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Found 248 results

  1. My first version of TNG was v12. I installed chapta and got it work. After upgrade to TNG 13 the chapta mod doesn't work. I wasn't aware of that until recently. I went in to the Admin page to uninstall the chapta mod. When checking the chapta is still there and doesn't let anyone advance to send a contact mail to me. I have been checking the wiki but I can't remember which version of chapta I was using so I find no answer how to completely remove the mod . I think I recall I had to add some lines in a file. I am a totaly noob when it comes to this I hope someone can give a clue how disable the chapta. -Stefan
  2. edglimited

    The new look of TNG

    In todays market, TNG would need to lift it's game, if it wanted to stay competitive, in the future Family Tree market. The terms Male and Female, now no longer apply, so additions would need to be added to appeal to the L,G,B,T,Q,I mob and the other H,D,O,Z,W,X brigade. Either an updated drop down menu in the get-person creation, or a space to add your own identity, or identity of. Then of course, you have those that don't identify as either Male or Female, they simply acknowledge themselves as being "Non-Binary". They would much rather be identified as a Toaster or a Breville Snack Maker. I'm not sure if @Darren has thought of it, or about it, but first horse out of the gate, normally wins the race. Would certainly put TNG out in front.
  3. Using mainly the Custom Menu Hook Mod sample, I made some changes to my main menu bar. One of those changes involved deleting the Calendar menu item from the Find drop down menu and moving it to the Info drop down menu. I would really prefer the Calendar to be a link on its own on the main menu bar on the same level with the drop down menu titles (but it would not be a drop down menu). If anyone can give me some guidance on how to do that, I would appreciate it. I’m using Template 19, TNG v13.1.1, Windows 10 WAMP server. Jackie
  4. I can not code MODs (or anything else), but I'm a perfectionist in Danish language, so I have this offer to the many MOD developers: If you ever need/want something in a MOD or maybe in a template translated into Danish please tell me. I'll be happy to assist and give back a bit to this wonderful community.
  5. klooster

    Fam Preview mod problem

    Strange problem, with some persons I get een error with the Fam Preview mod. Uninstalling the mod solves the problem, so it is definitely a Fam Preview mod problem I am using version Family_preview_v13.0.0.3 PS: Version family_preview_v10.1.0.2c throws the same problem Show All family is also installed, uninstalling does not solve the problem The family_indicators_v10.1.0.1c is also installed TNG version 13.1 / PHP 8.0.14 The printscreen shows the error on my local host, but on my server the same problem
  6. Leif Sweden

