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Found 86 results

  1. After installing v13.0.1 there are some changes in the Administration sides. Above the normal screen I am used to see (the bottom image), I have the same selections shown as a list (at the top). Is this expected, is it a setting? I have cleared my cache, and I have compared the template files (I am using template 16) in the update files 12.1 -> 13 with the files on my server-side. And retransferred to be sure. I have not any modifications to the template. What can be a solution or way forward?
  2. XerxX

    Empty map in showmap.php

    Hi all, I get a completely empty map in showmap.php and a PHP Notice. Can someone please check/confirm this using TNG 13.0.x. I found it using TNG 13.0.2 (never checked it with 13.0.1) This can be done with the OSM mod (I did) but not with Google maps. But as I don't have a Google map key I simply entered 123 for the map key, forcing the "Oops!" message: I select menu Find -> Cemeteries I select a cemetery by expanding it as much as possible: I click "Sånga kyrkogård" and I get an empty map! And this is the PHP Notice I get: [21-Dec-2020 11:05:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: place in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/TNG13/googlemaplib.php on line 77 This does not happen in my TNG 12.3 online installation. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation! Erik
  3. Hi all, While sometimes using date modifiers like bef, abt, between dates etc. i recognized that while using that kind of dates together with a place name, the date does not fit in the field, as a result it creates another line in that date field/column...see the attached picture. I would like to have it like Bef 01 Jan 1821, in 1 row. How to achieve this? I think it should be a simple code change to extend that field size, but i can not find that specific code where to change that? Someone? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Regards, Sandor
  4. Derrick

    cannot delete a place

    I click on the x box to delete a place, and the red comes and goes, and the place remains. It's odd; this has never happened before. That's the little video clip attached. It's there still if I log out and come back later. When I select or more places and click "delete selected," a new utterly white tab opens but nothing changes. This happens in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Has anyone else seen this? Derrick deleteclip.mp4
  5. Hi, I have started my TNG 13.02 installation. All of my media files are in specific folders. Example: Cemetery, Census, City Directory, Documents, Headstones, Military, Obituaries, Photos, Personal Profiles, Social Security, Travel, Vital Statistics Do I need to add these folders to the database tables? Thank you, Ed Reeners
  6. ton van lil


    I like the Sosa mod. But when a list it my surnames have no surname prefix anymore. Am I doing something wrong? See picture below.
  7. The title specifies the primary question in this posting. I can't find any such option at Admin>>Chart Settings (or elsewhere). Overall, I'd rather just use the browser's zoom feature - which I can do, but then those zoom buttons are just noise on the screen, and, of course, invite what I consider to be the problematic zooming that I've described below. I wonder if these following characteristics of the zoom feature that I see are universal (I've tried it in two browsers), and whether you consider them problematic. I admit that some (most?) of them are definitely not that big a deal, but they combine to make me want to suppress that feature. The zoom icons print. Of course, the graphical charts are generally not well-suited for printing in the first place. Still, a style rule could easily suppress printing of the icons. (Actually, that applies to all of the navigation menus in the non-print mode, but that's a whole other consideration.) Unfortunately, I can't say that I'm seeing this behavior right now, but, sometimes, zooming just the chart is not nearly as fine or as smooth as the native browser zooming, and the chart seems to jump around on the page. When I'm at the beginning of the horizontal charts and zoom out, white space is added above the chart, and (a small part of) the chart disappears at the bottom. That doesn't seem right. Yes, I can drag it back to where it ought to be, but that's an extra and not necessarily obvious step. More problematically, when I'm in the vertical chart and I zoom out, expecting to see more of the chart, much of the visible chart can disappear to the left. That definitely doesn't seem correct. Thinking about this some more, I guess that the zooming feature zooms from the center of the chart (even if the center is off of the page), rather than from the top left, as the browser zoom does. When I enlarge the chart, some of it disappears at the top of the window, and leaves no scrollbar. It took me a while to figure out that I could just drag the chart back down. I don't expect everyone to be so slow on the uptake, but I would expect some users to be confused by it. I suspect that it works the same way on your sites and browsers, but, just in case, you can try this page on one of my test sites
  8. When I go to places in admin, there is a blank record being displayed. If I delete it and leave places and come back, it reappears. Never had that problem with 12.
  9. Hi all, I have detected that in my TNG13 version the TAGS Religion (confession), job and living place are ignored in both, import and export I could not find anything according to this in the setup admin part. Any idea. Attached a dump of the person I export and the gedcom result. TAGS OCCU, RELI and EVEN are not exported. In addition: I have added two MODs concerning _LIVING Flag: backup and display Regards, Fritz muster_gen.ged
  10. WimDirks

    GEDCOM _PRIM tag

    When I include the following in the person's INDI file the picture does not show up automatically in the person's record. 1 OBJE 2 FILE \photos\thumb_wim.gif 2 FORM gif 2 _TYPE PHOTO 2 _PRIM Y The picture is in the directory given in FILE My question is: is this the correct approach? Sorry, newbee since 1 week. Wim
  11. I posted in the other recent thread about this, but I think it fell to the bottom of things: I have had the same issue for a month or two. I followed the steps Ken said here (unload and reload all the mods and delete to old files) and it did not work for me. I have the same issue - the censuses appear twice, and two buttons that say "check census links" on the import/export page. I don't know how I got two versions installed either. I'm using TNG 13.0/ You can see it on the 1850 and 1860 censuses on this page: https://ancestors.pitard.net/getperson.php?personID=I4239&tree=1sttree Thanks for any help-- Derrick
  12. nacsaszta

