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Found 183 results

  1. I have made a number of updates to MND it is still beta but as I don't use TNG need more people to test, the change information is in the Wiki Page (Click) One thing I have been looking at is that the various calls to getNameUniversal() do not pass consistent data from the base SQL query, the mod is needing to do an extra query to obtain the 'missing' data needed to properly process the persons name and in some cases row data is mangled to that the personID is passed as pID and sometimes not set. Which means that if other information is missing the processing fails. Installing update Keep a copy of the old one uninstall old one delete old one upload new one install new one If you have issues reverse the process and let me know. married_name_display_v13.0.3.1.zip
  2. slowjim

    TNG compatibility

    People use more different devices now than ever before to view the web. Gone are the days when we only had to worry about how our sites looked on PC's. For example, I use template 14 on my website. Scrn01 below shows how my searchbox looked on a Chromebook. Fortunately, this was easily fixed with a small modification. I am no programmer - I just tinker at this stuff and do what seems to work often based on some solution I looked up somewhere. First, make a copy of index.php in the template 14 folder. Then in the index.php file; Modify line 78 from - input name="myfirstname" type="text" value="" and change it to - input class="shorttext" name="myfirstname" type="text" value="" Then also add the class attribute to line 81. Now in the template14 css folder modify your mytngstyle.css and add the following: input[class="shorttext"] { width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing:border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; } This seems to have fixed the problem. You will also likely have to clear your cache on the Chromebook's browser. https://thebrownfamilytree.info
  3. I'm using template 12 for my tree site https://cushings.com/roots/public_tng/ . One of my features was about a French family and I included French translations. In the template, this means making a copy in the selected language, for which a text box and a few other boxes are created for the French text, the French picture title, etc. I periodically change the two featured families. My problem: I've now removed the French family and replaced it with an English one, for which I don't wish to have a French translation. How do I get rid of the added 2nd language boxes in my template? (And the effect that when viewed in French my home page shows the empty translation instead of the English text for this family.)
  4. ^maikl11

    What's wrong with my report

    Hello everybody I want to create a report with the religion and the date and place of baptism! Unfortunately nothing is shown to me. What I have done wrong? Please help me... thank you!
  5. bitterer

    Restriction to single tree does not work

    I just restarted my site a few days ago with version 13.0.3. I imported my data into one single tree. I want to separate some persons into their own tree to give other persons a restricted access. I entered some persons in a new tree and created a new user with restricted rights for this tree only. This user has access to all persons, even from the main tree. A server reboot (to clear all caches - if there are any) does not fix this. Any hints? Regards, Martin
  6. Tried to install mod for hiding Google links in V1303 and almost succeeded. The third change candidate in the mod was not accepted. I think the syntax of the statement looked for had been changed since V12. Is it possible to have another version of this mod, please? 😀 Regards, Fokko
  7. Hi everyone, I just noticed that it's possible to have multiple login with the same user account. I know it might be a little far fetched from happening but could this cause problems when an admin account has multiple login and changes are made.? Could this potentialy corrupt any of the TNG files resulting in a broken intallation? A check to see if a user is already logged on should/could prohibit a second logon by the same account. Rob
  8. Leo te Braake

