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Found 315 results

  1. Hello all, When creating families there is the possibility to create a family consisting of two people of the same sexe. Unfortunately they're always referred to as father and mother. instead of father/father or mother/mother. Has anyone ever created a mod that mitigates this? I know this can go furher than just the mentioned relationships above but for now it would be a good step in the right direction. Next week I plan to send an email to Darrin too, asking him about his point of view. I will take your comments into considiration too. Kind regards, Rob
  2. bobbyfamilytree

    Unable to 'add people'

    V13 of TNG was going fine but within the admin panel, it wont allow me to add new people (when using the 'people' tab) I get a http 500 error. This appears to of occured after I upgraded the Census Mod (upgrade from V to censusplus_v13.0.0.11.cfg (may/maynot be the reason why I'm getting the error above though..) Also, when I add a new family (as below), via the admin control panel, it wont allow me to save the person, it just hangs... I have also uninstalled all mods. I'm using template 18. I uploaded all files again this morning but it made no difference. I upgrade from v12.3 to v13. Also I have uploaded the patch Darrin added from the 1st Oct given I upgraded TNG prior to this. Not sure what else to try.
  3. I upgraded from version 12 to 13 and can no longer add new media. The file is saved in the proper directory as you can see in the second screen shot. No thumbnail is created and the next screen after this one is a blank white page with no opportunity to add/attach the image to a person. The file does not appear in a search of media for the file name. "Davison" in this example. And it does not show up in files without thumbnails although I did find one like that yesterday "Merriam Ethel Annie", and TNG created a new thumbnail. I downloaded a fresh copy of the ver. 13.0 upgrade this morning and reinstalled it but that did not solve the problem. When I try to add the same file again, I just get a duplicate (1) in the proper directory and the same blank white screen. Any and all help most welcome... Lee Harvie http://mcdadeheritagecentre.ca/families
  4. bobbyfamilytree

    Comments MOD v13.0.0.2a Public reading

    Hi. I'm usingTNG V13, template 18. I've noticed the comments on my site are hidden and users must login to view them. My settings are set to 'true' for Publc reading (it has always been like this) Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? I have also noticed public can not comment because there is no option to do that - comment button has dissappeared.
  5. Hello everyone, Is anyone else experiencing the problem below? When I'm in Family Chart view and I click Groupsheet View in the bottom bar I get the following message: When I'm in Groupsheet view and click Family Chart in the bottom bar I get the following message: If so I will report this to Darrin. Rob
  6. Erik, I tried using the "Open My Page mod" together with Template 19 but it doesn't seam to work. No link/button with My Page visible. Any idea what's wrong here? Rob Using mod version with template 19 and TNG 13
  7. I am curious to hear from some power users on how they are maintaining their places table. I have a smaller family tree that I have only had time to dabble in from time to time. I had started by transcribing a Great Aunt's family history from paper into a genealogy program called Brother's Keeper. But I converted to TNG when I found that it was easier for quick access anywhere I had internet access. Now as I go back and try to clean up my places to bring some consistency I cannot decide if I want to define places for particular street addresses or not. I would like to hear how others in the community approach the maintenance of their places.
  8. Michel KIRSCH

    Working with search function of TNG

    Hi Moders and Programmers ! I would like to write a Mod that would allow to insert a link to a individual of the genealogy into a note. For this, I would like to use TNG's search function (the one we usually use to search for a spouse or a child we would like to add). This search function is called with a button : <input type="button" value="Person Search" onclick="return findItem('I','hiddennote' , 'mynote' , '' , '' );"> findItem() is a function from selectutils.js So I create a button, a text field (mynote) and a hidden field (hiddennote) in the note editing window. It works very well, the search window opens and I can select a person in the genealogy. The return URL is in the form : http://....../admin_editperson.php?personID=I5&tree=KC1&cw=1# The problem is that I don't know where and when this "admin_editperson.php" is inserted in the URL. I would have to replace it by "admin_editnote.php" to be able to intercept the result... Can someone help me? Thank you Michel
  9. Rob Severijns

    Login issue

    I have an issue when trying to login. Normaly if I press the login button on the startpage https://www.severijns.family/index.php I should be directed the the login screen. In my case I'm directed to: https://www.severijns.family/index.php# Basicly my startpage ending with a # I saw the underlying code looks like this: <a href="#" onclick="return openLogin('ajx_login.php?p=');" title="Login" class="tngsmallicon" id="log-smicon">Login</a> If I change the code into: <a href="login.php" onclick="return openLogin('ajx_login.php?p=');" title="Login" class="tngsmallicon" id="log-smicon">Login</a> logging in works but not via the login popup. I have no clou what the side effects of the code change will be but maybe someone can shed a light on this. I also have no idea where to permanently change the code so if someone could tell me that too that would be really nice 😊 Rob Using TNG 13.0
  10. I am a newbie to TNG and have managed to install and got working my site as here: Website: https://wilkinsonfamily.site TNG Version: TNG 13.0 Template: 13 I am finding the various instructions and guidelines in the admin help and the wiki are helpful but very confusing. I want to make some basic configuration changes and additions to the site but I can't figure out where to start. What I need is a guide as to how, what, where I need to make changes in order to add or delete or change the pages - mainly the home page - to suit my purposes. For instance, if I want to add a hit counter to the main page footer, where do I insert the html code to call the function? TIA.
  11. Alex van Hoboken

    hiding media for unauthorised users

    Hi all, On my site (http://genealogie.vanhoboken.nl) I use the mod "Public Access Control" to prevent the access to photo's by not-logged-in users. This works certainly ok but as soon as a user is authorised for a tree, it has access to all media. Is there a way (or mod) that allows the logged-in-user only to see the media that is linked to the branche he is authorised for? Thanks for any help Alex
  12. I’ve noticed comments in a few threads like this one https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/14764-adding-new-family/ ...that say things like (quoting Ken in this case).... So I am after some clarification. Is this saying that the v13 download continues to be updated with fixes that we’re not aware of unless we happen to use this forum or one of the other support mechanisms? That the v13 zip file I downloaded last week is possibly not the same as the one up there now? How are we meant to know or keep track of versions or changes? I’m away from home at the moment so don’t have login details to look....but I would have thought that versioning the download (to maybe 13.0.1 etc etc) and announcing it would be appropriate....or am I completely misinterpreting things? Again, apologies, as this is the first significant upgrade for me since I started using TNG. Phil
  13. I am not using a template in TNG 13. And have integrated the TNG website in Wordpress (Kloosterman). Now I would like in TNG the name and date of birth and death next to the photo. Now it is below the photo. Anyone an idea how I can adjust this?
  14. I thought I'd put this here. I cannot trace these to a mod. I have uninstalled a lot of mods that don't work, upgrade PHP to 7.4, and just downloaded the update today (2 Oct). Any ideas? 1) The following appears at the top of Admin > Cemeteries: "Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/pitard/www/ancestors/admin_cemeteries.php on line 14o0"
  15. Hi All, I got a message via my site: Yes: It seems like if you select the order by "Event type" the siblings are not shown. I will look into it later but right now I have to go away for a couple of hours. (Maybe until the evening) Thanks to Jeff for the alert. /Erik