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Found 315 results

  1. John Paul

    Different take on template 21

    Hello all. I've created a copy of template21 and have modified it somewhat, mostly changing colors and some css and a little code here and there and came up with this : https://joneshyman.org. My main concern is that it's pleasing to the eye, especially on all page besides Home, since I have a map background image. Is it OK to read the text on those pages? Do I need some more opacity? I really would appreciate your opinions, comments and suggestion. The site still needs a ton of work but 90% of it is under the hood, so to speak. I hope you like what I've done.
  2. John Paul

    Background Image

    Good morning all. On this other project I'm working on, using template21, I have added a background image to the container that holds the nivo slide show and Welcome Message. However, I would like to have that background image stretch full width, out of the container, just the image mind you. Here's a couple of shots to show you what I mean, as this is on my localhost. I'd like to simulate GWT's template221 > https://genealogywebtemplates.com/tng/demoframes-public.html this the css i have for it right now /* Background image behind slider and Welcome Message */ .bgbox { background-repeat: repeat; background-image: url('../img/lithuania.jpg'); background-size: 100% auto; margin-top: -10px; margin-bottom: 10px; border-bottom: 4px solid #86a7ba; box-shadow: 0 15px 20px -15px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4); } I have this at the end of topmenu.php: <div class="container"> <div class="bgbox"> The div is closed in the right spot (I think) in index.php.
  3. ok, I'm working on another project on my localhost. Fresh full install (today) tng v3.1.2 , so it's the latest version of randomphoto.php. This is a stand alone tng install, no wordpress. On my live site is standalone tng v3.1.2 UPGRADE (sometime back in july) and randomphoto works fine there. Using the template manager mod, I created a new template from template21 and naming it template31. Everything on that part of this project works fine. EXCEPT the randomphoto.php code. It doesn't work in t21 or the new t31. I've read all the threads concerning this issue and no help there. Can someone please explain what's going on here? And maybe some suggestions how to get it working. Localhost page source and f12 inspection: <!-- Random Photo Starts Here --> <!-- If you don't want to have a random photo displayed, just remove this section down to 'RANDOM PHOTO CODE ENDS HERE' --> <!-- Random Photo Ends Here --> t21 and t31 index.php: <!-- Random Photo Starts Here --> <!-- If you don't want to have a random photo displayed, just remove this section down to 'RANDOM PHOTO CODE ENDS HERE' --> <?php $rp_maxwidth = "90%"; include("randomphoto.php"); ?> <!-- Random Photo Ends Here -->
  4. I recently upgraded to TNG 13.1.2, and I'd like to use template 21. On the right side of the home/index page, under "Meet Our Family," there is supposed to be a random photo displayed. However, on my page, nothing displays. This is the code that is included in template 21's index.php file: <?php $rp_maxwidth = "90%"; include("randomphoto.php"); ?> Am I supposed to edit or add something?
  5. Kirstenf

    Kan ikke oprette bruger

    Hej Får vedhæftede meddelelse når jeg prøver at oprette en bruger:
  6. I am using the Template 6. Following the upgrade from v13.0.3 to v13.1.2 the photo in the Featured Photo section on the home page disappeared. Following copying back the randomphoto.php from the tngupgrade12x-1303.zip it is working correctly again. I did not have time to debug and find the root cause, but may be this information could help to someone else as well.
  7. John Paul

    Randomphoto question(s)

    Good Morning all. On my localhost testing site, I'm using wp-tng Kloosterman setup, wp v6.02, astra pro as my theme and elementor pro as my page editor. Does anyone use the tng randomphoto.php on their homepage? I was looking in the WordPress forum here and only saw 2 posts about it, but those were from 2014 and really didn't help much. I know there are a bunch of wordpress plugins for random images, but I would like to know how to use tng's randomphoto.php. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated I'm in the process of setting up a sub domain to setup what I have on my test site and will post the site here when I think it's ready for folks to have a look.
  8. John Paul

    Transfer localhost to live site

    Good morning all. I think I'm ready to transfer my localhost site to my live site. Should I use 1 of the 2 methods described here, https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-move-wordpress-from-local-server-to-live-site/, or just install everything from scratch, or another method? I've done a lot of work on it but it's still a long way from actually changing it over to my main domain name, joneshyman.org. the new subdomain is https://wptng.joneshyman.org (nothing there yet). It's purpose will be for when I have issues and post in the forum here, you can actually have a live site to look at and offer comments and suggestions, which will be appreciated.
  9. Hi I have tried to find a way to add a document which consists of several pages to the document section in the media gallery, but so far no solution. Is there at way to do this? I first tried to add the document as a pdf-file, but no matter what I did, I only got a message telling me the pdf-file was too large according to settings in the php.ini file. Regards Jan Christensen
  10. Hello, Hoping I can get a bit of help. I've been figuring out a lot on my own, but this one I don't know. Probably looking right at me or I'm too stupid. I'm trying to add cemeteries, but when I do, I get the error message populated in the image below. The Table Database it says doesn't exist, "bonesare..." is listed under setup Database. If that's even where I'm supposed to look. Under my cpanel, public_html, I do not see a "cemeteries" folder like I do with headstones, histories, img, photos, etc. etc. Does that matter? Do I need to define max lines? If so, what is the standard (I do realize it's an ind. preference, but as this is a TNG thing, I don't know, start with 25? 50?)
  11. When I try to add a new person, the "Person ID" box is auto filled with "P200". It used to fill with the incrementally next available ID. I don't know what changed or when it changed (was in last few months). I would like to get it auto-filling an appropriate ID again.
  12. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Assign People Their Own Tree?