    Add Person Siblings Row mod

    I like that this mod enables the main person's siblings to be shown on the getperson page. I often have families with many children with rather incomplete data, and the place of the main person in the row of siblings is not always obvious, especially if there are children with equal names as deceased ones. Therfore I include the main person in the list, but that does not seem right. I propose that the mod includes the main person in the row of siblings, but after that replaces the name etc. by a graphical element (e.g. a frame with text: "main person belongs here")
  9. I use this mod a few months, and it suits my needs perfectly. There was only one silly glitch: a language string for Dutch. I researched how to correct it, and came to modify the mod's config file. My language is set to Dutch(UTF8) I found this block: =================== %target:languages/Dutch-UTF8/cust_text.php% %fileoptional:% %location:% //Mods should put their changes before this line, local changes should come after it. %end:% %insert:before% // Add Person Siblings Row custom text $text['infosibling'] = "Broer of zus"; // $text['infosiblings'] = "Broeren en zussen"; $text['infosiblings'] = "Broers en zussen"; $text['sibling_partners'] = "Partners: "; //$text['sibnote'] = " (current person) "; $text['sibnote'] = " (huidige persoon) "; // end of Add Person Siblings Row custom text %end:% =================== The bold italic line was my correction for the line above it. But: it had no effect. Yes, I restarted TNG after a reboot of the computer. How can that be? I wanted to test it, and then give this to the developers to include in the next version, but that must be postponed now...
  10. Hi folks, I am migrating to online hosting but in preparation I'm sandboxing here on my local server. I began trying to integrate tng-wp using the suggested links of the tng site. I tried numerous times until I finally understood what was going. I tried using the tng plugin method listed and followed the directions and when I got to the setup of the tng plugin in wordpress there was an error at the bottom of the page, happened everytime I blew the installation away and began again. So I gave that up and tried the non wp plugin method. This seemed to be the easier method but after installing I found that no matter how many times I tried to get a new page in a menu to come up, I received a "not found" message. Fought this several days looking at posts on how the permalinks worked etc and the effect of .htaccess, and came to the conclusion that once I changed permalinks on the site trying to d the wp plugin method I blew up my install. Ive copled suggested .htaccess files and still broken links, changed permissions and ownership, still broken links. Changed permalinks from one to another, saved them and still broken. My head is spinning from it and I feel that there must be something in my httpd.conf that is causing issues with redirects. I see pretty permalinks on my pages it seems even when I change which one I use in the permalink option of wp. I feel like I've run a marathon trying to find solutions and I've fallen in to a rabbit hole. Has anyone run into the kind of weirdness also? Think Ill just go and work on my 63 Dodge Dart convertible, at least its solid and not so ethereal. Cheers yall. John
  11. Michel KIRSCH

    Group Custom Events Mod

    Hi All, Jürgen (JPB) has asking for a Mod that Hide/show Associations when there are many Associations for the same person. (Edit). My ancestor was very popular and rich. Therefore, he was very often (~ 26x) called upon as a godfather and witness. TNG creates a separate line for each Association, which are sorted according to the input and not according to date. This is the answer : a Mod to test... Michel hide_associations_v13.0.3.beta1.zip
  12. Paul McKnight

    Access Log

    Is the access log written to the server and if so where can I find it? Thanks!
  13. ^maikl11

    Custom Menu Hook Mod

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to translate the CustomHookMenue and I'm desperate. The first 3 menus are translated correctly, but all others are not translated! I do not know why! I think I did everything right, or am I missing something ??? Please help me! Thank you! In the attachment I have added the text from the cfg file. CHM.txt
  14. After installing a Mod, I wish to change one text field set by the Mod. I do not, at this stage, wish to change to a private Mod. I thought if I included this in cust_text.php after //Mods should put their changes before this line, local changes should come after it. I thought it would overwrite as last . Is this not possible please?
  15. christineH

