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Found 219 results

  1. Has anyone created a way to link a property event or a media file to a Google map? I have hundreds of land deeds in either Jpg or PDF format, or typed up in a Word doc that are all attached to their respective landholder's profile, and would like to link each deed to a url of a map of the location of the land purchased or sold. Unless anyone can tell me a better way, I suppose I could take a screen shot of a map and upload it as a separate photo, but it wouldn't be interactive. It would be cool to have a land deed referenced to a map that can be toggled between satellite and street view, as well as offering zoom in / out capabilities and directions to the property.
  2. jpjones55

    adding 4th dropdown menu

    ok, i read the forums about this, and it all was for previous versions.  I read the wiki article and it just covered cust_text.php.  what code does one enter in customconfig.php for adding a 4th dropdown menu (template 8 for adding faq.php, help.php, privacyterms.php, a guestbook, etc)  I'm not much of a coder, but a push in the right direction will help me figure it out....I'm using tng v10.1.3.  thanks in advance.
  3. I am having problems with the Showfolio mod: I cannot get the folio to be displayed. Here is the saga: This was an intial clean install of showfolio on TNG 10.1.3; did not use folios before. Mod Manager shows that showfolio_v10.1.1.9 is installed with these options: * Restrict access to all folios logged-in only ( = 1) * Show drop menus on image pages = 1 * Show document magnifier on image pages = 1 * Show expanded info at bottom of page = 1 * Size of border = 2 * Color of border = #777 * Folio control file name = 1 ("folio.php" only) In order to test, under "histories", I created a new directory "RobertsMotherDiary". Inside, there are 3 files: "folio.php" and 3 .jpg files. folio.php contains only comments, no actual php statements. In the Media section, in the Histories collection, there exists an entry entitled Robert's Mother Diary with the 'file name on site' pointing to "histories/RobertsMotherDiary/folio.php". A thumbnail image file is specified. Media Information, 'Tree', says 'All Trees'. From the Home page, I go to Histories. An entry called "Robert's Mother Diary" exists with the expected thumb nail. It is also linked to Robert's entry as a TNG person in 'People'. When I click on "Robert's Mother Diary" it shows a table with properties Owner/Source [blank], File name [blank], File Size ['unknown'], Media ID [5], Dimensions ['n/a'], Folio version ['v10.1.1.9 (15 Aug 2015)'], and the Linked To info. But I expected a page that allows me to select pages from the folio. What did I do wrong? I did not arrive at this configuration straight away. I had the folio in a couple of different places at first. Could that have confused things? Should I just start over with uninstalling the mod and reinstalling it? Thanks for your help, r4
  4. After the discussion on theme (template) switching some months back, I thought perhaps I'd implement a prototype and see if I liked the idea. So now I've completed a rough version of the mod and am wondering if it's worth completing.  The current version works by using a cookie that holds the user's preferred template name.  If the cookie is absent or if template switching is turned off, then the default in templateconfig.php is used.  A simple pull-down menu is used to set the users preferred template, implemented much like language switching.  There's no facility for limiting the supported templates other than actually removing the template folders from TNG (see below). There are a number of useful features I could imagine, including: Database support to persist the template choice for logged-in users.A mod parameter to limit the choices to only those the site owner is willing to support.Any other features I should consider?  Feelings about the features I listed above?  If there's enough interest, I'll make an enhanced prototype available before the end of the month. Thanks, Bill Herndon  
  5. This mod is a replacement for Simple Titles that supports a few modest search-engine optimizations.  First, Meta ''keywords'' tags are added to your individual and family-group page headers for names, aliases, and nicknames.  Although Google claims not to use keyword tags, other search engines such as Yahoo! still do.  Second, this mod preserves the page title simplifications from Simple Titles and adds those same simplifications to family-group pages. Together these changes should improve one's page rankings and prevent Google from arbitrarily rewriting page titles. Simple SEO can be downloaded here, or from the Wiki page. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  6. Firstly I would like to thank Erik Hoppe for providing his wonderful Open My Page Mod that allows logged in users to quickly connect to their individual page. This mod works as designed however it can be difficult for users to find as it at the bottom of the last header dropdown list (Info) For new users, the obvious place for them to start is at their own page and then navigate out from there. At the moment it can be difficult to navigate to their page as they firstly need to find the search tool and then they have to work out how it works. For some first time users these initial steps can be a big challenge in itself. Even with the My Page facility installed, all the items on the dropdown lists can be a little overwhelming and very few if any would be able to find it. Many regular users in general, like to think of their individual page as their home page, and it would be nice to have a facility to easily navigate there. My suggestions are that 1) this facility be part of all of the templates by default and 2) it should be positioned at a prominent position (preferably somewhere on the header) Thanks for your time, Merv whakapapaonline.com The Open My Page facility will not work for you if you are not a user on my site, so here is pic of what it would look like if you were...
  7. I am new to version 10 and I think I remember seeing something about a mod for changing the background color. I want to change the background color of my home page. I am using template_4 and want to change the background color to what I had prior to using the new template4 with template switching. See attached example. Your help is appreciated. John Palmer
  8. Moorob76

