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Found 189 results

  1. Maybe someone can help me! In TNG version 13.0.1 or 13.0.2 "Relationship to Site Owner Mod" worked wonderfully. Then I installed the "Display Jobs Facts" mod. Unfortunately, the Relationship to Site Owner display disappeared. When I deinstalled and deleted the mod "Display Jobs Facts", the display of the Relationship to Site Owner is still not shown! In the meantime I've uninstalled all the mods and just installed a few mods that I've always had. Why is nothing displayed to me? Did I miss something? How do I solve the problem.... Thank you for your help in advance .... Greetings Michael (Cache is emptied, update to TNG13.0.3)
  2. LJLachance

    Captcha - Rick Bisbee version

    I've just completed my update to v13.03 from 13.01. All was working as intended previously. In accordance with instructions for the update, I uninstalled all mods. Upon completed update, I went to the existing mods and find, for the Rick Bisbee version of Captcha, ver., this message What and where is the appropriate TNG captcha? Thanks, Larry
  3. ^maikl11

    Mod Secret medias

    Hello everybody, I wanted to install the mod "Secret medias" today. But it cannot be installed. Can you tell me why ??? I have TNG 13.0.2 Template 12 Thanks in advance...
  4. I have two databases (Licensed) one was using template 8 and the 16. All working well. Decided to revert the one running 16 back to 8, so the form and function would be the same on both. The one that I just changed has one really odd issue. If you click on the magnifying glass next to a location you get a map and other information (OpenStreet). Well on the one I just changed, that map doesn't show. If I change it back to 16 it works. I checked all the settings against the other database, all are the same. Below are two screenshots. I have also tried various locations. Searched the forums, but came up short. Hopefully, this is a very easy one, and I'll be saying "dummy why didn't you think about that?" Regards, Rob Roy
  5. Dear community, I use in TNG 13.0.1 the template 12 (windows/ Firefox). Template 12 because the font fits to another existing website and the cloud of surnames is important to me. Now I want to change the colors of the template to match the other website (corporate design). What is the best way to do that? With TCB from Erik Hoppe? Have already looked at it, changed to the desired colors and downloaded mytngstyle.txt from TCB. How do I continue? Thanks for any help Best regards Annette
  6. FettesI

    Mobile Site Enhancements

    I have a problem with the latest version of this mod. In ver 11/12 there was an option added to the Map Setup in Admin titled "Event Map section behavior", whereby an option "start with expanded section" allowed the display to be condensed to some 75 px high with a button option to expand. The newest version, while allowing a button option to Load Map, still shows the full 400 px display. See attached map1 and map2 examples. These are from a normal PC display, I don't know what they look like from a mobile as have not used in that manner. My database has some 100, 000 places, less than 50% with coordinates, meaning that most map displays show little helpful information. The space without the map loaded looks ugly (in my view) and I know some of my users with failing eyesight will find it less desirable than previously. Would it be possible to provide the option in lieu of the current Load Map so that it worked as previously (but without the actual map loading in the background as that was using bandwidth unnecessarily)?
  7. After I updated my online web site to ver. 13.2, the Public Access mode is not showing any text on the Admin_genconfig.php page. (See image.) The Mod still seems to work and I can figure out the selections by looking at the Wampserver page on my computer. It is still on Ver. 13.0 and working correctly. However, that's a rather awkward way to set things up. I've tried manually adding the $text entries to text.php in both English language folders, but that didn't help. I have the following Mods installed: Google Maps - More Place Levels Image Captcha Mod Open my Page Open Street Map OSM Auto Geocoding Mod Settings Block Regroup Person: Profile, Branch, Date place, No living, and Sources User Footer Copyright They all installed correctly and are functioning as expected. Would appreciate any suggestions and also wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  8. Rob Severijns

