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Found 244 results

  1. Open Street Map mod, not install is the error message (after a time working quite well)? What ?? ENo
  2. Hey, I'm buildning my tree on a local program I have on my computer and then use gedcom-import when updating the database on my host were I run TNG12. Now I have found I've done a mistake and have to remove about 400 people and I removed them from the database I have on my computer. If I import a new gedcom and select to replace all data, will those people get removed from my database online or do I have to choose another merthod? If so, how do I do that without having to delete the people one by one? -Stefan
  3. Krisamd

    extrapgs in tng12.3

    I have several user pages created in TNG10.1.1 and put under TNG>extrapgs>xxx.php I am unable to understand how to modify the files as indicated in "TNG V12 Change Impact" - Impact on user Created Pages. One such page for example: <?php include( "../begin.php"); if( !$cms['support'] ) $cms['tngpath'] = "../"; include($cms['tngpath'] . "genlib.php"); $textpart = "getperson"; include($cms['tngpath'] . "getlang.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "$mylanguage/text.php"); $link = tng_db_connect($database_host,$database_name,$database_username,$database_password) or exit; include($cms['tngpath'] . "checklogin.php"); include($cms['tngpath'] . "log.php" ); tng_header( $text[help], $flags );?> I will appreciate feed back Kris
  4. Hello, I am looking for option to give a user acccess to sone branches, not only one? ENo
  5. I am out of ideas and asking for help or guidance. I have been using tng for some time now and have not made any changes to configuration other than normal upgrades from 11 to 12 and so forth. I have also successfully been able to export a gedcom to add to Ancestry and regularly deleted that on Ancestry and replace it with an updated version. As usual, I deleted the gedcom on Ancestry on Monday and went to upload the new version and was greeted with a warning that the "Upload had failed, please try again" This happened repeatedly. I moved to another PC and met the same failure. Cache and Cookies blown out etc. etc. etc. as they Ancestry Help desk always insists. I engaged their support, and they were able to restore an old version of my Ancestry info...no issue. When I asked if I could Email my Gedcom file so they would try, to my surprise they were willing....It failed to work for them as well. I believe I have ruled out PC, Browser, Cookies etc. since I tried and failed from multiple PC's and even Internet providers changed. What is now suspect is the actual .ged file itself. How can I determine if I have a corrupt or malformed...defective etc. gedcom file? I did download a FREE copy of RootsMagic and it loaded up the Gedcom file just fine.... I am a lost ball in high weeds!!!
  6. I have this question from one of the Guild of One-Name Studies TNG users. I have searched this Forum and do not find an answer. On the site's statistics page is found: Earliest Birth (John KNIGHTLIE) 2 Feb 1641 / 2 But, when searching for the Knightlie surname, the results show: # Last Name, Given Name(s) Person ID Born/Christened Location Tree 1 KNIGHTLIE I188 Abt 1520 Braughing, Hertfordshire England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 2 KNIGHTLIE, d I25 England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 3 KNIGHTLIE, John I304 2 Feb 1641 / 2 Ware, Hertfordshire England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 4 KNIGHTLIE, John I144 Abt 1545 ? Fawsley, Northamptonshire England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 5 KNIGHTLIE, John I115 Abt 1580 Braughing, Hertfordshire England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 6 KNIGHTLIE, Thomas I106 Mar 1607 Braughing, Hertfordshire England 002 from John Knightlie Hertford c1545 Why does the statistics coding not pick up the earliest Knightlie? Also, is there somewhere where one can find an instructional manual that explains how TNG works? There is no Help for this Area link for Statistics. Jim Culbert, Asst. Support Manager, TNG, Guild Members' Websites Project
  7. This is a study of the Culbert surname worldwide, supported by the Guild of One-Name Studies. The home page has been modified to facilitate mobile access.
  8. I am using TNG v. 12.3. Using Advanced Search for individual Carol Knight, the search failed to find her in my database. But, using Advanced Search for family with male Culbert and wife Carol, she is found. Her maiden name in the database is Knight. Why does the individual search for her fail? Screenshots attached. I apologize for publicizing information on a living individual, but didn't know how else to show this issue. Thanks.
  9. I have a fresh install of TNG 12.3 with the Regroup Person Profile mod installed. It does almost all of the customization I would like, with the exception that I would prefer to have the "Family" section appear before the "Parents" section. I know enough PHP to be dangerous, so I tried to tweak on it myself, but I kept messing up the page (thankfully made backups). Either I keep getting a duplicate copy of the Parent section or multiple sections disappear. I guess I am not totally understanding the logic of how the various sections are built in the getperson.php file. Since Regroup Person makes some not trivial changes to getperson.php, I think I need some Regroup Person specific help here. Sample Page, currently with Parents first (but I want Family first): https://genealogy.lewisfamily.us/getperson.php?personID=I10&tree=lewisbratti Thanks, Bryan
  10. Hi All, Attached is a text file with the SQL code I use to produce the figures for the 52 places and 4 perishes pointed to at the map on this site index page https://botebygden.se (If you have trouble understanding what I do, because it's only in Swedish; just ask and I'll explain) As you will notice, the map takes quite some time because of all the number collecting (it's really quick w/o the DB calls). And this is only a 690 persons DB... Every new figure is a DB call so it's 4 perishes x 3 events (below the map) and then 52 places x 4 events (list to the right of the map). My hope is that the SQLs can be combined or something to increase the speed and to be able to handle a bigger register. But I don't know SQL so well so I'm looking for help. Thank You In Advance, for any help or idea, Erik botebygdenSQL.txt
  11. Hello ! I use Hide Admin Dna on one of my sites and it still running correctly after I updated it to TNG 12.3. On my other site, also in TNG 12.3, the mod was not installed and when I try to install it, it says : Cannot install, with following errors : Brett, can you help, please ?
  12. Hi, I have noticed that sometimes the font size for the 2nd level TNG main menu have changed, but only when viewed from specific browser and specific pc's. So the problem does not follow the user or browser and seems to be local. Have seen this problem with IE, Egde, Chrome and FireFox. Here are some screenshot from to different pc's: Someone else seen this and have a quick fix for resetting? Yes, I have tried a browser log and cache reset...
  13. bryanlewis

