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Found 129 results

  1. LStrom


    I would like to have a place on the homepage where users, including myself can post and where others can comment. (similar to posting on FaceBook, when in a group.) I have searched through the forums and wiki, and the only info I can find about posts include wordpress. Is there a TNG template that has a 'post' feature? Or is there a 'Post' feature that I can add to a template? thank you
  2. Anyone knowledgeable about the Gedcom Converter mod and why it does not work properly? Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home4/hopemetzler/public_html/genealogy/admin_filepicker.php on line 137 I just want to simply work on my genealogy in Family Tree Maker 2017 and occasionally upload my work: scanned documents, photos, latest tree, to the web. But it seems that FTM 2017 does not work with TNG at all. I thought the mod would make the transition smooth. Anyone have experience with this? TIA! Hope
  3. I have installed TNG12.1 locally under MAMP and WAMP. I have also installed to my main server. In all cases, there has been no Events loaded. I asked about it originally at I have now done another local install under MAMP on a different PC, new TNG12.1 downloaded today. Same result. I finally looked at the tables and the Event table is empty. From my memory, this should have quite a few pre filled option, such as Occupation. Has anyone done a new install of TNG12.1 in the past week. If so, can they look to see if they have events showing.
  4. hello, after a significant slowdown, access to the site is impossible: Administrator-No-Users-Yet is not a valid user Jean-Louis
  5. lesdelc

    Statistics Display Problem

    I am using the TNG Plugin with TNG 12.1 & Wordpress. As you can see from the image, I need to reduce the column size and move Quantity to the left. I opened statistics.php and tried to change the code to reduce the columns size and move Quantity to the left however, the code changes did not make happen. Any suggestions?
  6. My website uses user submissions to help build a larger tree. As such, it's important for people to be able to contact the original submitter of the information. I have currently set the contact information to the source location at the bottom of each entry. I like it because it allows me to have one source that I can edit linked to each person individually--I don't have to edit multiple entries as if I put it in the "notes" section. All people are imported into a separate tree to vet the information before being merged into the main database under one single tree. Is there a way to apply the source to each individual in bulk rather than going through and doing it manually? I'm assuming it can be done through a query in phpMyAdmin. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  7. Hi - can anyone help me please. I've finished customising my template (16) on my computer, I'm using TNG v12.03 everything seems to be fine. I've uploaded to my new domain, www.fourbranches.co.uk -again everything seems fine. I'm logged in as admin - so in theory should be able to see all details whether living or dead or private. However, I decided to check something on my dad's page - he passed February 2018, I get just his name, dates and his relationship to me - I've added screenshots of what I'm seeing below. So I checked my brother's page - he passed in January this year, I get the same things! I checked my daughters and my own individual pages - everything shows - my 3x Great Grandfather - just the same as my dad and brother - so it can't be a privacy issue assuming that they only passed recently. Does anyone know of any reason this should be? And a solution perhaps please. - Just added screenshot of mods I have installed in case it might be one of those causing the problem! Thank you in advance Beverley
  8. Is it possible to have a mail sent to one or more administrators when a person registers for an account, so an admin don't have to log in just to check IF the is a new member registration waiting to be taken care of?
  9. How can I get the chart text to display properly? I am using WordPress with the TNG plugin from Mark Barnes. To try and solve the problem I removed the black.gif from pedigreetext.php and changed the border=0 to border=1. These changes now help me to see what is being displayed. For some reason, the fields are not being populated. My coding experience is limited. I looked through the code in pedigreetext.php but could not see the problem. Please see the attached image — any suggestions.
  10. lesdelc

    TNG Plugin Menu Problems [solved]

