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Found 199 results

  1. I have released Simple SEO versions (TNG 11.0+), (TNG 11.1), and (TNG 11.1.1+). This version changes the way in which meta keywords are generated, using a list of GEDCOM tags instead of individual tags in the mod parameters. So now...any custom event's value can be added to meta keywords by adding its GEDCOM tag to the list. Aliases (tag: ALIA) and nicknames (tag: NICK) are supported by default. Other useful tags might include occupation (tag: OCCU) or married name (commonly _NAMM). Individual names and nicknames entered in TNG still have built-in support. This version also adds HTML encoding to keyword values to correct cases where a quoted nickname or other instances of special characters are included in a name or event value. This version is optional for Simple SEO mod users. Please see the Simple SEO Wiki page for additional information. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  2. Brett

    Identify Mods affecting pages

    Recently there have been some forum posts regarding conflicts on some sites, mainly due to Mod changes. It is not always easy to identify which Mods affect which pages. I would like to highlight Show Mod Names by Robin Richmond as a working solution. Show Mod Names lists mods (utilising the Mod) that affect the files used by the running program. While it does not identify errors, it can save some time, as it is not as necessary to uninstal all the Mods when finding the error Mod. It is only needed to uninstall those Mods affecting the page the error occurs on. If Mod developers would look into incorporating this into their Mods, it could benefit TNG admin users in identifying or reporting error detail. An example on the getperson.php is shown. No details print and the view is only available to logged in Admins.
  3. Within a Mod cfg file, is it possible for the Target to be dynamic. I am wanting the Target to identify the particular template currently being used. So instead of: %target:templates/template16/css/mytngstyle.css% I would like something like: %target:currenttemplatepath/css/mytngstyle.css% . If possible, what code would I require.
  4. The Wiki page Mod Manager - Edit Parameters states: By setting a mod parameter a webmaster could, for example, prevent exposing information to certain users, or could conveniently change the color scheme for a custom form. I have searched the Wiki and Forum but cannot find if Paramenter Options could do something similar to remove or show a row. As an example, a Mod is installed that removes the Suffix Row on the Person page %target:getperson.php% %location:% if( $row['suffix'] ) $persontext .= showEvent( array( "text"=>$text['suffix'], "fact"=>$row['suffix'], "event"=>"NSFX", "entity"=>$personID, "type"=>"I" ) ); %end:% %replace:% // if( $row['suffix'] ) // $persontext .= showEvent( array( "text"=>$text['suffix'], "fact"=>$row['suffix'], "event"=>"NSFX", "entity"=>$personID, "type"=>"I" ) ); %end:% Rather than installing/uninstalling the Mod, could a show/remove option be available as a Mod option? If so, how might I code this?
  5. TNG 12.1 and Template 9. I have installed Mod - Display Jobs and Facts Below is the result as expected, with jobs on a new line below the years. On the pages where person's default photo shows, the year and job are on one line. What might be causing this effect?
  6. I am looking for a couple of existing Census Plus International mod users to test a new version of the mod to ensure that I have changed all the scripts to fix issues with templates and PHP 7.2 warning errors. You must be an existing user of the mod be using TNG v12 be using PHP 7.2 Please use the following link to my web site Contact form if you can beta test this new version. Thanks,
  7. I am wanting to use one of the Relationship Mods (Relate Mod or preferred Relationship Display Mod) but both give the user an option to change the default person. For a new install, I want to have the default person set by me, with no option for a user to change that. Has anyone modified the above Mods to do this or have a suggestion that I might look into.
  8. Anyone knowledgeable about the Gedcom Converter mod and why it does not work properly? Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home4/hopemetzler/public_html/genealogy/admin_filepicker.php on line 137 I just want to simply work on my genealogy in Family Tree Maker 2017 and occasionally upload my work: scanned documents, photos, latest tree, to the web. But it seems that FTM 2017 does not work with TNG at all. I thought the mod would make the transition smooth. Anyone have experience with this? TIA! Hope
  9. Hi Ken Roy, Is there a version of this Mod (user_footer_copyright) for the latest TNG version 12.0.3? I tried installing user_footer_copyright_v12.0.1.8a but it is not allowing me to install, since I am on v12.0.3 Any way to do this? Thanks,
  10. I’m using the Family Group Worksheets mod and would like to have the dated created / updated show on the form when I view it. It seems like I should be able to get it in the section where the “submitted by” info is, next to the email field, but I cannot figure out how to get it to pull the info from the table. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  11. Jennifer Crockett

    Mod not showing in Mod Manager

    I downloaded and extracted the Change ID Prefix mod , and FTPd it to the mod folder. Permission is 755. For some reason it is not showing up when I open Mod Manager in Admin. I am using version 12.0.02. Template 4 Anyone suggest any reason for this? Jennifer www.colston-wenck.com
  12. bobbyfamilytree

