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Found 309 results

  1. I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my public site, here: culbert.one-name.net and also on my home computer. On my public and home sites I have recently added additional information to the home page that is entered for "Text 1-3 Titles and Paragraphs" on the "Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings" admin page. This information shows up on my public home page in the bottom blue-green area, but only using Firefox, not Safari. However, on my home computer, with the same information entered, neither the bottom blue-green area nor the text shows up using either browser. What controls the view of this bottom blue-green area and text besides the entries on the "Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings" admin page? Or, could something with browser settings be interfering? But, if so, why the difference between public and home views using the same browser? I attach four screenshots, with the image titles indicating the sources. The Firefox_Public_Site_View is the only one that displays and functions correctly. I posted this message to the tngusers forum, but there have been no replies. Thanks! Jim Culbert
  2. I maintain my genealogy information with a separate desktop application and regularly update my TMG site by importing a gedcom file. In this gedom I include also any media links and I make sure to upload the jpg to the appropiate folders. Media to the standard collections are importing correctly and added to the right collection. The problem is with custom collections like the collection 'building' I created. Although I think I configurered everything properly, when importing building they end up in the photo collection and not in the buildings collection. Consequently media cannot be found in TNG as it's looking in the wrong folder. I can munally correct this but everytime I do an import with buildings the wrongs one are created again. What are the steps I'm doing: - The building collection has the following parameters: export as: BUILDING Foldername: gebouwen local path: c:\haza_export\media\gebouwen\ Same setup as: photos - gecom extract: 0 @I1@ INDI 1 NAME Alexander Carel /Appelius van Hoboken/ 1 OBJE 2 FORM jpg 2 FILE c:\haza_export\media\gebouwen\Appelius van Hoboken\Boezemsingel 23 (2003).jpg 2 TITL Boezemsingel 23 2 _TYPE BUILDING 2 NOTE <B> Woonhuis Alex en Inge van Hoboken (2003-) Thanks for any help/advice Alex
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to install TNG (v. 13.3) for the first time, but I ran into some strange errors. Firsty, I use a debian 10 server with root access and with nginx 1.14.2, PHP 8.1.3 and MariaDB 10.3.31. I downloaded TNG 13 and unziped it into /var/www/tng. Further I changed the permissions to 755 and the ownership to www-data to avoid some other errors I received. I created a database named tng and a user named tng and granted the user all permissions via: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON tng.* TO 'tng'@'localhost'; The installation process crashes on the 7th step, the creation of the tables. Everything works fine and TNG can also connect to the database, but after this I receive this error: FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught mysqli_sql_exception: Table 'tng.tng_users' doesn't exist in /var/www/tng/tngconnect.php:170 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/tng/tngconnect.php(170): mysqli_query() #1 /var/www/tng/checklogin.php(58): tng_query_noerror() #2 /var/www/tng/ajx_tnginstall.php(34): include('...') #3 {main} thrown in /var/www/tng/tngconnect.php on line 170" So I enabled the general log in MySQL to see the issued query which causes the problem. The MySQL log: 220313 9:33:49 144 Connect tng@localhost as anonymous on tng 144 Init DB tng 144 Query SELECT userID FROM tng_users 144 Quit Sometimes this query also throws an PHP error: 220313 9:45:27 146 Connect tng@localhost as anonymous on tng 146 Init DB tng 146 Query SET SESSION sql_mode = '' 146 Query SET NAMES utf8 146 Query SELECT * FROM tng_templates WHERE template = "" 146 Quit If I understand this correctly, TNG tries to receive data from the tables which don't exist. So, something failed within the creation of the tables, but no MySQL query was issued to create them. Maybe someone could help me with this rather technical problem. Greetings Ryusoken
  4. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Solved: Documents have to be added manually