    I am working with the TNG plugin and I am struggling with the menus that are displayed in WordPress. On all of the TNG menus, I have a blue bar showing above each menu that is displayed. How do I get rid of this blue bar? [SOLVED] The Family Chart boxes are not showing info below the name in the chart. The info appears to be cut off. [SOLVED Bullet 2] I more small display problems which I need to correct. If you can help I would appreciate it.
  11. After getting totally frustrated with trying to get google maps to run correctly (yes I have a key) I decided to try the alternative maps mod, but when I went into Admin/Mod Manager all I get is a white screen with the top and side bars - no error message or anything - am I missing something? the file admin_modhandler.php is there. any ideas appreciated V 12.03 Ian
  12. does anyone have experience, deleting all file and reload a new gedcom file. My files are now corrupt, (my doing). I uploaded the gedcom files twice creating duplicates. When I tired to delete the duplicates, I seem to have deleted entire families, I would like to delete everything and start over with new files. Any experience with this would be helpful.
  13. I'm trying to modify template 12. My website https://www.slektogdata.no/kolanordmenn/ I would like the text in the middle to change according to the language selected. I have a line in cust_text.php with the translation in the affected languages ($text['veltext'] = "Allered.........). This should work, but when I replace the text in template_12 with echo $text['veltext'] , I just see the code, not the text. Where is the error ?
  14. I am in the process om moving the content from one TNG site to another and have a thought about the import function - if I import a gedcom from the old website to the new one and also mark the option to import media, does that mean that Pictures too get imported from the old site? Both are using v12.1
  15. lahem

    Document references

    Sorry, just found something else that I can't work out.... In Oz Birth, Marriage & Death certificates have a reference number and where I have that information I would like to have it recorded, the citation (inc. the mod) doesn't seem to want to let me add the information, general format is something like; BDM NSW 111111/2019 Unpacked BDM = Births, Deaths & Marriage Registry, NSW for the state and the numbers are the folio/year of the document. If entered I would like to have it show next to the location of the event. Hope to hear back ... have a great day! Larry
  16. Just starting off again and entering data to see what I can build, but when I display people admin/public married women show as their maiden name (obviously so that it is 'correct'). But what I would like is that where a record is displayed it would be something like; Wilma Flintstone (nee Quartz) I looked at some of the code but the marriage details seem to be puled way after display name is shown. Is this simply doable without huge numbers of file edits? Thanks, Larry
  17. I just discovered a bunch of error logs that are filling up with the following message: [13-Mar-2019 02:45:54 UTC] PHP Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone. in <mysite>/Tng12/admin_filepicker.php on line 216 I was not prompted for anything relating to a time zone when I installed TNG and my husband, who knows a fair bit about this stuff, has recommended that the following line be inserted into begin.php date_default_timezone_set("America/Montreal"); Ideally, the America/Montreal would be replaced by a time-zone variable so user could set the time-zone during installation. Considering that the change to php requiring explicit time-zone setting was made years ago, I am very surprised that this was not fixed especially for this spanking new version. If there is something else I need to fix, I hope someone will let me know. Norma
  18. Having problems loading documents from Microsoft Word to my Media history collection. Also had problems when I tried to copy and paste. My site URL is http:zachariasfamilytree.com. I have V12.1. I have read through all the help documentation but did not find the answer. Followed the instructions. Been at this for three hours and am getting frustrated. When I go to upload a new history file I may be putting the wrong information in the Folder: histories/. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Have updated to tng v 12.1 from 12.03 and thereby followed the instructions in the readme file. All works fine except that the merge places function doesn't work anymore. This is strange since those php- files appear to not have been changed in the update. When you merge places you first click on the right radio button of the recieving place which box then turns green, then you click on left radio button on the place that supposed to merge in which box turns red. After the update nothing of this happens. The rest of the place edit operations works fine. Site: http://vidunge.com/tng I've created a user that can log in. ID: helper Password: Z800Z800 Best wishes, Hans-Eic H
  20. I installed TNG-12 yesterday and it went so smoothly...until I started looking for images. After much hair pulling and help from a computer-knowledgeable friend, I got the photos all uploaded and in place. Then we had to figure out how to create thumbnails. Much searching ensued to find a way to do them as a group, not individually. However, three images failed the thumbnail creation for obscure reasons (something wrong with the image or permissions may be an issue). So I created the thumbnails on my PC and uploaded them to the correct folder on the server (same folder that holds the photos). However, the thumbnail still did not show up where it should show. My friend was able to go the SQL database and modify something in there to let it point to the right folder and they work now. My 1st question is this: Is there one (and one only) document that I can consult that tells me exactly what factors are involved in uploading photos and creating thumbnails and where to find these settings. I find media information in four places: Under Administration Import/Export, Setup- General Settings-Media, Setup-Import settings, Media. It is all very confusing, even in the light of day. There seems to be a lot of information out there, but finding it all in one place has eluded me. My 2nd question is: What should I have done when the creation of the 3 thumbnails failed? I obviously did something wrong but no clue what it is. Hopefully someone can help.
  21. I have created four trees and am now locating more images to add to the individuals in all trees. I set up four separate folders in the Photos folder using FTP client to access the server, one folder for each tree. I uploaded images and associated thumbnails (using FTP because I don't know any other way to upload individual images) into a previously empty folder. When I to the Media screen under Admin, and choose a tree, the recently uploaded pictures do not show up. Even if I select from all trees, the new photos do not show up. It occurs to me that the database doesn't know where to look for images for any given tree and I have no idea how to tell it. I must be missing where to set this up, but after much searching through documentation, I have come up empty. Many thanks for any help available here.
  22. BeverleyStimpson