    I'm just curious what you all do, and yes, I know it's up to me, just looking for feedback. When you get a new person to your site, do you set them as the starting or home person? I was wondering because I don't follow every single line. So I might have a 1st to 3rd cousin or whatever that I have the basics on them and nothing else. Obviously, they can backtrack and find the line that goes further. Or I can leave it and set it with myself and they can find it. What do you do? Pros and cons?
  13. John Paul

    SOLVED - Another pedigree issue

    Hey guys and gals My project is creating a new website using the latest WordPress and TNG via the Kloosterman method on wampserver64 localhost (for now). Having problems with the cell contents of pedigree, descend and familychart.php Attached is a couple of screenshots. Any help in the right direction to fix it will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello again, as i said in my last post i'm Mine and just joined the TNG13 users (https://stories-through-time.de/) Up till now i used Heredis 2021 as the software for my genealogy. There i set the people, sources and media as private that should be private. When i import the gedcom into tng this "private" flag is imported as a custom event with the value "privacy" and the person/media/source is not set as private. It actually creates 2 identical custom events, one linked to people and one linked to sources, but none for media. So i've been wondering what to do... As i understood it, if the media is linked to a living person and the user is not permitted to watch living people the media won't be shown. Did i understand that correctely? But then does this work with the private flag as well? I thought about using a SQL command to set everything with that custom event as private but i'm a bit scared to smash the db with the wrong command since i don't have a clue about SQL... And since there are quite a few jpegs which are private but the source its linked to is not (because i dont have publishing rights or don't want the scans to be shown, stuff like that) i still have the problem with the media. Still it would be better to set all the media as private and correct the ones which are not private manually, than to do it the other way.... Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! Mine P.S. Happy Easter!
  15. I'm using template 17, I have the extra links up top - Third and Fourth Link - I could, obviously delete them, or add another tree. I don't want to add additional trees or branches. So I was thinking maybe a blog? Or article format maybe? Is there a blog mod? What have you all seen or done with the extra link?
  16. John Paul

    [SOLVED] Search and Reset buttons

    Hey y'all. I've searching hi and lo for the blue color of the Search and Reset buttons and since it's on hover, can't really get the right color with a color pic app. I've searched: all the tng css files in the css folder, used different color pic apps, etc. I found where you can change the text color, but I don't want to change that, just the button itself. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? FYI, using wp 6.0.2, Astra Pro 3.9.2 on windows 11 pro and Wampserver 64bit. One pic is the blue and the other is the color I want to change it to:
  17. So I'll be playing clean-up from the install for a long time. All my media didn't get transferred though the GEDCOM, of course. So I am going back and editing the media. I upload the correct image. Sometimes it works. I look at the individual's data and the image is there and everything in hunky-dory. But some I load, doing everything the same, media in the same format and comparable size, but it doesn't show up or I get an error. And another will only show up if I click on it. I've logged out and refreshed. Haven't tried it from another browser yet but still. Is it just glitchy? Does it take time?
  18. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Editing An Event Name

    I'm trying to add and edit events. First, marriage. I have went to that person --> "edit existing person" but marriage isn't an option that I see. I go to "other events" and there's plenty to chose from, but none just say "marriage." I would also like to add my own event names in the future, so is there a way to create a totally new event? Just as an example, "First Rode A Bike" or something. Is there a way to do that?
  19. jhculbert