    Solved: Legacy was handled the wrong way. Hi there experts I am (still) helping @Steen Riis Thomsen with bist.dk. He needs to upload documents, where I have no experience myself. I/we do this: Control in "Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings" that the name for the Document Folder has the default name "documents" Control in the GEDCOM file that there is a link to a document (specifically a .pdf but also tried with Word docs) on the correct individual Control that this .pdf (or Word doc) document is sent with FileZilla to /public_html/documents/ Import the GEDCOM with check mark in Import media links. The problem is: documents are not automatically linked to the individual. But exactly the same procedure automatically links images to the individual. He has to link documents to the individual manually. TNG version is 13.1.1. Browser cache is cleared. Am I missing something?
  5. Hi, Did a search on "reset template" but couldn't find anything. I like nr 21 alot but I did some mistakes and I wanna get back to "default". I deleted the template and uploaded it again via TNG zipfile, but all my changes are still there...pictures, text, everything. Where is everything stored/saved? Thanks in advanced //Tobbe
  6. I'm running version 13.0.4, and occasionally put the site in maintenance mode for updates. Granted, being in maintenance mode does display a small label on each page, but what I'd really prefer is to simply display a splash page with no access at all during maintenance mode time periods. I could go into my template and code one, but being an IT person by trade and thus natively lazy, I thought I'd see if someone had perhaps already invented that wheel. Feedback welcome.
  7. Jean-Luc Lauzon

    Cemeteries and Headstones page don't show city name

    Why Cemeteries and Headstones page don't show city name? I created a cemetery "Notre-Dame des Neiges" off the parish of "Notre-Dame" in the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada and on the main page of "Cemeteries and Headstones" it's under "Notre-Dame". Same for St-Francois d'Assise" who should also be Montréal, and St-Finnan who should be Alexandria. It should show the city and the cemetery name so to choose the proper cemetery Thanks Jean-Luc
  8. MarsFlower819

    Help installing.

    Hello, First I want to say I am new to all of this. Second, I watched 3 didn't videos, read the guide. And am still confused. I got me a hosting site and domain, on DreamHost, and through that WordPress. But I try to follow the instructions, and I am just lost. I get to the file zilla part, on the file manager part, I put my info for the WordPress server, but I have no idea where to put my files, I tried it, and I ended messing up my WordPress domain completely, and it wouldn't even let me on it. I went and got me another one, while they are fixing the first one. I am new, I am doing a full new install, which is what I downloaded. I'm confused which or if any updates I needed? I honestly didn't know it would be this difficult to figure out, I watched his review video, and he said it wasn't hard to install and setup. I think we have 2 different versions of difficult. Any help is appreciated, because I really want this website to work. Thank you.
  9. John Paul

