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Found 295 results

  1. I am using template 13 in German. Alternative language 'English' works well apart from "Feature Links", where I want to lead users to an English version of a website. The link still leads to the German version even if the language "English" has been chosen before. Could it be that it doesn't accept additions to the national domain. To get to the English version the ".de" address is followed by "/eng.php". This is not active in the English version of the template. Thanks. Mac
  2. I have replaced the default top menu by a custom menu in topmenu.php. This menu is shown correctly on a PC, but on a mobile phone I still see the default menu. I assumed that there would be a separate 'topmenuformobile.php' (or some such), but cannot locate this. How can I replace the default menu on a mobile phone (hopefully without having to carry out other complicated changes)? I am not using any templates or CMS.
  3. Whenever I try to load a 1910 US Census record using Census Plus International I get the following message: Ancestry.com - 1910 United States Federal Census Series is US Federal Census dbid is = 7884 iid is = 31111_4327295-00124 No header columns found after 2nd if statement No header columns found after my 1st if statement No header columns found after new if statement No header columns found after 3rd if statement No header columns found after 4th if statement Any ideas? Thanks, Marc
  4. Naomi Keyter

    help request

    PLEASE NOTE I AM VERY DUMB WITH THIS Please can anybody assist me with the media, im struggling and cant make out how to add all from gedcom or must i add one by one?
  5. When I upgraded my hosted site to 13.1.2, everything is perfect. When I did a new install on my new Dell pc, I get this in the screenshot. anyone see or run into this from other users? Thanks
  6. I installed a 2nd tree via the "Trees" tab where I created a new tree. Then I went to import and successfully imported the 2nd tree. What I really want is the link to get to a pedigree chart for person number 1 in my "greentree" tree file which is my 2nd tree I just added. Does someone know what code I'd use to do that? Thank you.
  7. kldewitt

    2 Trees Questions

    Hi - I've been using TNG for a bit now, but only for 1 tree, "My Genealogy", fed by my Ancestry tree via FamilyTreeMaker via Gedcom to TNG. (https://kldewitt.com/genealogy) As a favor to a person I met online recently, I've been building a 2nd tree ("LeDuc/LaDuke") within my site for her family while we try to figure out where we might intersect. However, I'm having a few issues when juggling 2 GEDcoms: 1) All the photos and thumbnails go to just 1 bucket, which can cause an issue if Ancestry's tagged 2 photos/censuses,etc with the same name, reference, one from each GEDcom. I've ended up with a couple media items from my people on her people or vice-versa. It would sure be nice if there was a way to have separate folders for each trees pics/references, etc. Am I missing a step/feature? 2) Speaking of photos/thumbnails, is there way to keep them in separate folders? I have over 15,000 "photos" at this point and growing which means the folder has over 30K items when thumbnails are added in, which makes it hard to look through and also slows the whole thing down. Ideas? Thanks for any help I can get. :) Kelly
  8. Juliemuirhead49

    Change needed for DNA section

    Is it possible that the DNA section be changed so that the test information is just the bits relevant to the person who took the test name, date (if known), where taken, gedmatch, haplogroups (if known) etc. Then link that person in the database and add the other info like MRCA, largest segment etc. This would mean then that a single Test could be added once and link to multiple people with all the relevant information. The current system just doesn't work, in order to add the data for the match you would need to add the test multiple times. Just looking now at one match on MyHeritage this person matches me, my dad, my daughter and more. In order to add this I would have to either add it at least 3 times to add the segment data (which is all different which is to be expected) etc or add it once and skip the segment data etc. Currently it is totally impractical to add test data with detail, I manage DNA kits for at least 7 family members at present across all the DNA testing sites and I really need to be able to add each test (1 per person per site) to the database and then link them to who they match with known details. Having tested at 2 sites and uploaded my atDNA to many others for myself I am looking at matches across 7 sites for me alone plus I have done mtDNA. Then theres the family ones on top.
  9. Andi 2020

    OpenStreetMap installation problem

    Hello everybody, I'm using TNG 13.0.3 together with the TNG Wordpress plugin and tried to install the OSM mod v13.0.0.7c. Unfortunately I can't install the mod correctly, please see my screenshot for the error messages. I found several threads of people having the same problem, but unfortunately the suggested solutions didn't help. I've disabled all other mods, but without results. I've set the permissions for the folder openstreetmap_v13.0.0.7c to 0755 and for the file openstreetmap_v13.0.0.7c to 0644. I also updated the file cust_text.php. The files are empty, is this right? Unfortunately I don't know, what these files are needed for. In the map-settings I've set OSM as the key name. Can someone tell me where the error could be? Thank you very much in advance! Andreas
  10. I've been using TNG version 13 (Template 19) for several months now with no problem, but suddenly I haven't been able to login as administrator (the only account for the site). The only way I can login to make changes now is to go into my php admin on my hosting panel and delete my TNG admin account. When I try to re-create a TNG admin account, I receive the message that the account is activated and it shows up in my php admin module on my host but the login doesn't work. The only recent changes I've made are installation of the Custom Hook Menu Mod and having my host turn on SSL, and the site worked well after both of these changes. This is the link to my site: https://bbbfamilies.com Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  11. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Solved: Character set problem with just one individual