    Private Media Mod Issue

    I have a fresh install of TNG 12.3 that I am using to start a new tree (no data import). I want to keep certain photos/documents completely private, even for deceased people, so I installed the Private Media Mod, thinking that was the perfect solution. The install went fine and I marked a few photos and docs as private and they vanished from the public interface (I didn't want a placeholder that said they were private/living, I just wanted them gone). I thought everything was working fine, until I went back to view them as my own (admin) user and they were still gone. The photos simply don't show up at all in the "public-facing" interface, they only appear in the Media management admin interface. My user is in the "Admin" role and has all permissions, including the newly added "Allow to view private media" permission from this mod. But I can only view these private items through the management interface, not browse them through the normal interface (logged in as me). Am I misunderstanding how this mod works? I don't see any configuration options that I have missed. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks, Bryan
  14. I was disappointed tonight to discover no Heatmap button after a search involving my census records. Is this because they are held as an event? (IE The PLACE is not in the main person record but off in a child?) Is it an enhancement we could reasonably ask for - would be very useful?
  15. thomsi

    Visitor Counter

    Hi I am new to TNG and web building. Is there a mod available to add a visitor count to the website or if not how would I add one. Many Thanks
  16. The mod 'Shows issues' cannot install, and an error message says "Bad Target". TNG: 12.3 Mod: Shows issues: Anyone who knows . . . .? ENo
  17. andrewfindlay

