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Found 183 results

  1. Hello, everyone, after the update to 13.1 b2 I can no longer import Gedcom! Even a Gedcom file with one person no longer works! I always have the same import window and nothing happens! What do I do now ??? Please help me!!!
  2. I've posted the 1st release candidate for Simple SEO V7. No new features in this release...yet, but I've included PHP-8 compatibility updates, numerous bug fixes, and support for meta keywords from familychart.php. In addition, I've simplified/streamlined the code inserted into getperson.php to correct some long-standing mod conflicts with Sosa and Relationship Display The release candidate can be downloaded here or from the Wiki page. This update was developed against TNG 13.0 and 13.0.4 but may work with all releases from TNG 12.0.3 forward. Comments, bugs, and suggestions for additional features are very welcome. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  3. 4lexsharpe

    Access to multiple tree

    Hi I have created 2 trees on my site and I have also created a 'guest' Account with restricted access to only one of the trees. If I login as this user and click on the 'Advanced' search button, both trees are visible and will return records from the tree not selected in the user setup 'Restrict the above rights to the following:' tree button? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Hello! This is my first post here and I'm truly loving TNG as our main genealogy site. So I've been having lots of fun with the OpenStreetMap heatmap too. However, since yesterday the location markers and cluster numbers stopped being displayed and the heatmap also doesn't show newly geocoded locations anymore. The console gives me these errors (see the attached images), but I have no idea how to fix this. Before the heatmap stopped working as it should, I geocoded some new locations and deleted some duplicate ones but I'm not sure if this triggered the error. Also I do have some uncommon characters in a few place names and person names, such as the № sign and the [ ] and () brackets and that's about it. But before the heatmap stopped working it worked fine while I used these characters in some names. So I'm really not sure what's causing the error. Any help would be appreciated because I love the heatmap! By the way I'm using TNG v.13.0.3 and OpenStreetMap v. And I have a total of 194 places (all geocoded with decimal points not decimal commas), if that means anything.
  5. I seem to be having regular problems with TNG operations. Here is the latest: I start MAMP, and get a notice to upgrade the MySQL databases. The instructions say to go to Tools > Upgrade MYSQL Databases, but in MAMP, under Tools, I do not have that option. Screenshot 1 There was also a notice to backup my databases before performing the MySQL upgrade, so I tried to start TNG, and get the following message instead of my TNG Home page: "Error: TNG is not communicating with your database. Please check your database settings and try again. Settings can be found under Admin/Setup/General Settings/Database, or at the top of your config.php file." On the MAMP start page (See Screenshot 1 again) it says MYSQL can be administered using phpMyAdmin. So I try to open phpMyAdmin, and get the following error message in Screenshot 2: This is WAY too complex for me, there are NO useful instructions, and the information provided conflicts with what I see. I cannot backup my TNG databases using TNG, because I cannot open TNG, and I am afraid to click the button to upgrade the MYSQL databases anyway because I don't know what will happen, and it appears I will lose my TNG databases, or at least my TNG work over the last week or so that has not been backed up. How do I get past all these errors and get TNG operating again? Jim Culbert
  6. PapaTango

