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Found 244 results

  1. zanger02

    reCaptcha Problem

    I'm having trouble with reCaptcha. I added the keys from google reCaptcha and realized I should be using v2 keys. I can't find any options for V2. Where would I find the V2 keys? My website TNG V 12.1 (Mac OS Catalina)
  2. I've resigned myself to doing a fresh install of v12.3. My updating of a previous install had left my old v12.3 site buggy and with extraneous information. Unfortunately I do have a number of users on the 'old' site. My question is how can I move those users (login info etc.) to the new site? Thank you, Dwayne
  3. Should I be able to change a user's password and/or email address in the User panel in TNG v12? I have users who have asked me to change these items but the changes I make don't stick. Should I just have them re-register with the new email address? Beleaguered admins want to know. Thanks, Gary
  4. ton van lil

    Random Histories

    I have installed the random_photo_display mod. It works perfectly well. Want to do the same with my histories. Does anybody know if its possible to have random histories on the home page? Greetings Ton
  5. Greetings, I am new to TNG and I am working on my village family tree. I only have information dating back to the 1800. While entering data, I noticed that a lot of times the same names repeat (First and Last) rendering it very difficult to find the right person to connect. Based on the sources I am reading, the connections were based on the first name, last name AND father's name of the person. My question: Is it possible when searching for a person to add the father's name as a search parameter? Is it possible to display the father's name as another filed in the search results? Thank you for your help Matta
  6. Opening a new Topic about this idea, resuming some advices from TNG users Aug 19, Ron Said : "That would be of interest for sure. Along with open my page, and bookmarks, etc, the site would be tailored to the user. I think today the user isn't comfortable setting or designating the Sosa, particularly each time they log on. Good winter project indeed! " Aug, 20. Katryne said : "Michel : a Sosa to be chosen by each member, something like a cookie attached to his profile ? That would be gerat for the village website. " Answer : Yes Katryne, something like that... May be a little table with user-sosa1-tree server side and a local array... I still have to think about it. Aug 20, Ken said : " You should also consider an option that allows the TNG Administrator to decide whether users can set their own Sosa or not. Possibly use an option that is tied to the user record that contains the user's treeID and personID, assuming they all contain valid data, to anchor the starting Sosa so it could be set by the administrator and not chew up bandwidth and MySQL execution time while the user plays with their starting number. My user records do not all contain the user's treeID and personID because my database was not updated when Darrin added those 2 fields to the user record. Just a thinking out loud here, since i can see Sosa number setting as chewing up MySQL execution time. " Answer : In any case, the option would be offered ONLY for connected members, possibly with pre/post authorization of the administrator.
  7. On my desktop I've been using Family Tree Maker as my preferred data entry software for about the last 10 years. For somewhat longer than that I've been using TNG, more recently integrated with Wordpress, to display it, although I also sync to Ancestry. I've always been disappointed I couldn't get media automatically allocated to the correct TNG Collection after importing a GEDCOM produced by FTM. Sadly, my TNG tree hadn't been updated for quite a while, partly because my media links were a mess, with many "File not found" errors, multiple links to the same file etc and I kept procrastinating about facing the challenge to tidy it all up . Over the Christmas/New Year break I bit the bullet, upgraded TNG from v. 11.x to 12.2 and spent some time modifying the CSS files to harmonise with my Wordpress theme (another thing I'd been putting off). Then I started researching the media collections issue; the excellent "gotchas" item in this very wiki was the hallelujah moment when I started to see light at the end of the tunnel! That article led me to Stephen Conner's FTM to TNG Gedcom Fixer program, and also Robin Richmond's GEDCOM Converter mod. Because I was more specifically interested in the media collections I focused on the former. So I spent days modifying the media filenames using FTM to match the requirements of Stephen's Fixer program, a process that's easy enough if quite tedious. I had replicated my website onto my desktop (in a WAMP environment) to fiddle with the CSS and some other mods, so I could test importing a new GEDCOM without jeopardising the live site. I deleted all the existing media files from the tng \media folder and copied the newly-renamed files from my FTM media folder into their respective new website folders. When I imported the fixed GEDCOM file (selecting the options Replace all current data and Import media if present) I was confused to see weird results eg only 12 out of 37 headstones correctly allocated in TNG, 50 out of 269 documents, etc. I spent more time researching and studying the GEDCOM files before & after the fixer program but couldn't see any issues. Then I used PHPMyAdmin to study the TNG database and noticed entries in the media table that didn't look right, and furthermore the number of rows didn't correlate with the number of files. It finally twigged that TNG doesn't clear (ie empty) the media tables when doing a GEDCOM import, even if the option to replace all data is selected. I came to realise that renaming the