    Collapse Media Menus

    Michel, you created this mod some monts ago which made it possible to hide a lot of submenues. I still have the mod as you can see enclosed but since some weeks it does not show in the left menu. I have switched template a couple of times (10, 4, 20, 18) but it seams to not work any longer. I have uploaded more mods since CMM, maybe that has caused problem? Below you can see both Collapse Media Menus and all my mods. It would be great if you could find this out when you have time, no hurry. Leif
  7. Hi Brent, Or anyone else of course. Any idea what's causing this and how to solve it? Uninstalled all mods and cleared cache before the update. Just to be sure I replaced all the pdfjs viewer files but without effect. Could it have something to do with three new .js files that came with TNG 13.1.1 ? Thx in advance, Rob
  8. I did a fresh tng install on my fresh install of wampserver64. I was able to install the custom hook menu mod. but 2 others: image captcha mod and the lazarus gb link mod says it cannot install. Any thoughts on this? thanks oh and here's the message why the lazarus link mod cannot install: Cannot install With this Mod you can create a link to your Guestbook for every template. This Mod prepared the GB for Multi-Language by creating a new Cookie named "lang". You must change in the languagefolder of Lazarus the names of all language files from e.g. "english" to "english-utf8" (if you are using UTF8 in TNG ...) Maybe you have to change in this file the name of your Gouestbook page if neccesary(e.g. change from ourguestbook.php to yourpagename.php) Supported languages: English, German, French flags: @ optional ^ (provisional) must be available ~ protected line 9: %target:customconfig.php% verified line 10: %location:% #1 not installed line 23: %target:templates/template1/index.php% verified line 24: %location:% #1 Bad target line 34: %target:templates/template2/index.php% verified line 35: %location:% #1 Bad target line 49: %target:templates/template3/index.php% verified line 50: %location:% #1 not installed line 60: %target:templates/template4/index.php% verified line 61: %location:% #1 not installed line 71: %target:templates/template5/index.php% verified line 72: %location:% #1 not installed line 82: %target:templates/template6/index.php% verified line 83: %location:% #1 Bad target line 95: %target:templates/template7/index.php% verified line 96: %location:% #1 Bad target line 108: %target:templates/template8/index.php% verified line 109: %location:% #1 not installed line 117: %target:templates/template9/index.php% verified line 118: %location:% #1 not installed line 126: %target:templates/template10/index.php% verified line 127: %location:% #1 not installed line 135: %target:templates/template11/index.php% verified line 136: %location:% #1 not installed line 144: %target:templates/template13/index.php% verified line 145: %location:% #1 not installed line 153: %target:templates/template14/index.php% verified line 154: %location:% #1 not installed line 162: %target:languages/English/cust_text.php% verified line 163: %location:% #1 not installed line 177: %target:languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 178: %location:% #1 not installed line 192: %target:languages/German/cust_text.php% verified line 193: %location:% #1 not installed line 207: %target:languages/German-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 208: %location:% #1 not installed line 222: %target:languages/French/cust_text.php% verified line 223: %location:% #1 not installed line 237: %target:languages/French-UTF8/cust_text.php% verified line 238: %location:% #1 not installed line 252: %target:savelanguage.php% verified line 253: %location:% #1 not installed line 261: %target:savelanguage2.php% verified line 262: %location:% #1 not installed code modifications specified: 22; modified: 0 file copies specified: 0; copied: 0 new files specified: 0; created: 0 new folders specified: 0; created: 0 errors: 4 don't know if i even need this, its under the More menu dd. probably just remove this one. But heres the error for the captcha mod... need this one: Cannot install Author: Rick Bisbee Provides a captcha for TNG scripts like the contact form that are designed to use it. The user is presented with a number of images and asked to select the one that differs from the others. Selectable image sets are provided, or users can furnish their own custom images. This version recognizes the variable path to the mods folder as defined in config.php. flags: @ optional ^ (provisional) must be available ~ protected line 21: %target:TNG_captcha.php% verified line 32: %copyfile: cap_image.php source missing Source: mods/image_captcha_v13/cap_image.php line 35: %location:% #1 not installed line 47: %parameter:$max_images:8% line 51: %parameter:$capsize:72% line 55: %target:@cap_image.php% file missing (optional) will ignore code modifications specified: 1; modified: 0 file copies specified: 1; copied: 0 new files specified: 0; created: 0 new folders specified: 0; created: 0 errors: 1 definitely need this. forget about the lazarus link mod. don't need it.
  9. Cannot install mod I created TNG v13.1, Template 19 I decided to make some minor changes to a template. I decided to create a mod to keep track of my changes. To learn how to do that, I am starting with a simple insertion of a comment in a file, to see if it works. It did not. I can use some help. First few lines from footer.php file in this directory: c:/wamp64/www/familytree/templates/template19 – <!-- begin footer --> <?php global $text, $flags, $tng_version, $cms; ?> <br clear="both"/> </div> <!-- This section begins the 3 footer boxes --> Lines from my mod file, on my wamp server, in this directory: c:/wamp64/www/familytree/mods – %name:JWP Change Footer Mod% %version:V13.0.0.0% %description:This mod makes changes to the footer for template 19% %author:JWP% %private:% %target:templates/template19/footer.php% %location:% <!-- begin footer --> %end:% %insert:before:% ###This file has been modified by the mod "JWP Change Footer Mod"### %end:% This is the result I get in the Mod Manager, indicating I cannot install: line 7: %target:templates/template19/footer.php% verified line 8: %location: action tag invalid What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Jackie
  10. John Paul

    TNG Forum Mod

    Hey y'all. Is anyone here using the Forum mod? if so what are your thoughts and opinions on it?just curious to here from you all prior to me installing it on my site. Thanks! Well it doesn't look like it wants to work in tng v13.1 In the mod manager, it says it cannot install. So I don't know...
  11. John Paul

    custom hook menu mod

    Well, I'm having 2 issues, I know one is the custom hook menu mod. Seems like more often than not, the mod will switch from installed to partially installed. Then I have to install it again. everytime I do this it just adds more of the same code to my customconfig.php file. Anyone have an idea whats going on with that? The other part is, I know I have customconfig and cust_text setup properly, but when I go to the guestbook (lazarus 1.25b2) it redirects to https://www.mirelle-sound.ch/lazarus/index.php Stuff is driving me crazy! BTW, this is on my localhost setup (wamp server). not going to try and install on the real site until all the bugs are worked out
  12. Rob Severijns