    CSS issue in Statistics

    In completely rebuilding my site from scratch, I decided on a dark theme for Avada. I am having trouble however in getting a CSS string to change the font color of the titles below the pie charts. So far, I have attempted to add everything one at a time to mycustomtng.css that contains the preamble .c3- . I have even attempted this in the c3.css file. No joy anywhere. See the barely visible black text, which needs to be white. Yes, I have used the !important tag... This one should have done it. .c3-legend-item-event { font-size: 20px; color: white !important; } Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. It's been 2 1/2 years since the last release of Simple SEO, and it seems like I should get to work on a new version. I've already checked the code for PHP-8 compatibility, and there are a few things to be fixed there. I also plan to try and solve some mod-dependency issues that have cropped up over the years. But setting those changes aside...are there any suggestions the TNG Community have for V7? New features? Changes to existing features? Kudos? Complaints? In case you're not aware of what Simple SEO is used for, take a look at the Wiki page. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  8. Citation Master V9 has been released and is available from the TNG Wiki. This is a major update that adds two new features, incorporates a series of changes for PHP-8 compatibility, and adds an example configuration for the Evidence Explained citation format. The new features are: Source/Citation Thumbnails -- All sources that have an attached media file are displayed in the citation area of individuals and families. (This feature can be enabled/disabled in Mod Manager parameters.) Context-sensitive Formatting -- Format specifications now support the ability to have different instruction sets for source displays and citations displays. The idea here is to be able to create "short format" citations as one would find in scholarly publications, but the feature allows for any complexity for the formatting. See the Wiki page for examples of how to enable this feature or take a look at the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) or the APA example configuration files. V9 can be downloaded here or from the Wiki. This update is optional and works for all releases from TNG 13.0 forward. However, if you are intending to switch to PHP-8, then you'll need this version. A back-port to TNG 12 is coming and should be available in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who tested the release candidates and especially to Kathy Kult whose Evidence Explained-based configuration file was the basis of the new example. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  9. I want to install TNG v. 13 on a newer MacBook Air running OSX Big Sur, as my current desktop computer (with TNG) is much older and getting cranky. I have installed MAMP successfully, and unpacked the TNG zip file for v.13.0.3. I am now at step 7 of the installation readme file, and when I accept the default Database Collection: entry of utf8_general_ci, and then click the Save and Create button, I get a popup window shown in the attached screenshot. Closing that popup, the messages says: Please wait, attempting to process. Nothing else happens. I have tried this several times with the same result. Can anyone point to anything I can do at this point to move forward? Jim Culbert
  10. Hi @Michel KIRSCH Love this new mod you have created.It even works out of the box with my private mods.. (Real Bonus).. Not sure if the intention was there for it to occur, it appears one cannot edit Events. Would that be something easily added?? I have attached a screen shot for you.. If I can be of any help please ask.. An Admirer Rick M
  11. Hi I have made my site with Wordpress as the primary CMS and TNG as a part of this. The integration is done with the Kloosterman method. I have disabled all the menues in TNG. All navigation is done with Wordpress menues. I have one (at least 😀) problem, when I access the websitet from a smartphone (or tablet): The hamburger-menu works fine on pages/blogs in Wordpress. But when I access a TNG program the hamburger-menu gets destroyed. I think I have to disable the support for hamburger-menu in TNG, but I am not sure. (And I cant figure out how to do it). Any ideas how I can have Wordpress menues on a smartphone? I have a staging- site where you can see it: www.surlykkerne.dk/stg-61581 It is in danish. A little help: All submenues bellow "Slægtstræ" are TNG programs and all submenues bellow "Historier" are Wordpress blogs/pages. Regards Laurids Petersen
  12. Hello! I'm considering getting TNG and using Wordpress to host it. Before I proceed, I have a question. My grandparents are from two different towns in Southern Italy. Over the past 25 years, I've amassed a large database of families from both towns. I would like to make a separate TNG page for each but under one website. Do I need to purchase two TNGs, or can I use one for both pages? Also, would it be possible to set up a login page for each for privacy reasons? Thanks! Jason
  13. sissabobon

    Mod to hide exact birth places

    Hi everyone I´m new to TNG and my genealogy site is still under construction. Can anyone help me in this topic: My ancestors are nearly born in the same town and I know the adresses of the birth places. So the birth places are specified like Brienner Straße 6, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Advantage is you can see the exact birth place of each ancestor in TNG on Google Maps. But I don´t want that guest users are able to see the full address, only town and country. Is there a mod out to fix that? How are you dealing with exact birth places in TNG? Thanks for reply :) Mona
  14. jhculbert

    Custome Event Does Not Display

    I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my home computer, and just found an instance where a custom event does not display. I have added this event to an individual, and now notice it does not show up on the public view. From the custom event type list, the custom event shows as: Tag Type/Description Display ID Order # Ind/Fam On Import Collapse Events MED Medical 295 0 Individual Accept Yes 59 Refresh the browser screen is not the answer. When I use advance search for this Tree and select Medical fact exists, I get 52 results, including the individual for whom I just added this custom event. But when I check these individuals in public view, none have this custom event showing up in public view. How do I make this custom event show up in public view? As a corollary to this question, is it possible to privatize custom events? Thanks!
  15. Giftzwerg

    Problem diplaying PDF

    Hello all, unfortunately PDF files are not displayed on my tablet (Android) within TNG (V13.04). (The display of the PDF works on a Windows computer without any problem). Also the installation of the PDFjs Viewer Mod V13.0.0.1 did not help. Maybe someone has an idea before I have to turn the PDF files into JPG files...
  16. I have posted the first release candidate (rc1) of Citation Master v9 on the TNG Wiki. This is a major update that adds two new features and incorporates PHP-8 compatibility: Source/Citation thumbnails for all sources that have an attached media file are displayed in the citation area of individuals and families. (This feature can be enabled/disabled in Mod Manager parameters.) Format specifications now support the ability to have different instruction sets for source displays and citations displays. The idea here is to be able to create "short format" citations as one would find in scholarly publications, but the feature allows for any complexity for the formatting. The Citation Master Wiki page has details and examples of the new features and Lindell-Herndon Genealogy is running the release candidate and has additional examples. The release candidate can be downloaded here. This update was developed against TNG 13.0.4 and may be compatible with, but has not been tested against, earlier versions from TNG 13.0 forward. Comments, bugs, and suggestions for additional features are very welcome. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  17. After having experienced systemd-related problems with my earlier MariaDB 10.3 installation on my own server, I switched to MySQL 8. The server is Ubuntu 20.04 based. After completely removing the MariaDB 10.3 and all its config files I installed MySQL 8 and re-imported the TNG database (~58000 names) had dumped from MariaDB. It all seemed to run fine, until I had to update the database with an updated GEDCOM file from Gramps were I do my research. TNG is only used to provide the data online. What happened was that the GEDCOM import went superslow!! Like 100 names per minute!! It normally takes a few minutes to import the complete 58000. I have had this problem once before with TNG 12 when switching genealogy software on my laptop caused the database to be formatted into latin1 | latin1_swedish_ci. After having switched the database back to utf8 | utf8_general_ci it all worked normal again. However, this time the character set is ok. It's something else going on.The PHP logs shows nothing wrong at all, and using the data that's already in the database works like a charm. Only the import is erroneous After having tested the GEDCOM file with both Humogen and other TNG-type web tools I ended up totally cleaning out MySQL 8 and installing MariaDB 10.6, but the same problem occurred there. As a last resort I cleaned out the newly installed MariaDB 10.6 and went for the default Ubuntu 20.04 MariaDB which is 10.3, and it worked perfectly! I have not done anything to the PHP config during all these actions since PHP has been working fine all the time with my 3 Wordpress sites and more. Any clues? I'm good for now, but when Ubuntu 22.04 arrives in some months, what then?
  18. I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my home computer and have also chosen to use Template 6, which prominently displays a random "Feature Photo" in the center of the home page. I recently decided to add additional Trees to my database, and then decided to reorganize my media folders to correspond to those new Trees by setting the "Separate media in tree folders:" option on the Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings admin. page to "Yes" and then clicking the "Convert" button. After doing the conversion, I checked my media folders, and found that most, but not all, of my media were transferred successfully. I then proceeded to move the remaining media appropriately. However, one change that I did not anticipate is that the the "Feature Photos" oftentimes, but not always, now display the full image size, which is way too big for my home page, rather than the former display of just the thumbnails. I checked a few of these too large images that were being displayed, and the thumbnails are still located in the same new folders with their primary images. My questions to the TNG Community are, what controls the display of the Feature Photos, and is there anything I can do to have the "Feature Photos" only display the thumbnails once again? Thanks!
  19. I have published the 2nd release candidates for NearDark2 and NearDawn2 for my 'cleanroom' re-implementations of the templates NearDark and NearDawn. These new templates are part of a package called eGenea Free Templates and improve on my original TNG templates by providing: Streamlined CSS that's built with easy modification in mind Contemporary web style (new larger fonts, more spacing, "meta" section/footer) Selectable features (...that can be shown or hidden via template settings). Basic localization for Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), and Swedish (SV) Below are images of the new templates NearDark2 and NearDawn2, and NearDark2 is currently running on my own site. Two additional templates DayLight and NightLight are under development and the 1st release candidates will be available in about 3 weeks. Check out the Wiki article eGenea Free Templates for a full list of features and download links. I'm continuing to work on these while creating the new templates DayLight and NightLight and any comments, feature suggestions, and bug reports, would be appreciated. Thanks Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  20. Does anyone else have an issue with fan charts where the 6th an 7th generations are misaligned with the lines of the fan chart in the light green section? It seems to affect just that section of the chart. If the description doesnt make sense, I've attached a screenshot to demo what I'm talking about. Is there anything I can do to correct this?
