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Found 244 results

  1. LJLachance

    Search Not Working

    Gedcom successfully uploaded (twice, a new try today). In both admin screen and public access, clicking on "places", "surnames", or anything else is working fine, everything is there and shows up. The problem is, if you try to use the "search" option with any parameter, ie; first name, surname, I'm getting a 404 error. Search isn't working for some reason. Applies to both Edge and Chrome so I don't think it's a browser issue. If anyone has any ideas what's going on, please let me know. Prior to upload last month, everything was working fine. http://www.lachance.org/genealogy to get to the home page of the database
  2. mkmcgold

    Turn off Header

    Is there a way to show the header only on the index page and not on any other pages. I'm sure I was able to do that at one time but either am dreaming or forgot how to do it. I added a picture to the top of my header that is a bit too big and when the header loads to all my other pages it takes up too much room. THANKS Template 15 ver 12.2
  3. I'm going around in circles on this one. I have set both the Religion and Occupation custom events to be part of the import process and to be displayed when imported on an individual's page. I'll attach an image of the settings for Occupation by way of an example. I can also confirm that the data for these two custom events gets imported when I import my GEDCOM file (second and third image...which is my data)...but for the life of me, I cannot get them to appear on the individual page. Oddly, I also import separated dates and have no problem getting them to appear on the individual pages. I can't see it being a template issue (using 18 if that helps) as "Separated" is showing, but not these other two...on the same individual page. What am I missing? Cheers, Phil (TNG v12.2)
  4. I'm using template 18 and at the top of the front page, I want a link that says "Log In". When the user clicks that and logs in, I want the text to change to 2 links..."Most Wanted" and "Log Out" The great news is that on the front page, I have figured out the code. I have added this code to /templates/template18/index.php So I got that going and it works perfectly on the main page of the site. But when you move away from the main page, that all disappears. I realised that I need to edit /templates/template18/topmenu.php also for the rest of the sites pages. But this is where things start to go weird. Inserting the same code into the top menu file, it works in the exact opposite way to what you expect...it suggests you log in, when you already are. It's not picking up that currentuser variable. If I try using !$currentuser (and I'm not sure why I would) it also kind of works. On top of that, I have some histories pages that are available without login in, and it seems to ignore the fact that those don't require login. My site is a private site and still under development, so I can't share the link. All users are required to login to view any content, except a few history pages that I mentioned. TNG v12.2 Thanks, Phil
  5. I have tried for some days to download the "Event Address Singleline Mod", but it fails every time. I have contacted the author, but i did not got an answer yet. Is there anybody out there who has downloaded this mod before and can send me the ZIP-file?
  6. Hi using version 12.2 When I have Ancestors or Descendants overview on the screen and activate Print there are no lines between boxes at the print. Any solutions? /Peter Skjoldhoj
  7. Having run a commercial site in the past, I like to give users a heads up if there's server performances issue or if I plan maintenance...just out of courtesy. I try to avoid sending emails out to this effect, so I have come up with some code I am going to use in my index.php file of the template I use whenever I need to.... So they'll see this and be able to dismiss it when they come to the home page. I think it would be great to put this in as a part of TNG itself...I could find myself using it for a lot of other things, like announcing more images etc...just to add a bit of excitement? I'm suggesting an alert that can remain on for a number of days, when you choose to use it, and before you put the site into maintenance mode. Phil
  8. mkmcgold

    Blank Search Results

    This just started happening within the last couple days. When I attempt to search from the Home Page, a new screen pops up and it is, and remains, blank. Advanced Search works, Search called from any other place works (all other search links refer to Advanced Search). I haven't changed anything lately that would affect this (made slight change to code in cust text php) Does search work for you? http://www.marypie.net/index.php
  9. Hi all, Fairly new to this. It's been a long time since I messed around with web pages. I've installed Template 15 and it has the featured articles with headers and the sidebar feature articles with headers. I've modified some of what appears there and I've looked around before posting, so my question is to add a new feature 'article' or feature post, do I need to edit the features.php (I think that's what the file is called) and add what i need, just as I would when creating a new web page? I did see something in the tutorials or wiki pages about modifying the code, but wasn't sure if it pertained to this, or something else. Also, would just adding a page feature1.php ; feature2.php etc be what I need to call the content from those pages to add to the feature 1, feature 2, sidebar feature 3, 4, 5 etc? Or should I be following this instruction for histories?: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=User_Pages_-_Getting_Started I found it last night but I can't for the life of me find the features.php instructional. Basically, I want to be able to add the article that I've got to a page and keep it looking somewhat like the rest of the TNG site with the template colors etc. If I modify the colors, cool, but at the moment that's purely aesthetics and I have MUCH to do! Thanks in advance. Raewyn.
  10. mkmcgold

