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  1. Hello, I am trying to make my person view as "light" as possible for visitors, and to remove all information that is not relevant for an outsider, like Person Id, Family ID, Tree ID, Last Modified, and maybe even Gender. I saw that Brett had developped some of mods that can achieve this, but they are marked as "private". is it possible to use them? Or are there other mods available that do the same? Regards, Olivier
  2. Doug120745

    TNGBook: How to use?

    I am interested in using the new MOD TNGBook. I have downloaded and installed the TNGBook mod as it shows up correctly in the mod manager. I also downloaded the three tngbook_Library files. And I have successfully generated a .txt file by using the mod. I have the latest LibreWriter software installed, however I'm not too familiar in how to put all these pieces together. what do I do with the files dialog.xlb, script.xlb, and the family .txt file. I can see the template header text in Librewriter, but how do I combine all this with the custom .txt file generated by the mod? Are there instructions posted somewhere that I have overlooked that explain how to process this in Writer?
  3. Rob Severijns

    Bugfix mmfix01 install error?

    When installing the bugfix using the modeditor.class.php from the full TNG 14.0.2 installation files I get a "cannot install" When installing the bugfix using the modeditor.class.php from the update TNG 14.0.1 >>>> TNG 14.0.2 installation files the bugfix installs just fine. Why is this happening? Should both files not be identical or is something else happening?
  4. Hello, folks, TNG 14.0.2 show_all_family_v14.0.0.8.cfg Test Site I've notice recently that the Show All Family mod throws an error. It used to work fine a few weeks ago, but now I'm getting the below error: An error has occurred in the TNG software. What to do: If you just installed an upgrade, you might have skipped part of the installation instructions. Go back to the upgrade readme page reread the instructions. Pay special attention to the database structure step. If you just installed TNG for the first time, you might still need to create the database tables. Return to the readme.html page to find that step. If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for further assistance with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message. Query: SELECT root_personID, spellings FROM tng_showallfamily WHERE root_personID = 'I6319' AND gedcom = 'MotyerJMTest' Table 'jmm_maria_script_genealogy_tng14_genealogywings-me.tng_showallfamily' doesn't exist in engine In order to troubleshoot, I've uninstalled all mods (except for Michel's add_cloud_of_names_v12.0.2.3.cfg), and then reinstalled Show All Family successfully. However, when I try to display any of my users, I get the error displayed above. The root_personID number shown in the above error changes, depending on who the root person is for the individual that I am trying to display. The query mentions spellings... I don't know, but the spellings mentioned in the query MIGHT have something to do with alternate_spellings_v14.0.0.3a.cfg that I had installed, but which is no longer installed since I am troubleshooting. Again, it used to work fine since I upgraded to TNG 14.0.2, I have just noticed this problem recently. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Regards, John
  5. I have updated the Public Access Control Mod for TNG v14 and updated it's Wiki page with the Zip file etc. The only thing updated is the CFG file so that it installs correctly in TNG v14 - no new functionality is added. So far it seems to be working just fine on my site. Jeff
  6. I recently upgraded from TNG 13 to 14. Now trying to reinstall the Admin Media Thumbnails mod, and the Mod Manager status is Can't Install. I installed the prerequisite Mod Settings Blocks mod. AMT gives one error: line 704: %location #2 v474 %insert:before Bad target Any guidance or suggestions? I attached the mod cfg file. admin_media_thumbnails_v14.0.0.5b.cfg
  7. Hello forum, After installing TNG14 and downloading OpenStreetMap v13.1.0.8g, the mod can no longer be installed. Am I doing something wrong? Please help... Thanks in advance. PS: I haven't installed any mods yet!!!
  8. Small problem that someone might be able to help me with. I have a strange charaater instead of the - (minus) in the zoom buttons. See attachment. All seems fine otherwise and as you can see the "+" is fine and both buttons do actually work. Running latest OSM mod ( on TNG 14.0, IIS 10 with PHP 8 etc. PS I notice I have posted this in the wrong area on the forum - please mov as required.
  9. When I click on the "delete" tab, to delete a census plus transcript I imported incorrectly, I get this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "isset", expecting "(" in /home/pitard/www/ancestors/admin_cpdelete.php on line 75 I am using, installed and working with no problems, with TNG v.14.01, also working fine. All of the other tabs also work fine. I am not sure what this means. Can someone help? Derrick
  10. DAshers

