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Found 151 results

  1. raywaldo

    Change Initial Landing Page

    I would like for users to sign in and be greeted with the horizontal tree for the branch that they are assigned. This would be RATHER than the home page, as it is now. Is that possible? Difficult? How can it be done? Thanks in advance. Ray
  2. Masterhistorian

    New user: Temp 15 Error

    I am very new but Iam learning as i go. I was in admin setup and the whole right sidebar and underneath main photo just vanished. I t at the time messing with anything. I've compared index, and other files and they all match up. Ideas on what could have happened? Also were would I go to add background image to entire site. and would this be the appropriate code Background-image:url (); for the body
  3. Hello! I'm a new-user of TNG (v.11), I just have started creating my site, and I've some questions about customising of templates: 1) Is it possible to delete this box for searching people (top right corner of the site)? I'd like to leave "Search" only in one place on the main page - on the left side, together with links to "Home" and "Log In / Log Out" 2) How to turn off this bottom-box with most popular surnames in the tree? I rather prefer put some pure text in this place. 3) Is it possible to edit the information about TNG (the footer)? I'd like to add some information about my copyrights. 4) How can I change the position of jpg/png file on the top left corner of site for make the margin width equal to the rest of the site? Thank you very much for your help!
  4. Hello. I am working to design my first TNG home page. At the moment I have three questions. (1) I have added a main photo to the page -- but it is enormous! I don't see a way to re-size it to fit the page. I can see the html code for it but I am not enuf of an html expert to know if I can re-size it there. (2) I am using template 14, and there are two links in the header banner -- one for "his family" and one for "Her family." I have changed the text to the family names and have changed the GEDCOM numbers to the correct individuals (e.g., I 2 for him and I 49 for her, but when I click on the controls the pedigree is empty. How do I activate these. (3) The banner title for the page is a bit too large to fit what I want it to say. Again, the html code simply says <h1 class="big-header">. I am presuming that "big header" is defined somewhere. How can I change that to be just a bit smaller? Thanks! Ted, a new TNG user
  5. Hi, I'm gradually publishing my research using TNG and would like to adapt the Dad and Mum Side tabs if possible. I'm using Template 15 to publish a One-name Study and would like to use the tabs at the top (normally Dad & Mum Side tree links) to go to media (Histories) that show information on Places and Things. My site http://bilbow.one-name.net/and I'd like to connect to Histories records 6 and 7. I've tried putting various things in the template set-up but no success in connecting to anything other than for what they were set-up, an individual. Of course there may be better ways to achieve this. Any advice gratefully received. Kevin
  6. I'm using the default/plain template and would like to change the colors used on the various chart (ancestors, descendants, etc.). I have successfully changed the colors elsewhere but have been unable to change the chart colors. Thank you in advance for the help.
  7. Lobsy


    hello together, my name is Hubertus Klatte and I come from Germany, Berlin. For some time I use TNG 11.1.1 Template 14 now I would like to use the guestbook "Lazarus". Unfortunately it can not be integrated into version 11. In the "Mods" is "not installable". Can someone explain to me how to do this can make. Many thanks and regards from berlin. Hubertus Klatte
  8. I am using the extrapgtemplate.php to create articles using Template 15. Is there a way to direct a visitor to the login screen if they click on a photo or an article prior to logging into the site? If they use the menu items it automatically directs them to the login screen. But clicking on a photo or article linked to the extrapg template it throws a 404 error if you are not logged in. I have identified the area in the index.php that seem to do this for menu items but I am unable to figure the syntax I would use or even if this is where I should make the alteration if it is possible The site url is www.dirtroadsandfrontporches.com and I have linked to a sample article page using the extra page template on the large sample photo included in the template. It works fine when logged in but the error shows it is looking for login.php in the /articles/ folder. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I've just released version of templates NearDawn and NearDark (drop in replacements for Template 8 with many features, more legible fonts, and a less cluttered appearance). This release adds support for seven additional languages out-of-the-box. The complete list of supported languages is: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. The Wiki pages have also been updated and both templates have been tested with TNG release 11.1.1. The installation support mod NearD Support has also been updated and tested. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  10. I've just released version of templates NearDawn and NearDark (drop in replacements for Template 8 with many features, more legible fonts, and a less cluttered appearance). This release adds support for seven additional languages out-of-the-box. The complete list of supported languages is: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. The Wiki pages have also been updated and both templates have been tested with TNG release 11.1.1. The installation support mod NearD Support has also been updated and tested. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  11. Hello TNGers! I am using TNG's template #13, and have always used a screen resolution of 1600 x 900 for looking at my website. The graphic on my home page is 720 x 167 px. On a wide-screen display, it looks awesome. However, I just called up my homepage on a monitor using the older 1280 x 1024 resolution, and it looks horrible because the search fields overlay the graphic (see attached image). Does anyone know how I can make the graphic "scalable" on this template without having to customize the template13/index.php? I'd like to make the image use a certain percentage of the screen (only wide enough so that it doesn't run into the search fields), rather than be a static size of 720x167px. Any advice is most appreciated!
  12. S. R. Haddon

