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Found 244 results

  1. I need a little bit of assistance with two topics: I have not changed my "recipe" (I hereby mean settings 😎) of how to import GEDCOM-files, but something has changed anyway: 1. usually the date when I had last worked on an individual was shown beside each source in the lower part of an individuals page. I myself like to see if it is old data or recently found data, that I find, and of course I like to show this information to my visitors as well. But suddenly they have "disappeared". I.e. this guy: Axel Simon Andersen Marienlund: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I402&tree=HBS has this information in the GEDCOM but it is not visible in TNG: 1 CHAN 2 DATE 16 Jan. 2022 3 TIME 21:02 Can anyone tell me what I do wrong? 2. The same person has these occupations in the GEDCOM, but they are not visible in TNG: 1 OCCU Kunstmaler 2 DATE Mar. 1915 2 PLAC Anna Sogn, Sokkelund Herred, Københavns Amt, Denmark 2 NOTE Ågade hører til enten Anna Sogn eller Brorsons Sogn i 1915 2 SOUR @S246@ 3 PAGE København amt, Sokkelund, Vartov Hospitals Menighed, 1913-1 4 CONC 935, KM, Fødte, Konfirmerede, Viede, Døde - opslag: 79 af 1 4 CONC 64 opslag 3 QUAY 4 1 OCCU Tegnelærer og kunstmaler 2 DATE Apr. 1947 2 PLAC Johannes Døbers Sogn, Sokkelund Herred, Københavns Amt, Denmark 2 SOUR @S246@ 3 PAGE København amt, Sokkelund, Johannes Døber, 1941-1961, KM, Dø 4 CONC de - opslag: 44 af 305 opslag 3 QUAY 4 I've tried to analyse what is going on about the occupations - and I'll show some examples, because I can't find the logic in this: Myself: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I1&tree=HBS: No occupations in TNG. But GEDCOM has these: 1 OCCU Fuldmægtig 2 DATE Fra Jun. 1990 til 1995 1 OCCU Specialkonsulent, chefkonsulent, projektleder og souschef i staten 2 DATE Fra 1995 til 2013 2 PLAC København My father: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&tree=HBS Occupation is shown in TNG, and GEDCOM has this: 1 OCCU Driftsleder i tekstilindustrien My fathers father: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I851&tree=HBS No occupations in TNG. But GEDCOM has this: 1 OCCU Driftsleder hos a/s Chr. Juncher Note: And just to make sure: all my eventtypes are marked with "Accept" "On import". And I've double checked in phpMyAdmin where the all have "1" in the "Keep"-field. If any one can see which mistake(s) I make, I'll be glad. I'm pretty sure the issue(s) is not only related to these two tags - but I can't prove it.
  2. My first version of TNG was v12. I installed chapta and got it work. After upgrade to TNG 13 the chapta mod doesn't work. I wasn't aware of that until recently. I went in to the Admin page to uninstall the chapta mod. When checking the chapta is still there and doesn't let anyone advance to send a contact mail to me. I have been checking the wiki but I can't remember which version of chapta I was using so I find no answer how to completely remove the mod . I think I recall I had to add some lines in a file. I am a totaly noob when it comes to this I hope someone can give a clue how disable the chapta. -Stefan
  3. John Paul

    edit ribbon menu

    Good morning all you tng'ers. I've been looking hi and lo but just can't seem to find out where in the world do you edit the ribbon bar menu (I'm using template 18)? Mine (Home, Search. Login), the login link does not work. it's calling index.php# instead of login.php. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone else have an issue with fan charts where the 6th an 7th generations are misaligned with the lines of the fan chart in the light green section? It seems to affect just that section of the chart. If the description doesnt make sense, I've attached a screenshot to demo what I'm talking about. Is there anything I can do to correct this?
  5. I have revised my TNG media organization to have media organized in each collection according to Trees. In doing that, I created some media collections in TNG that I no longer need. Using FTP, I have deleted those folders, but the unwanted collections still show up publicly and administratively on my site. Can someone suggest where to go to delete those collections so they no longer show up. Many thanks!
  6. John Paul

