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Found 228 results

  1. Hi All, There was - as I remember - a post regarding this subject. I can't find it now so maybe I'm not correct. Anyway: Installing the Comments mod when you use template #19 will give a database error when you click the Create DB Tables button. No tables are created. The reason is that in topmenu.php there is this: echo tng_icons(1, $title); This call to tng_icons() includes execution of the function get_find_menu() that in all other templates is called from index.php. The function is modified by the Comments mod to read the tng_commentsvisits table. As I use the topmenu.php for the "report DB table creations" page, the table is not created when the function is called in this instance. Hence the error. This is not good and in my view a break of the TNG standard (if there is one). As it's called from index.php in all other templates I don't think it's good programming practice to change it like this. A solution for the future might be to change the table for a cookie that is valid on only one device and may or may not be deleted But it seems okay to completely install the mod using another template (I tested with #1) and then switch to template #19. Sigh... I don't know... Erik
  2. XerxX

    My TNG13 mods in the TNG Wiki

    Hi All, The following 7 mods are updated for TNG v13 and uploaded to the Wiki: (links) 22 Sep 2020 Collapsible Standard Events Update Updated for TNG 13 Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 Comments Update Updated for TNG 13 Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 Count Ancestors n Descendants Update Updated for TNG 13 Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 Descendtree Counter mod Update Updated for TNG 13 by Ron Krzmarzick Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 Fixed Family Tab Update Updated for TNG 13 by Ron Krzmarzick Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 OpenStreetMap Update Updated for TNG 13 Erik Hoppe 22 Sep 2020 Public Access Control Update Updated for TNG 13 Erik Hoppe The Scrollbox mod is obsolete as charts are now dragable. The Vertical Chart Photos mod is obolete as photos are added automatically. I have to work on the Forum for TNG mod a bit more. Best regards, Erik
  3. Rob Roy

    Event Map Menu - Mod Request

    The standard event record contains Event Type; Event Date; Event Place; and Detail. You can add notes as well. In the Event Map display, on the right side is a list of the events giving their Event Type; Event Date; Event Place; Detail, and the corresponding flag to that on the map. I would like a Mod that only displays the Event Type; Event Date; and Event Place in the Event Map list, suppressing Detail. Reason: If you record a large amount of data in the detail field such as a transcription of a will, this list grows far too large. If the reader wished to know more about, say the will, they can go above and look at that event entry. Hope this is clear, and even more, hopefully, it is an easy job.
  4. bobbyfamilytree

    Comments MOD v13.0.0.2a Public reading

    Hi. I'm usingTNG V13, template 18. I've noticed the comments on my site are hidden and users must login to view them. My settings are set to 'true' for Publc reading (it has always been like this) Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? I have also noticed public can not comment because there is no option to do that - comment button has dissappeared.
  5. Erik, I tried using the "Open My Page mod" together with Template 19 but it doesn't seam to work. No link/button with My Page visible. Any idea what's wrong here? Rob Using mod version with template 19 and TNG 13
  6. Michel KIRSCH

    Working with search function of TNG

    Hi Moders and Programmers ! I would like to write a Mod that would allow to insert a link to a individual of the genealogy into a note. For this, I would like to use TNG's search function (the one we usually use to search for a spouse or a child we would like to add). This search function is called with a button : <input type="button" value="Person Search" onclick="return findItem('I','hiddennote' , 'mynote' , '' , '' );"> findItem() is a function from selectutils.js So I create a button, a text field (mynote) and a hidden field (hiddennote) in the note editing window. It works very well, the search window opens and I can select a person in the genealogy. The return URL is in the form : http://....../admin_editperson.php?personID=I5&tree=KC1&cw=1# The problem is that I don't know where and when this "admin_editperson.php" is inserted in the URL. I would have to replace it by "admin_editnote.php" to be able to intercept the result... Can someone help me? Thank you Michel
  7. Barry Ennever

    Mods for V13 require login to royandboucher?

    Hi, I have upgraded to V13 and am attempting to re-install my 3 mods: Cousins, Broad search & Delete places with no events. The mod link for the Broad search mod on https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Mods_for_TNG_v13 links to a login page for royandboucher so I'm unable top download the cfg file. Can anyone assist plse? Many thanks, Barry.
  8. Alex van Hoboken

    hiding media for unauthorised users

    Hi all, On my site (http://genealogie.vanhoboken.nl) I use the mod "Public Access Control" to prevent the access to photo's by not-logged-in users. This works certainly ok but as soon as a user is authorised for a tree, it has access to all media. Is there a way (or mod) that allows the logged-in-user only to see the media that is linked to the branche he is authorised for? Thanks for any help Alex
  9. Barry Ennever

    broadnote error (TNG V13)

