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Found 152 results

  1. I haven't updated my TNG site in several months and have forgotten how to do things (I wasn't very tech savvy before but since COVID it is worse). Is there a manual that tells how to do things on TNG? I cannot figure out why my picture from "photos" is not showing up when I change a pictureinfo on Template 15 homepage. I find it in "Photos" and change the template to the same name but it doesn't come up on the homepage. Also, since updated to 13.0.3, I have many duplicate pictures in my "Photos". One has jpg on the end and the other doesn't. Thank you. Also, two "Index" photos show up on my photos, is that normal?
  2. For the life of me, I cannot get this right. Used to know how to do this but I just can't remember how now. Using template 19. the templatestyle.css has class=img-left and class=contentRight. Now, would my call to the image be something like this?: <img src='http://www.joneshyman.org/templates/template19/img/uncle_walt.jpg' class='img-left'; class='contentRight'; /> am I on the right track here? or does the statement need to use style=img-left and style=contentRight? Seems like I tried this and other things but the text doesn't want to wrap around the pic. you can view it here: http://www.joneshyman.org/extrapages/UncleWalt.php to see whats going on. Thanks. UPDATE: Well I spoke too soon. I got it. Here's what I did....same as the code I inserted above...duh. Guess I need to take a break today.... Thank for looking and I guess we can close this topic. Hope it helps someone else...
  3. How would I inergrate lazarus gb v1.25b and template19, header and footer? thanks
  4. Hi Everyone! I have a template/coding issue I am not sure what to do. Darrin took a look and thought it was strange too. 1. The IDs for my Dad and Mom are correct. 2. Their family IDs are correct (and only one, and the same with their individual IDs) 3. when I search for people the IDs for either parent, The individual page comes up correct with the right relationship, either husband or wife. 4. BUT On the homepage when I click the name or the image for my father the individual page shows himself as a partner to himself ! I have tried re linking them as new and recreating a family, as well as uploading a new GEDCOM. So what PHP page could be the issue and any clue how to fix this?? Well appreciated! Jeff
  5. jeff g

    Admin Text Problem

    Hi Everyone I used Eric's Coloring Book, which works fabulous, My normal text is white on a burgundy background. But I need to isolate if possible the text color for the admin panel, Especially the mods, where the white text I have for my normal text, seems to be set in Admin as well. I have attached a screenshot for you to see what is happening. Greatly Appreciated, Jeff
  6. I have published the 3rd release candidates for NearDark2 and NearDawn2, my 'cleanroom' re-implementations of the templates NearDark and NearDawn. RC3 can be downloaded from the Wiki eGenea Free Templates page. In addition, RC3 of the eGenea Support mod is available as well and can be downloaded from that Wiki page. Improvements over RC2 include: Basic localization for Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), and Swedish (SV) is complete. Many thanks to Jan Bos for his Dutch localization strings! Full translation for Spanish has been included as an example. Improved layout for the front page with re-introduction of the "What's New" section. (The surname cloud has been moved down and, IMHO, looks a lot better where it is.) The problems with the "Search" pop-up on the site menu have been resolved. The site menu now behaves as I intend with [Home] [Search] [Logout/Edit - Login] being permanent elements--[Print] and [Bookmark] remain optional and are selected in TNG options. Footer sections are now used for copyright statement, "Contact Us" and information statement sections. The 'features' are now fully populated and will be used as the basic presentation for future templates. NearDark 2 shows the use of a "Contact Us" section. NearDawn 2 uses the copyright statement the same way I do for my own site. What's left to do: Re-introduce social media widgets in a way that's less clunky than the [Share] pop-up. Finish up the look-and-feel for templates DayLight and NightLight (which use the same basic structure and support mod). Try and do a conversion from table-based layout to DIV-based layout. (The legacy of these templates is TNG Template 8, via my first pair of templates for TNG. Template 8 used table-based layout. I've done web-design with DIV-based layout before, but this will be my first attempt at converting a table-based set of pages.) More information and example images (RC2, but I'll have RC3 up soon) are available from the Wiki, and as always comments, bug reports and suggestions are appreciated. This RC was developed against TNG 13.1 but runs on 13.0 as well. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  7. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    An issue in template 209 from Marsha