    near dawn/dark

    Hey everybody. I was testing some of the themes on my local site using tng v13.1.1 and the neardawn and neardark templates don't seem to want to load up to choose in the template settings. Unless I'm doing something wrong. Now, I left the db type blank instead of the utf8 thing that's there during the install. All the other templates look like their doing what they're supposed to.
  10. First post. After searching the forum not finding an answer I am still looking for a solution. I imported from gedcom. Individuals started from I0000 and go up to I00276 (or something). Now I added a new individual (not too many yet) and found out that I now have an individual I0001 and I1; I0002 and I2 (up to I15 or something). Syntactically, I1 and I0001 differ. Semantically they are the same. What is the best way to solve this? Renumber the whole database? Write my own SQL? Resquence ID's in the utilities menu did not solve anything.
  11. Hello everyone, hope this finds you all doing well. I've been going through my people and families, getting rid of duplicates, etc. Now in my pedigree chart (screenshot attached) some cells want me to add a new family when one already exists. What am I doing wrong here? If a family already exists, why do i need to add a new one in the pedigree chart? is there something i'm missing to fix in the family that should be showing up or what?
  12. Hi all, over the past few days I’ve taken advantage of MyHeritage.com offering free access to their photo tools to either repair, enhance or colourise images. Many of the results have been…a little bit odd, to say the least… but in some cases the enhancement of the image has been very good indeed. I’m still not that comfortable with displaying a colorised version of a black and white photo, but in some cases, the enhanced image or “restored colour” image has been quite impressive. The images download with a watermark in the bottom right, which I don’t have an issue with…and I’m still mulling over whether I’m actually going to include these computer enhanced images in my Reunion genealogy database. Personally I’d never just display the enhanced version…I’d always include the original and indicate (somehow) the difference. I’m trying to figure out how I could label the image as “Enhanced” in Reunion, and then when I import via GEDOM into TNG, have them displayed as such? As all my works is done in Reunion and then imported into TNG. But… it made me wonder if some clever person might be able to create a mod that allows you to associate a value with an image, to indicate that it is computer enhanced…AND…when the image is displayed in TNG, it clearly indicates that somehow? Personally I’m not wanting a watermark added to the image…I’m thinking something that just highlights on the page displaying the media that it is enhanced. But to be honest, I’m just thinking out loud, because I’m not exactly sure what the best approach would be and what is achievable? All comments welcome. In case anyone is interested…I also have Adobe Photoshop that can do colorisation…but My Heritage was just so fast and easy to use, I took up their free offer (while it lasted) instead. It’s not something I will continue to do…I’m just trying to figure out the most effective way to use a few of the images that I am quite pleased with.
  13. I would love to have a report that shows the number of years married for 'families' where both parents are stilling living and either or both are deceased. Me and mysql are not compatible. I have found this, could it be modified to suit?? Is someone able to help please? Thanks in advance.
  14. I don't know if I asked this before...probably may have, but have forgotten now, so the question is: What forum software do you use? please no WP integrations please.
  15. John Paul

    Extrapage template issue

    Hey there you guys. I'm trying to use an iframe for phpbb3 in a extrapagetemplate. I've searched here, the net, the w3school of html, the phpbb website, etc. but can't figure this out, if it's the iframe, or the template. I'll upload a screenshot and the template file i'm using. if more info is needed just let me know. this is on my home wampserver and not the live site. thanks for taking a look. phpbb3iframe.php
  16. John Paul

    rename tree

    Good morning to you all. I just did a fresh install, on my home server, of tng1311 and was wondering if you can rename the tree after the install and uploading all the users, families and media? Thanks. or do i need to redo it all?
  17. John Paul

    ancestral view

    Hello again. I'm using tng 13.1 on one install and 1311 on another install. this is all on my local home server. this issue does not appear to be happening on the live server. Have I asked this before? If I did I apologize. On the home server installs, when viewing the ancestral view, some of the lines between cells are broken or not there unless i play around with it. Not that it matters that much being on my home server, but I just wanted to know why it's happening. doesn't seem to matter what template i use. like I said, i'm using tng 13.1 and 13.1.1 on a windows 10 machine running wampserver64. I've attached a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.
  18. John Paul

    weird issue with searchform

    no more wordpress project. no replies needed.
  19. John Paul

    starting a new project - WP

    I'm starting a new project with WordPress. I've been going thru the admin section and seeing what it's all about. I have a question or 2 about this new project of mine. 1. I registered for a new account on WordPress.org earlier today but have not received the validation email from them and cannot find a contact to help remedy the situation. any ideas? thanks, jp EDIT: I think I already asked #2 in another post, so i'll get rid ot it here.
  20. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    SOLVED: GEDCOM tags are present but events are not shown