    The following error is appearing on various family history pages incl http://www.ennever.com/histories/history4739.php Warning: Use of undefined constant broadnote - assumed 'broadnote' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/ennever6/public_html/genlib.php on line 1004 The line numbers in genlib may not be same as yours as it's a modified file but it appears in this section: function tng_icons The line reads: $fullmenu .= getFORM( "search", "get", "", "") . "\n"; Is anyone able to offer any thoughts? Many thanks, Barry. FIXED A mod (Broad search) adds [broadnote] to genlib.php. S/be ['broadnote'] so line 123 of the cfg file needs to be corrected to include the single quote.
  10. Hi All, I got a message via my site: Yes: It seems like if you select the order by "Event type" the siblings are not shown. I will look into it later but right now I have to go away for a couple of hours. (Maybe until the evening) Thanks to Jeff for the alert. /Erik
  11. Hi there I have created a private mod to change the two column layout of the Admin Main Menu to 3 Columns and ordered to suit my preferences.. The Mod itself works fine except the comments indicating the changes in the php file appear on the page.. See attached pic.. I have also attached the mod file should one of the many talented folk care to have a nosey.. I should mention this is on a local install using Laragon. I would be happy to release the Mod publicly, however should folk not be happy with the way I have listed the options they themselves would have to change the mod.. It might be too much if the mod were to become popular ('Sure it will') <smile>.. Many Thanks in advance Rick M Admin-Menu-3Col_v13..0.0.RM.cfg
  12. RLByrd

    Emailed reports

    I've been fiddling about with creating a method to email a birthday report using the existing codebase. The idea would be to create a cron job that sent out an email with birthdates, death dates, etc., that occurred on the current date. While I could do this using curl or wget and then using sed to change a few bits and pieces of the html that is generated, it would be much more user-friendly is there were a mod to email reports out in the codebase or as a modification. Does anyone else do this kind of thing, and if so, how?
  13. I have tried both the MODS Show Step parents and Show all family. but in the later one it will not show step parents even though it is set to do so. If I only have Show Step parents they are shown as they should. See attached screen shots for comparison. Thanks Jan
  14. Jan Suhr

    PEDI tag in Gedcom

    I've been looking for a way to get the PEDI tag to properly import in to TNG. I'm asking for a way to differentiate between birth parents and step parents. As it is now an individual shows up with two pair of parents and there is no way to tell them apart other than to look at their marriage date and from that conclude that this child was born a long time before their death. There is of course one parent that is part of both marriages so you can read it out that way but the first impression when you come to that page might be confusing. Is there a MOD that handles this? I found this one that handles step parents but it seem to do a lot more than what I'm asking for. https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Show_All_Family Thanks
  15. ton van lil

    Random Histories

    I have installed the random_photo_display mod. It works perfectly well. Want to do the same with my histories. Does anybody know if its possible to have random histories on the home page? Greetings Ton
  16. Opening a new Topic about this idea, resuming some advices from TNG users Aug 19, Ron Said : "That would be of interest for sure. Along with open my page, and bookmarks, etc, the site would be tailored to the user. I think today the user isn't comfortable setting or designating the Sosa, particularly each time they log on. Good winter project indeed! " Aug, 20. Katryne said : "Michel : a Sosa to be chosen by each member, something like a cookie attached to his profile ? That would be gerat for the village website. " Answer : Yes Katryne, something like that... May be a little table with user-sosa1-tree server side and a local array... I still have to think about it. Aug 20, Ken said : " You should also consider an option that allows the TNG Administrator to decide whether users can set their own Sosa or not. Possibly use an option that is tied to the user record that contains the user's treeID and personID, assuming they all contain valid data, to anchor the starting Sosa so it could be set by the administrator and not chew up bandwidth and MySQL execution time while the user plays with their starting number. My user records do not all contain the user's treeID and personID because my database was not updated when Darrin added those 2 fields to the user record. Just a thinking out loud here, since i can see Sosa number setting as chewing up MySQL execution time. " Answer : In any case, the option would be offered ONLY for connected members, possibly with pre/post authorization of the administrator.
  17. Brett

    Mod Manager - Edit Paramenters

    Using TNG 12, for Edit Options within Mods, there are no limitations to the number of parameters for any particular file, or the number of files with parameters. I am wondering if there is a way of having one edit paramenter that will change more than one .php file. Brett
  18. Leo te Braake

    Open Street Map mod: ideas for features

    Hi Erik, First: I like the way that places involved in the life of one person are represented in OSM. Different colours for different events, all nice and clear. Things change a bit, when the places involved are within one community with a few on 50 - 100 km distance. Look at added file Raineldis. The cluster is in the South, and you can't even count the places there, let allone connect them to addresses, without zooming in. Farm names played an important role when under Napoleon rule people had to adopt a fixed family name. So defined a picture of all farms in my village of birth. It looks like attached file Rekken. A friend pointed me to <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/> Maybe this is what you used for the mod, maybe other tools The friend has made a map for a site on the history of Vught, a place in the south of the Netherlands. He generated the map using <https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/vughtse-historie_110715#14/51.6686/5.2928> It shows several interesting features! So I made a start for my map of Farms in Rekken, and included it for now on the non-TNG part of my site: <https://www.ltebraake.nl/rekken/boerderijen-in-rekken>. If you take a good look at the two links, you may recognize the following list of Features I would like to see in the TNG OSM mod, in order of priority: Option to show the name of the places on hoovering over the pins, not only by clicking on it. Optionally choose to to cluster pins in an orange circle with the number of pins in it, but display them individually even where crowded Option to choose a slim pin for individual maps, e.g. when they are crowded with pins Option to use layers with each a group/category or manually picked pins, wih a list of layers to switch them on/off individually. Option to browse through the data under the pind (see black bar in layers menu on Vught site) Option to use an icon in the pins For me the first three feel like necessary for TNG, the others like "nice to have". Looking forward to what others think of these suggestions.
  19. Leo te Braake

    can't install new version

    I have OSM V installed, and not one of the two mentioned incompatible mods. I uninstalled it (yes, I did NOT forget that) , and tried to install v12.3.0.6a. Got a message, that Installation could not be completed. Removing this new version, I could reinstall the former, so there is no rush. But what can be the cause?
  20. XerxX

