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Found 131 results

  1. I want to create new media categories in the Media drop-down list. Now I have noticed that some categories are automatically translated, but unfortunately not all! I also don't know why only part of it is translated! In which file (s) is this dropdown menu entered ??? Or how do I create the new media category so that it is translated automatically? Thanks in advance... PS: I use TNG13.0.3, template 12
  2. Upgrading to TNG V13, on my local server, I initiated upgrade_convert_image_maps. A quick look at an image showed that tag had been preserved. So I did the same when I upgraded my live site. I did not apreciate that this utility only tags individuals in database. I have thirty (ish) images which has individuals tagged who are not in database. I would like to preserve this. Can I revert back to Media Tooltip mod by Ken Roy? I still have a copy V12 database with Map details in media table. Thanks in advance.
  3. Paul McKnight

    Page Breaks

    I'm printing Individual, descendants, Generations = 3, Compact. Trying to print to paper or PDF. It's taking two pages but no matter what I do the bottom of page 1 is truncated and the last name is chopped off. Page 2 starts the child but no father. I've even tried adjusting the paper to legal, A1, A2 etc. I can't seem to force a page break where I want it. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, I need your help please. I want to integrate a new page that should be accessible only for logged in users. I have built the page with the historytemplate.php, it works fine. Also the integration in the menu bar worked well. What code do I need to integrate at the top of the page that checks if the visitor is logged in? If he is NOT logged in, he should be redirected to the login page. Thanks and have a nice weekend Jürgen ----------------------- I think I have found my mistake. I had inserted the code: if (!$currentuser && !$_SESSION['currentuser']) {header('location: ../login.php'); exit;} before include( "../tng_begin.php"); But it must be inserted BELOW this line, then everything works as desired. Learning by doing ...😁 Jürgen
  5. ^maikl11

    Watermark mod

    Hello everybody, unfortunately I can not install the Watermark Mod? Something is wrong in the admin_users file, line 70 !!! But what??? Who can help me?
  6. I am using TNG 13.0.3, template 12! under Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings I enter the following in "Left image caption": ....<center> Family Landgraf and Eckart from Hawaii in 1905 <br> <hr> <hr> <div class = "header"> Info </div> <br> </center> <hr> <! - Start Log In button (Language Switching) -> </p> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="login.php"> &#x1f512; Login </a> </div> <! - End Log In button–> <! - Start Register button (Language Switching) -> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="newacctform.php"> &#9998; Register </a> </div> <! - End Register button–> </center> <! - Start suppress login and registration chapter once user logged in–>..... So far so good! If I now go to save, the index page is completely shifted! I know it has to do with these characters (& # x1f512; and & # 9998;, (because as soon as I leave it out, everything is saved)) How can I elegantly solve this so that these symbols remain ??? I would be grateful for a solution! Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I am using Template 13 and have a photo on my main page that looks great on my big monitor, but when I open the website on my laptop it doesn't resize down to fit. I'm not explaining myself well but the photo actually extends beyond the page boundary on the right hand side across the search fields etc. What have I done wrong? Cheers Chris
  8. ^maikl11

    Internal Server Error

    Hello everybody, since I updated to TNGv13.0.3 (from 13.0.2), TNG is running very slowly! I hardly changed anything, even installed fewer mods! E.g: Upload Gedcom: now takes at least 5 minutes, previously just under 1 minute. Querying locations takes forever until "Internal Server Error" etc etc ...... Can someone confirm that too ..... ???? PS: Sorry for my bad english....
  9. ^maikl11

    TNG 13.0.3 Person-ID

    Hello everybody, Before I had my database crash, the ID was always displayed on the person sheet next to the name (see photo). Well not anymore! Did I miss a setting? Or was there a mod for it? Who can help me??? Thanks in advance...
  10. Maybe someone can help me! In TNG version 13.0.1 or 13.0.2 "Relationship to Site Owner Mod" worked wonderfully. Then I installed the "Display Jobs Facts" mod. Unfortunately, the Relationship to Site Owner display disappeared. When I deinstalled and deleted the mod "Display Jobs Facts", the display of the Relationship to Site Owner is still not shown! In the meantime I've uninstalled all the mods and just installed a few mods that I've always had. Why is nothing displayed to me? Did I miss something? How do I solve the problem.... Thank you for your help in advance .... Greetings Michael (Cache is emptied, update to TNG13.0.3)
  11. Since I updated from 13.0.2 to 13.0.3, the preview for my media works as usual. But when I click on it to see the full doc/photo it goes to the next screen and says "loading" but the media file never opens. This has never happened before and I'm hoping someone might have an idea what happened between the upgrade. Any help would be appreciated. https://www.duttongenealogy.com
  12. Rob Severijns

    (Solved) Java Script issue

    Hello, I'm having a problem loading pages in TNG. The issue has been around for more then a year now and is starting to annoy me. Login to my website works just fine but when I go to a sub-page like the getperson I get an error. The expand/collapse buttons don't work and the eventmap doesn't load. The getperson doesn't load properly until I have loaded several other pages and this process can take up to 3 minutes. I think the problem is visible in the screenshot. It says that the jquery-3.4.1.min.js and jquery-ui.min.js fail to load. Java Script is enabled. Anyone any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance, Rob Windows 10 Home, MS Edge TNG 13.0.3, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7 Update: Used another browser with the same result. Did a login via another machine and the error didn't occur. Must be in the settings on my laptop but still no clue to what's causing it 😪
  13. LJLachance