    MOD Install Error

    Trying to install gmaps_add_4_placelevels, which I have used before, but this time it will not install. I am sure the message is giving me the answer but I don't get it!
  11. Jude

    Can I edit registration email?

    Can the auto registration acknowledgement email message be edited? If so, specifically where can this be done please? Nothing in the "Mail and Registration" settings allow editing. Thanks Judy
  12. Hi Scott, When your Mod "Expand Search" is installed : Search for a name gives a list of names. Normally, when "mouse over" on a name, you see a preview of the individual. I can see 1st,2nd,3th,... (depending of the query result) first previews but the rest of the list doesn't show the preview... (never the last and not the first, or the 10th and not the first, etc.. Always 1,2,3,...) It seems that this nothing to see with the type of result (with/without media, notes, or else) Redo the same query gives the same results (in terms of preview) Uninstalling the mod restore all in good state... I'm using TNG 12.2. Your mod works with his default parameters. MichelK (genealogie AT mkirsch DOT be)
  13. Is it possible to import a GEDCOM file from the command line? So I can script the import when I export from my main database? I have TNG 12 on an Ubuntu server.
  14. I'm in the process of setting up a private site for family members (this explains the blurred text in the image attached) based on information that mum and dad entered into Reunion over a number of years, using TNG and template 18. Mum and dad used the "Notes" field in Reunion as a place to write biographies of some people...not horrendously long text, but also not short notes either. For that reason, I have set the Notes section in TNG to display higher up on individual pages...but instead of displaying the full text of the field, it's putting scroll bars into the text area, which makes reading a bit awkward (the image I'll upload has an arrow pointing to the scrollbar). Is there a simple way to turn off the scrollbars within the notes area? Either by an admin setting or a simple hack to the template? On a side note...if there is a better place in an individual page/record to place a biography (and how you would go about that)...then I'm open to making adjustments...although that will be a lot of work for me, in both in TNG and Reunion. Cheers, Phil
  15. I'm in the process of setting up a private site for family members (this explains the blurred text in the image attached) based on information that mum and dad entered into Reunion over a number of years. Mum and dad used the "Notes" field in Reunion as a place to write biographies of some people...not horrendously long text, but also not short notes either. I don't want to allow users that login to the site to edit anything without me approving the changes...but I note that at the moment using the settings for my test user (see image attached) that Notes can't be edited (like the two items I point to in the image can be). Is this because Notes is effectively a free text field...and I either have to agree to let them edit the whole field or nothing? I really was hoping they could edit the text area and submit chnages for my approval. At the moment, my settings are basically "you can suggested changes for a lot of facts, but not the notes"...but I don't want to set their access to "you can alter anything you want". I'm trying to find the right balance of editing rights. At the moment, I'm thinking I'll have to leave it how it is, and ask people to email the changes they want to their Notes field directly to me. Is there a better way? On a side note...if there is a better place in an individual page/record to place a biography (and how you would go about that)...then I'm open to making adjustments...although that will be a lot of work for me, both in TNG and Reunion. Cheers, Phil
  16. I have suddenly find out that many of my source links to church records are disappeared. I do not know when it has happnend. I have looked in the citations.bak files back to 2016 but the missing links not found. When I make a birth registration I go to Sources, Edit Action and do the registration of text and the link in Actual Text field. In the early days I made the registration in the Notes field. I think that most of the missing links has been registrated in the Notes field. Is that the problem? I use both http and https links. Is it possible to make a script or something to find the missing links? I have over 10.000 persons. Best Peter Skjoldhoj
  17. Jeg vil gerne tilføje en ekstra rubrik ved siden af kontakt. Den skal henvise til min søsters kæreste slægt
  18. Hi there, I’m working on a website where I have hacked the two links at the top of the template to link to descendent charts that are for either branch of the family, rather than link to other charts…mostly because I like the visual look of the chart. I really like the Public Access Mod and tend to activate it, but I’d like to exclude these two charts from being hidden in any way. To be specific, I’d like them to remain visible and I’d like the images on them to remain visible, just for these two charts. Is there anyway to activate the mod but somehow have two descendent charts that will always display and not be hidden? I’m guessing code that excludes them from being hidden by way of their person ID? Cheers, Phil
  19. Pops57