    Solved: Issue with missing date pr. cite/citation was an issue with export from Legacy 9. I need a little bit of assistance with two topics: I have not changed my "recipe" (I hereby mean settings 😎) of how to import GEDCOM-files, but something has changed anyway: 1. usually the date when I had last worked on an individual was shown beside each source in the lower part of an individuals page. I myself like to see if it is old data or recently found data, that I find, and of course I like to show this information to my visitors as well. But suddenly they have "disappeared". I.e. this guy: Axel Simon Andersen Marienlund: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I402&amp;tree=HBS has this information in the GEDCOM but it is not visible in TNG: 1 CHAN 2 DATE 16 Jan. 2022 3 TIME 21:02 Can anyone tell me what I do wrong? 2. The same person has these occupations in the GEDCOM, but they are not visible in TNG: 1 OCCU Kunstmaler 2 DATE Mar. 1915 2 PLAC Anna Sogn, Sokkelund Herred, Københavns Amt, Denmark 2 NOTE Ågade hører til enten Anna Sogn eller Brorsons Sogn i 1915 2 SOUR @S246@ 3 PAGE København amt, Sokkelund, Vartov Hospitals Menighed, 1913-1 4 CONC 935, KM, Fødte, Konfirmerede, Viede, Døde - opslag: 79 af 1 4 CONC 64 opslag 3 QUAY 4 1 OCCU Tegnelærer og kunstmaler 2 DATE Apr. 1947 2 PLAC Johannes Døbers Sogn, Sokkelund Herred, Københavns Amt, Denmark 2 SOUR @S246@ 3 PAGE København amt, Sokkelund, Johannes Døber, 1941-1961, KM, Dø 4 CONC de - opslag: 44 af 305 opslag 3 QUAY 4 I've tried to analyse what is going on about the occupations - and I'll show some examples, because I can't find the logic in this: Myself: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I1&amp;tree=HBS: No occupations in TNG. But GEDCOM has these: 1 OCCU Fuldmægtig 2 DATE Fra Jun. 1990 til 1995 1 OCCU Specialkonsulent, chefkonsulent, projektleder og souschef i staten 2 DATE Fra 1995 til 2013 2 PLAC København My father: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&amp;tree=HBS Occupation is shown in TNG, and GEDCOM has this: 1 OCCU Driftsleder i tekstilindustrien My fathers father: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I851&amp;tree=HBS No occupations in TNG. But GEDCOM has this: 1 OCCU Driftsleder hos a/s Chr. Juncher Note: And just to make sure: all my eventtypes are marked with "Accept" "On import". And I've double checked in phpMyAdmin where the all have "1" in the "Keep"-field. If any one can see which mistake(s) I make, I'll be glad. I'm pretty sure the issue(s) is not only related to these two tags - but I can't prove it.
  21. John Paul

    edit ribbon menu

    Good morning all you tng'ers. I've been looking hi and lo but just can't seem to find out where in the world do you edit the ribbon bar menu (I'm using template 18)? Mine (Home, Search. Login), the login link does not work. it's calling index.php# instead of login.php. Thanks.
  22. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    SOLVED: Blank screen - help - I give up

    Solved! With a lot of kind help. Thanks again. Hi there I hope somebody can help I have been working with MODs today, a wonderful world, and when I had almost finished, and had installed the last MOD, I realized I only get a blank screen, when I try to go to an individuals "Personal Information". An example is my dad here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&amp;tree=HBS Before I started working I downloaded all files, so I have a panic-backup. I have tried to upload all these files. This does not help. Next: I have deactivated all Mods and deleted those that could not be deactivated for some reason. After Next: I have tried to get a fresh new version of the files from Darrin's download page and upload getperson.php I have cleared bowser cache. The issue is not depending on the browser. Root path, database and every thing in setting is untouched. My TNG version is 13.1.1. Which simple thing do I miss to do?
  23. My first version of TNG was v12. I installed chapta and got it work. After upgrade to TNG 13 the chapta mod doesn't work. I wasn't aware of that until recently. I went in to the Admin page to uninstall the chapta mod. When checking the chapta is still there and doesn't let anyone advance to send a contact mail to me. I have been checking the wiki but I can't remember which version of chapta I was using so I find no answer how to completely remove the mod . I think I recall I had to add some lines in a file. I am a totaly noob when it comes to this I hope someone can give a clue how disable the chapta. -Stefan
  24. Does anyone else have an issue with fan charts where the 6th an 7th generations are misaligned with the lines of the fan chart in the light green section? It seems to affect just that section of the chart. If the description doesnt make sense, I've attached a screenshot to demo what I'm talking about. Is there anything I can do to correct this?