    finding duplicates easily

    I've been searching the forums and came close a few times, but no go. Maybe I've missed something...maybe this has been solved in other threads and I'm just not seeing it.... in any case, is there an easy way to find duplicates of people and families? instead of going through one record at a time? is there like a mod that will run a report or something like that? I just need to check and fix/merge before I start migrating to the live site. Thanks a mil everyone!
  7. Hello everyone. Hope this finds you all doing well. ok, I do all my data entry in TNG on my local wampserver. This past week I've been changing names and optimizing for the web, documents, headstones and photos. Now I'm tasked to doing all the data entry for all those files, ie, description, link to person, etc. once I have that part of the project done locally, I'll export a gedcom file (create a backup first...) then import it into the live site. on the live site i already have populated the documents, headstones and photos folders and generated thumbnails. I should be ok with this method? if not,which approach should i take? Thanks everyone.
  8. jhculbert

    Open Street Maps & JavaScript

    I have Open Street Maps (OSM) operating correctly on a TNG installation on a home computer using: TNG 13.0.3 Map Key: OSM iMac using OS El Capitan 10.11.6 However, when I made a similar TNG installation on another home computer using: TNG 13.0.4 Map Key: OSM MacBook Air using macOS Big Sur v. 11.1 I get the following error message when viewing a page with georeferenced place data available: "Oops! Something Went Wrong This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." It appears that TNG shows a map briefly before being overridden by this error message. Can anyone suggest how to fix this? I have no idea how to access the JavaScript console, let alone how to modify it so OSM works. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Can I remove/hide the treename "Törnqvist & Vedin" as in image attached? I don't want it there.
  10. John Paul

    uploading photos

    good morning everyone. I've uploaded a bunch of photos to the photos folder, imported them, etc. when you're at browsemedia.php?mediatypeID=photos, when you hover the mouse over the thumbnail, the popup will not generate, it sits there loading, but never does anything. any ideas or thoughts on this? thanks. edit:
  11. When I uploaded new photos and go to browsemedia, there are people who are linked to the wrong photo. not all of them, just a few. I can't seem to find the way to remove to people from linking to the wrong photo...if you know what i mean. EDIT: belay that last post. I found out where to fix this issue. Sorry about that.
  12. Hi, How do I remove the beginning zero on dates 1 to 9, like 01 april to 1 april. I have that on several persons...not all but some. Thanks
  13. Using mainly the Custom Menu Hook Mod sample, I made some changes to my main menu bar. One of those changes involved deleting the Calendar menu item from the Find drop down menu and moving it to the Info drop down menu. I would really prefer the Calendar to be a link on its own on the main menu bar on the same level with the drop down menu titles (but it would not be a drop down menu). If anyone can give me some guidance on how to do that, I would appreciate it. I’m using Template 19, TNG v13.1.1, Windows 10 WAMP server. Jackie
  14. In T18 admin - Template Settings, in the feature links box, I know you can add as many links you'd like. What I'd like to know can you make a dropdown menu there? I'm starting to run out of room for stories and stuff. I really like t18 and would hate to have to use another template....thanks guys and gals.
  15. Hanne

    Different issues - is that okay?