    Hi there (eventually good morning to friends in the states 😎) I use template 209 from Marsha and I love it. After a successful upgrade to TNG v. 13.1 I have one single issue with the template in the footer on this page: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/ I can not code with CSS or alike, but I have tried many different things to make it work again - and actually I do not understand why the upgrade should have impact on the template... The issue is: In the middle section in the footer is shown these to texts: "Your Email Address" and in Danish: "Din mailadresse: " "Any info you'd like to add:" and in Danish: "Alle oplysninger, du gerne vil tilføje:" These explanatory texts should not be displayed, only their values. How can I make that happen, when my code in footer.php looks like this: <article class="contentBox3b"> <h4 class="alternate"><?php echo $text['contactus']; ?></h4> <ul class="list1"> <!-- Contact Us Space --> <li><a href="suggest.php"><?php echo $text['contactus']; ?></a></li> <li><?php echo $text['youremail']; ?>: post@stegemueller.dk</li> <li><?php echo $text['liketoadd']; ?>: (+45) 22 81 17 31'</li> </ul> </article> Best regards, Hanne, Denmark
  8. I would like to replace the links to his and her sides of the family tree with personalized links based on who is logged in. It appears that this mod has been done previously. Question: It has been a long time since I set up my site and I have done virtually nothing to it since setup. I would like to make this modification, but am at a loss as to how to accomplish it. Can someone help me with how to make this change? Please provide a step-by-step approach if you have the patience. This mod: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/My_User_Links_Add-on This thread: https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/12161-mod-wanted-or-code/&tab=comments#comment-57912 My site: http://www.garyconniefamilytree.net/index.php My server (if it matters): I am using SimplyHosting. Thank you, Gary
  9. I'm using template 18. How do I make a language copy af the Feature links? There is no button in the template for this? My main language is Norwegian, and I would like to make English versions of my two links, as shown in the attachments. On this particular issue, there is no copy-button. Is there a way around this? Regards Arne
  10. I have published the 2nd release candidates for NearDark2 and NearDawn2 for my 'cleanroom' re-implementations of the templates NearDark and NearDawn. These new templates are part of a package called eGenea Free Templates and improve on my original TNG templates by providing: Streamlined CSS that's built with easy modification in mind Contemporary web style (new larger fonts, more spacing, "meta" section/footer) Selectable features (...that can be shown or hidden via template settings). Basic localization for Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), and Swedish (SV) Below are images of the new templates NearDark2 and NearDawn2, and NearDark2 is currently running on my own site. Two additional templates DayLight and NightLight are under development and the 1st release candidates will be available in about 3 weeks. Check out the Wiki article eGenea Free Templates for a full list of features and download links. I'm continuing to work on these while creating the new templates DayLight and NightLight and any comments, feature suggestions, and bug reports, would be appreciated. Thanks Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  11. I am using TNG v. 13.0.3 on my home computer and have also chosen to use Template 6, which prominently displays a random "Feature Photo" in the center of the home page. I recently decided to add additional Trees to my database, and then decided to reorganize my media folders to correspond to those new Trees by setting the "Separate media in tree folders:" option on the Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings admin. page to "Yes" and then clicking the "Convert" button. After doing the conversion, I checked my media folders, and found that most, but not all, of my media were transferred successfully. I then proceeded to move the remaining media appropriately. However, one change that I did not anticipate is that the the "Feature Photos" oftentimes, but not always, now display the full image size, which is way too big for my home page, rather than the former display of just the thumbnails. I checked a few of these too large images that were being displayed, and the thumbnails are still located in the same new folders with their primary images. My questions to the TNG Community are, what controls the display of the Feature Photos, and is there anything I can do to have the "Feature Photos" only display the thumbnails once again? Thanks!
  12. Poppinsfan

    Feature/Text link on Templates

    Forgive me as I'm sure this a very basic question. I've searched the forums, how to's, help etc.. and I'm more confused. How do I add a link on the template that points to the "feature"? Thank you for any help.
  13. I need help from you, please I would like to make my site look like the attached picture (my design). Now I've looked at the index.php of template 12 and edited something. I was able to insert another block! But how and where do I change the width and do I put 2 more blocks next to each other ??? And then, how do I get the different queries in the respective blocks with scrollbars ??? I despair.....
  14. How do I add an additional "Main image (home page) image" to the template 19 setup menu? Also, where do I change the length of time the "Main image (home page) images" are displayed? Thanks you all!
  15. slowjim

    TNG compatibility

    People use more different devices now than ever before to view the web. Gone are the days when we only had to worry about how our sites looked on PC's. For example, I use template 14 on my website. Scrn01 below shows how my searchbox looked on a Chromebook. Fortunately, this was easily fixed with a small modification. I am no programmer - I just tinker at this stuff and do what seems to work often based on some solution I looked up somewhere. First, make a copy of index.php in the template 14 folder. Then in the index.php file; Modify line 78 from - input name="myfirstname" type="text" value="" and change it to - input class="shorttext" name="myfirstname" type="text" value="" Then also add the class attribute to line 81. Now in the template14 css folder modify your mytngstyle.css and add the following: input[class="shorttext"] { width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing:border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; } This seems to have fixed the problem. You will also likely have to clear your cache on the Chromebook's browser. https://thebrownfamilytree.info
  16. I'm using template 12 for my tree site https://cushings.com/roots/public_tng/ . One of my features was about a French family and I included French translations. In the template, this means making a copy in the selected language, for which a text box and a few other boxes are created for the French text, the French picture title, etc. I periodically change the two featured families. My problem: I've now removed the French family and replaced it with an English one, for which I don't wish to have a French translation. How do I get rid of the added 2nd language boxes in my template? (And the effect that when viewed in French my home page shows the empty translation instead of the English text for this family.)
  17. Jean-Marie Robert


