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Found 192 results

  1. Hi, I would like to modify the new users welcome e-mail. The standard email would be: Hello xxx, Your genealogy user account has been activated. Your login information is: Username: xxx Password: xxx Where would I be able to modify this so I could add in links to a user guide for example. Kindest Regards David
  2. rcpettit

    Census Plus side by side images

    Using, I'm trying to enter a Kansas State Census for 1905. The problem I'm have is that it was done in book form with left half is on one page and the right half on another. Is there a way to display the two images when viewing the census record on persons page? Right now I have to just use the first image as I can't link the second page. Was thinking of photoshoping the two images into one.
  3. Getting back into using TNG and installed version 12 full version. Got it setup and running and starting to convert my rootsmagic data over. I noticed that under media in admin that Link To doesn't put a clickable link to the person media is for. Under an older version the Link To column had clickable links, did this go away with V12 or am I missing something.
  4. I am creating a new version of my TNG website and testing it on my wampserver before deploying it. I converted a Family Tree Maker 2017 gedcom file using the gedcom_converter_v12.0.0.13 and placename_format_v12.0.0.4 mods. I am very pleased with the result. Particularly the ability to import 'citation' links which show up as thumbnail-media-links right below the relevant source citations in the 'Sources' section of an individual's page. I think this looks cool and would also be convenient for anyone trying to understand what my sources were rather than just a written citation. I would be 100 percent happy if not for one vexing problem. When I click any of these links, the media displays as it should, but then there are two PHP errors at the bottom of the page. Warning: mysqli_free_result(): Couldn't fetch mysqli_result in C:\wamp64\www\mywebsite\tng\tngconnect.php on line 81 Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc(): Couldn't fetch mysqli_result in C:\wamp64\www\mywebsite\tng\tngconnect.php on line 50 Of course, the file size of this media is very large and I intend to take care of that later, but that has nothing to do with the errors. In fact, if I deleted all the 'citation' links to this media and just left a 'person' link, the errors would go away, but then the thumbnails will not display below the citations either. I know very little about PHP, but I suspect that the errors are probably caused by my PHP configuration with my wampserver, but that is only a guess. I hate to upload this to my actual website and still see these errors there. In my wampserver, I checked PHP > PHP extensions > and there I see 'php_mysqli' checked, so that means it's alright?? Right? My php version is 5.6.38 and the TNG Diagnostics tab shows all green checks. TNG V12.1 My hope is that someone with greater knowledge than I will be able to help me solve this problem for which I would be very grateful https://thebrownfamilytree.info .
  5. I am very new to HTML - I'm having to learn it because I want to create history pages based on historytemplate.php, and I need to be able to format my text etc so it looks good on screen. At the moment I have two history files, the first (rogues1.php) was created by converting a Word file from Word into HTML, and copying the html into my new file. This has resulted in a lot of messy code, but thanks to Newfloridian some of this has been stripped out. The second (jamesmcaleerstory.php) was created by copying and pasting the contents of another Word document directly into a second php file, and starting the formatting from there. This is a much tidier file. Both are still very much a work in progress, so please be understanding. I've been using the forums and online HTML tutorial where I have been able to find something that seems to be what I want, but sometimes I can't find an answer that works, and other times it seems to work in one file and not another. I'm sure I am going to be posting a lot of queries for help in the next few weeks, but my first two questions are these: 1. Why do the two files handle single and double quotes differently from each other? In one (rogues1.php), I can just enter them directly and the display perfectly - as in father's or "The Flight of the Allens". In the other (jamesmcaleerstory.php) this produces and error - so here father's appears on the page as father’s. In this file I have to use codes ' and " . However, there is at least one example in this same file where I have typed "Peter's" in the html document and it appears exactly as that with double and single quotes which is exactly what I wanted! 😩 2. My second question is about center-justifying text - ie so that text ends neatly on both sides and is centred in the middle of the page . This will apply to various quotations that I've included like a newspaper article extract in rogues1.php and a quote from a letter in jamesmcaleerstory.php. I found out how to produce the newspaper extract in two columns, which I liked but have since taken out, but it still didn't justify the text on both left and right. The files are attached and can be viewed on my website at http://parcel-of-rogues.org.uk/parcel-of-rogues/histories/rogues1.php and http://parcel-of-rogues.org.uk/histories/jamesmcaleerstory.php Username: Guest; Password: Familyfriend Can anyone help please? Thank you Sharon rogues1.php jamesmcaleerstory.php
  6. bigalp