media files had therefore left things even more messy than previously, and that what I should do is clear all the media tables before doing an import so that TNG would rebuild it from scratch on import. With a view to helping other in the same predicament who may not have the expertise or inclination to play around in the database with PHPMyAdmin I quickly found an excellent backgrounder and tutorial by Bob Cumberbatch on doing it the easy way from within TNG itself (which also confirmed my thoughts). When I followed Bob's procedure to clear all the tables, but NOT restoring the media table (thereby forcing TNG to rebuild it) and re-imported the GEDCOM, Happy Days - all looks great! So if you've waded through all the background, here's my step-by-step takeaway to get your FTM media Categories reflected in TNG Collections. I've tried to pull together tips and procedures from several different places together with my experience into one resource. This has been produced with FTM 2019 and TNG 12.2, but I believe it should work with at least the immediately previous versions of both (but not FTM 2012). It worked for me, but use it at your own risk . NOTE: This should only be done if you use only Family Tree Maker (or Ancestry and sync to FTM) for your data entry and use TNG only to display it! NOTE 2: Sorry Mac users but this process will only work on Windows machines, because Stephen Conner's GEDCOM Fixer program only runs on Windows (though maybe OK using a Windows emulator? Anyone able to confirm please comment below!) I highly recommend replicating your online TNG site to your desktop and backing everything up (including all your media files, before renaming them) so you don't jeopardise your live site in case this doesn't work for you. Do all your modifications on your desktop site and check everything before going through the same steps on your live site. That's beyond the scope of this article, but if you Google or search YouTube for "WAMP" or "XAMPP" you'll find plenty of guides to get a local webserver set up. Also beyond the scope of this article you'll need to be familiar with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. Google or YouTube "FileZilla" for a start. Read the "gotchas" article on this wiki and the detailed information available on Stephen Conner's page (with its linked help docs) and Bob Cumberbatch's page, all as linked above, so that you understand the issues and what the proposed fixes do. Using FTM, rename your media files to match the requirements of Stephen Conner's fixer program. This might take quite some time, depending on your individual situation. Do the following in TNG. In Administration | Setup | Configuration | General Settings, Paths & Folders, setup the new media folders eg: In Administration | Setup | Configuration | Import Settings, make sure the Local [*] paths match those used by FTM on your computer, eg on my system this is (where "XXX" is my Windows username and "YYY" is my tree name in FTM) - yours might be very different: If you're not sure what this path is, either open your GEDCOM file (see below) in Notepad or similar, scroll to the bottom where the media entries are located and look for a line like the following: 1 FILE D:\Users\XXX\Documents\Family Tree Maker\YYY Media\p_4 generations.jpg or in Family Tree Maker (assuming you're using the default database path) go to the Tools | Options menu, General tab, copy the database path, eg for me this is: paste it into the TNG box and add "\[your tree name] Media\" on to the end of it, replacing [your tree name] with the actual name of your FTM tree. Note that in FTM, all media files are stored in the one folder, so you'll use the same path for all of the TNG settings. This path will be removed from that recorded in the GEDCOM file by TNG for each media file so that it can store just the actual filename. In Administration | Trees, for your selected or only tree, click the "Clear" icon: and answer OK to the prompt. When you get to this step on your live site you'd use your selected FTP program (eg FileZilla) for these steps, but initially of course this should be on your local machine so you'd use Windows Explorer/My Computer on Windows or Finder on a Mac to delete all the files in yout TNG media folder, then copy all your renamed media files from the FTM media folder into their respective new folders on your TNG installation, as described in Stephen Conner's documentation. In FTM, select the File | Export menu. The important options are highlighted here, other options at your discretion: then at the next prompt select Other as the Destination: Note the filename chosen when you click OK; you'll need it next. Follow the procedures in Stephen Conner's documentation to setup and run the fixer program, including installing any necessary Windows support files (one-off). From TNG's Administration | Import/Export page, select your "fixed" file, making sure it's not the original one exported from FTM: Select the important options as highlighted below, other options at your discretion: and finally click Import Data. Wait for a short while, then verify what you expect to see. Hopefully like me, you'll be a happy person! Enjoy! A huge thank you to Stephen Conner, Robin Richmond and Bob Cumberbatch for throwing light on this area, and certainly not least Darrin Lythgoe for making TNG so flexible and such a capable environment for our purposes! Cheers Ian Davidson
  8. users should terminate and log out in the normal course. In many cases, the process is just kept in the background when other activities are in use. In any case there should be time limit to terminate the process say 5 minutes to process terminate automatically or call a reminder if the user want to continue. Is there any code or mode for for this situation? Thanks Kris
  9. Leo te Braake