    Citations Are Fragmenting

    I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my desktop as my primary database. I am experiencing citations that fragment in the tng_citations.bak file upon backup of my current database. This results in syntax errors after I copy my latest backup files over to my public TNG site, then do a restore there. Here are a few of the typical fragmentation errors from that file, using the same citation: 1. There appears to be a hard return before "S.D. 4, putting that fragment on a second line that TNG cannot handle. "295931","Culbert","I8122","198038","S144","999","","25 Apr 1910","1910-04-25","", "S.D. 4, E.D. 27, 324 Sixth Street, Ward 2, Second Precinct, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, sheet 8A, p. 90, d108/f171, Lizzie Kaereher household; http://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:2:9JVJ-CGL","","" 2. There appear to be two hard returns before "S.D. 4, putting that fragment on a second line that TNG cannot handle. "295931","Culbert","I8122","198038","S144","999","","25 Apr 1910","1910-04-25","", "S.D. 4, E.D. 27, 324 Sixth Street, Ward 2, Second Precinct, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, sheet 8A, p. 90, d108/f171, Lizzie Kaereher household; http://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:2:9JVJ-CGL","","" 3. There appears to be a hard return before the last quotation mark in the citation, putting that on a second line that TNG cannot handle. "295931","Culbert","I8122","198038","S144","999","","25 Apr 1910","1910-04-25","","S.D. 4, E.D. 27, 324 Sixth Street, Ward 2, Second Precinct, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, sheet 8A, p. 90, d108/f171, Lizzie Kaereher household; http://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:2:9JVJ-CGL",""," " To fix these I have to manually go through the entire file and reconnect all the citation fragments to restore them. By the way, my citation backup file is 35.2 MB, and there were hundreds of these fragments created this last time. This is quite tedious to correct, and I don't know why they occur. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas? Jim Culbert
  20. My site https://bonesareforever.org/index.php My version: tng v-13 On the right side of my page I have titled "Before you jump in..." and the "More" at the bottom of that paragraph, when I click that [https://bonesareforever.org/histories/feature1.php] I get a 404. Additionally, when adding information to that text area box, I can only add so much and it will not accept anymore. Well, I can add plenty, but when saving it, it says Forbidden, I Don't Have Access, yadda-yadda. So 1) How / where can I edit the "More" link. 2) Why am I getting a Forbidden message when trying to save text for the Feature 1 paragraph under Folder: templates/template17. I am returning to edit this. I'm having one issue after another. I generated my API key, maps don't work. I uploaded one picture and it gave me a page of errors. _______________________________ An error has occurred in the TNG software. What to do: If you just installed an upgrade, you might have skipped part of the installation instructions. Go back to the upgrade readme page reread the instructions. Pay special attention to the database structure step. If you just installed TNG for the first time, you might still need to create the database tables. Return to the readme.html page to find that step. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for further assistance with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: UPDATE tng_media SET path="William Donald and Lillian Vest and Dau. Carolyn Jean Vest.jpg",thumbpath="thumb_William Donald and Lillian Vest and Dau. Carolyn Jean Vest.jpg",description="William D. Vest Sr. and wife Lillian Vest and Daughter Carolyn Jean Vest - 1 Front",notes="",width="0",height="0",datetaken="",placetaken="",owner="",changedate="2022-08-31 20:36:59",changedby="DonVest",form="JPG",alwayson="0",mediatypeID="photos",map="",abspath="0",gedcom="vest",status="",cemeteryID="0",plot="",showmap="0",linktocem="0",latitude="",longitude="",zoom="0",bodytext=" ",usenl="0",newwindow="0",private="0",usecollfolder="1",mediakey="photos/William Donald and Lillian Vest and Dau. Carolyn Jean Vest.jpg" WHERE mediaID="103" Duplicate entry 'vest-photos/William Donald and Lillian Vest and Dau. Carolyn ...' for key 'mediakey' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had Simply Hosting start everything for me. Should I just crap it all and start over and do it myself or is there something really freaking simple that I'm not seeing. I've searched the Wiki and the forums. If i did happen to find anything, it was several years and several versions out of date. I don't mean to come off nasty. I've had a really crap day , I'm frustrated and can't get this to work. I think I'm going to shut everything down and walk away for a bit. Thank you
  21. I've about reached the end of my patience with Simply Hosting. After years of working just fine, and with no changes having been made at my end, their hosting of my TNG 13.01 website has become a steady drip of headaches. Over and over now I have to do the routine of submitting a support ticket, they respond and patch the day's issue, but they never manage to explain what is causing the problem or what I need to change if anything. And within hours or days here we go again with either the same issue or a brand-new one. Enough already. So I'd be glad to know of other hosting providers that TNG users are happy with for hosting TNG websites. Ease of TNG setup, and then reliability of hosting service, are my primary considerations. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. Cheers, Paul Botts
  22. John Paul

    WP themes

    Just out of curiosity, which themes do you WP guys use? Thanks
  23. Donna Schwieder

    HIS SIDE, HER SIDE Question

    Hello, Having so much fun with TNG13. I'm a newbie just this week. I uploaded my entire GEDCOM from Legacy9 and am absolutely amazed at how all that data can "magically" be loaded onto such beautiful templates. My question: Under HERS I appear perfectly with my whole ancestry. Under HIS my father is listed. I thought my husband would be listed. How can I fix that? Here's my new site if you wish to see what I mean: https://www.gregorinschwieder.com/ Thanks for any help. Donna
  24. I am using template 13 in German. Alternative language 'English' works well apart from "Feature Links", where I want to lead users to an English version of a website. The link still leads to the German version even if the language "English" has been chosen before. Could it be that it doesn't accept additions to the national domain. To get to the English version the ".de" address is followed by "/eng.php". This is not active in the English version of the template. Thanks. Mac
  25. Naomi Keyter

    help request

    PLEASE NOTE I AM VERY DUMB WITH THIS Please can anybody assist me with the media, im struggling and cant make out how to add all from gedcom or must i add one by one?