    Number of visitors

    Can anyone tell me how I can track and/or find out how many visitors come to my site? Thanks Chris
  16. I have just successfully upgraded from v11 to v 13, as usual excellent and precise instructions. I am currently using template 11, but tried also template 3 which had the same problem. In most of the non-admin pages (except the home page), there is a narrow top banner with useful links: home search logout followed by menus: 'find' 'info' and 'media' m When a user is logged in, the corresponding links are correct, like http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/index.php http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/searchform.php and http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/logout.php?session=PHPSESSID so everything is fine. I have chosen to allow display of 'deceased' items to users who are not logged in, like for example this link to one of my Danish great-grandfathers, search for Christian Pedersen and pick the one born in 1848 at the same place as me: http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1116&tree=sortkaerheron and very conveniently the top banner changes dynamically to this banner: home search login ...etc and now the links are as follows: http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/index.php (which is correct, unchanged...) http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/searchform.php (which is correct, unchanged...) and http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1116&tree=sortkaerheron# (which is NOT correct and furthermore makes the site hang; should have been http://honeymooney.com/genealogy/login.php ) Tried to switch to another template like #3, but the problem persisted. I had in fact the same problem under v11, (using template 3) and had hoped the upgrade would 'fix' the problem. Any help or suggestion to fix it much appreciated, thanks.
  17. Good morning, I am fairly certain that some time back (could be a year or two... or even three), I read about a mod that allows marriages and the birth of children to also appear in the chronological event list, and not just underneath. I had a look at https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Category:Mods_for_TNG_v13 and also for previous versions, but can't seem to find it. Does it exist, or did I hallucinate reading about it at the time?
  18. I use TNG version 13.0.2 and template 12. I added two links to the top menu to direct users to additional web pages. The links work, but in mobile view the button is blank, there is no GIF icon. How do I set the button icon in mobile view?
  19. Looking for easy way to add a link to the menu bar? Thanks for looking. Carl My site: http://carl.rhodesfamily.org/
  20. Hello everybody, my question goes mainly to Michel Kirsch. By chance I noticed yesterday that my grandma’s parents are no longer using the sosa numbering !! My grandma has a birth mother and was later adopted! See here (https://ahnenklein.com/getperson.php?personID=I8243&tree=KLERC) or in the picture! But why is the numbering not continued? Does anyone else also have this problem? Thanks in advance! Michael
  21. I've run this by Darren and we're both scratching our heads. On an Apple I-Pad version 14.4.2, the web site is on 13.0.3. Searching from the front page, last name - O'Donnell, there are no results. We have tried with Safari and Chrome. We tried with me logging in with full Administrator rights and the I-Pad with the same results. There are 70 O'Donnells in the database. If we type in a name without an apostrophe we get the expected results. It looks like this happens with all names and places that have an apostrophe. I have verified that the keyboard is English, QWERTY. I have no issues with my Windows 10 desktop. Also happening with Apple I-Phone IOS 12.5.2. Update: There is definitely an issue with Apple here. I just tested this on Ken Roy's website. Though Windows I confirmed there were 2 O'Donnells. The I-Pad results were zero.
  22. I've just upgraded to rhe latest version of TNG and am taking the opportunity to upload and update my gedcom file and images since I last did a similar update about a year ago. My main family history program is Family Historian and I used a pluig-in to create a gedcom file in utf8 format with specific settings for TNG. That I uploaded to my website by ftp. (The file comprises about 15,000 individual records and is about 19M in size.) On the gedcom import screen, I can select the required file, it is imported into the main tree and I have the Replace option set to Matching Records only. As soon as I click on the Import Data Button, I get the message 'Opening' followed by the expected filename. I've fila attached a screenshot. There's no progress bar showing, all there is is a spinning circle. .. and it will be like that 2 hours later. I'm assuming that's not correct. Would be grateful for any assistance in getting the import working Many thanks. Rob
  23. pdumain

    Show individual media

    Hello, When i have for example 2 medias linked to a person, what i would like is to show the first media, eventually with a link to the second, but not like showmedia which has a link to every media in the site. Is it possible natively in TNG or is there a MOD doing that ? Thanks for your help. Regards, Patrick
  24. Hi I'm a relatively new user and whilst distracted I appear to have deleted my whole custom folder, (rather than a single record), entitled Births, Deaths Marriages that showed on my front menu and linked to documents to all the people in my tree. I have done nothing since that and was looking for help/guidance if there is an easy way of restoring the links? I know all the underlying files are still in the folder so no actual data has been deleted I am using TNG 13.0 and the site is hosted on my home synology NAS Site is https://victory4.co.uk/index.php Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance Tom
  25. ^maikl11

    Mod Secret medias

    Hello everybody, I wanted to install the mod "Secret medias" today. But it cannot be installed. Can you tell me why ??? I have TNG 13.0.2 Template 12 Thanks in advance...