    Open Street Map mod: ideas for features

    Hi Erik, First: I like the way that places involved in the life of one person are represented in OSM. Different colours for different events, all nice and clear. Things change a bit, when the places involved are within one community with a few on 50 - 100 km distance. Look at added file Raineldis. The cluster is in the South, and you can't even count the places there, let allone connect them to addresses, without zooming in. Farm names played an important role when under Napoleon rule people had to adopt a fixed family name. So defined a picture of all farms in my village of birth. It looks like attached file Rekken. A friend pointed me to <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/> Maybe this is what you used for the mod, maybe other tools The friend has made a map for a site on the history of Vught, a place in the south of the Netherlands. He generated the map using <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/vughtse-historie_110715#14/51.6686/5.2928> It shows several interesting features! So I made a start for my map of Farms in Rekken, and included it for now on the non-TNG part of my site: <https://www.ltebraake.nl/rekken/boerderijen-in-rekken>. If you take a good look at the two links, you may recognize the following list of Features I would like to see in the TNG OSM mod, in order of priority: Option to show the name of the places on hoovering over the pins, not only by clicking on it. Optionally choose to to cluster pins in an orange circle with the number of pins in it, but display them individually even where crowded Option to choose a slim pin for individual maps, e.g. when they are crowded with pins Option to use layers with each a group/category or manually picked pins, wih a list of layers to switch them on/off individually. Option to browse through the data under the pind (see black bar in layers menu on Vught site) Option to use an icon in the pins For me the first three feel like necessary for TNG, the others like "nice to have". Looking forward to what others think of these suggestions.
  10. Teresa Goatham

    Associate Names mod

    From seeing the Wiki entry I'd really like to use this but it's not working. Is the download file complete? Trying to install I can see the options in the search area / page, can see the extra column on the people table but get a blank screen (apart from heading and gif) when I go admin -> setup -> associate names. (Have tried with my 'live' site, where there are loads of other mods, but also in a new install of v12.3 with no other mods - same problem in both). Teresa
  11. Leo te Braake

    can't install new version

    I have OSM V installed, and not one of the two mentioned incompatible mods. I uninstalled it (yes, I did NOT forget that) , and tried to install v12.3.0.6a. Got a message, that Installation could not be completed. Removing this new version, I could reinstall the former, so there is no rush. But what can be the cause?
  12. Hi, I am looking to have an extra blank canvas (page) if you will where I can have either a full width block under the header, and/or maybe 2-3 columns. Is there a file that I can start from? Just display the headers with an html block and the footers. I am using template 12 and version TNG 12.3. this seemed like the best place to post this question. Thanks, Kevin
  13. I upgraded to TNG 12.2 from 12.0 today. I was previously using an early verison of Customized Logs, but it would now not install. I uninstalled the earlier version and tried to install Customized Logs v12.1.0.6 but got the same error message "Cannot Install". Attached is the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a great mod to have! Kathy
  14. I am trying to upgrade from 10.1.1 to 12.3 The upgraded local host is functioning ok When I have loaded to my site namkudumbam.net I get error on my templateconfig.php The templateconfig.php is identical to TNG 10.1.1 and TNG12.3 I get this error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '/' in /home/namkudum/public_html/templateconfig.php on line 24” Line 24 both in TNG10.1.1 and 12.3 is same without any change. "<p>We all had a wonderful family reunion in Chennai in July 2014. It was indeed a big occasion for all of us to recap our family all the way from 1890s to the present. I was overwhelmed for the love and affection from all family members and friends. It was also an occasion to reconnect with all our members and extended families on a permanent footing. Towards this goal, this private Family Web Site <b><span style='color:green;'><u>\"\"www.namkudumbam.net\""</b></span></u> is established generally on Genealogy roots and trees. I need cooperation from all our family members to connect to this web and keep it on sustainable basis.</b></span><p>" While TNG10.1.1 set in 2015 functioning without any issue till date, this para become a problem in Simply Hosting for TNG12.3 and unable to solve the problem. At the same time there is no problem in local host set for TNG 12.3 Kris
  15. I'm a new TNG user. The software seems pretty well installed on my host server, but I'm having a problem with user logins. (Still in a testing/evaluation phase.) I've defined several users to test out access to branches. Each user is setup for access to one tree, and a "compound branch", i.e., a branch made my combining two other branches, and none (except myself) is set as an admin. They are "custom" users, with add, edit, but not delete priveleges. The problem I have is that when I log in as one of these test users, I seem to have some partial admin status. When I go to the dropdown menu (Template 12) of destination pages, Administration is one of the choices. If I select it, I am sent to the Admin home page, though I only have access to the top half of the admin pages, those pages that non-admins have access to. None of the admin-only pages, like settings, are available. Other clues: 1) The test users are set to have access only to one branch in one tree, but through search they can access all records (admin status), though they can't see birthdates on living people not in their branch (not admin status). 2) I installed the Regroup Person-Hide Branches mod. It seems to be installed with no problems. But branches are not hidden (admin status). 3) I have one test user set up for restricted access to a different tree that has no branches defined. When I log in as this user, Administration is no longer among the options on the drop down destination page menu. 4) To see if this might be some sort of stored cookie or cache issue that is holding on to an admin status I've logged in as test user on a device that I had not previously used with TNG, but I still get a "quasi-admin" status. I'm not very knowledgeable on the details of php, http, sql, or TNG, for that matter. I can read up on and make mods or add code if clearly directed, but I don't understand what might cause this problem. Any insights or suggestions? Thanks.
  16. I am running TNG version 12.3 but I cannot add a photo to my mystery photo list. When the add media popup appears and I have searched for the photo I want there is no check box or add photo option. If I click on the thumbnail it just opens the media in edit mode. I'm sure the column on the far left should have a check box or select photo. I would appreciate any advice.
  17. I have been uploading Media (photos/documents/video etc.) from my local computers without any issue in TNG 10.3.3. I have upgraded my local host to TNG 12.3 and it is functioning without any issue except media upload. I am able to upload to my site namkudumbam.net media without any issue even now but unable to upload media from my home computers to l>http://localhost/tng/index.php admin>media>add new Media FileUpload a new file from your computer, or select from files already on your site The selected file does not get uploaded but I get this message "Please enter the path (folder and file name) of the image file within the photos folder on your web server." Assistance will be appreciated. Thanks Kris
  18. **** Release UPDATE **** Hi All I have created a little Mod that will add N S E W to Latitude / Longitude results in the display pages. It works using decimal numbers eg: -41.327312, 174.807598 (Wellington International Airport Wellington New Zealand).. the page will show -41.327312 S, 174.807598 W . See attached image for example. https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Lat-Long_NSEW With much thanks to both XerxX & Brett for their patience and input.. The Mod could be expanded further to allow for the option to use North South East or West rather than N S E or W. Please let me know if this is something you might like/prefer!! Also if there are pages, places I have missed modifying please let me know.. Rick M
  19. Hello All, Today I found that none of the OSMmaps on my TNG v12.3 site are displayed on a Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT S-7580 phone (screen size 480x800 px). However, a Samsung Galaxy S10 (1440 x 3040 px?) shows the maps. BUT! The OSMmaps on my TNG v11.1.2 site are displayed on the smaller phone! This confuses me. Now, either there is something wrong with the smaller phone (something broken? Too small a memory?) or with the OSMmod v12.3.0.6a. Or, for some reason the 12.3 maps (all?) are too heavy for the little one? Or something else... So I ask the community OSM-mod users for help. Please: If you have or can test a phone that's smaller than the S10, first and foremost check the OSMmaps on your site to be sure they work okay. And if you don't mind; also check the starting page on my "Local community research" site, to the right in my sig. (This is not an attempt to get visitors so I don't show the link here as the post will then show up on search engines) The map there is rather heavy, 53 places and lots of data collected, and will take a few seconds to load. The message says "This site is not adapted for small phones. Please use at least a tablet/iPad." If the map loads, the text is covered but otherwise it will stay and the visitor hopefully understands what's (not) happening. The site is Swedish only but Google translates it on the fly rather good, actually. Please report your findings here. Thank You In Advance! Erik PS. Maybe some of you don't care about the "mobile mode" but I do, because I think it's a good thing to use to get young people interested in genealogy. They will soon discover that they need a bigger screen - if they don't have an S-10 😄
  20. Hi, I’ve WP.4.2 and TNG 12.3 installed and use the WP-Plugin TNG WordPress Integration for Integration. I followed the instruction given in the wiki. My homepage is https://kuhnert.ch/ and with https://kuhnert.ch/stammbaum/ we see the TNG page, but there is no link working. What is wrong? Thanks, Klaus
  21. Krisamd


