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Found 151 results

  1. Have modified many of TNG's templates successfully, but have one quirky issue which I'm hoping someone else has encountered. For uniformity of pages, have enabled the 'tng_header' (i.e., topmenu) within index.php and then created my own design for the rest of the page. In this example, Template 9's menu 'tube' appears properly, and all functions fine, with one exception. The 'left icon' group's 'login' does nothing, whereas the 'logout' works fine. Browser (Chrome) Inspection shows an error of 'Uncaught ReferenceError: LITBox is not defined(…) net.js:88'. This occurs only in templates 9-14, the other 9 templates do not have this error with 'login'. To isolate the error, only modifying the following lines in template 9's index.php properly displays the tube menu, but produces the non-functioning 'login' symptom: $flags['noicons'] = true; $flags['noheader'] = true; to: $flags['noicons'] = false; $flags['noheader'] = false; The tube menu 'login' functions fine on all other pages; it's only on the homepage that this occurs. Any ideas what is causing this? Running TNG 11.0.2. Ron
  2. Lex van der Loo


    First, let me introduce myself: Lex van der Loo, living in The Netherlands. I used TNG v7 for a long time. Now I am upgrading to V11. My temp. website can be found at: http://test.lexvanderloo.cc I installed version 11.0.2, used template #4, imported my gecom-export from v7, cleand up the places-table with some SQL and the help of the ER-diagram from Robin Richmond (thnx) TNG is beautifull! Now I want to change some of the colors and HERE IS A PROBLEM: the colors won't change. Here is what I did (and obviously I must have done something wrong) 1. I used T.N.G. COLOURING BOOK by Erik Hoppe (thnx) to generate a 'mytngstyle.css' (included) (Yes I know I only need to include the changed styles) 2. I renamed the two mytngstyle.css-files in /css and in /templates/template4/css. 3. I copied the new mytngstyle.css to the two maps. 4. Changed the ownership and rights. When I start TNG (open TNG in my browser and renew the window), I stil get the old colors. In the sourcecode (included) of the page I see the following: line 23 <link href="templates/template4/css/mytngstyle.css?v=11.0.2" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> And when I open that link I get an almost empty mytngstyle.css with only thios text: /*your custom style goes in this file*/ /*if you're overriding style blocks from genstyle.css, you only need to include the attributes you're overriding, not the whole block*/ Help! What is wrong/what am I doing wrong. Lex van der Loo mytngstyle.css sourcecode.txt
  3. ** RC1 for NearDark, NearDawn and the installer have been withdrawn. v10.1.0.2 for both templates and the installer are now available. ** Ever wanted to try a 'drop in' replacement for Template 8 that doesn't have all that visual clutter and hard to read fonts? I've just produced v10.1.0.2, release candidate 1 for the NearDark and NearDawn templates and pared them with a new installer that makes the templateconfig.php changes, folds in the menu bar changes that used to be provided by the Icon Gravity mod, and adds localized language files for Spanish (and Spanish-UTF8) Features: Surname clouds that can be controlled from the template configuration page. You can hide/show them and control the number of surnames. The "Mom's Side" and "Dad's Side" elements of the left menu can also be hidden or shown. "Scrolling Content" is a new feature that allows you to switch the main page between fixed height content columns that scroll, and non-scrolling columns that show all your content. (Template configuration page.) Internationalization - NearDark and NearDawn are now fully internationalized with Spanish support provided out-of-the-box as a test case. All New: I've created an installation mod called NearD Support that does all the installation work for you. Just unpack the templates in the TNG's template directory, unpack and install the mod and you should be good to go. One caution, once you start configuring the templates through their configuration page, NearD Support will complain about not being able to roll back the templateconfig.php changes (obviously). So pulling out the NearDark and NearDawn elements in templateconfig.php has to be done manually after the initial install. NearD Support folds in the changes to the menu bar that used to be provided by Icon Gravity. So no need to add that mod any longer. I'll also be adding more languages as I get assistance with the phrases. v10.1.0.2-rc1 of NearDark, NearDawn, and NearD Support should work for TNG 10.1.0 and later, but I've done most of my testing against TNG 11. You can see examples on the Wiki pages for NearDark and NearDawn, but these haven't been updated yet for the new features. If you give these a try, please let me know what you think. Thanks, Bill Herndon
  4. Soon after I started using TNG to host Lindell-Herndon Genealogy, I created a pair of templates derived from Template 8 called NearDark and NearDawn.  Since then a number of TNG users have asked if they can use my templates. Unfortunately, not having the time to do all the necessary CSS work, my templates required 5 TNG mods to achieve the effects I wanted, making them impractical for most users. Now I've finished the CSS work, and my templates depend on only a single mod, Icon Gravity. So I've decided to publish them for anyone to use. Check out the Wiki pages (links above) for some previews. You can download the NearDark package here, or NearDawn here. Bill Herndon
  5. Hi all! I'm new to TNG11 and this is my first post in the forum. I'm looking forward to diving in here. I'm working on initial setup of my site and am customizing the look of template 15. What I'd like to have is a background/wall paper that is behind the main content (see mocked up spotted background in attached screenshot). If I change the background-color css property of body{} It changes the color of the entire background. I'm guessing that I need to add another DIV container that the main content will sit in but having issues. Does anyone have any idea of how to accomplish this? My site: http://family.copelandramblings.com/index.php Thanks for the help!
  6. 1 Day in to this and trying to change my template default images to one of my 5,000 uploaded. To my surprise, it only opens to browse on my local machine and not my uploaded images. Any suggestions from you veterans? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. marti471

