu.php there is this: echo tng_icons(1, $title); This call to tng_icons() includes execution of the function get_find_menu() that in all other templates is called from index.php. The function is modified by the Comments mod to read the tng_commentsvisits table. As I use the topmenu.php for the "report DB table creations" page, the table is not created when the function is called in this instance. Hence the error. This is not good and in my view a break of the TNG standard (if there is one). As it's called from index.php in all other templates I don't think it's good programming practice to change it like this. A solution for the future might be to change the table for a cookie that is valid on only one device and may or may not be deleted But it seems okay to completely install the mod using another template (I tested with #1) and then switch to template #19. Sigh... I don't know... Erik
  11. Hi all...just a tip for others if interested. I love the new zoom buttons that have been implemented in the 13.0.1 update that has come out today, but the size and location of the icons was a bit too much for me...so I used the following code to move the zoom icons over to the right of the chart and to decrease their size. Hope it helps. In the CSS folder in your template, add the following code to the file "mytngstyle.css" and don't forget to clear your cache once applied! /*Moves zoom icons to right of charts*/ #mag-icons-div { Float: right; margin-right: 10px; } /*Changes size of zoom icons*/ #zoom-in, #zoom-reset, #zoom-out { Width: 30px; Height: 30px; } Phil
  12. Hi all...apologies in advance, as this post probably just shows my lack of understanding about the complexities of caches. But here goes 😉 I'm used to running my Joomla website on Siteground. Joomla has the inbuilt ability to clear the cache of the website... On the rare occasions that this doesn't work well, I also have installed an extension (add in) called Cache Cleaner - https://regularlabs.com/extensions/cachecleaner One click and it clears the cache. In fact, I tend to just use that and be done, as it's easy to get it. 98% of the time it works. If it doesn't then reloading my web browser whilst hold Shift (clearing the browser cache) works and I don't have issues. Now to TNG. I'm finding that clearing the browser cache isn't enough when I make changes to templates etc. I'm also logging into Siteground and purging the Cloudflare cache, then clearing the browser cache again or disabling Cloudflare (as discussed here https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Bypassing_Browser_Cache). Even then, typically no changes appear and so I walk away for a few hours, come back and the changes have propagated. Is it because I use Cloudflare? I don't know...but my TNG site is under the same account as my Joomla site...heck...even the same folder and I don't have the issue with Joomla. I can't figure out why I have so many issues with clearing TNG's cache and not Joomla's? So my feature request is to see if we could actually have a tool within TNG that would clear all the site cache effectively and cleanly. It would save me a lot of head scratching and I think it would be of value thing to ask people to do before proceeding when posting here and having an issue. I'm hoping that maybe an inbuilt tool could hunt out those nasty cache files and truly delete them, in the same way the Joomla extension I mention seems to work its magic. Phil
  13. Since upgrading to v13 when I replace All current data with a Gedcom import ALL the existing media entries are being updated on every import so all media (tries to) appear in "whatsnew.php" Is this caused by one of my mods or is it SOP?
  14. The DNA table in the getperson-page has a bigger font size as all the other tables on that page. Css class definition for the DNA table is "table.whiteback.tfixed", all other tables have "table.whiteback.tfixed.normal". I dont know where to change. Templapte is 19. Pls Hlp. Regards Walter
  15. Rob Severijns

    Show photo's on one row

    Hello everyone, I always save all my documents as a .jpg file so the generating of thumbnails is easy and I always have thumbnail available. If you go to Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings>>Media>> and set “Show photo's on one row” to Yes all photo's on the person page appear on one row. Except for photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event (See picture) With this in mind I asked Darrin of this was intended. Here's what he said. Since I save all my documents as a .jpg file I wanted to see those on one row too. This is for those who save their documents as a .jpg file too. If you want to see the photo's (documents) on one row too (see picture below) do the following: Make sure you make a backup of your personlib.php. Edit your personlib.php file. Find the line (somewhere around 1012) that says : if(count($media) > 1 && ($mediatypeID == "photos" || in_array($mediatypeID, $mediatypes_like['photos']))) { and change it into: if(count($media) > 1) { Make sure to use the closing bracket after the 1 for otherwise it will generate an error 500. (happend to me 😞) If you reload your person page the photo's (documents) that are not linked to an event will appear on one row. Unfortunately I'm not able to write a mod so after an update/upgrade this needs to be reapplied. HTH Rob
  16. Can anyone tell me where the code is to set the default opening option for the Get Person page? On my online site (still testing, not public) it is defaulting to Personal Information instead of All. On my computer (Wamp server) it defaults to All which is what I want. TNG version is updated to ver 13 and I have added the most recently updated files as well. So far to troubleshoot I uninstalled and deleted all mods and loaded a fresh getperson.php file, but it still defaults to Personal information, so I'm assuming the code is in another file. Help please.
  17. Rob Roy

