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Found 208 results

  1. BeverleyStimpson

    dadlabel, momlabel - can I change and add?

    Hi, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong topic area. I'm trying to customise template 16 in TNG12 v. 12.0.3. I'd only just got my head around the basics to do the templateconfig file for the custom footer, index and topmenu without template in V11. But I had it figured enough to work! I like the design of Template 16 in V12.0.3 - it's not that different to the one I'd designed previously. However, I can't figure out how to include the template snippets I had in V11 to not use a template in the new version. So, I'm attempting to customise Template 16 - colours etc are fairly easy. And I've sorted out (from the Wiki instructions) how to add new variables to the admin_templateconfig, cust_text and the T16 template config. YAY.... now my problem is this... I want to use the four links across the top of T16 for my grandparents. I've made new variables as in Person 1, Person 2, 3 and 4 - and personname1, 2, 3 and 4, tree id etc. BUT at the top of the pages topmenu and index php, there is this code $dadlabel = getTemplateMessage('t16_dadside'); $momlabel = getTemplateMessage('t16_momside'); I've searched and cannot locate anything that resembles dadlabel or momlabel... so my questions (if I've explained it correctly - apologies for being a bit long-winded) is where do I find this $dadlabel? and can I change dadlabel, momlabel to something other - to include all four grandparent labels? I can add links to the menu manually, but it does seem silly if I can use the php to do it. I'd really like to get the customisation done on my localhost server before I upload everything to my new domain. Many thanks in advance Beverley
  2. Hi. I've been going fine in TNG 12.03, but today I'm finding I can't log in with my usual admin login and password. Furthermore, when I request that a temporary password be sent to my email, nothing from TNG shows up in my in box. (Yes I've looked in the spam folder and others. Nada.) Thanks! Kurt
  3. How do I change the ID numbers after the gedcom import, or before or during the import ? I want the main (oldest) ancestor to be i1, wife i2, and all descendants in order of birth have subsequent numbers. father= i1, mother= i2 Child 1= i3 Child2= i4 etc. Thank you !
  4. Hi, Having a problem that when entering new families (husband, wife and marriage date info) that when I press the save button it can take about a minute before the screen is refreshed. This started to happen when I reached about 9,000 individuals. All other new entries (individuals, media etc..) are all done in less than 1 second. My database is not big, only 10,500 names and 3,000 families. I have tried the database optimize option with no improvement. Any thoughts how I can improve this recording speed when creating a new Family record? Running Tng 12.0.3 Thanks cjb
  5. Hi, I would like to have something that makes Source fields ACTUALTEXT and COMMENT somehow different in person view. For example the comment might be italic, or there may be a line between. Currently there is no difference on HTML level, else I would have wrote CSS. There is not even a real separator. There is only a <br>-Tag. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I attempted to restore all tables from a backup after an import stopped before completion and after approx 2mins the restore screen goes blank (within the TNG frame ie header & LHS links remain) and stays that way for several hours. I am using 12.0.3. Does anyone have any suggestions plse? Many thanks Barry
  7. Good afternoon, I need your help, I have change the primary image and on the front side of my homepage it is displayed correctly, but when I go to subpages it's not, where do I have to change the codes to view my primary image correctly on the subpages? I have one more small problem, when I add a link from the Danish church books (direct link to page) is the whole link not marked = not directly to the page https://www.sa.dk/ao-soegesider/da/billedviser?bsid=203400#203400,38575096 Thank you in advance Regards Jane
  8. Hi, I just updated from TNG-11 to 12. Most of it went fine, but there is an SQL statement that fails: ALTER TABLE tng_users ADD dt_consented DATETIME NOT NULL after dt_activated The statement does not make sense, as you cannot ADD ! a column without ! allowing NULL. (I think) Any replacement for the failed statement? I tried removing NOT NULL. Seems to work. Any hint how to test if everything was done as it should? thanks JPT MySQL 5.7.25 on Ubuntu 18.10