    Census Plus Image links

    I have used Census Plus for a number of years and am really pleased with it, however a while back things changed when I started adding new census and I did think that it was how I was adding the data. I have recently upgraded to v14 and, for various reasons, I started with a fresh complete install (not and upgrade) and imported my gedcom. I have added census plus mod and i am getting the same 'problem'. I have only added 1 census and wanted to check all was correct before moving on with more. When I add a new census I go through the page and add all of the detail, no issue. In my first example I have 2 parents and 9 children, father has Data ID 1 down to last child with Data ID 11. On finishing and 'creating transcript' I am viewing only the last person on the detail list, when I originally used census plus I would see the whole page, but now I only see the last person. I link this person who now has a Data ID of 11 and Link ID of 1 and I go back using the edit function to link every individual This all works fine and I attach the image to the Transcript ID. When viewing the person, in the TNG individual view, with Data ID 11 (Link ID 1) I see the whole detail, clicking the image hyperlink (top left) brings up the image and clicking the transcript hyperlink (top right) brings up the 'single transcript of the person, all correct. For every other person clicking the image hyperlink just opens up and new tab with the TNG individual page view (not the image) and clicking the transcript hyperlink brings up the single view of Link ID 1 person and not the person that I am viewing I am not linking to Ancestry, the census images are downloaded to a folder on the web server and linked using the image link (Media URL & transcript ID) and I have always done this from day 1 Added screenshot - I can see where Data ID 11 has a 'link' with the others have 'none' but no idea how to rectify. I have looked in options but cannot see any setting that would make the necessary changes hope you can help Thanks Paul
  11. Simple SEO has been around for over 7 years now, and in that time a lot has changed in TNG, the Mod Manager, and PHP. The experience of moving from TNG 13 to TNG 14 has demonstrated that some of the Mod coding approaches I used when Simple SEO was introduced are no longer sustainable. Furthermore, mod conflicts are getting more and more difficult to solve or work around. Accordingly, I've decided that Simple SEO needs a 'clean' re-implementation, and I'm going to start that sooner rather than later to try and get a sustainable package prepared before the next TNG update. With that in mind, I'd like to solicit feature and language suggestions for V8, the next release. If you're not yet using TNG 14...don't worry. I will back-port V8 to TNG 13 and perhaps to TNG 12. Keep in mind, though, that the original purpose of Simple SEO was to make HTML header changes and page simplifications (titles, sub-headers, ...) that improve search-engine optimization. So I'll be looking at suggestions with that in mind. Suggestions for additional language localization can be anything you like. (Oh...and...I don't have any ideas regarding how to improve SEO for newly "AI enabled" engines like Bing, so don't ask. :- ) I was a cybersecurity guy in my career not a artificial intelligence guy.) All suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, Bill Herndon Lindell-Herndon Genealogy
  12. Installed Age at Marriage and I do not get the same age in English versus French. The correct age is 24 and 19. How can I fix this? Version TNG 14.0 - Age at mariage Version v12.3.0.5e - 6 January 2023 Thanks
  13. Mark

    MOD Error Question

    Attempting my first Mod for v14.0.1 and keep coming up with the below error : line 336: %location #1 v474 %insert:before Bad target Does the "v474" actually mean anything ? Also, I have checked and rechecked the location and the insert a dozen times and are both unique within the php file. Have also copied and pasted the original code multiple times yet it continues to display this error message. Appreciate any tips or advice form the more experienced Mod Devs, thanks M
  14. Rob Severijns