    Private Media Flag

    Hello everyone, I have several media files that are provided to me by family members. The deal is that I can use the media files as long as they are not visible within the family tree and as long as certain family members are still alive. This means these media files need to be marked as Private. Setting the media files marked as Private results in these files being visible to users with rights to view Private content only. It would be nice if the Private flag could, by default be set as mentioned above and that besides that there is an option to override this setting for specific Inividuals and/or families. Basicly saying: Private for all except for users who have the right to view Private content set in the User rights and specific Individuals and/or Families set for each applicable media file. This creates the possibility for the provider of the media file to view that specic media file. Hope this explanation is clear enough. Rob
  9. When using the Dutch language on my site I saw that the word "ancestors" is translated in voorvaders, but this is not correct it should be translated as voorouders, is there a way to correct this?
  10. Hi Everyone! I hope this is in the right place! I'm following the instructions for using SimpleSAML as a method to create single sign-on between TNG and Media WiKi. So far, I have everything working including testing the SSO "admin" source. However, I can not get the "authsources" code that is mentioned on the WiKi integration page Single sign-on integration with SimpleSAMLphp - TNG_Wiki (lythgoes.net) to work - whether I modify the code or not, I get the same error: SimpleSAML\Error\ConfigurationError: The configuration (config/authsources.php) is invalid: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ')' I am using PHP 7.2 and my suspicions are that something has changed with the upgrades in PHP and there must be something that needs to be changed or is missing in order to make the code work. I am not a code writer but I have been somewhat successful getting some code to work. Unfortunately, this one I am afraid I can not. So, any PHP code writers out there that want to take a look at this and let me know what I'm missing? the code is below. Many thanks! Dave Authsource code: $config = array( 'tngidpauth' => array( 'tngextauth:External', 'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=yourdatabasename', 'username' => 'yourdatabaseusername', 'password' => 'yourdatabasepassword', 'tngpath' => '/home/example/public_html/tng/', // the TNG path from (and including) the 'home' directory; ends with a slash. 'loginpage' => 'http://example.com/tng/login.php', // full URL to TNG's login page. 'logoutpage'=> 'http://example.com/tng/logout.php', // full URL to TNG's logout page. ), /* Other authentication sources follow. */
  11. I wanted to play the apprentice-sorcerer. But I am ignorant about it. Now I can no longer install Mods. An error message appears each time. ''the version is only from TNG version 13.0.1 onward" Any idea how I can help? http://www.mes-racines.com/saga/index.php François (FRANCE) TNG 13.0.2
  12. Hello ! I just discovered that when searching for a place and displaying it on the map, there is a pop-up proposing riding directions. When clicking on it, one gets out of the TNG onto the Google route planner. I want to keep my visitors on my site. I do not want them to be driven elsewhere and be tracked by google. I want to stay respectful of their private life. I would like to hide the prompt to click on the link. And for anyone who might wonder, this is NOT Google bashing. So please do not try this troll.
  13. I posted in the other recent thread about this, but I think it fell to the bottom of things: I have had the same issue for a month or two. I followed the steps Ken said here (unload and reload all the mods and delete to old files) and it did not work for me. I have the same issue - the censuses appear twice, and two buttons that say "check census links" on the import/export page. I don't know how I got two versions installed either. I'm using TNG 13.0/ You can see it on the 1850 and 1860 censuses on this page: https://ancestors.pitard.net/getperson.php?personID=I4239&tree=1sttree Thanks for any help-- Derrick
  14. Hi all, For some reason the geocoding facility in Edit place: has not worked for a while, according to reports. I get the error in TNG v11 and 12 on-line and TNG v13 in localhost. I'm investigating why, but today I haven't found any mention of a reason on-line. /Erik
  15. Hi I am using TNG V.12.0.3 I am trying to install Forum for TNG V10.1.3.4 I loaded the files to my mods directory The Mod manager shows cannot install Here is the log: flags: @ optional ^ (provisional) must be available ~ protected line 41: %target:processlogin.php% verified line 42: %location:% #1 not installed line 59: %target:genlib.php% verified line 60: %location:% #1 not installed line 86: %location:% #2 not installed line 110: %location:% #3 not installed line 182: %target:admin_genconfig.php% verified line 183: %location:% #1 not installed line 196: %location:% #2 not installed line 209: %location:% #3 not installed line 227: %target:admin_utilities.php% verified line 228: %location:% #1 not installed line 248: %target:admin_backup.php% verified line 249: %location:% #1 not installed line 266: %target:admin_optimize.php% verified line 267: %location:% #1 not installed line 284: %target:admin_restore.php% verified line 285: %location:% #1 not installed line 302: %target:getperson.php% verified line 303: %location:% #1 not installed line 332: %location:% #2 not installed line 355: %location:% #3 Bad target line 388: %location:% #4 not installed line 422: %copyfile: forum_admin_job.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_admin_job.php line 423: %copyfile: forum_anmelan.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_anmelan.php line 424: %copyfile: forum_functions.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_functions.php line 425: %copyfile: forum_index.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_index.php line 426: %copyfile: forum_initForum.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_initForum.php line 427: %copyfile: forum_makeFFile2.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_makeFFile2.php line 428: %copyfile: forum_nyPost.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_nyPost.php line 429: %copyfile: forum_nyTrad.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_nyTrad.php line 430: %copyfile: forum_openForum.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_openForum.php line 431: %copyfile: forum_openThread.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_openThread.php line 432: %copyfile: forum_regedit_job.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_regedit_job.php line 433: %copyfile: forum_soktext.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_soktext.php line 434: %copyfile: forum_user_job.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_user_job.php line 435: %copyfile: forum_setup.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_setup.php line 436: %copyfile: forum_setup_end.php not copied Source: mods/forum_for_tng_mod_v10.1.3.4/forum_setup_end.php line 441: %target:@forum_index.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 468: %target:languages/English/cust_text.php% verified line 469: %location:% #1 not installed line 488: %target:languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 489: %location:% #1 not installed line 508: %target:@languages/Danish/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 529: %target:@languages/Danish-UTF8/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 550: %target:@languages/Dutch/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 571: %target:@languages/Dutch-UTF8/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 592: %target:@languages/French/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 613: %target:@languages/French-UTF8/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 634: %target:@languages/German/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 655: %target:@languages/German-UTF8/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 676: %target:@languages/Swedish/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 697: %target:@languages/Swedish-UTF8/cust_text.php% file missing (optional) will ignore line 722: %target:customconfig.php% verified line 723: %location:% #1 not installed code modifications specified: 18; modified: 0 file copies specified: 15; copied: 0 new files specified: 0; created: 0 new folders specified: 0; created: 0 errors: 1 Any hints? Thanks, Byron
  16. Hi All, Version of the Fixed Family Tab mod is published with these important updates: * Multiple marriages are supported * No conflict with Robin Richmond's Regroup Person Profile mod v13.0.0.19e <-- Note version 19e (published Nov 28, 2020) Grab it here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fixed_Family_Tab Note for TNG 12 users: A version is coming today or tomorrow, but it will NOT include the Regroup Person Profile adaptation. BTW! Public Access Control is updated by Robin to solve conflicys. See here: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Public_Access_Control Best regards, Erik
  17. ton van lil


