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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to make my person view as "light" as possible for visitors, and to remove all information that is not relevant for an outsider, like Person Id, Family ID, Tree ID, Last Modified, and maybe even Gender. I saw that Brett had developped some of mods that can achieve this, but they are marked as "private". is it possible to use them? Or are there other mods available that do the same? Regards, Olivier
  2. VSavchuk


    Good day, I am asking for help. Maybe somewhere there is a FAQ or some kind of guide. How to upload photos correctly, so that later you can make an avatar? Thank you.
  3. I want to add a link to the People record for a file that will be under the "histories" folder. <p class="center">My grandfather, William McCule Livingston.<br /> AND his father, Hugh Livingston<br /> AND his father, Reuben Livingston.</p> The words in bolded red -- each should link to the People record for that individual. --- William is I423 --- Hugh is I1172 --- Reuben is I1190 Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello again, as i said in my last post i'm Mine and just joined the TNG13 users (https://stories-through-time.de/) Up till now i used Heredis 2021 as the software for my genealogy. There i set the people, sources and media as private that should be private. When i import the gedcom into tng this "private" flag is imported as a custom event with the value "privacy" and the person/media/source is not set as private. It actually creates 2 identical custom events, one linked to people and one linked to sources, but none for media. So i've been wondering what to do... As i understood it, if the media is linked to a living person and the user is not permitted to watch living people the media won't be shown. Did i understand that correctely? But then does this work with the private flag as well? I thought about using a SQL command to set everything with that custom event as private but i'm a bit scared to smash the db with the wrong command since i don't have a clue about SQL... And since there are quite a few jpegs which are private but the source its linked to is not (because i dont have publishing rights or don't want the scans to be shown, stuff like that) i still have the problem with the media. Still it would be better to set all the media as private and correct the ones which are not private manually, than to do it the other way.... Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! Mine P.S. Happy Easter!
  5. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Editing An Event Name

    I'm trying to add and edit events. First, marriage. I have went to that person --> "edit existing person" but marriage isn't an option that I see. I go to "other events" and there's plenty to chose from, but none just say "marriage." I would also like to add my own event names in the future, so is there a way to create a totally new event? Just as an example, "First Rode A Bike" or something. Is there a way to do that?
  6. AD-6 SkyRaider

    Question Before Buying

    Hello all! First, wow... Just holy wow! I was looking for an alternative to Tribal Pages and saw someone mention TNG. Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the site, reading each link and looking at everything and how much you can do with this. Just WOW! Before I pull the trigger and buy, I have a couple of questions that was probably answered but I missed. 1 - Does this pull from Ancestry like FTM? Or --- After you have uploaded your GEDCOM --- add each ancestor and info as your research progresses? 2 -- I select a template and like the format, yadda, yadda, yadda.... Next year I change my mind/find another template I would like to use. Is that possible? Will I have to start all over? Will my img tags, etc. all stay intact? Thank you for the help, I can't wait to get into this! I just got my front end dev cert so this makes me very excited. Don
  7. When persons are marked private or living they will show up as ‘Living’ or ‘Private’ and no personal data is shown. My question is if it is possible to not show the person at all. Reason is that by showing just the person as living or private with the gender you already reveal personal information that I would like to hide. Example: If a family has 5 children and 2 of those are living or private I want to see only 3 children and not 5.
  8. I have 2 trees. One (Lathrop) I imported from their database - the other (Clark-Hart)... I am using template 12 In terms of size, they are way out of "balance" - Lathrop has about 20,000 while Clark-Hart has only abt 5,000 ... This "imbalance" seems to throw off the Surnames Cloud, making Lathrop huge compared to all the others. I would like the Surnames cloud to represent only the clark-hart tree ... is this possible ?? Maybe turn it off ?
  9. nacsaszta

    Connections v13.1.0.7

    If a person's ID begins with no I (eg I5) but "ind..." (e.g. ind66755), it indicates an error: "Length: Bad Person1 ID - Pleease Go Back and Correct" Connections v13.1.0.7 developed by Michał Jarociński. I tried to change the ID hand using the "Utilities >> Research IDs" procedure, to the TNG only for the 90's number! TNG 13.1.2 + PHP 8.1 + TEMPLATE 12. Thank you in advance for help AND suggestion! Pál.
  10. First post. After searching the forum not finding an answer I am still looking for a solution. I imported from gedcom. Individuals started from I0000 and go up to I00276 (or something). Now I added a new individual (not too many yet) and found out that I now have an individual I0001 and I1; I0002 and I2 (up to I15 or something). Syntactically, I1 and I0001 differ. Semantically they are the same. What is the best way to solve this? Renumber the whole database? Write my own SQL? Resquence ID's in the utilities menu did not solve anything.
  11. I would love to have a report that shows the number of years married for 'families' where both parents are stilling living and either or both are deceased. Me and mysql are not compatible. I have found this, could it be modified to suit?? Is someone able to help please? Thanks in advance.
  12. I was quite sure I had it set up like this for several persons before. But apparently this is not the case. So... How do I hide all details (for not logged in guests) of a deceased person, without cheating by leaving the 'Living' checkbox marked? I know there is a 'Private' checkbox, but with that active, the name is still fully visible, only some details seem to be hidden. What am I missing, or do I not understand? It would be cool if there was a 'Hide deceased' option, that would change the name of an individual to 'Deceased', similar to how the 'Living' checkbox changes the name to 'Living'. (Running v.13.1.1) Thanks!
  13. uhanke