    Table crashed

    Hi All looking at individuals seems to throw an error as below which looks like a table crash Any ideas on how to fix it please? I am not aware of anything that I have changed to cause this Thanks Alan Pearce An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: SELECT display, tng_xnotes.note as note, tng_notelinks.eventID as eventID, tng_notelinks.xnoteID as xnoteID, tng_notelinks.ID as ID, noteID FROM tng_notelinks LEFT JOIN tng_xnotes on tng_notelinks.xnoteID = tng_xnotes.ID AND tng_notelinks.gedcom = tng_xnotes.gedcom LEFT JOIN tng_events ON tng_notelinks.eventID = tng_events.eventID LEFT JOIN tng_eventtypes on tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID = tng_events.eventtypeID WHERE tng_notelinks.persfamID="I0013" AND tng_notelinks.gedcom="Pearce" ORDER BY eventdatetr, tng_eventtypes.ordernum, tag, tng_notelinks.ordernum, ID Table './pearcea_tng/tng_xnotes' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
  7. TBirdUK

    Admin Places Search Mod

    running TNGv12.1 with Admin Places Search v12.0.0.4 Mod works well but the Check box "With no associated Events" is missing? See attached
  8. Hello I wonder if someone could let me know how to change the size of the font. Mine seems to be so small you would need glasses. http://bullett.one-name.net/ But this one with the same template has a reasonable size font. http://reynish.one-name.net/ Many thanks in advance Susan
  9. MatthewHoutReilly

    WordPress Login Plugin that works with TNG

    I was able to successfully get the WP TNG Plugin to work with my website AchillConnection.com. Love it! Currently visitors can go to achillconnection.com with out logging in, however they do need to register / login to access TNG. Which plugin do you suggest to use so that folks need to login to access AchillConnection.com and seamlessly login to TNG? Thanks- Matthew
  10. louis42

    Display Report

    Hi All, Recently, I have 2 reports on places that display a blank page: All events by place : SELECT id, pl.gedcom, pl.place, notes, concat('<a href="placesearch.php?psearch=',replace(pl.place,' ','+'), '">', evcount, '</a>') as eventcount FROM tng_places as pl join ( select gedcom, place, count(*) as evcount from ( SELECT gedcom, birthplace AS place FROM `tng_people` WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' UNION all SELECT gedcom, altbirthplace FROM `tng_people` WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' UNION all SELECT gedcom, marrplace FROM `tng_families` WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' UNION all SELECT gedcom, deathplace FROM `tng_people` WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' UNION all SELECT gedcom, burialplace FROM `tng_people` WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' UNION all SELECT gedcom, eventplace FROM tng_events WHERE gedcom = 'tree1' ) as p group by gedcom, place ) as plc using ( gedcom, place ) order by pl.place, gedcom, evcount desc and Distance between places of birth and death : SELECT personID, lastname, firstname, birthdate, birthplace, deathdate, deathplace, p.gedcom, ROUND(6370*ACOS(SIN(RADIANS(birthcoords.latitude))*SIN(RADIANS(deathcoords.latitude)) +COS(RADIANS(birthcoords.latitude))*COS(RADIANS(deathcoords.latitude))*COS(RADIANS(deathcoords.longitude-birthcoords.longitude))),1) AS Distance FROM tng_people AS p LEFT JOIN tng_places AS birthcoords ON (p.birthplace=birthcoords.place AND p.gedcom=birthcoords.gedcom) LEFT JOIN tng_places AS deathcoords ON (p.deathplace=deathcoords.place AND p.gedcom=deathcoords.gedcom) WHERE birthplace<>deathplace AND birthplace<>"" AND deathplace<>"" AND birthcoords.latitude<>"" AND birthcoords.longitude<>"" and deathcoords.latitude<>"" AND deathcoords.longitude<>"" ORDER BY Distance DESC, lastname, firstname, birthdatetr Jean-Louis
  11. I upgraded from v9 to v12 last night, using Filezilla. Unfortunately I made a hash of copying the files over, the ended up in the wrong directory (twice!) and in trying to clear them out I think I have deleted some vital files that allow me access to my own webites bothe are unavailable to me and one has nothing to do with TNG 😩😩 I'll be asking my ISP for help to get that bit sorted for me, but I have a question here about permissions on files in TNG as a permissions check tool provided by my hosts suggests that the permissions are wrong on a number of files. or at least, are not what they would recommend. I'm pretty sure they are going to ask me about these so I've put some examples below and appreciate some feedback on whether they are ok or not for TNG. PHP files are mostly set to 644 (ISP recommends 600) bak files are set to 664 (ISP recommends 755) Everything else is mostly set to 755 (ISP recommends 644) Are these permissions correct please, or should I go with the ISP's recommendations? Thank you, Sharon
  12. Hello; I have created an extra pages FAQ page, based on Graham Chamberlain's excellent creation. Thank you Graham! However, I can not get the snippet images to show, as in a small image showing an example of the FAQ. I have changed the image source in the fag.php file to point to a snippet image I made from my site (i.e. replaced Graham's referenced image). Here's my code - (<p align="center"><img border="1" src="<?php echo $cms['tngpath'].$templatepath;?>/templates/template9/img/IndivTab.jpg" alt="" /></p>), but I can't get this image to show up. I'm still learning code of course, so not certain about this part of code - ?php echo $cms['tngpath'].$templatepath;?. I tried it without that piece of code as well, still no image. Any suggestions? tng-v12, Template 9, site is : ellisofelkpark.com Thanks, Mike
  13. When I realized that I was not receiving the email from Contact form etc I went looking into the wiki and the forum. Im having trouble finding what I do not have set correctly. Does anyone else use gmail successfully? I've filled out the smtp information (see attached) and get this error message below. Can someone help me fix this please? Thank you! ( Im running TNG 12.1 and template 13. Its new and only has the OpenStreetMap mod.)
  14. Install error after update TNG to 12.10 Private Media Mod ENp
  15. SiEiNo