    random_photo_display_v12.0.1.4 had dropped the following in above version from random_photo_display_v9.0.0.0: echo "<br/><span class=\"normal\"><a href=\"$showmedia_url" . "mediaID=$imgrow[mediaID]\">$imgrow[description]</a></span>"; By deleting the above line we cannot access the link to the displayed photo. Why this change?
  22. Hi There, I had a running Webtrees 2.06 server but found it more oriented to research for genealogy than giving regular visitors a pleasant website. So I installed TNG 12.3 and imported the gedcom file. However I have no clue how to import and auto link the media files (pictures and pdf's ) to the data in TNG. I can upload them via a ftp client and can access the data base via phpMyAdmin Can somebody give me advise? Kind regards Guy Forssman
  23. This was working beautifully for me until I tried to download a source file yesterday and got this note: "The text string clientModel was not found. DOM Source is not from the interactive viewer. Possibly a new DOM Source file format. Contact the mod developers using the TNG Community Forum and attached the failing DOM Source file." Attached herewith. They sure to seem to change this a lot at Ancestry, if that's what this is. The first indication of something funny was when I right-clicked on the Index bar to "view selection source," and the Index bar dropped closed. It had not done this before. The source file looks different as well. I hope it's me, not the plugin, which--again--I am a huge fan of. Derrick
  24. I would like to replace the links to his and her sides of the family tree with personalized links based on who is logged in. It appears that this mod has been done previously. Question: It has been a long time since I set up my site and I have done virtually nothing to it since setup. I would like to make this modification, but am at a loss as to how to accomplish it. Can someone help me with how to make this change? Please provide a step-by-step approach if you have the patience. This mod: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/My_User_Links_Add-on This thread: https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/12161-mod-wanted-or-code/&tab=comments#comment-57912 My site: http://www.garyconniefamilytree.net/index.php My server (if it matters): I am using SimplyHosting. Thank you, Gary
  25. I already have my TNG site up and running. It's a project in progress ( https://thethomasshephardfamilytree.co.uk/ ) . What I want to do is incorporate it with WordPress. I was wondering if anybody has done a video tutorial on this or know of any that are available. I have searched Youtube and the internet but cannot find any. Any help will be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Thomsi