    Template #13

    Hello, I don't know why but I have a bug on the template 13 http://www.genealogie.lepagedamerique.com/ The photo and the text have disappear... If I go in the administrator side to template and go to the configuration of the template... and choose preview, I cannot see the table of the parameters under the template. it's the second time that I have the same problem on week ago. No possibility to modify any parameters of the template. I can give a ftp access to the folder of the tng. Congratulations for you great software. I'm french speaking. Thanks for your help Andre
  8. In the Template 10 website I'm setting up I do not anticipate having any Histories type of media items. How can I remove the Histories menu item from the left hand menu? Many thanks! == Bob
  9. I am new to TNG and am using Template 10 for my site. I would like to change the title of the FEATURES box on the right side of the home page to GUIDES. Is if possible to do this? If so, do I make the change in the Template 10 index.php file? And specifically which line(s)? Many thanks! Bob
  10. I have managed to customize Template 15, finally. Any thoughts (or bug reports) much appreciated. This link takes you to my paternal grandfather (visitor for both login and pw to get you in): Federico Lippi
  11. This has also been posted on the tngusers2 list. Would like to modify the ‘search’ (see below) on template11 index.php to include the Person ID, in addition to the First Name, Last Name located just above the ‘search’ click button. Below that are the normal menu items. This would be similar to the fields in the dropdown ‘quick search’ activated by admin:setup which contains 3 fields, first name,last name, and ID. It is not a ‘equal, contains, starts with’ field, just the ID match. Did copy some code from searchform.php, but haven’t been able to effectively remove the array ‘equal,contains,starts with’ and just set with equal to the data entered for submission to the search. Entering directly on the Home page saves an extra click to get to another page besides the homepage to enter the ID. Also using the Married Name in Search MOD as well, which is a really simplifies searching for women. Alternatively, could use the index.php menu item ‘advanced search’, converting it to a quick search, but the admin:setup doesn’t effect that, even though both call searchform.php. Thanks in advance for any help. Note: also using Chris Moss's Married Name Search mod as well at this time. Ron TNG 11.0.1 http://www.kmtrees.com wampserver 2.5,legacy 7.5, family historian 6.2.2, win 10 pro
  12. Henri Textor

    Important tasks bar

    Can anybody tell me where to set/change the colors of the importants tasks bar in the adminitration section Thanks, Hans
  13. I have used the historytemple.php to create a User page in Template 15 TNG version 11. I used both the User Pages-Getting Started information and the instructions provided by Dave Freeman. When I click on the link to display the new user page it displays the custom content but TNG template attributes, menus, colors, etc. all fail to display correctly. I have attached a screen shot below. In case this matters, all the links on Template 15 (Feature Title 1, Feature Title 2, etc.) when you first install link back to the home page and displays the same way if you click on them. There is no formatting, menu bars, menu icons, etc. Just plain HTML with hyperlinks. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or what I might have messed up??
  14. I've released a new version (v10.1.0.1) of templates NearDark and NearDawn. This update brightens the NearDark color palette and adds the ability to turn the Mom's Side and Dad's Side links on or off from the template settings. The Surname Cloud feature from Template 12 has also been added and, like the links, can be turned on and off from template settings. The default font has been changed to Tahoma for readability, and most emboldened titles have been removed. NearDawn has all the same new features, but its color palette has been adjusted to use a darker blue. You can download the NearDark package here and NearDawn here. A preview of NearDark's homepage is below. Bill Herndon
  15. I've released a new version (v10.1.0.1) of templates NearDark and NearDawn. This update brightens the NearDark color palette and adds the ability to turn the Mom's Side and Dad's Side links on or off from the template settings. The Surname Cloud feature from Template 12 has also been added and, like the links, can be turned on and off from template settings. The default font has been changed to Tahoma for readability, and most emboldened titles have been removed. NearDawn has all the same new features, but its color palette has been adjusted to use a darker blue. You can download the NearDark package here and NearDawn here. A preview of NearDawn's homepage is below Bill Herndon
  16. I recently upgraded to version 10.1.3 from 10.0.0 and thought I would change templates. I currently use #13 so I clicked on #6, hit save and then clicked on home to see what it looked like. Boom! No home page. Just a list of the menu items on a white page. I can log in, go to any of the pages, search, etc. and all those pages look normal. However, when I go to my site URL, I just get the white page. www.hinsonroots.org
  17. Hi, after upgrade to TNG 10.1.3 (from 10.0) i have problem on homepage. Instead "Latest Updates" i can see error message: Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'dtc'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in/var/www/sites/mtettinger/rodokmen.org/subdomains/tettinger/html/templates/template7/index.phpon line 205 Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in/var/www/sites/mtettinger/rodokmen.org/subdomains/tettinger/html/templates/template7/index.phpon line 205 Cannot execute query: SELECT lastname, firstname, changedate, personID, gedcom, living, private, branch, lnprefix, title, suffix, prefix FROM tng_people ORDER BY changedate DESC LIMIT 10 My web: http://tettinger.rodokmen.org I use one of default templates (No. 7). I didn't use any MODs.
  18. http://www.swedenmark.eu Welcome to Wedell-Wedellsborg - Juel – swedenmark.eu who opened in early 2015. There are Danish- Nordic- as well as European nobility, European principality, all European Royalty and especially a lot of Nordic families. The database consists of 250.000 people. It starts in the 1000 century and up to day. Everyone in the database has a relation to one another. Uses template 13. Best Regards Søren Wendt - webmaster
  19. John Paul