    Hungarian date format

    The usability of the program would be greatly increased if the date format could be selected in this format and enforced in the impressions: "YYYY. MM.dd" or "YYYY. MM. Dd". Four-digit year, separator, two-digit month, separator two-digit day (example: 2020.11.30.). The divider is a point. As in TNG Admin under Setup - > Configurations - > General Settings - > Miscellaneous - > Numeric Date Preference. I see the Java code in the "datevalidation.js" file parseDate function can handle this, only Darrin Lythgoe's 2006 amendment does not cover this. Suggestion, idea? 🙏
  13. Hi All, Version of the Fixed Family Tab mod is published with these important updates: * Multiple marriages are supported * No conflict with Robin Richmond's Regroup Person Profile mod v13.0.0.19e <-- Note version 19e (published Nov 28, 2020) Grab it here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fixed_Family_Tab Note for TNG 12 users: A version is coming today or tomorrow, but it will NOT include the Regroup Person Profile adaptation. BTW! Public Access Control is updated by Robin to solve conflicys. See here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Public_Access_Control Best regards, Erik
  14. Fritz Loseries

    Deny Media Upload or Import

    Is it possible to set a flag, that media will not be allowed to upload or to import via gedcom ? Could not find something concerning this within the configs.
  15. christineH

    Google Map API

    Rookie question #2. I thought I was following the instructions to install the Google Maps API. I don't know what I've done wrong. When I open a map this is what I get Any suggestions about what I need to tweek? Thanks Chris
  16. Brett

    Mod Manager changing code

    I have a clean install of TNG13 with no changes and no Mods installed. It is running on WAMPSERVER 3.2.3, PHP 5.6.40 - 7.4.9, MySQL 5.7.31. When I install a Mod affecting getperson.php, lines 197, 200 and 203 are modified, even when those lines are not a Location in the Mod. It is always the same 3 lines, no matter which Mod is installed. Those lines, on a clean getperson.php end with a blank. Mod Manager removes the blanks on installing the Mod but does not return them when the Mod is uninstalled. I have tested this with several Mods. One to try is Collapse Family Children. Why is Mod Manager making these unnecessary changes? Additionally, shouldn't Mod Manager return any changes to how it was before the Mod was installed?
  17. Good Morning, I am news in this forum and i begin with the sofware TNG, I'm french, i must to wake up my english I have a problème with the thumbnail, image, I download a picture for a collateral ancestor (sister of my grand-grand father), i would like that this picture arrive in thumbnail for the page of Amelie Le Téo, but the photo stay like a camera and not like image, when I see all the media How i must to do http://familleensemble.livehost.fr/getperson.php?personID=I22&tree=FamilleLT sincerely Zazoult
  18. I just want to make sure that I'm doing things right. For a newbie TNG can be a bit challenging... In Import configuration: local photos : F:\DATASTOR\photos\people Do I add a backslash at the end of people? In Media add collection: It seems we have to double the backslash Churches : F:\\DATASTOR\\chuches\\city Do I add a backslash at the end of city? Once a Media collection is added, how can we edit the parameters like the local path? Thanks, Andy
  19. Jan Bastiaanssen

    * SOLVED* Missing thumbs in admin_people

    Somebody else missing these thumb's here, or do i something wrong ?? Jan
  20. I upgraded TNG to version 13 and also re-installed the OpenStreetMap-mod V13. When the heatmap is opened, it seems ok but you can not click or pan the map. What am I doing wrong? (example is at https://www.familielagarde.nl/stng/heatmap_OSM.php?tree=lagarde) Best regards, Patrick
  21. Rob Severijns


    Hello Brent, It's not my intention to put any pressure on you at all but do you have any idea if and when the Person_Media_Title mod will be upgraded again? "You'll see it when it gets there" is fine too. Tried to make some changes myself but no luck there Kind regards, Rob
  22. Allen

    Gedcom update

    Newbie here. TNG version 13.0.1. Windows 10. I have a webpage up and running, but have a couple of beginner questions. I use Family Tree Maker 2019 to do most of my work. I make changes nearly everyday. What are the best practices for updating my TNG webpage? If I upload a new gedcom, does it add only the new information? Is it easier to make the same changes on the TNG website itself? I'm also thinking about resizing most of media images to make them smaller. Most are more than 1mb. If I do so, and upload the new media file, with the same file names, will it simply replace the existing images? Thanks in advance for the replies, and I'm sure I'll have more questions. https://wilson-mcelmurry.com/index.php
  23. I was checking the Gallery view under Photos and noticed that if i click on a specific photo and then move back to Gallery view by "Show All", not all pictures are seen if I have clicked on a picture in the sequence over number 50. (I have 63 pictures loaded in total ). If I have clicked on a picture up to and including no 50 all show up. Is this a bug or some setting that can be changed ? Best rgds, Claes
  24. There is unfortunate conflict between the two mods: Regroup Person Profile ( and Fixed Family Tab ( concerning line 583 of getperson.php (13.0.1). It's quite easy to resolve the problem temporarily, but of course it could be better to have it definitely correlated by the authors. Both mods are extremely useful and both are among my favourites for years. I wonder why they are still not included in TNG... Best regards Michal