    Comments MOD

    https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Comments 2 part question. Its telling me the mod requires database updates, when I run it I get: Reports: Attempting to alter tables... An error has occurred in the TNG software. This could be due to a setup issue, an incomplete upgrade or a program bug. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for help with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message.Query: ALTER TABLE tng_comments ADD commentsApproved tinyint(4) NOT NULL AFTER commentsID;Duplicate column name 'commentsApproved' Second - i'd like to remove the part where it says "Please don't use for changes/corrections (use the Suggest tab instead)." - where can I do this? Thanks, another really good TNG mod.
  13. Don Quigley

    Wikipedia Link mod

    Any ideas why this mod won't install? I'm using TNG v. 12.0.1.
  14. Lee

    Media Share Mod

    TNG Wiki Page Media Share Mod Discussion Thread = TNG has share buttons that can be displayed above a media detail page to facilitate the sharing / promoting of your TNG to various platforms of social media. Those share buttons current only provide that platform with static data and perhaps a fixed image. That means, for each time someone clicks the share button while viewing a family photo, the resulting post on the social platform is not that image, nor related text; it is, static text and a fixed image. This mod changes that; once applied, when you share from an image detail page, that image and its related text is provided to the social platform so they will be included in the shared post (currently Facebook only).
  15. wuerdemann

    Media Share Mod

    Hello, I am a TNG newbie and found my way here in search of a feature I saw on a sample site. On the top right of the screen they have social links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+. Is that what this mod is for? Does it allow me to set up similar links on my site? I found and installed the Media Share mod, but don't know how to proceed from there or if this is the right way to add that feature? Thanks
  16. Paul Barrett

    Structured Address Entry

    Calling all Mod writers - an appeal for help. 🙂 Nicholas Noel Higton started a discussion on the TNG Facebook page about issues related to entering addresses, the outcome of which was the identification of a possible Mod. Is there a Mod writer out there who might be prepared to take it on? The problem is that with the address fields being unstructured free text, it's easy for people to create near duplicate addresses (because, for example one person writes "Oxfordshire" in full while another abbreviates it to "Oxon") and it's also frustrating to have to keep writing out segments of an address in full that have have been entered previously. I spend a disproportionate amount of my time, reviewing and correcting errors in the places database. Basically the idea is: When someone click into an address field, a pop up box appears in which the address is entered in a structured format with separate fields for each segment of the address. Each field will have a filtered search capability so that previously entered data can be reused. There would be some validation rules. For example. as a minimum the country field is required; and if street and town are populated, county / state / province and country must be. When the address is saved the four segments are concatenated together with comma and space separators, and the string is written to the address field The location level is deduced from the address fields i.e. If the Town is the most detailed part of the address then the location level is set to "3" Optionally, the user is then taken to the place record to geolocate it if no geolocation value is present on the record Obviously there's a lot more design work to do but for now, the real question is "Is anyone up for it please?"
  17. hroberts89436

    Mod Manager

    Darrin just upgraded my TNG site to V12. and I have downloaded a couple of the current versions of Mods to add to it such as the Signature mod. However when I go into Mod Manager they do not show up. all I see is the 1st picture attached. It does say I need to upgrade my mmconfig file, and I have opened options and clicked save. I have even opened mmconfig, made changes saved it, looked, and gone back in and reverted the changes and resaved. still nothing. I even went into the config verified the folder for the mods and even changed the folder and moved the cfg files to the new folder still nothing. Can anyone give me some ideas of things I can look at to how to get these back. Thanks, BTW I came from V10 to 12 in case that makes a difference.
  18. Bruce Roy

    Random Photo

    I am unable to install random_photo_display_v12.0.1.4 - I get this response in Mod Manager (see screenshot) What is meant by (provisional) must be available. I have randomphoto.php installed. Bruce Roy royroyes.net
  19. For TNG 11.1.2 - 12 An Event Usercomments is added to getperson.php and familygroup.php below the Notes section and to the bottom of placesearch.php when the person or family is NOT Living nor Private. Not loggedin visitor's view when there is at least one comment (otherwise it's not displayed): Like here (scroll to bottom): https://xerxx.se/getperson.php?personID=I4&tree=tredNr2 I've used it for a quite a while now Loggedin user's view when there is no comment: Administrator's view (note: Delete-buttons) when there are comments: Not-Administrator ready to write: A new page - Usercomments - is added to the Info menu: Texts for translation: EDIT: Texts removed. New version below. I admit it's simple but it's for comments... Are you interested in testing in TNG 11.1.2 or 12? Add a post below stating which version, and if you want to translate (to which language) and I'll PM you. Have you got a translation? Thanks! Add a post below. Thanks in advance for your help! Erik
  20. I just upgraded from TNGv10 to TNGv12 and am working on updating mods. I had of Census Plus installed and am upgrading to the latest, However, the upgrade instructions are unclear in regards to the Label table & indexes. Seems like the upgrade instructions on the Wiki are still for the 11.x version, and the upgrade instructions in mod manager assume I already had a .5 or .6 version installed. The instructions on the Wiki say: There's no button in mod manager that says "Create CPI Label table." However, in the section about upgrading from .5/.6, there's an "Update CPI Label Table" button. So I did click that one... and got a message saying that it successfully created the table. There's another button in mod manager that says "Create New CPI Indexes," also in the section about upgrading from .5/.6. I tried clicking that one, but I get a 404 for the cpcreatenewindeces.php file. I do see that the mod should have copied all the cp*.php files and some others from the censusplus_v12007 folder (which I did upload to the mods folder) to my TNG root directory when I did the mod install. However, the files never made it to my root directory. Mod Manager does say that it copied the files, though and there are no install errors. So my questions: - How do I fix the mod install and ensure the files get copied? I know I can manually copy them, but if I do that, is there anything else I'll still need to fix? - Which buttons do I really need to be clicking to complete the upgrade from Thanks! Elise
  21. I don't update my TNG data anything like regularly enough, so when it comes time to update I'm usually checking back on notes etc. I use Legacy Family Tree v9, TNG v12 and am up to date with all the mods I use, in particular CensusPlus (great mod). But it looks like since I last updated, the way Legacy convert the shared census events has changed, and that is playing havoc with the CensusPlus implementation. Last update (which I think would have been from an earlier version of Legacy, about September last year), the shared events from Legacy went into the GEDCOM in the following form: 1 CENS [description] 2 DATE [date] 2 PLAC [place] 2 NOTE Role: [role] All these happily mapped to the same census event type in TNG, and got picked up by CensusPlus. Updating was simple, and previously linked transcripts all behaved after "Check Census Link" was run after an import Now, Legacy seems to only want to export these same events as: 1 EVEN [description] 2 TYPE Census-[role] 2 DATE [date] 2 PLAC [place] 2 NOTE Role: [role] So every role is creating its own unique event type, and simply fails to behave "properly" in CensusPlus. After running the Check, the Census data does not appear under the person if they shared the event, only the primary person. If I go to the transcript, it suggests there is a linked person already established. However, if I remove the link and re-establish it, it then creates a "Census" event (as distinct from the "Census-Daughter" one, for example, where I relinked the 1851 event). I don't know whether this may be as simple as using different options on the Legacy export (although I have tried every sort of combination). The Legacy support people weren't overly helpful, simply saying the way it now gets exported is the way it gets exported. As much as I really like the CensusPlus mod, I'm almost at the stage of having to turn it off (at least for other than the primary people). (Thank goodness for backups! Below is how the entry for this appeared prior to the latest attempted update, and ideally what I'd like to stick with.) Thanks for any thoughts/guidance.
  22. Sake


    nucaptcha was working for a couple of years' but after update tng11 to tng12 it is gone. in ftp everything is still there. installed no captcha but i like to have nucaptcha back again.
  23. wkenddad

    Layout of media change

    I have several people with Yearbook Entries I link the Jpegs of each page to a "Education" Event. When the persons page displays these Jpegs are in rows. is it possible to have these items display as columns in a single row or a table of 1 x 4 or 2 x 2? Or even better a MOD that allows several Items to be linked in a table format and that table be linked to the event. P.S. Is there anyway to have them display in order A-Z versus order of entry?
  24. A TNG user recently posted an idea for a new mod on the TNG users list. He requested APA formatted citations for the pages generated from getperson.php. I responded that Citation Master could produce that pretty easily and generated a couple of Citation Master v8 release candidates that incorporate the feature. As currently coded, the feature produces an additional section just above the citations that looks like (APA format): Reference: Herndon, William Robert. (2018, March 4). Donald Crain Herndon. TNG 11.0.1 Website. Retrieved from http://localhost:3030/getperson.php?personID=I2092&tree=tngtest The IEEE format looks like this: Reference: Herndon, William Robert. "Donald Crain Herndon," TNG 11.0.1 Website, March 4, 2018. [Online]. Available: http://localhost:3030/getperson.php?personID=I2092&tree=tngtest The idea being that your site's users could copy this reference from your site to theirs or for incorporation as a source in their own genealogy database. Here's the issue: At least one interested TNG user (and perhaps others) would like this feature without the bulk of Citation Master's other features, but I need Citation Master's internal formatting engine to make this work. The easiest way to make that happen would be to split Citation Master into two mods: One for the features, one for the formatting engine. I'd then create a new 'Page Reference' mod that would also depend on the formatting engine. So...the question for Citation Master's users: Would you still use the Citation Master if it were split in two, so that you'd have to install both the feature mod and the formatting engine mod? Let me make clear that I think this is a cool feature, but my existing users come first. So I'll figure out an alternative if splitting Citation Master isn't the preferred way to go. Thanks for your input and suggestions. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  25. Rob van Rij

    Use remote media files

    I’m looking for a mod or solution to use remote media files instead of having to store these files in a directory on my host. Because extra hosting provider storage is expensive I want to offload the media files to either my NAS or my OneDrive. Who knows how to enable TNG to use remote media files or is aware of an existing mod. kind regards Rob