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Found 167 results

  1. I seem to be having a coding problem. I'm trying to add a caption to an image in my history page. I would like the caption to be beneath the image and would like to image to be all the way to the left. Can anyone help me with the correct code to move the image to the left margin and the caption centered beneath it? Thank you, Kate
  2. Hello, I'm using template 18 and want to replace the large picture on the front page. The current image is stretching from the left to the right side. I want to replace it with a picture on the left side with some text next to the right of that picture and another picture on the right side with text next to the left of it. How can I do this without breaking anything?
  3. louis42

    Mod Citation Master

    HI, I would like to modify with Citation Master the format of the source reference by replacing the short title with the title long. An idea ? Thank you Jean-Louis
  4. I would like to add an additional "Her Side" tab to accompany the existing His Side and Her Side tabs. I'd appreciate help achieving this goal please or being pointed in the right direction for instructions.
  5. I would like to add a surname cloud to template 9 and can't figure out how to go about it. Any and all help appreciated.
  6. Helmut Haufler-Knoepfle

    Change appearance of family tree view

    Is it possible to change the appearance of the family view fix to fanchart? Where could i define this?
  7. Hi, When I first installed TNG on my host, I decided to make a subfolder and install TNG. I found that was not a good idea and I now want to move it so I have the "root" as the startfolder. Is it possible to do that by moving all files and subfolders to the root or is that causing problems? Would it be easier to just delete the installation and reinstall it? //Stefan
  8. Hi; New user here. How do I get past this message in the Mod Manager? No mod definition files (cfg) found in the mod folder - mods
  9. KmBdev

    Using History template

    I have followed the directions in the historytemplate.php. I get a -- Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function writelog() in E:\wamp64\www\histories\extrapgs\salemtrials.php:35 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in E:\wamp64\www\histories\extrapgs\salemtrials.php on line 35. The code is as follows: $yourlink = "/extrapgs/salemtrials.php"; $logstring = "<a href=\"extrapgs/salemtrials.php\">Salem Witch Hysteria</a>"; writelog($logstring); preparebookmark($logstring); Could anyone inform me of what the error is? I have been struggling with this. Thank you.
  10. Hello all. I have been troubleshooting this for DAYS and cannot figure it out. Hope you can help. After uploading a new media item (headstone image), I go back in and Edit it. After selecting a person for the link, I see an "undefined" problem and the link is not created. This occurs while attempting to link the headstone to any person, family, etc. It should be noted that if I created a completely new person, I can link the existing media to the person. This problem occurs when I go through the media item and then attach a person to it. It also occurs if I add a new "Photo" media item and then go in to Edit -> Add Link. Same behavior: hit save, no error but link is not created. Some supporting info: Dropped database, recreated. Deleted all files including media. Completely fresh install of entire TNG v12.0.3 package with cust_text recommended update installed. Only 1 user and 1 tree. NO mods. The gedcom was exported from Ancestry.com and went through GEDCOM Converter mod and some manual deleting of "_APID" level 1 lines in the SOUR records (during a previous install). I can provide files and access if anyone can assist. Thank you for your time, ----Bob
  11. Hi all - We are seeing a strange thing happening with external links to images. After importing the ancestry.com gedcom the media items appear to be correctly linked to their respective People and Families. However, the button to "View item..." is not appearing. I'll try to describe the behavior with a bunch of screen snips. (main Question is at end of this post.) This first image shows what is happening when viewing the photo. The external photo is not loading. I'm not really worried about the filename not showing the entire URL. This is likely because Ancestry doesn't allow it. That's fine but isn't the problem. In the Edit screen TNG shows the full URL and the "external checkbox" unselected. When I click the external checkbox the URL field is blanked out. After I either, 1) leave the box unchecked and paste in the Owner/Source, or 2) check the box and re-paste the Media URL I get the View Item... button as expected. My question is: Is there a way to correct the condition where these external links are not displaying the View Item button correctly? ///Bob
  12. Please bear with me but I am new to TNG. I have uploaded about a dozen images of photographs of some decendants and some of the document relating to them. When viewing all media, the thumbnails are shown in a table which is fully populated with the data I've input, except the right hand column headed "Linked to" the options when adding new media is to link the image to a person but not an event? How do I achieve this? many thanks Alan wbsite address (alanwingfield.co.uk)
  13. Hello TNG team, I have a clean install of v. 12.0.3 and do not have any integrations, a couple small mods from the Community here is all. I was playing with New User Registration and noticed the following behavior. After the description is a proposed fix. Thank you for reading this. I look forward to the replies. ---Bob https://spanel.familyds.com/tng Pre Conditions: New user follows the Registration link and successfully submits a valid request. Procedure: The admin reviews the newly submitted access request and changes the username to something different than user submitted. Admin checks box to notify user upon activation with email. Admin submits (approves) the new registration. Post Conditions: The approval email is successfully generated, however the user name contained within is wrong. Instead of the modified user name the Admin approved, TNG continues to use the user-submitted user name. BUT the user name in the TNG database is properly changed to the Admin-approved text. Proposed design: Modify the User Review page with a listener on the field for user_name. If it is modified, the text that is used in the email is dynamically re-generated. This must apply whether or not the check box to notify user has been checked or not. Then, according to my understanding of how the current code works, the generated email notification will contain the correct user_name data matching the database. This design will allow the user to verify the text in the email that will be sent upon submission. Especially helpful for people that make small tweaks depending on who is registering.
  14. Michael Schmidt