    Hi I need a little bit of help from clever experts. In Danish we have many special characters i.e. æ, ø, å - and we often use ü, which I also have in my own surname. Issue: On data about myself all the characters are wrong. On all others persons they are correct. Here is an example: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I630&tree=HBS You can see that Stegemüller is correct on my father Jørgen Stegemüller in the field "Name". The line line below with the field "Relationship" I am spelled "Stegem?ller". If you go to data about me here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/getperson.php?personID=I1&tree=HBS you'll see that it is crazy with all the special characters. Data/characters about myself in the GEDCOM-file are correct. The GEDCOM-file is encoded with: "1 CHAR UTF-8". (Data come from Legacy Pro) Notepad++ tells: UTF-8 in the right corner in the bottom. In TNG I have the same as always: Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings: Language folder = "Danish UTF-8" and Character set: "UTF-8" In phpMyAdmin the database has collation as always: utf8_unicode_ci I have never experienced this before. How can it be correct on everybody except me? What can I do to make everybody correct? Well edited: If you look here: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/search.php?mybool=AND&myfirstname=&mylastname=wagnholt you can see, that there are more issues wit i.e. "ø"
  12. Is it possible not to have headstones in cemetery list, but just the link to the cemetery? I have created 6 cemeteries in Montréal region and the list is getting very long. And I need to create more. Also because we see the same headstones once we chose a specific cemetery, seeing those headstones in the list is redundant. Thanks Jean-Luc
  13. I recently upgraded to TNG 13.1.2, and I'd like to use template 21. On the right side of the home/index page, under "Meet Our Family," there is supposed to be a random photo displayed. However, on my page, nothing displays. This is the code that is included in template 21's index.php file: <?php $rp_maxwidth = "90%"; include("randomphoto.php"); ?> Am I supposed to edit or add something?
  14. Jean-Luc Lauzon

    user page changing the branch column

    Is there a way to change the branch or tree column in the user page to person id Thanks Jean-Luc
  15. Hi, On the image "Farmor & Farfar" it says that they is married for 55 years and 3 month (correct)...but (I big but) If I click on my "farfar" (Konrad Olof Salomon) it shows "Age at marriage" on image "Less than -1920 years and 4 months". Why does show that odd information - minus 1920 years? Thanks *Image Less than... *Image Farmor & Farfar
  16. S. O'Neil

    Can't get Google Map to work

    Is there anyone who can help with setting up the Google Map key? I have read the wiki, created the three API keys, but when I go to places and Click on clickable map, it says "Oops! something went wrong" When I run the geocoding tool I keep getting the messages that said could not geocode (REQUEST DENIED). I tried searching for other topics here in the forum and someone referenced papa tango's article but it looks like that site is down. Thanks UPDATE: I think I got it working, the issue was the http referrers the format in the wiki did not work for me. Instead I used the *.example.com/* format
  17. JThorin

    Mobile Menus Won’t Collapse

    Hello! I updated my site’s TNG to version 13 and now notice that the menus on the mobile version of the site do not collapse. In fact, they start out expanded and they overlap and obscure most of the screen. Anyone else have this issue? I did have some hiccups with database tables not being the same encoding or correlation, but I was able to find the solution on this forum. You can see what I mean here (though you must open it on mobile): https://www.thorinfamily.net/genealogy/searchform.php Much thanks ahead of time to any who lend a hand.
  18. John Paul

    Histories or extrapages?

    Hey y'all. On my side, I blew up my local tng install trying to do some stuff and couldn't recover from it...(no backup… I know, I know….) so I just deleted it all and am starting over. Now my question is do I use the histories for my stories, places, doc, etc. instead of using the extrapages like I have been? I downloaded the free history templates from Genealogy Web Templates but haven’t checked them out yet. Would appreciate your input on the subject. Thanks, JP
  19. Hey y'all. I'm trying to add a feature link in template 19 template setup using this format: Family Stories, localhost/tng/extrapages/family_stories.php Also tried: Family Stories, extrapages/family_stories.php and http:/localhost/tng/extrapages/family_stories.php BUT the menu item does not show on the main page. What am I doing wrong? I've done this before and it worked, so I must be doing something wrong....Thanks John Paul
  20. Can anyone suggest why the same text icon, used as a thumbnail for ALL TNG media text (not rtf or doc/x) documents, shows for only for some of the text media uploaded to TNG. See: https://culbert.one-name.net/browsemedia.php?mediasearch=&tnggallery=0&mediatypeID=add&offset=0&tree=&tngpage=1 On page one of three, in the thumb(nail) column, the text icon (with a brown border) sometimes shows, but more often only shows the media title. This situation persists on the second and third pages. I have selected this icon every time when creating the thumbnail for ALL text documents in this media collection. I use a different icon for rtf documents, for which there is no issue. Jim Culbert
  21. John Paul