    Multiple names

    Hello I am a new user of TNG, so I will be the 1st to admit to being confused about some of its more elementary features. However, despite searching, I did not to seem to find a solution to the following problem (or rather, desire): I would like to be able to display more than one name for a person on an individual's page. I do have a preferred name in my desktop software (FTM 2017), but also record other names (spelling variations [I record the sources for these], original language when a person moved to an English-speaking location (e.g., French or German), original script [Chinese and Arabic]), romanized versions of Chinese and Arabic, married names, nicknames, etc.). Other than nicknames, which have their own field, I cannot get more than once instance of a GEDCOM name field to be imported and displayed. Is this possible? Is there a MOD for it? I had thought of putting (for example) Chinese script in the prefix or suffix, but this is not ideal. I am using Template 13 if it makes a difference. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I created 2 identical sites (one for my dad's family and one for my mom's family). I am in failing health and would like to get everything set up and working well for the next generation to take over. Cannot pay much, but I am hoping the changes I need won't take long, and can therefore be inexpensive. Since the sites are identical, the changes for one site will just be copied to the other, so I am only really changing code for one site. I have a WORD file itemizing the needed changes. I don't have the strength or time left to learn how to code (though I've tried to learn what I could in the last few weeks, but with limited success), so need to get some help. If interested, you can take a look at one of the sites at www.neely-heritage.com . I have created a guest account with the following login credentials : User ID = Guest Password = Family You can contact me at neely.research@yahoo.com if interested - and I will share the list of changes with you. Mostly, it is just changing the menu on the home page, and on the person page - and also where things are displayed on the person page (along with some colors). My cousin is in IT, and although her schedule (working 3 jobs right now) doesn't permit her the time to help, she took a quick look at the list of changes and said someone who already understands TNG could probably make all of the changes in 2 to 4 hours, depending on their skill level. Thank you. Del K.
  14. All I have question in configuring TNG-11 With template 8 When opening individual Tab the event map is in expanded view by default how to configure this that it is in collapse mode. or how to remove the event map Some question for Photos but than the other way around so by devoid open in Expand mode Or How to open a individual tab direct with the personal Information instead of the all information Thanks on for hand Chris
  15. Hi all, I recently (finally) updated to V11, and decided on using another template, along with this new TNG version. I choose 'Template 15'. The question is: am I supposed to be able to use a 'PHP include' in a main page text box in this 'Template 15'? (I want to use Roger's 'Birthday list' on my front page.) The include works if I create a separate test.php page (with nothing else in it) and put the include in there. But if I paste the include in a main page text box of 'Template 15', nothing happens. Am I missing something obvious? Thx.
  16. Title says it all. What do I need to edit to remove the blue background please?
  17. I am setting up the TNG Template (using No 13) I swapped out the header image. Because I am hosting TNG on my Synology NAS I was able to save the file directly to the web\genealogy\photos folder. The image is appearing on the home page but when I query the photos folder, it does not appear in the listing. It clearly IS present in the correct folder because I was able to select it in Template setup and view it through Windows File Explorer. What am i missing please? Thanks for listening - Paul
  18. I am using Template 4 on my site with TNG v. 11.0.2. I was able to comment out most of the menu items that I did not want showing – namely genlib.php and the Template 4 topmenu.php and index.php. Template 4 has drop-down menus on the secondary pages and I would like to totally remove the “Media” tab. I can’t figure that one out. http://www.mccartyandmccoy.com/surnames.php On the second page of the statistics, it shows my email address. Is there a way to remove the email from showing?
  19. Hi! I am trying to change the color attribute as seen in the background light blue box of the pedigree view in the attached pic. Is is a actual image from an img folder; or a color code attribute found in a php, css, js file? I have tried examining numerous times with the "inspect" function, but cant seem to find the right item. Thanks for the help on this one! Jeff
  20. Hi! Several People have hinted on the advantage of writing a mod to save one's customizations, but how exactly do i write the mod for that? I have looked in the wiki and here on the forum, but perhaps I missed it somewhere? Thanks! Jeff :D
  21. Hi! I looked in the genlib.php and a number of other places to find much less how to remove the "find a grave" and "billiongraves" from the menu tab. Any ideas? Thanks! Jeff
  22. I am wondering why a reasonably sized image is not shown fully at 100% within the frame of the viewer. It is close but usually the full height of the image is not seen at first view. This problem applies to all images, all sizes. I have set up for media as 'Image max height = 600' and Image max width = 800'. Please see clip below. The image will show at 100% when hovered over in the photo list. It also shows the full image in slideshow. And I know it can be viewed in full at 75% when in the viewer. But I would like to see the full image there - all edges of frames, etc. - without adjustment. I suspect that this is a template issue (Template 14) . . . perhaps in genstyle.css or templatestyle.css. Can I enlarge the viewer - especially height? Are the viewer dimensions specified in .css files? If so, how do I adjust? Is there a way to choose 'always view at 75%" in the viewer as default? Or is this a computer screen limitation (using 17" laptop)? Other ideas? Thanks!
  23. Genetika Website

    Index Page in template

    Does anyone know how I can increase the size of my index page (?padding) so that I can add more text and information - using and customising Template 5
  24. I am working on Media in 11.02, template 14. Can anyone suggest a way to show the physical location as a field name for the list rather than the geocode location? I realize one can enter the location in the description field but it would be ever so neat to have a toggle switch for that field heading - or the option to change it in the template code. An actual 'place' in that column would make more sense to most of my 'audience'. Certainly NOT a high priority but I was wondering if anyone had made that change? MSB
  25. Is there any way to add the tng menu bar, and or enlarge the index page in template 4? I used template 4 as first template but now the new updated tng version is giving me a very hard time. Any ideas? Template 4 is a really good template only would like to see larger index page and or tngnav with drop down menus on index page.