    Custom Menu Hook Mod

    Hello everyone, I have installed the Custom Menu hook Mod on my site and installation went well. I was able to edit the Cust_txt file and customconfig.php too. Only problem I ran into was that the textlength in the box with the text More is limited. Would like to see the word "Family Trees" ("Stambomen" in Dutch) in there but that text doesn't fit. Where can I change the box width in order to make the text fit properly? Kind regards, Rob
  13. Hi Everyone! When geocoding, I hit a wall when I was trying to edit a place. I have an important village called Mollyroe in the county of Donegal, Ireland. I tried to edit the lat. and long. (using both styles) for OSM, but still, it didn't show up on the map. Google maps shows the tiny village in Ireland but not OSM. Goggle map of Mollyroe Can I manual enter it somehow in order to have the map in the individual view working correctly for that location?? Thanks for any help with this, greatly appreciated! Jeff
  14. Hello fellow forum members, In MS Excel there is the possibility to freeze panes. The templates in TNG don't allow us to do that. Most templates have either a topmenu and/or a sidebar menu. I was wondering if it is possible to freeze certain boxes in the template so it is more obvious who we are looking at. See the screenshots of the boxes that I would like to be frozen on the: Startingpage Everything below this is scrollable For templates that have a sidebar menu like template 9 that should be frozen on st startingpage too. Person page and similar pages Everything below this is scrollable. I don't think this will be easy but thanks for any comments, ideas or solutions. btw my template is template 207 from Genealogy Web Templates. Kind regards, Rob
  15. Hi Everyone! I have ver. 13.1. How do I hide the last modified field?? I tried an old code that a few members gave me, that worked on previous version 12 and back, but not forward into 13.x. Well appreciated any thoughts! Jeff:)
  16. 4lexsharpe

    PDF not working

    Not sure if this MOD related. I have installed @ 20 MODs. It's impossible to do a full review of functionality after installing each one so I'm not sure if is a MOD that has caused the issue. When ever I try and generate any PDF file I get the screen below. Has anyone else experienced this type of error?
  17. Hi there Not sure this is the right 'Forum' to add this, Sysops / Moderators please move appropriately, but PLEASE let me know it has been moved. There are two Mods relating (pun not really intended but it works 😀) which work well and each has their strong points. I'm happy to use either one. AND They work on TNG v13.1 .. Not sure they have been sorted for PHP v8 errors though 😁 The Mods are Relationship to Site Owner v12.0.0.6 Dev is Roger Moffat What appeals to me with this Mod is when the 'Relationship text' is clicked you are taken to the relationship Tab 'module' and a graphical display it shown. Relationship Display Mod v10.0.0.1 Devs are Jeff Robison & Gerald Leehan What appeals to me with this Mod is the ability to specify a 'Default Person' on the fly. I am wondering IF it would be possible to have the relationship shown on each of the 'Linked' pages Ancestors / Descendents & Timeline?
  18. Hello! This is my first post here and I'm truly loving TNG as our main genealogy site. So I've been having lots of fun with the OpenStreetMap heatmap too. However, since yesterday the location markers and cluster numbers stopped being displayed and the heatmap also doesn't show newly geocoded locations anymore. The console gives me these errors (see the attached images), but I have no idea how to fix this. Before the heatmap stopped working as it should, I geocoded some new locations and deleted some duplicate ones but I'm not sure if this triggered the error. Also I do have some uncommon characters in a few place names and person names, such as the № sign and the [ ] and () brackets and that's about it. But before the heatmap stopped working it worked fine while I used these characters in some names. So I'm really not sure what's causing the error. Any help would be appreciated because I love the heatmap! By the way I'm using TNG v.13.0.3 and OpenStreetMap v. And I have a total of 194 places (all geocoded with decimal points not decimal commas), if that means anything.
  19. I have published the 3rd release candidates for NearDark2 and NearDawn2, my 'cleanroom' re-implementations of the templates NearDark and NearDawn. RC3 can be downloaded from the Wiki eGenea Free Templates page. In addition, RC3 of the eGenea Support mod is available as well and can be downloaded from that Wiki page. Improvements over RC2 include: Basic localization for Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), and Swedish (SV) is complete. Many thanks to Jan Bos for his Dutch localization strings! Full translation for Spanish has been included as an example. Improved layout for the front page with re-introduction of the "What's New" section. (The surname cloud has been moved down and, IMHO, looks a lot better where it is.) The problems with the "Search" pop-up on the site menu have been resolved. The site menu now behaves as I intend with [Home] [Search] [Logout/Edit - Login] being permanent elements--[Print] and [Bookmark] remain optional and are selected in TNG options. Footer sections are now used for copyright statement, "Contact Us" and information statement sections. The 'features' are now fully populated and will be used as the basic presentation for future templates. NearDark 2 shows the use of a "Contact Us" section. NearDawn 2 uses the copyright statement the same way I do for my own site. What's left to do: Re-introduce social media widgets in a way that's less clunky than the [Share] pop-up. Finish up the look-and-feel for templates DayLight and NightLight (which use the same basic structure and support mod). Try and do a conversion from table-based layout to DIV-based layout. (The legacy of these templates is TNG Template 8, via my first pair of templates for TNG. Template 8 used table-based layout. I've done web-design with DIV-based layout before, but this will be my first attempt at converting a table-based set of pages.) More information and example images (RC2, but I'll have RC3 up soon) are available from the Wiki, and as always comments, bug reports and suggestions are appreciated. This RC was developed against TNG 13.1 but runs on 13.0 as well. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  20. Cueyelink