    SOLVED. Finally it makes sense and I think I know what is going on Thanks to everybody who joined in. I have learned a lot. <hr> Hi there - and happy new year to everyone in this lovely community! I hope it is okay to ask more questions in one thread. If not please tell me. (I have not installed the latest update from Darrin yet.) 1. Problems with stillborn: I use Legacy and register stillborn children with the correct type, which in Danish is "Dødfødt". TNG does not show this information. Why? When I check the GEDCOM it says "2 TYPE Dødfødt" for example for this person: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I1935&tree=HBS. Of course TNG does not understand Danish! When I check tng_eventtypes it shows that the event is an EVEN and not marked with the gedcom code STIL Does this mean there is an error in Legacy because it should return the GEDCOM code STIL? How can I fix the problem? Could I make search and replace in the GEDCOM? In case, what should it look like? But I make new imports fairly often so it would be extra work each time. 2. Share-button does not show icons: Earlier the "Share-button" in the menu line, did show icon for Facebook and a couple of others. These icons do not show up any more. How do I get them back? 3. Number of Custom Event Types: I have 79 event types, but I think the number of times they are used is much to small. I.e. ADOP seems not to be used at all (has a "0"). But I am adopted myself so there should at least be "1". The GEDCOM file has this "2 TYPE Adopteret". If I search relationship to father in Legacy I have 13 with the eventtype "Adopteret". Again is it a problem in Legacy? Another example is "MARB" (which I have translated to "Publication of the banns"). That is also "0" but I know I have many of them. Of course I have not been straight using the event types for all the 18 years I have done genealogy because the first years I had no idea I would make a website with TNG. But now I think I have a fairly good understanding of how a database works Is there something I have completely misunderstood?
  16. Hi, Did a search on "reset template" but couldn't find anything. I like nr 21 alot but I did some mistakes and I wanna get back to "default". I deleted the template and uploaded it again via TNG zipfile, but all my changes are still there...pictures, text, everything. Where is everything stored/saved? Thanks in advanced //Tobbe
  17. I was quite sure I had it set up like this for several persons before. But apparently this is not the case. So... How do I hide all details (for not logged in guests) of a deceased person, without cheating by leaving the 'Living' checkbox marked? I know there is a 'Private' checkbox, but with that active, the name is still fully visible, only some details seem to be hidden. What am I missing, or do I not understand? It would be cool if there was a 'Hide deceased' option, that would change the name of an individual to 'Deceased', similar to how the 'Living' checkbox changes the name to 'Living'. (Running v.13.1.1) Thanks!
  18. John Paul

    WP themes

    Just out of curiosity, which themes do you WP guys use? Thanks
  19. Hi Brent, Or anyone else of course. Any idea what's causing this and how to solve it? Uninstalled all mods and cleared cache before the update. Just to be sure I replaced all the pdfjs viewer files but without effect. Could it have something to do with three new .js files that came with TNG 13.1.1 ? Thx in advance, Rob
  20. John Paul

    New tng site up and running

    Hello and a happy new year to you all. I've decided to go live at this time (although it was live). It's 90% complete as far as cosmetics, how I wanted to design it and all. Still have a butt-load of data entry to do, but this will work for me and I hope you like it. If you visit, please report anything you see wrong, I'm open for comments and tips. https://www.joneshyman.org Thank you for your time.
  21. I have been following the upgrade instructions for 11.x to 13.x and all was going well until i tried to execute 7. Update the database structure. I got the error: This page isn’t working [sitename] is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 I now get this error on every page on my site. Please can someone advise what I may have done wrong or where to look.
  22. The long bar menu that's on every page in t18, is not on the main front page. What do i need to do to add it there? Thanks Some call it the ribbon menu.....
  23. T18 has only 2 features in admin -> template settings. I would like to add several more features directly under Feature 2 ( on the front page). I know I'll need to mod some code in t18's index.php. I need some help with at least getting started with this. Thanks. Could I maybe copy a section of code ( a div perhaps) and paste it where it belongs and edit it that way? From what it looks like, I can do 2 features, one on the left and one on the right? I'll attach a picture of it..... The left half is only just that half. I could fit another feature to the right. Well I've been looking at that screen. don't look like 2 columns, so how would i stretch feature 2 the whole width? and start another right underneath feature 2? in t18 index.php there's this piece of code.... what does this mean? after looking at the templatestyle.css, maybe there are 2 columns..... <?php echo getTemplateMessage('t18_featurepara2'); $tl2 = getTemplateMessage('t18_featurelink2'); if($tl2) { ?>
  24. lists all the getTemplateMessage's for that particular template? if there is I cannot find it. is there one? UPDATE: never mind, I found it. it's templateconfig.php is what I was looking for....
  25. ok, i give up. where do you edit the nav menu for t19? you know, the Home Search Logout etc. menu bar?