    Modify "His/Her side" section

    Hi, brand new user here. I have several questions but I'll start with; How can I modify the "his/her side" section? I'd like to add a third or fourth section but not a url link as exists in some of the templates, but rather another "his/her side" link as it appears in the template settings section now. In other words, rather than a "his/her" link (two options), I want three brothers to link to - three options. I'm currently trying to modify Template 9. -Mike
  20. Hi all; I had posted this in another, older, thread but decided perhaps it should be here. Forgive me for any duplication. I'm still struggling to get the Simile Timeline to work properly. I've made the changes referenced earlier in this thread, in terms of changes to the history_html file, and by installing the revised Timeline by SKDavis. I much appreciate all the help. Here are the errors that are showing on the page. Can anyone help me with these errors, or point me to things to read or learn that might help me? simile-ajax-bundle.js:1541 TypeError: Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null "XmlHttp: Error handling onReadyStateChange" I have additional errors - similar verbiage - that I did not include, just for brevity. If I can find the error in this one, perhaps it will lead to the solution in the others. Maybe? Thanks for any help or direction. Mike
  21. To say I am impressed by TNG would be an understatement. Not only the continual work by Darrin but the whole community approach. In particular I have had phenomenal responses when I didnt know what I was doing, or wanted a wee tweak here or there. However, I also want my family to talk, share stories, give general public info about the weirdnesses in our genes and that is all a bit beyond the core structure. I have had and still keep a traditional Joomla site kilkie.org which does all those things but there is no automatic method for easy integration with Joomla. I have found a way around this as I can run TNG from my joomla and make it an option on the private side of the joomla site for family members only. There are still a number of problems, some of which are liveable with but some that irk family members. I would be grateful for comments/suggestions/criticism of any /all of them. 1. You need to log in twice - once to Jooma and once to TNG. I cannot see a way of adding login parameters to the call to TNG which might simplify things. They are both PHP and MySQL so it should be possible, just beyond my abilities. At present my family members are enjoying TNG so much they ignore the other part and so updating on stories, birthdays etc is all falling by the wayside. 2. More important is that I havent figured out how to make it impossible to run TNG directly, ie not via my joomla programme. I have put TNG in subfolder of my Joomla site but that doest stop people running things from there. Any ideas? with grateful thanks for any suggestions. Martin
  22. zanger02

    Don't have permission to access resource

    I'm signed in as the administrator with all access rights. When trying to edit a source I get the following error. Template 18 with no mods. Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  23. Happy New Year! Maybe this is here and I haven't found the switch but here goes. In Admin (Main Menu) Media, the thumb appears for all media (if you have assigned it). Can the same be done for Admin (Main Menu) People? So every people line would have a thumb. It would make it so much easier to identify the names that need some work. Thanks
  24. africanaunty

    Amember pro integration

    I have a website that is in Wordpress but my visitors register with aMember Pro - i want to be able import all the user into TNG then to switch on the user integration to wordpress option on the TNG settings so that if a new user registers it will also add to TNG. Or get the users to register on aMember but access my TNG data. Can this be done ? I am feeling hopeful today thanks Heather
  25. I do not understand why I can't create a new cemetery in 12.1. I have already created 11 that are working beautifully. However, when I try to create a new one, it always gives me the ID=0, and of course, this displays the "thispagedoesnotexist.html" page. I am including two pictures. One within the editor, the other is the result. Thank you for any help in solving this problem.