    Fixed Family Tab . New Version

    Hi all, Version 2 of Fixed Family Tab is posted: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fixed_Family_Tab The subject person was changed in some situations. Very frustrating. Now seems to be corrected. It's up and running on my (Swedish only!) public site: Anna Lisa Geting's family - Wife is subject person Have a nice day, Erik
  21. I upgraded to TNG 12.2 from 12.0 today. I was previously using an early verison of Customized Logs, but it would now not install. I uninstalled the earlier version and tried to install Customized Logs v12.1.0.6 but got the same error message "Cannot Install". Attached is the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a great mod to have! Kathy
  22. I have upgrading my site from 10.1.1 to 12.3 and one of the main problem is to enter the year in "Custom Copyright start in Setup >> General Settings >> Site Design section" While 10.1.1 had a row to enter the year, the row is missing in 12.3 as below: ADMIM>General Settings>Site Design and Definition TNG 12.3 TNG 10.1.1 Home Page Genealogy URL Site Name Site Description Doctype Declaration Site Owner Target Frame Custom header: Custom Footer Custom Meta Tabs Style Sheet Menu Location Show home Link Show Search Link Search Link Destination Show Login/logout Link Show Share Link Show Print Link Show Add Bookmark Link Hide Christening Labels: Default Tree Home Page Genealogy URL Site Name Site Description Doctype Declaration Site Owner Target Frame Custom header: Custom Footer Custom Copyright Start Year Custom Meta Tabs Style Sheet Menu Location Show home Link Show Search Link Search Link Destination Show Login/logout Link Show Share Link Show Print Link Show Add Bookmark Link Hide Christening Labels: Default Tree I am at a loss how to enter the "update the Custom Copyright > start in Setup >> General Settings >> Site Design section."" Kris
  23. **** Release UPDATE **** Hi All I have created a little Mod that will add N S E W to Latitude / Longitude results in the display pages. It works using decimal numbers eg: -41.327312, 174.807598 (Wellington International Airport Wellington New Zealand).. the page will show -41.327312 S, 174.807598 W . See attached image for example. https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Lat-Long_NSEW With much thanks to both XerxX & Brett for their patience and input.. The Mod could be expanded further to allow for the option to use North South East or West rather than N S E or W. Please let me know if this is something you might like/prefer!! Also if there are pages, places I have missed modifying please let me know.. Rick M
  24. Hello All, Today I found that none of the OSMmaps on my TNG v12.3 site are displayed on a Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT S-7580 phone (screen size 480x800 px). However, a Samsung Galaxy S10 (1440 x 3040 px?) shows the maps. BUT! The OSMmaps on my TNG v11.1.2 site are displayed on the smaller phone! This confuses me. Now, either there is something wrong with the smaller phone (something broken? Too small a memory?) or with the OSMmod v12.3.0.6a. Or, for some reason the 12.3 maps (all?) are too heavy for the little one? Or something else... So I ask the community OSM-mod users for help. Please: If you have or can test a phone that's smaller than the S10, first and foremost check the OSMmaps on your site to be sure they work okay. And if you don't mind; also check the starting page on my "Local community research" site, to the right in my sig. (This is not an attempt to get visitors so I don't show the link here as the post will then show up on search engines) The map there is rather heavy, 53 places and lots of data collected, and will take a few seconds to load. The message says "This site is not adapted for small phones. Please use at least a tablet/iPad." If the map loads, the text is covered but otherwise it will stay and the visitor hopefully understands what's (not) happening. The site is Swedish only but Google translates it on the fly rather good, actually. Please report your findings here. Thank You In Advance! Erik PS. Maybe some of you don't care about the "mobile mode" but I do, because I think it's a good thing to use to get young people interested in genealogy. They will soon discover that they need a bigger screen - if they don't have an S-10 ­čśä
  25. This was working beautifully for me until I tried to download a source file yesterday and got this note: "The text string clientModel was not found. DOM Source is not from the interactive viewer. Possibly a new DOM Source file format. Contact the mod developers using the TNG Community Forum and attached the failing DOM Source file." Attached herewith. They sure to seem to change this a lot at Ancestry, if that's what this is. The first indication of something funny was when I right-clicked on the Index bar to "view selection source," and the Index bar dropped closed. It had not done this before. The source file looks different as well. I hope it's me, not the plugin, which--again--I am a huge fan of. Derrick