    I like the Sosa mod. But when a list it my surnames have no surname prefix anymore. Am I doing something wrong? See picture below.
  18. Hello. I'm trying to install the Ancestor Map MOD version onto a TNG website running 13.0.1 on a Digital Ocean droplet running NGINX. The cust_text.php files have read/write priviledges under each language. Any idea what I can do to finish up the installation?
  19. In my mod I'm going to replace 55 lines of the original php file. What is the best way to achieve this? Is it the only way to put the whole block of lines in the %location% ... %end% statement? (I know that it could be line fragments, but still fragments of ALL lines). Please give any suggestions. Best regards Michal
  20. When you have a conflict with mods, uninstall and see what the culprit is. Well, that didn't work. I've been working with Robin Richmond on his Regroup Person-Child2Parent as it can have conflicts with Collapse Family Children. Default Not Living is still no ready for version 13 I gather. Regroup-Child2Parent requires Mod Settings Blocks, so that is the only Mod installed. Here is the display: Does anybody have an idea?
  21. I upgraded TNG to version 13 and also re-installed the OpenStreetMap-mod V13. When the heatmap is opened, it seems ok but you can not click or pan the map. What am I doing wrong? (example is at https://www.familielagarde.nl/stng/heatmap_OSM.php?tree=lagarde) Best regards, Patrick
  22. Rob Severijns


    Hello Brent, It's not my intention to put any pressure on you at all but do you have any idea if and when the Person_Media_Title mod will be upgraded again? "You'll see it when it gets there" is fine too. Tried to make some changes myself but no luck there Kind regards, Rob
  23. I installed v.13.0.1 (update from 12x) and everything seems to work fine except when I go to mod manager where I get an Error 500 - internal server error. Is there anything I can do to recover from this? The site is: http://elizabethriemer.com/index.php Thank you for any help, Liz
  24. Hello Brett, My old mod was working correctly with TNG 12 and now TNG13.0.1. Yesterday, I installed a new mod still in beta test. And Hide_Admin_DNA was marked immediatly 'Cannot install", but it is still in workin order : Button and menu link to DNA are still hidden. So I made a new test : uninstall all mods. to check about a compliance problem. Hide-admin_DNA is still with a "cannot Install", but DNA Menu and button are still hidden in admin. Errors are below : I made a last test : I deleted the mod (via administration of course) : Hide_Admin_DNA is completely removed and DNA menu and buttons are hidden. Well, that's how I want it, but is there a ghost in my site ? What happened ? https://tng-test.revestou.fr/