    dadlabel, momlabel - can I change and add?

    Hi, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong topic area. I'm trying to customise template 16 in TNG12 v. 12.0.3. I'd only just got my head around the basics to do the templateconfig file for the custom footer, index and topmenu without template in V11. But I had it figured enough to work! I like the design of Template 16 in V12.0.3 - it's not that different to the one I'd designed previously. However, I can't figure out how to include the template snippets I had in V11 to not use a template in the new version. So, I'm attempting to customise Template 16 - colours etc are fairly easy. And I've sorted out (from the Wiki instructions) how to add new variables to the admin_templateconfig, cust_text and the T16 template config. YAY.... now my problem is this... I want to use the four links across the top of T16 for my grandparents. I've made new variables as in Person 1, Person 2, 3 and 4 - and personname1, 2, 3 and 4, tree id etc. BUT at the top of the pages topmenu and index php, there is this code $dadlabel = getTemplateMessage('t16_dadside'); $momlabel = getTemplateMessage('t16_momside'); I've searched and cannot locate anything that resembles dadlabel or momlabel... so my questions (if I've explained it correctly - apologies for being a bit long-winded) is where do I find this $dadlabel? and can I change dadlabel, momlabel to something other - to include all four grandparent labels? I can add links to the menu manually, but it does seem silly if I can use the php to do it. I'd really like to get the customisation done on my localhost server before I upload everything to my new domain. Many thanks in advance Beverley
  23. Hi. I've been going fine in TNG 12.03, but today I'm finding I can't log in with my usual admin login and password. Furthermore, when I request that a temporary password be sent to my email, nothing from TNG shows up in my in box. (Yes I've looked in the spam folder and others. Nada.) Thanks! Kurt
  24. How do I change the ID numbers after the gedcom import, or before or during the import ? I want the main (oldest) ancestor to be i1, wife i2, and all descendants in order of birth have subsequent numbers. father= i1, mother= i2 Child 1= i3 Child2= i4 etc. Thank you !
  25. Hi, Having a problem that when entering new families (husband, wife and marriage date info) that when I press the save button it can take about a minute before the screen is refreshed. This started to happen when I reached about 9,000 individuals. All other new entries (individuals, media etc..) are all done in less than 1 second. My database is not big, only 10,500 names and 3,000 families. I have tried the database optimize option with no improvement. Any thoughts how I can improve this recording speed when creating a new Family record? Running Tng 12.0.3 Thanks cjb