    Openstreet Map error

    Hello, I have a problem with OSM after installation, Open-street Map is not working in TNG v.13.0.4 (Dutch) TNG - Wordpress (without the WP-plugin) running on Xampp / Localhost OSM Automatic Geo coding: Version Installation OSM in Mod manager: ok Map key: OSM Problem: The map shows for a split second and then results in a error message (in Dutch). The same error message as some other mentioned (see attachment). Used several different browsers and also ran TNG, as test, separated from WordPress. The solution offered by Ken Roy did not solve the problem. Hope that someone can help me out with this one. Thanks in advance,
  21. An UPDATE.. By whatever means the issue is solved.. I guess fiddle here fiddle there.. Cheers Hi, Site Runs with Wordpress fully updated, minimal plugins (not that they do have an impact) and few mods. TNG version is 13.04 currently. Mod Version being used is currently latest version available and showing as compatible with TNG v13.0.4 My friend is the site owner, and currently this Mod shows him as the '2x Cousin once removed' of himself. His son is shown as '2x second cousin 2 times removed'. What have I DONE WRONG??? I can say I have removed all other Mods and there is NO change. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Simple SEO V7 for TNG releases 12 and 13 has been posted and can be downloaded from the Wiki. There are no new features in this release, but plenty of bug fixes and minor updates to improve the code, including: PHP-8 compatibility Support for meta keywords from familychart.php (a bug fix) Improvements to the code inserted into getperson.php that corrects some long-standing conflicts with the Sosa and Relationship Display mods This update is recommended, but not required, for Simple SEO users unless one intends to move to PHP-8. However, this will be the last major release of Simple SEO for TNG 12. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  23. Citation Master V9 has been released and is available from the TNG Wiki. This is a major update that adds two new features, incorporates a series of changes for PHP-8 compatibility, and adds an example configuration for the Evidence Explained citation format. The new features are: Source/Citation Thumbnails -- All sources that have an attached media file are displayed in the citation area of individuals and families. (This feature can be enabled/disabled in Mod Manager parameters.) Context-sensitive Formatting -- Format specifications now support the ability to have different instruction sets for source displays and citations displays. The idea here is to be able to create "short format" citations as one would find in scholarly publications, but the feature allows for any complexity for the formatting. See the Wiki page for examples of how to enable this feature or take a look at the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) or the APA example configuration files. V9 can be downloaded here or from the Wiki. This update is optional and works for all releases from TNG 13.0 forward. However, if you are intending to switch to PHP-8, then you'll need this version. A back-port to TNG 12 is coming and should be available in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who tested the release candidates and especially to Kathy Kult whose Evidence Explained-based configuration file was the basis of the new example. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  24. I would like to replace the links to his and her sides of the family tree with personalized links based on who is logged in. It appears that this mod has been done previously. Question: It has been a long time since I set up my site and I have done virtually nothing to it since setup. I would like to make this modification, but am at a loss as to how to accomplish it. Can someone help me with how to make this change? Please provide a step-by-step approach if you have the patience. This mod: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/My_User_Links_Add-on This thread: https://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/12161-mod-wanted-or-code/&tab=comments#comment-57912 My site: http://www.garyconniefamilytree.net/index.php My server (if it matters): I am using SimplyHosting. Thank you, Gary
  25. I've posted the 1st release candidate for Simple SEO V7. No new features in this release...yet, but I've included PHP-8 compatibility updates, numerous bug fixes, and support for meta keywords from familychart.php. In addition, I've simplified/streamlined the code inserted into getperson.php to correct some long-standing mod conflicts with Sosa and Relationship Display The release candidate can be downloaded here or from the Wiki page. This update was developed against TNG 13.0 and 13.0.4 but may work with all releases from TNG 12.0.3 forward. Comments, bugs, and suggestions for additional features are very welcome. Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy