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Found 151 results

  1. Hello, I'm working on a WP-TNG site (http://www.thorinfamily.net) using a possibly untested theme (Sensible by modern themes.net). I feel like I am very close to getting everything to work right, but I am encountering just the slightest of difficulties. From my limited perspective and background, I would not assume that the issues I am facing are related to the theme. But I don't know much about these things. The issue is that the TNG pages appear totally unformatted, as if there is no CSS customization going on at all (I've tried moving the CSS files from TNG template 13 into the tng/css folder to no avail). Otherwise, the header and footer from the WP theme appear just fine (menu functionality and all). This can be confirmed by navigating to "Surname Index" under "What to See" (some of the links are not yet established and that's my fault; things [WP pages, etc.] are still under construction). At first the TNG pages were blank, but removing "wp();" from the WPTNG-topmenu.php fixed that as mentioned on other posts. But what might be causing the completely unformatted TNG pages? Thank you, JThorin P.S. I realize that clicking on the links for the TNG pages might bring you to a login.php screen, but the issue is apparent there too.