    Event Map Menu - Mod Request

    The standard event record contains Event Type; Event Date; Event Place; and Detail. You can add notes as well. In the Event Map display, on the right side is a list of the events giving their Event Type; Event Date; Event Place; Detail, and the corresponding flag to that on the map. I would like a Mod that only displays the Event Type; Event Date; and Event Place in the Event Map list, suppressing Detail. Reason: If you record a large amount of data in the detail field such as a transcription of a will, this list grows far too large. If the reader wished to know more about, say the will, they can go above and look at that event entry. Hope this is clear, and even more, hopefully, it is an easy job.
  18. Rob Severijns

    Glitch in person page

    Hi everyone, I just noticed a glitch on the person page. I added 4 media files and linked them to a person with the event Burial. Via Admin - General settings - media I set the media to appear on one row. I have no other mods installed the effect the media. The result is in the picture below. Is anyone else expieriencing the same when adding more than one media file with the event berial? Rob
  19. Hello all, When creating families there is the possibility to create a family consisting of two people of the same sexe. Unfortunately they're always referred to as father and mother. instead of father/father or mother/mother. Has anyone ever created a mod that mitigates this? I know this can go furher than just the mentioned relationships above but for now it would be a good step in the right direction. Next week I plan to send an email to Darrin too, asking him about his point of view. I will take your comments into considiration too. Kind regards, Rob
  20. bobbyfamilytree

    Unable to 'add people'

    V13 of TNG was going fine but within the admin panel, it wont allow me to add new people (when using the 'people' tab) I get a http 500 error. This appears to of occured after I upgraded the Census Mod (upgrade from V to censusplus_v13.0.0.11.cfg (may/maynot be the reason why I'm getting the error above though..) Also, when I add a new family (as below), via the admin control panel, it wont allow me to save the person, it just hangs... I have also uninstalled all mods. I'm using template 18. I uploaded all files again this morning but it made no difference. I upgrade from v12.3 to v13. Also I have uploaded the patch Darrin added from the 1st Oct given I upgraded TNG prior to this. Not sure what else to try.
  21. I upgraded from version 12 to 13 and can no longer add new media. The file is saved in the proper directory as you can see in the second screen shot. No thumbnail is created and the next screen after this one is a blank white page with no opportunity to add/attach the image to a person. The file does not appear in a search of media for the file name. "Davison" in this example. And it does not show up in files without thumbnails although I did find one like that yesterday "Merriam Ethel Annie", and TNG created a new thumbnail. I downloaded a fresh copy of the ver. 13.0 upgrade this morning and reinstalled it but that did not solve the problem. When I try to add the same file again, I just get a duplicate (1) in the proper directory and the same blank white screen. Any and all help most welcome... Lee Harvie http://mcdadeheritagecentre.ca/families
  22. bobbyfamilytree

    Comments MOD v13.0.0.2a Public reading

    Hi. I'm usingTNG V13, template 18. I've noticed the comments on my site are hidden and users must login to view them. My settings are set to 'true' for Publc reading (it has always been like this) Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? I have also noticed public can not comment because there is no option to do that - comment button has dissappeared.
  23. Hello everyone, Is anyone else experiencing the problem below? When I'm in Family Chart view and I click Groupsheet View in the bottom bar I get the following message: When I'm in Groupsheet view and click Family Chart in the bottom bar I get the following message: If so I will report this to Darrin. Rob
  24. Erik, I tried using the "Open My Page mod" together with Template 19 but it doesn't seam to work. No link/button with My Page visible. Any idea what's wrong here? Rob Using mod version with template 19 and TNG 13
  25. I am curious to hear from some power users on how they are maintaining their places table. I have a smaller family tree that I have only had time to dabble in from time to time. I had started by transcribing a Great Aunt's family history from paper into a genealogy program called Brother's Keeper. But I converted to TNG when I found that it was easier for quick access anywhere I had internet access. Now as I go back and try to clean up my places to bring some consistency I cannot decide if I want to define places for particular street addresses or not. I would like to hear how others in the community approach the maintenance of their places.