    Mod Bot-trap

    Error message when trying: "Run Checks": Warning: include(begin.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 2 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'begin.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 2 Warning: include(adminlib.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 3 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'adminlib.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 3 Warning: include(getlang.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 4 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'getlang.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 4 Warning: include(/admintext.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 5 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/admintext.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/b/c/6/sieino.com/httpd.www/tngslekt/mods/bot-trap_v12005/bt_check.php on line 5 The directory 'bot-trap' already exists. The file 'blacklist.dat' already exists. The file 'robots.txt' already exists. The file '.htaccess' already exists. You may proceed with installation This happened after update to TNG 12.10. Bot-trap v. What can be done? ENo
  16. I set up a TNG12.1 site (well actually Darrin did the upgrade after I messed it up) https://WokingFamily.com and I have reconfigured it to be partially public but with Registration required to see individual's data etc. re-Captcha is happliy safeguarding the "Contact Us" and "User Registration" pages. I than added another tree and set up a Domain Alias as https://SmeeFamily.com which points to the second Tree. My problem is that re-captcha fails to load due to the Domain name, and TNG only allows one re-captcha site key. If I turn off re-Captcha and use one of the Captcha mods will any of them allow for more than one domain name on the same page(s)? Or will I have to create duplicate (re-named) pages and adjust the menu to point to the right one dependant on hostname? TIA Pete
  17. Pops57

    Webroot - suspicious site

    I use Webroot as anti-virus software. All "safe" websites show a check mark inside a green circle. My site (ellisofelkpark,com) is showing a dash inside a yellow circle, with the message, "Caution: It is likely this website contains malware or other security risks." Have I perhaps contracted some malware in the installation of a mod or something? TNG v.12.1 Template 9
  18. I'm using TNG v 12.0.2 and I update my 'tree' offline, into Family Historian and upload a new gedcom as and when necessary. I was just looking at my TNG online and one aunt in my tree appeared fine until I looked at the timeline for her. Her details are Phyllis Florence THOMPSON, nee PARKER (1925-2013). This is recorded correctly everywhere but in the timeline, where at the bottom, it gives her name as Phyllis Florence FORKNALL (nee PARKER), instead of the correct Phyllis Florence THOMPSON (nee PARKER). I only have two FORKNALL's in my tree, one of whom is a first cousin twice removed of the wife of her brother, Edward Parker LLOYD, so no direct relationship at all. I attach a section of the timeline and also the Family Historian relationship. Can anyone give me any indication as to how TNG may be picking this up and changing her married name? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't trace it
  19. sailingmann