    Private Flag Backup Mod Error

    Getting a  Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/99/11741699/html/admin_backupPrivate.php:46) in /home/content/99/11741699/html/adminlib.php on line 18 message when I use this mod.  The mod is working fine even with is message.
  9. I attempted to delete and reinstall the Census Plus International Mod on the wamp server and made a mess.  Then did a backup of the live site and a restore on a new version of TNG on the Wamp Server.  The restore returned this error.  Cannot execute query: DELETE FROM cp_data Not sure if the table needs to be optimized or if something else needs to be done. Can someone explain what it means and possibly how to fix it? Thanks, Susan  
  10. I just attempted to install the Census Plus International mod.  This is my first attempt at installing a mod.  Clicked the install and now all I have is a white screen??  Thankfully I did this locally and not on the actual site. Using TNG Version 10.1.2, Template 9 and downloaded censusplus_v10.1.0.3d.zip. Can someone help me understand what may have gone wrong? Thanks in advance! Susan    
  11. Hello to all, I am looking for a code modification so that I can turn fields on or off that I want to show in public view or only to logged-in users. And I want to change the order of fields, too. Is there any such mod oder can anyone help me which files and which code I have to modify? TNG v10.1.1   Best regards, Martin
  12. Bill Herndon

    New Mod - Icon Gravity

    Lindell-Herndon Genealogy uses a pair of templates derived from Template 8 called NearDark and NearDawn. In creating these templates, I found that I didn't like the TNG standard of having two separate icon stripes, one on the left and one on the right. If prefer a left-hand orientation that visually separates all the icons from pull-down menus on the right and that results in less visual clutter. This mod achieves that effect. A version for TNG 10.0.2 can be downloaded here.  A version for TNG 10.1.0+ can be downloaded here, and the Wiki page is here. I'm considering additional features for this mod like right-hand clustering and distribution of icons and links among right-hand and left-hand lists.  If anyone would like these features or has additional suggestions, please contact me.
  13. I've just released Citation Master v10.0.2.4 and v10.1.0.4 for TNG 10.1.X. This version adds an administrator interface that supports creation and editing of Citation Master configuration files. A new example config has been added to the distribution, and help is integrated into the admin interface. The source display page now has a profile field that shows how the source is formatted. I've renamed the mod and added a new Wiki page that aligns with the new name and covers the new functionality. The old Wiki page is still in place but just points to the new page. Users of previous versions that have created custom configuration files should read the Wiki instructions on upgrading. There has been a modification to the config files that is not backwards compatible and requires that the file be editing according to the instructions. (Or...just send me your configuration file, and I'll fix it.) This version has been tested for TNG releases up through 10.1.1, and the update is recommended for all users of TNG versions 10.0.2 through 10.1.1. For the moment, users of TNG 9.2.2 should continue to use v9.2.2.3. If you're interested in an update of Citation Master for TNG 9.2.2, please contact me. If there is enough interest, I'll consider a backport. Otherwise, v9.2.2.3 will be the last Citation Master release for TNG r9.
  14. In order to clear up some documentation inconsistencies between the Responsive Tables Wiki page and the Citation Master Basic Wiki page, I downloaded Responsive Tables and Responsive Tables-2 Citation Master Basic for testing purposes.  The test harness is an installation of 10.1.0 preloaded with Citation Master Basic The Responsive Tables Wiki states: ... Indicating an installation order of:  (1) Responsive Tables; (2) Responsive Tables Cite Master; (3) Citation Master Basic Using this order from an clean TNG installation, the following error is generated in the Mod Manager for Citation Master Basic The Citation Master Wiki does not give an explicit installation order, but using:  (1) Citation Master Basic; (2) Responsive Tables; (3) Responsive Tables Cite Master... gives the following error in the Mod Manager for Responsive Tables Cite Master: I believe that additional Responsive Tables testing is necessary and am willing to help out as my schedule permits.  But if we're not able to resolve this issue, I would like to revert the Citation Master Basic Wiki page and note the incompatibility with Responsive Tables. Thanks, Bill Herndon
  15. Hi, I am a fairly new user of TNG.  I am currently using the Census Plus International mod and I am getting the following problem. After I have imported the DOM and updated house numbers, I go to link IDs and for some people I get the following message "Event type ID matched census event found for person ID 47. Event type ID is 19 date is 3 Apr 1881 and Event ID is 6684 option to overlay location is set to :n" The first link is for Benjamin Waterfall, and this shows his family is 1881.  Even though I have linked all the family, the census information does not show up for his wife Christiana (2nd link) http://www.waterfall.name/getperson.php?personID=I5&tree=tree2 http://www.waterfall.name/getperson.php?personID=I42&tree=tree2 This occurs for the same person over multiple censuses. My question is how do I change this? Thank you in advance Nicola
  16. http://www.reventlow.dk The genealogical database of the Reventlow Family includes ancestor- and descendants trees of almost 25000 individuals from 1100th century till today. The database consists mainly of families from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Schleswig-Holstein, Mechlenburg and other parts of present Germany. A large number of medieval european royal and noble families are represented in the database. Site uses template 4 and several mods
  17. Hi all, I have a strange mod manager issue. I am on TNG 10.1.1, several weeks now, and suddenly these strange errors occur, when installing or deleting (different mods). See the attached pictures. The errors seems to have a relation to permissions etc. but I have checked everything. I can not find any wrong set permission to files and/or directories. The mod file as stated in the picture is in the mods directory, The website is working without a problem, so I am a bit lost (http://www.stamboominformatie.nl). Does anyone know how to solve this? KR., Sandor
  18. Bernard

    Change Language Droplist Mod

    With the Change Language Droplist Mod installed, the text on the menu is not aligned with the text labels of the other menu's. See the attached image. (template 12). How can I fix that ? Bernard
  19. Hi, I want to show only a selected set of random photo's on my homepage but the only way I managed to do that is a (SQL) selection on part of the title, description and/or filename. But I really want to select the photo's for this set. Maybe this can be done with an album, but how can I change the random photo code so it shows a predefined (selected) album?  I don't want to use a collection because it then shows up in the media menu and I don't like it there, Bernard