    Selection Criteria

    I am working already some time with persondata. Now i want to generate reports of persons. When i input the lastname in criteria it works fine. Now i would like to have a universal report where i will be asked for the lastname. When i insert just the field lastname i get the header of the report but no box asking me to input the name. Is it possible to input a operator and a string and what might be syntax? Edit: Maybe my engish is not good enough to explain what i like to get: i like to have a namelist which asks me which name of persons in database should be listed. The name should be a variable in criteria. The fields to be displayed and the fields to be sorted should be inserted into reportgenerator. As i am not familar with SQL-Sintax i cannot write a complete sqlrequest in the lower box of reportgenerator. I have some experience in programming so i would be able to customize values. Uli
  14. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Can not use one media fil on more IDs

    Hi there - and merry, merry Christmas! I suddenly have a new issue with media files: I can only add them to one person/ID. I.e. I have many gravestones as they are a wonderful source to death dates, and often there are more names on the stones, so I can use them for more individuals (i.e. both husband and wife). Just to illustrate: This image should be used by both individuals: https://tng.stegemueller.dk/showmedia.php?mediaID=736&amp;medialinkID=517 When I try to link the image to person number two, I get the message, that the image is already in use by another person, and therefore it can not be linked again. This is a new issue as I have tons of family images with several persons on them. You might need this extra information: Everything is updated: TNG v. 13.1 and template is 209 from Marsha Bryant. I add data from GEDCOM created by Legacy. I do not enter data directly in TNG except for geo codes. Kindest regards, Hanne
  15. I was always under the impression that TNG withheld information of living people. That appears not to be the case. Yesterday I was showing a Genealogy Society TNG 13.0.4. The question was "do you withhold information on living people?" Yes was my response and went to my profile, I was not logged in, and much to my amazement there was information there that I expected not to see. There was no profile picture or birth dates as I expected. Further down in Photos was a group picture of all 7 living direct family cousins. I clicked on the picture and the tag names showed for all. I then clicked on each tag. Out of the seven, two showed the profile picture, the rest did not. All withheld birth information. What's up with that? I was expecting not even to see the picture of all 7 of as we are all living. I checked to make sure living was checked for each person and it is.
  16. Rob Severijns

    Extra column on People page

    Hi everyone, I would lik to see an extra column between the "Thumb" and the "Birth Date, Birth Place" column showing who the mother of the inividual is. The column name can simply be "Mother" in English or "Moeder" in Dutch. That way like it's easy to see which individuals don't have a mother registered and might be a solitairy individual in the database. Has someone made something like this before or can someone create this? Thanks in advance. Rob
  17. I am not proficient with programming or any kind of software codes or writing or anything. I bought TNG, took me a year or so to get it up and running, because of my limited technology skills, and now it is up. Question 1.. I used a Host, Simple Host, who said they would do everything, Sure Support is their support group. None of my media are connected to the people they are supposed to be connected to, no photos or media of any kind are showing up at all. The little icons are there as though the media is there, next to their names on an edit panel, but no matter what I do nothing appears for them. Even when I upload photos directly while editing a person, I get a blank screen then several error messages, but then, later, when I go back in, the media is there and connected...What cause it to do that? I see there is a ton of media when I look at the admin view, but nothing shows up for any person at any time. I put in a support ticket and Sure Support said they didn't know anything about that, it was a problem between me and the software. Uh oh. Can anyone help someone who is rather technologically challenged figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? (hopefully that does not involve uploading media too each individual ....there are over 20,000 in my tree...well, 40,000, but half those are doubles, from an uploaded GEDCOM that I THOUGHT would replace AND add to the existing population of the tree. Question 2, any suggestions on how to upload new people, lots of new people, every day. I enter them in Ancestry first, then I create a GECOM and upload, clicking replace matches, and it still adds duplicates instead of replacing matches ....it is the exact same Gedcom, every day, just 20 or so new people, ....it duplicates everyone, even though I set it to replace matches....any hope? Thanks, Synthia
  18. It would be useful if there were a couple of un displayed blank fields on the individual. These could be populated by admins only and used to create a query in the reports page.
  19. Hi all, While sometimes using date modifiers like bef, abt, between dates etc. i recognized that while using that kind of dates together with a place name, the date does not fit in the field, as a result it creates another line in that date field/column...see the attached picture. I would like to have it like Bef 01 Jan 1821, in 1 row. How to achieve this? I think it should be a simple code change to extend that field size, but i can not find that specific code where to change that? Someone? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Regards, Sandor
  20. Good day. For the profile at https://vandykregister.com/getperson.php?personID=I26487&amp;tree=vandyk the birth and death dates don't show unless I've selected "Allow to view information for private individuals" is selected. I was contacted by a user who was unable to see the dates, even though she was signed in. Since the person in the profile is deceased, this shouldn't even be necessary, since our site only restricts details about living individuals to signed-in members. I thought that it was a browser problem, so created a test account with the same rights and tested it in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Same problem. Only once I gave the permission to view information for private individuals did it show. My problem is that I cannot see where this person might be marked as individual. I use Rootsmagic as my main family tree software, then upload the tree to TNG weekly. I am used to marking events as private in Rootsmagic (which then don't show on TNG), but a) nothing about the specific profile is marked as private in Rootsmagic and b) I haven't marked her as private on TNG, or rather, I can't see anywhere there is an option to do that. Website: https://vandykregister.com Problematic profile: https://vandykregister.com/getperson.php?personID=I26487&amp;tree=vandyk Test login credentials: Anrie-Toets; Anrie-Toets (currently set to "allow to view information for private individuals") TNG version: v. 11.1.2 Problem summary: profile supposedly set to private, despite my not knowing how that is possible or where the specific setting is Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Jan Bastiaanssen

    * SOLVED* Missing thumbs in admin_people

    Somebody else missing these thumb's here, or do i something wrong ?? Jan
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