    Can the TNG templates be used?

    I finally got the Wordpress-TNG plugin to work.  My question is now, Can i use any of the tng templates inside my Genealogy page in Wordpress?  I know the wiki instruction said to turn that off, for now, so that kind of left the door open for it....
  20. After the discussion on theme (template) switching some months back, I thought perhaps I'd implement a prototype and see if I liked the idea. So now I've completed a rough version of the mod and am wondering if it's worth completing.  The current version works by using a cookie that holds the user's preferred template name.  If the cookie is absent or if template switching is turned off, then the default in templateconfig.php is used.  A simple pull-down menu is used to set the users preferred template, implemented much like language switching.  There's no facility for limiting the supported templates other than actually removing the template folders from TNG (see below). There are a number of useful features I could imagine, including: Database support to persist the template choice for logged-in users.A mod parameter to limit the choices to only those the site owner is willing to support.Any other features I should consider?  Feelings about the features I listed above?  If there's enough interest, I'll make an enhanced prototype available before the end of the month. Thanks, Bill Herndon  
  21. I installed TNG 10.1.3 recently. Added languages German and Spanish. Problem occurs in both my browsers, Internet Explorer and Chrome. OS is Win7. Hosting is Windows Plesk. When a special character occurs in German or Spanish text (like ä, ü, ñ) it is replaced by two other special characters, but only when this text is generated by a TNG php module. Text I enter directly in the various languages is reproduced correctly (I have not imported any data), such as the lorem ipsum ... on the home page. I am using Template 5. Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> Language: Language Folder: German-UTF8; Character set: UTF-8 // Language Folder: English-UTF8; Char set: UTF-8; Language Folder: Spanish-UTF8; Char Set: UTF-8. Website is here: http://rad129.net/TNG/index.php . Change to either German or Spanish and see problem near bottom (2nd paragraph) of Welcome message. I generated the large first paragraph (no display problem); the 2nd short paragraph is TNG - generated.
  22. Firstly I would like to thank Erik Hoppe for providing his wonderful Open My Page Mod that allows logged in users to quickly connect to their individual page. This mod works as designed however it can be difficult for users to find as it at the bottom of the last header dropdown list (Info) For new users, the obvious place for them to start is at their own page and then navigate out from there. At the moment it can be difficult to navigate to their page as they firstly need to find the search tool and then they have to work out how it works. For some first time users these initial steps can be a big challenge in itself. Even with the My Page facility installed, all the items on the dropdown lists can be a little overwhelming and very few if any would be able to find it. Many regular users in general, like to think of their individual page as their home page, and it would be nice to have a facility to easily navigate there. My suggestions are that 1) this facility be part of all of the templates by default and 2) it should be positioned at a prominent position (preferably somewhere on the header) Thanks for your time, Merv whakapapaonline.com The Open My Page facility will not work for you if you are not a user on my site, so here is pic of what it would look like if you were...
  23. Hi everybody! I migrated my website to a different site, went from 8x to 10.1.2 and also switched from template 5 to template 10. Everything went smoothly. There is only one thing that does not work - I cannot delete the sentence on the first page that  says "Contact Us  If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.".  In template 5 it is part of the index.php file for this very template. But not with template 10. I have spent hours searching for the correct file and simple can't find it. And once I will have found it, do I have to think about additional changes to be done? Thank you for you help! Best, Christine
  24. Greetings, I am a tech who has been tasked with helping a public library with their genealogy site. They have search fields in the left hand sidebar that they want me to remove. I believe they were part of a mod (maybe Alternate Spellings), because they aren't shown in the demo of template 8. I am having difficulty determining what needs to be done to remove them. This is for the 10.0 TNG site here: genealogy.rossvillelibrary.org, any suggestions on what terms I should be searching? Or how I would go about making the change.  
  25. Wondering if anyone can help me with this. Is there a way to center this (below)? It's probably css somewhere, but I can't find it. Is there any reason why I shouldn't? I'm using template 13. Thank you!