    FH GEDCOM Import Failing

    I have exported a Gedcom from Family Historian 6 and then imported into TNG 12 following all the advice on the FH and TNG help pages, user groups, wikis etc. However all that will import are 520 people (of over 6,000) and they are fragmented, with links only going one generation. I have checked the exported Gedcom, cleared trees, made new trees and anything else I can think of, with no result. Only thing that worked was exporting a Gedcom based on a diagram of 469 people. Is there a setting in TNG that is limiting the number of people imported? If not, does anyone have any other ideas?
  18. Indicates the following error (line 416 & line 570): My installed mods: 1. Cemeteries Columns cemeteries_columns_V10.1.0.8.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties] 2. Create Sitemap create_sitemap_v12.0.0.1.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties] 3. GeoCode Assistant geocode_assist_v11.0.0.3.cfg Geïnstalleerd 4. Map Pins Map_pins_v12.01.cfg 12.01 Geïnstalleerd 5. Mobile Site Enhancements mobile_site_v12.1.0.5a.cfg Geïnstalleerd 6. Open My Page mod OpenMyPage_mod_v10.0.0.4b.cfg Geïnstalleerd 7. OpenStreetMap openstreetmap_v12.3.0.6.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties] 8. OSM Automatic Geocoding osm_automatic_geocode_v12.2.0.2.cfg Geïnstalleerd 9. Person Media Title person_media_title_v12.3.0.4.cfg Kan niet installeren 10. Public Access Control public_access_control_v12.3.0.3a.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties] 11. Redundant Person Tabs redundant_person_tabs_v12.0.0.0.cfg Geïnstalleerd 12. Show Husband or Wife mod Show_Husband_or_Wife_mod_v11.0.1.1c.cfg Geïnstalleerd 13. Show Nickname show_nicknames_v12.3.0.0.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties] 14. Simple SEO simple_seo_v12.0.3.6a.cfg Geïnstalleerd [Opties]
  19. Before installing the new version I removed all the "mods". Then I removed the parent mod from the website. Then I uploaded the new version. Immediately it gives an error "cannot install". Here the error code:
  20. Hi All, I am new to TNG and have just set up our genealogy site. When I loaded up the Gedcom file the Dad's side and Mom's side is wrong. It's as if the system is using my mother as the starting point. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks in advance, Dave
  21. Hi All, I created my first page in TNG today (an FAQ for visitors to my site). However, there was one thing that was frustrating and I am wondering if I could have done something differently. How do I chose the right size for the images without guessing a bunch of times and reloading the page after each adjustment. What is a good size for images that works? (width = , height = ). Here's what I did. I altered the template for a page as directed in the creating user pages documentation. I captured images I wanted to use with screenshots in Windows 10 (and then I edited the images (cropped, put in circles or underlining)). I used an online WYSIWYG HTML Editor for the text and inserted the images accordingly. I guessed on the sizing of the images and then changed them as I saw fit. I cut and pasted the code into the right place on the page blank. I uploaded the changes to the site, and all came out well, except the images are kind of different sizes. How do I fix that? Check out the page I created if you like: https://landgen.us/extrapgs/User FAQ.php Thanks for your help! Best, Bob
  22. Branko

    Report -

    Hi, I'm having a little bit of an issue with creating a report by using SQL SELECT where I want to list all children that have passed under the age of 5. The report works (sort off) but I want to filter out those persons that don't have a birthdate or if they have a brithdate but don't have a deathdate. My code is: SELECT tng_people.personID, lastname, firstname,birthdate,deathdate FROM (tng_people ) WHERE birthdate IS NOT NULL AND (right(deathdate,4) <= right(birthdate,4) + 5) ORDER BY lastname To get around the filtering in SQL I have exported the info to CSV and then filtered via Excel, but that's not the desired option. Branko
  23. SiEiNo

    Show Siblings mod

    The edit options won't work. I want to be able to choose between a collapsed list or not - and where the list will show up, just as the options are in the Mod Manager. But trying to change the options in the Mod Manager doesn't help. Trying to edit the options gives a "0" and no change for the siblings list, no list at all. TNG v.12.3 Mod: ShowSiblings v10.1.0.4b What . . . .? I've tried to uninstall and reinstall and use of different languages, but no help. ENo
  24. ton van lil

    Error in place list

    I get an error massage when I focus on my place list. See below An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message.Query: SELECT tng_people.ID, tng_people.personID, lastname, lnprefix, firstname, tng_people.living, tng_people.private, tng_people.branch, prefix, suffix, nameorder, /*###Placesearch-More Info Location 14: add birth & death fields*/ birthdate AS birthdate1, deathdate AS deathdate1, birthplace as birthplace1, deathplace as deathplace1, /*###Placesearch-More Info Location 14: End of Trimreplace*/ place, date, tng_people.gedcom, treename FROM (tng_people, tng_trees ) WHERE tng_people.gedcom = tng_trees.gedcom AND tng_people.gedcom="total" AND place = '' ORDER BY lastname, firstname, datetr LIMIT 50Unknown column 'place' in 'field list' What can I do.
  25. Hello everyone, I figured out that my site displays incorrectly when I visit it for the first time. I think this happens since update 12.3 but I am not completely sure. It changes to normal view, when I change the language in the dropdown menu or log in to my admin account. I would be very happy if someone would have a look at the site, because unfortunately I have too little knowledge to find the error myself. Maybe it is a outdated PHP Version, but the site was not affected by now. Here is the link to my site: https://hauge.de