    Thumbnails and fotos

    Hi, I have a problem generating Thumbnails. (Original) fotos to individuals are linked, shown and in the proper directory. However if I try to generate Thumbnails from them I get an error message. Any idea where I did not set the proper permission (...according to the error message) or what else the problem might be? Bye Michael
  15. A new install of TNG 12.1 under MAMP 4.1.0. Diagnostic show all green. PHP is 7.2.10. I have run TNG 8,9,10,11, 12 successfully in the past. Most recent has been a TNG update to TNG 12.1. Today, the drop down to add an event is blank, rather than having marriage, divorce etc. I went through the process a second time, new database etc, and the same result. Any solutions requested.
  16. Michael L Thomas


    I would really like to know what BRANCHES are and just as importantly is how are they used?
  17. Jimatl

    Census Plus

    Hi, I am considering using Census Plus to transcribe my census. I have a couple of questions Currently I transcribe the Census into a word Document and then create a event of Census and paste the transcription into the event for example for you. This is what I transcribed SIX CENSUS OF CANADA,1921,District 51 Antigounish,EN Sub Dist,46,Larry's River polling Division,Pg5 Line1 Dwelling,28,Family,29,AVERY,Patrick R,Abode,Larrys River,Municiaplity,Guyborough,Own,8 Rooms,Wood,[HEAD},M,,Married,Age,47,Navitiy,Nova Scotia,Father,Nova Scotia,Mother Nova Scotia,Orgin,Candian,Tribe,French,Can speak English,can Speakl French,religon RCathloc,Can Read and Write,Fisherman,AVERY,Mary,Larrys River,Guysborough,[WIFE},Female,Married,40,NS,NS,NS,Nationality Canadian,Orgin French,Cannot Sp[eak french can speak english,RCathloic,AVERY,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,[SON],Male,Single,19,NS,NS,Nationality Canada,,RCathloic,Orgin French,Can speak French Can English,Cannot Read or Write,Laborer,Income,200,AVERY,Stephen,Larrys River,Larrys River,Guysborough,NS,NS,NS[SON],Male,17,Canada,French,Can speak French and English,Rcathloic,Can read and Write,Labourer,900,AVERY,Ida,Larrys River,Larrys River,Daughter,8,NS,NS,Canada,French,can speak French can speak english,RCathloic The forms that you Census Plus don't ask many questions It just require the basics. I like to add a bit more detail, I have attached a document that contains the l 35 questions they asked Is it possible to create your own template that you can add additional questions. Currently the generic sheet does not look like the 1921 Census It has the basics It would be cool if you could tweak it like the Census. Also The Library of Canada National Archives also have all their Census online it. I look up the matching Census and get the URL so they can click on the link and view it on line Here is the Link http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1921/Pages/item.aspx?itemid=5459991 Any thought's Suggestions,Comments Thank You for your Help Jim 1921-questions.txt
  18. Pyrenees Pirate

    Connecting Media to Sources

    Hello again, I really like the TNG website builder and I have started to build my site!! I have imported a Gedcom from Family Historian 6, I have customized the template page with my photos and I have linked the mapping tool. Fantastic. However, I am having a few problems with attaching my media files to the sources on TNG. I have setup an identical directory structure in TNG as I have in FH6 (screen dump attached) I did the following..... Copied across FH6 Media Directory in full to Photo directory Regenerated Gedcom in FH6 Deleted my current tree in TNG Set up new tree in TNG Reimported Gedcom via import facility in TNG…...all fine so far! Go to Media.....opened a source - Andrews Newspaper Cards and in the file name on site window it is showing "edia/Death Record/DR Andrews Newspaper Cards William Hayward Jul 1884.JPG " (screen dump attached) Any ideas please why it is knocking off the "M" from Media? Have I missed something? Am I doing this right? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in anticipation PP
  19. KmBdev

    Timeline problem

    I'm having an error show up on my time lines. Wondering how to fix this. Thank you.
  20. Hello, I'm sorry if there is already information on this, but I can't seem to solve this problem. I had to start fresh with tng. I installed my original version and then the upgrades. So far things are working fine except I can not make to changes to template 4 because on Template Settings I can only choose a template and save. The Folder to change images etc. does not show up for most templates. Can anyone help me with this. I'm using Wamp on my home pc. Thanks
  21. Rob Severijns

    Installation fails (Solved)

    I'm trying to install TNG 12.1 but installation fails at the point where the tables are created. I launch the readme.html from the browser (MS Edge) and start the setup procedure. Everything goes well until the creation of the tables. Here it says "TNG is not communicating with your database. No tables were created." (see attachment) Funny enough in the previous step I was able to make a connection to my database and the verification went well. Also all other steps prior to the creation of the tables went well. In the past I never really had any problems with the installation. What did change though was that in the past my Public_Html directory was placed in the root. Now, my public_Html directory is in a sub-folder named domains. I'm using SSL on my site but had that in the past too. As far as I know the rights to create tables in the database are correct too. Already asked for support from my hosting provider but I didn't receive a satisfying reaction yet. Is it mandatory to put the Public_Html in the root or do I need to make further changes if Public_Html is in a sub-folder. According to troubleshooting point 3 where it says I might have forgotten to assign a user to my database I wonder If that should be done prior to creating the tables even though it is planned after the creation of the tables in step 8 of the setup. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
  22. I have just been setting up my TNG site and I've been trying to find answer to this question. Is it possible to set the privileges to visitors if I don't require log in to my site? As it is now, anyone who visit the site can see now living people and people who are set to private. I thought someone who visit the site and don't log in would count as a guest and have those privileges but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is there any setting I can do to allow people who visit my site and not logging in to have the same privileges as the settings I do for guests?
  23. Interesting... reCAPTCHA is working fine when logged in BUT when logged out, the Contact Us page it shows "ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type". Can't seem to figure this one out. Any idea why the reCAPTCHA would work only when logged in?
  24. Hi, Just tried to add my first DNA test to the database since upgrading from TNG v11 to TNGv12.0.3 over 8+ months ago and I have encountered an error: An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message.Query: INSERT IGNORE INTO tng_dna_tests (test_type, test_number, notes, vendor, test_date, personID, gedcom, urls, markers, haplogroup, significant_snp, terminal_snp) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)sssssssssssssssssssssssss | Y-DNA | 200693 | | FTDNA | 2011-02-25 | I292196 | adkemp | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 | | | | | | Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 Can anyone provide some guidance as to how to correct this? Thanks.
  25. Jackie Nerpin Wildgoose

    New User Difficulties

    I am a new user and have two issues 1. After Logging in as Administrator and having uploaded a small "practice" Gedcom file with 33 people and 18 families I attempted to add the marriages to these families without success. I get "Another user is already editing this record. Please try again later". Donald Gordon Nerpin / Erma Kathleen Draper (F1) Another user is already editing this record. Please try again later. Try again 2. After I log into TNG and go to the Administration Page I clicked on Getting Started and the following is displayed. I presume that I have a settings problems?? Can anyone help?? Forbidden You don't have permission to access /languages/English/index_help.php on this server. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.