    Gedcom import from FTM17

    I am trying to import a gedcom from file generated by FTM17. It seems like the also know as tags are not imported. I am using Robin Richmond's Mod gedcom converer. Below is a portion of the gedcom file generated: 0 HEAD 1 NOTE RobinRichmond-Gedcom Converter 18 Aug 19 14:45:36 2 CONT Do the conversions necessary to make FTM Gedcoms compatible with TNG = Yes 2 CONT Change unknown Birth date to "" 2 CONT Change Date='1 Apr 1940' in USA Census to "1940" 2 CONT Change Date='Abt 1 Jan yyyy' to "Est yyyy" 2 CONT Merge FindAGrave Sources = No 2 CONT Omit Unused Sources = Yes 2 CONT Suppress Leading Zeroes in Gedcom IDs = Yes 2 CONT Additional level 1 Tags = (none) 2 CONT Secondary events to ignore = (none) 2 CONT Tags to Ignore = (none) 2 CONT Format USA Place Names = No 1 SOUR FTM 2 VERS 2 NAME Family Tree Maker for Windows 2 CORP The Software MacKiev Company 3 ADDR 30 Union Wharf 4 CONT Boston, MA 02109 3 PHON (617) 227-6681 1 DEST FTM 1 DATE 8 JUL 2019 1 CHAR UTF-8 1 FILE test07-08.ged 1 SUBM @SUBM@ 1 GEDC 2 VERS 5.5.1 2 FORM LINEAGE-LINKED 0 @SUBM@ SUBM 1 NAME Not Given 0 @I338@ INDI 1 NAME Glenn Edward /Mann/ 1 SEX M 1 NAME Ed 2 TYPE aka 1 REFN 338 I am able to edit the converted converted file and change 1 NAME Ed 2 TYPE aka to 1 ALIA Ed Then I can import the alias name into TNG. Is there a fix for this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Ed Mann
  20. Hello dear community! I am still new here, however I have already been able to look at many hints. I build my website with Wordpress (AVADA) based on the principle of Cees Klostermann. What I like about TNG's pre-made template 12 is the "surname cloud (Top 100 Surnames in familiytree). I would like to install (or link) this on the homepage (site HOME) of the website with an element of the Fusuion Site Builder. I've been quite worried about that ... but I can not find a way. Is that even possible or does anyone have an idea? Or are there other alternatives of such a representation? I really do not want to use the tag cloud as a widget. An interface with adoption from the surnames of the ancestors would be my idea. Thanks in advance! Tom
  21. Larryw


    Resolved! Thank You
  22. roakdah

    suggest tab

    suggest tab for family and people is gone. What is wrong? uses template 15. This applies to https://www.kystslekt.no
  23. I have several family trees on my website. Is it possible to link a name from "family tree A" to a person from "Family tree B"?
  24. Bruce Roy

    Report formulas not working

    I have had several reports listing births/deaths/marriages in the last 12 months using the formula: ( Convert to Days Today (true date) - Convert to Days Birth Date (True) < 366 ) but they now produce an error code which I don't understand! An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: SELECT tng_people.living, tng_people.private, lnprefix, prefix, suffix, tng_people.branch,lastname,firstname,birthdate,birthplace,treename, tng_people.personID, tng_people.gedcom, nameorder FROM (tng_people , tng_trees) WHERE (( TO_DAYS(todayDATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 HOUR)) - TO_DAYS(birthdatetr) < 366 )) AND tng_people.gedcom = "rr_tree" AND tng_people.gedcom = tng_trees.gedcom ORDER BY birthdatetr,lastname,firstname LIMIT 200 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ')) - TO_DAYS(birthdatetr) < 366 )) AND tng_people.gedcom = "rr_tree" AND tng_pe' at line 1
  25. In the past month I've been hit with dozens of user requests which are all spam. For example the most recent comes from svusalmeempvzofGP. Is there a way to add a "check" or disguise my e-mail address to verify these requests are legit? Thanks for your help.