  21. We'll, I'm stumped. I moved a bunch of newly updated mods (my own) to a new TNG 13.0.4 test environment and got the errors depicted in the screenshot (attached). The mods are in place with .cfg files right where they should be.The only thing I can think of is a change to the expected fields or to the expected syntax for .cfg files? Could it be an issue with line endings? Regardless the mods where scanned and information loaded into this table under TNG 13.0 just fine. (...but when I moved the same code over to TNG 13.0.4...this happens. Any ideas because I've run out? Thanks, Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  22. Hi everyone, I hope someone is able to help me. I've been using the OpenMyPage Mod in the past witthout any problems but now it no longer does what it's supposed to. The only significant change I made is that I moved my TNG installation to a subdirectory of the public_html instead of the public_html directory itself. I did a clean install with a new database. All other mod's are working fine except for the OpenMyPage mod. When the mod is installed all goes well (see pictures below) My genlib.php looks good too. The problem I have now is that the top menubar and Info Dropdown menu don't show the My Page links (see pictures below) not even if no other mod's are installed. Anyone any idea how to resolve this? Using TNG 13.0.4 with template 207 by GWT (comparable to Template 19) Like I said the only significant change I made is that I moved my TNG installation to a subdirectory of the public_html instead of the public_html directory itself Rob
  23. I've successfully run MariaDB (the 'drop-in' successor to MySQL, created by the original team that authored MySQL many years ago) on my TNG live site for years. Now, with Apple making it harder and harder for software developers to install and manage development tools, I've had to switch to Brew for maintaining software that my TNG test installations require. One good positive development, though, was the possibility of leaving MySQL (and Oracle the owner of MySQL) behind forever with a move to MariaDB. All good...or so I thought. My first attempt to create a fresh TNG 13.0.4 test installation stalled at database table creation. The script just never finishes. Approximately half of the tables get created, and then...nothing. Process inspection shows that MariaDB does not appear to be doing any work (so...no live-lock though perhaps a deadlock, I suppose). PHP does not appear to be working either. A second attempt stalled as well, but after getting not quite as far through the tables as the first. My system: MariaDB 10.6.4 / PHP 7.4.2 / macOS 11.5.2 (otherwise known as "Big Suck" ... oh, sorry... "Big Sur") Any insights would be appreciated. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  24. Now that I have begun to use Open Street Maps, I have noticed that it doesn't like arbitrary (unrecognized) place names that I used to have mapped in TNG using Google Maps. For example, I have "Maple Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada," which works fine in OSM, but it no longer likes "Prob. Maple Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada." In TNG I used to be able to edit these arbitrary places by telling TNG that "Prob. Maple Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada" is "Maple Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada" in the place window on the Edit Existing Place page. I then use the geocode for that real place, and it maps. But now, I cannot use (nor even edit!) the "Prob. Maple Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada" place name and save it as I did before, as TNG just reverts to no lat., long. or place level. The following two screenshots show what is happening. The first is just before I save the edit: The second is what shows in my place list after the save; Is there a solution so that I can have my numerous arbitrary place names mapped in OSM?? TIA. Jim
  25. Giftzwerg

    TNG and NAS and Mail

    Hello all, It seems that my TNG installation can no longer receive or send any mails. I was able to install TNG (V13) on my Synology NAS in the home network some time ago. After the corresponding port releases, external access was also possible. At that time, receiving and sending mail worked without errors, I had tried this out by using different freemail addresses. In the meantime, TNG has been updated to version 13.0.4 and I have not noticed any errors so far. A few days ago I updated the NAS from DSM 6.2 to version 7. Yesterday I noticed that the system no longer sent any mails when I tried to have TNG reset a forgotten password. Obviously, mails are not being processed (a mail about a new registration did not arrive - but even as an admin you cannot write to the user (the system reports that the message has been sent!). Within TNG nothing has been changed in the mail settings. How can I check whether TNG forwards the mail via the NAS to my freemailer? Does anyone have any ideas?