    Captcha - Rick Bisbee version

    I've just completed my update to v13.03 from 13.01. All was working as intended previously. In accordance with instructions for the update, I uninstalled all mods. Upon completed update, I went to the existing mods and find, for the Rick Bisbee version of Captcha, ver., this message What and where is the appropriate TNG captcha? Thanks, Larry
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to make the leftside block (dark brown) on the Getperson page a little wider. How can I accomplish that? Thanks in advance, Rob Using TNG 13.0.3
  15. Leo te Braake

    Add Person Siblings Row mod

    I like that this mod enables the main person's siblings to be shown on the getperson page. I often have families with many children with rather incomplete data, and the place of the main person in the row of siblings is not always obvious, especially if there are children with equal names as deceased ones. Therfore I include the main person in the list, but that does not seem right. I propose that the mod includes the main person in the row of siblings, but after that replaces the name etc. by a graphical element (e.g. a frame with text: "main person belongs here")
  16. Dear community, I use in TNG 13.0.1 the template 12 (windows/ Firefox). Template 12 because the font fits to another existing website and the cloud of surnames is important to me. Now I want to change the colors of the template to match the other website (corporate design). What is the best way to do that? With TCB from Erik Hoppe? Have already looked at it, changed to the desired colors and downloaded mytngstyle.txt from TCB. How do I continue? Thanks for any help Best regards Annette
  17. ^maikl11

    Report cemeteries

    I want to create a report that shows me all the cemeteries in my database. I entered that here: SQL: SELECT tng_people.living, tng_people.private, lnprefix, prefix, suffix, title, tng_people.branch, birthdate, birthdatetr, altbirthdate, altbirthdatetr, deathdate, deathdatetr, burialdate, burialplace, lastname, firstname, deathpersondate, deathplace, tng_people.ID., Deathplace, tng_people , tng_people.gedcom, nameorder FROM (tng_people) WHERE (burialplace LIKE "% Friedhof%" OR "Memorial" OR "Cemetery") AND tng_people.gedcom = "KLERC" ORDER BY burialplace But only places that contain the word "Friedhof" are shown to me: Cemetries and memorials are not displayed! Where am I making the mistake? Thank you for your help in advance....
  18. christineH

    Very early days

    I had a website up and running, but then I had problems with the Living and had to take it down in a hurry. At the time I was devastated, but now I see it as an opportunity to start again with what I learned the first time! This is very early - it's only been up for about 24 hours and there's lots of work that needs to be done. But I invite comments. https://14359.members.fhwa.org.au Thank you for your interest Christine
  19. Cindy Conser

    Free-form citation field

    I'm new to TNG and have installed a site, but haven't entered data in it yet. Looking around, I have not found a free text field for creating source citations as an alternative to the structured citation fields. This is a very important to me as I like to format them myself or copy and paste citations from online sources. Am I missing something?
  20. Ellen Marchese

    Upload DNA tests

    Hi, newbie here. I have looked through directions but cannot find where to upload DNA tests. I find information on how to do everything else related to it. I have 4 DNA tests to upload. thank you Ellen
  21. I am a new user, and am trying to set up a recipient for the messages sent via the contact form. I can't find any relevant settings in Admin or documentation in the Wiki so am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks so much! Figured it out, thanks
  22. Rob Severijns

    Private Media Flag

    Hello everyone, I have several media files that are provided to me by family members. The deal is that I can use the media files as long as they are not visible within the family tree and as long as certain family members are still alive. This means these media files need to be marked as Private. Setting the media files marked as Private results in these files being visible to users with rights to view Private content only. It would be nice if the Private flag could, by default be set as mentioned above and that besides that there is an option to override this setting for specific Inividuals and/or families. Basicly saying: Private for all except for users who have the right to view Private content set in the User rights and specific Individuals and/or Families set for each applicable media file. This creates the possibility for the provider of the media file to view that specic media file. Hope this explanation is clear enough. Rob
  23. Hi Community members, If I upload a photo in my new test environment (version 13.0.2 and template 13) and everything goes well. The thumbnail looks good, but when I go to the showmedia.php page, the photo looks very different from the original. The aspect ratio is then no longer in the correct proportion and the photo is wider than the original. (see attached image). Did someone of you encounter the same problem and solved it? Kind regards, Frans Erich
  24. After I updated my online web site to ver. 13.2, the Public Access mode is not showing any text on the Admin_genconfig.php page. (See image.) The Mod still seems to work and I can figure out the selections by looking at the Wampserver page on my computer. It is still on Ver. 13.0 and working correctly. However, that's a rather awkward way to set things up. I've tried manually adding the $text entries to text.php in both English language folders, but that didn't help. I have the following Mods installed: Google Maps - More Place Levels Image Captcha Mod Open my Page Open Street Map OSM Auto Geocoding Mod Settings Block Regroup Person: Profile, Branch, Date place, No living, and Sources User Footer Copyright They all installed correctly and are functioning as expected. Would appreciate any suggestions and also wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  25. I have just downloaded tngupgrade9x-1302.zip (twice) and tngfiles1302.zip (once) as the first step in attempting to upgrade from version 9.2.1 to version 13.0.2 of TNG. The file sizes are 15,052,135 bytes (both times) and 16,639,406 bytes respectively. WinZip (9.0 SR-1 (6224)) pauses frequently while unzipping the downloaded files to report: I gave up on the upgrade file after skipping 27 files and on the full file after skipping the first of these files, admin_deleteentity.php WinZip provides no means of overriding the warning and its help file merely advises to download the Zip file again. I don't see any point in attempting to upload the unzipped files to my website when dozens of files are missing. Is the problem with WinZip or with the TNG files?