    My site has 2 different trees. Is it possible to use a different template for each tree. I have been using template #10 for the past five years. I am currently using TNG 13.0.3
  18. I've just put up the first major update to my template NearDawn in about 5 years. Changes I've made include: The "style" is more in line with contemporary publishing standards, having larger fonts, more space between elements, and less clutter. I finally did away with the right-side TNG pull-down menus in favor of a footer block that supports as many of the less used menu items as you want. (I never liked those menus anyway.) The CSS is greatly simplified, and will become the core of a family of templates using similar layouts and blocking. There is no longer any difference between the version I publish for Lindell-Herndon Genealogy and the version I make available for download. So...less maintenance. NearDawnTwo is compatible with the Template Manager mod. The template no longer depends on a mod to deal with certain TNG'isms that I just never could get around without a code change. (Although I may still have a mod for the final version to do language file installation.) For the time being, I'm just soliciting comments from the community on how I can improve the template and fixing a few lingering issues with the CSS. But in about 3 weeks I'll publish NearDawnTwo and NearDarkTwo for download and get to work on some more advanced features. Things I'm considering: Picture shows for the header. A 'feature scroll' for the bottom of the content section. An automated method for generating new pages that have the 'look and feel' of the home page. A template builder. Something like Uncode for TNG. (This is a 'holy grail' project.) Comments are very welcome. -- Bill Herndon
  19. I am using TNG 13.0.3, template 12! under Setup >> Configuration >> Template Settings I enter the following in "Left image caption": ....<center> Family Landgraf and Eckart from Hawaii in 1905 <br> <hr> <hr> <div class = "header"> Info </div> <br> </center> <hr> <! - Start Log In button (Language Switching) -> </p> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="login.php"> &#x1f512; Login </a> </div> <! - End Log In button–> <! - Start Register button (Language Switching) -> <div class = "mybutton smallbutton"> <a href="newacctform.php"> &#9998; Register </a> </div> <! - End Register button–> </center> <! - Start suppress login and registration chapter once user logged in–>..... So far so good! If I now go to save, the index page is completely shifted! I know it has to do with these characters (& # x1f512; and & # 9998;, (because as soon as I leave it out, everything is saved)) How can I elegantly solve this so that these symbols remain ??? I would be grateful for a solution! Thank you!
  20. Hi all, I am using Template 13 and have a photo on my main page that looks great on my big monitor, but when I open the website on my laptop it doesn't resize down to fit. I'm not explaining myself well but the photo actually extends beyond the page boundary on the right hand side across the search fields etc. What have I done wrong? Cheers Chris
  21. Is it possible to change the words "Agency" and "Address" to something else? If so, where would I make that change? I'm using Template 13 and I thought that I would find it in the 'mytngstyle.css' but I am not finding it there. Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone, I would like to make the leftside block (dark brown) on the Getperson page a little wider. How can I accomplish that? Thanks in advance, Rob Using TNG 13.0.3
  23. I have two databases (Licensed) one was using template 8 and the 16. All working well. Decided to revert the one running 16 back to 8, so the form and function would be the same on both. The one that I just changed has one really odd issue. If you click on the magnifying glass next to a location you get a map and other information (OpenStreet). Well on the one I just changed, that map doesn't show. If I change it back to 16 it works. I checked all the settings against the other database, all are the same. Below are two screenshots. I have also tried various locations. Searched the forums, but came up short. Hopefully, this is a very easy one, and I'll be saying "dummy why didn't you think about that?" Regards, Rob Roy
  24. Dear community, I use in TNG 13.0.1 the template 12 (windows/ Firefox). Template 12 because the font fits to another existing website and the cloud of surnames is important to me. Now I want to change the colors of the template to match the other website (corporate design). What is the best way to do that? With TCB from Erik Hoppe? Have already looked at it, changed to the desired colors and downloaded mytngstyle.txt from TCB. How do I continue? Thanks for any help Best regards Annette
  25. Hi, I'm starting to get spam through TNG suggest form, which means such mails bypass my spam detection. I've tried to set the "nosuggest" flag, but the contact page is still shown and active. What is "nosuggest" flag meant for if not for this? Idea: add two alternatives to the contact form: Change it to a simple "mailto" link. Show a contact page with instructions on how to contact, preferably with the mail-address rendered on an image (not in clear text). ~Per