    Pedigree Layout

    Hey Yall. On my live site and bothe my test sites, I have an issue with the pedigree layout, The first 2 or 3 generations have no lines connecting the boxes. Does someone have a fix for this?
  22. Hello again, as i said in my last post i'm Mine and just joined the TNG13 users (https://stories-through-time.de/) Up till now i used Heredis 2021 as the software for my genealogy. There i set the people, sources and media as private that should be private. When i import the gedcom into tng this "private" flag is imported as a custom event with the value "privacy" and the person/media/source is not set as private. It actually creates 2 identical custom events, one linked to people and one linked to sources, but none for media. So i've been wondering what to do... As i understood it, if the media is linked to a living person and the user is not permitted to watch living people the media won't be shown. Did i understand that correctely? But then does this work with the private flag as well? I thought about using a SQL command to set everything with that custom event as private but i'm a bit scared to smash the db with the wrong command since i don't have a clue about SQL... And since there are quite a few jpegs which are private but the source its linked to is not (because i dont have publishing rights or don't want the scans to be shown, stuff like that) i still have the problem with the media. Still it would be better to set all the media as private and correct the ones which are not private manually, than to do it the other way.... Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! Mine P.S. Happy Easter!
  23. Hello, I'm Mine and just joined the TNG13 users. (https://stories-through-time.de/) After some starting issues i somehow managed to get TNG running. BUt now i can't links people to my media. The Media i added with my gedcom file is linkes correct an works just fine, but when i try to link the media manually it's not working. I tried it both with the already added media and newly added ones. Ich can search and select for the person in the tree but instead of the persons name the list only shows "undefined" and the person is not linked. Does anyone have an idea where the problem comes from and how to solve it? Could the problem be one of the mods i installed? Thanks in advance! Mine 1. Add GOV-ID Mod add_gov_id_v13.0.2.0.cfg Installiert 2. Add Media Innermenu add_media_innermenu_v9.0.3.0.cfg Installiert 3. Add Person Siblings Row add_person_siblings_row_v12.3.0.7b.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] Adds additional Edit options and support for Family Edit Links, Family Indicator, and Sosa mods if installed 4. Ancestor Map ancestor_map_1_add_map_v13.0.0.9.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] TNG 13+. Supports both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. Requires other mods if you change placelevels 5. Citation Master cite_master_v13.1.0.9.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 6. Create Sitemap create_sitemap_v12.0.0.3.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 7. Deceased Indication deceased_indication_v13.0.0.3a.cfg Installiert 8. Default Photo Preview Fixed default_photo_prev_fixed_v13.0.0.3.cfg Installiert 9. Life Dates Mod life_dates_mod_v10.0.3.0.cfg Installiert 10. Living Flag Display living_flag_display_v9.0.0.1.cfg Installiert 11. Mapplace2Link Mapplace2Link_mod_v10.1.3.2.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 12. Married Name Display married_name_display_v13.0.3.0.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 13. Media Access media_access_v13.0.3.2.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 14. Media Display Columns Mod media_display_columns_V12.1.0.0.cfg Installiert 15. Media ShowTable media_show_table_v13.0.0.2.cfg Installiert Applies to TNG 13+ 16. Menu manager menu_manager_v13.0.4.1g.cfg Installiert Install AFTER the mod "Broad Search mod" - Uninstall BEFORE uninstalling "Brod Search mod" 17. Mod Settings Blocks mod_settings_blocks_v13.0.0.1a.cfg Installiert 18. New Account Validation new_account_validation_v13.0.0.4e.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 19. OpenStreetMap openstreetmap_v13.1.0.8c.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] Requires OSM in the beginning of the map key in Map Settings to activate OpenStreet Maps after you install the mod 20. Personal Table Maintenance personal_table_maintenance_v13.0.0.5.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 21. Regroup Person-Move Media regroup_person-move_media_v13.0.0.19a.cfg Installiert 22. Regroup Person-No Living Data regroup_person-no_living_data_v13.0.0.19.cfg Installiert 23. Restrict Access to Logged-in Users restrict_access_v12.0.1.6.cfg Installiert 24. Restrict Image Preview restrict_image_preview_v12.3.0.5.cfg Installiert 25. Showfolio showfolio_v13.0.0.22.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 26. Submit Photo/Document submitphotoform_V13.0.2.0.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 27. Template Manager template_mgr_v13.0.4.1.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 28. TextPlus Charts textplus_charts_v13.0.0.17b1.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen] 29. Unused Media unused_media_v13.0.0.8.cfg Installiert [Einstellungen]
  24. Hello all. I realize that messing around with genlib.php can get you in some deep trouble, but.... TNG v13.1.1 template 19 - In genlib.php, line 973, there's the 'hook for custom dropdown options' and below that is 'Rick Bisbee's mod' for creating a dropdown. Does anyone know how to utilize those 2 options, or add another dropdown after the INFO dropdown (line 966 of genlib.php). I'm already using customconfig and the 2 cust_text file for a dropdown. This would be one more dropdown called Family Stories with submenus . Any advice, suggestions or criticism will be appreciated. Thanks JP
  25. Not sure if this is the right area to post this in, but anyway, What is all this 'burger menu', 'burger css', etc. I'm starting to see and hear about? Thanks