    Simple SEO mod

    For those who want to use the Simple SEO mod under TNG 14.0 and TNG 14.0.1 will recieve a "Cannot install" This error can be mitigated by changing line 239 of the cfg file. Change: $headline = $text['suggestchange'] . ": $name"; into: $headline = $text['suggestchange'] . ": $name"; by placing 1 extra "tab" in front of the line. @Bill Herndon is it possible to update the cfg file so it will install properly? Hope this helps
  15. Jan Bastiaanssen

    Help wanted randomphoto2

    www.bastiaanssen.us T8(modified) TNG 13 & 14 PHP 7.4 Randomphoto2.php runs perfect. When I try to run PHP 8+ it becomes rubbish.. Who can help me please Thanks, Jan randomphoto2.zip
  16. XerxX

    Watermark mod

    Hello @Michel KIRSCH and all. In a post a long time ago: Please note that one of the links in that thread is not correct. Better see below. I asked you if it is possible to exclude previews of excluded media from showing the watermark. In Watermark v13.1.0.4b this problem is not solved (or do I miss something?). Is there a change in v14.0.0.4b? And if so: Is it possible to make the same change in v13.1.0.4b? (We are not going to upgrade the site to TNG v14 because of all the custom mods in there, that I don't have the capacity to update. And it runs just fine in PHP8.2.) There are no problems when showing the images it's only the previews. The images (esp the maps) are free to copy and use so they should not show the watermark. (It looks really ... not good ) And people are promised to see watermark-free images if they contribute to the site but the previews display it - and often the preview size is enough so they don't bother to look at the image itself. I really hope there can be a solution for this or the "No Preview mod" has to be re-installed - it is temporarly uninstalled for your convenience. In the Media menu, "Foto-dokument" and "Bilder/Foton II" should be excluded, and the images are but the previews are not. "Gravstenar" and "Bilder/Foton I" shall - and do - show a watermark. (The rest are N/A). "Kartgalleriet" is a collection of giant copies of maps and the preview is not important as there are scaled down copies in "Foto-dokument" attached to places. For example, at this place Gålsjö bruk (example) there are two media groups: "Foto-dokument" that should not show a watermark, but the preview does, and "Foton" that correctly show the watermark. Thanks In Advance for your kind deliberation. Erik
  17. rainer.minnerop

    GOV ID 14

    HI. Ich habe gerade TNG 14 installiert. Vorher die Mods deinstalliert. Dann habe ich den GOV-ID Mod wieder neu installiert. Lies sich zuerst auch aufrufen. Dann habe ich, lt. Anleitung, den Reiter "Orte" aufgerufen, für die neue Tabelle. Danach war der MOD auf uninstallierbar. Kann jemand aus dem Protooll lesen, was da falsch gelaufen ist? zeile 24: %target admin_places.php bestätigt zeile 26: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 33: %location #2 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 42: %location #3 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 55: %location #4 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 64: %location #5 %triminsert:after Nicht installiert zeile 71: %location #6 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 78: %location #7 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 85: %location #8 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 92: %location #9 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 101: %target admin_addplace.php bestätigt zeile 102: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 109: %location #2 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 121: %target admin_editplace.php bestätigt zeile 122: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 137: %target admin_newplace.php bestätigt zeile 138: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 147: %target admin_updateplace.php bestätigt zeile 148: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 155: %location #2 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 164: %target admin_mergeplaces.php bestätigt zeile 165: %location #1 v837 %replace Ziel ungültig zeile 172: %location #2 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 179: %location #3 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 188: %target placesearch.php bestätigt zeile 190: %location #1 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 197: %location #2 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 240: %location #3 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 255: %target admin_gedcom2.php bestätigt zeile 256: %location #1 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 283: %location #2 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 290: %location #3 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 299: %target gedimport_misc.php bestätigt zeile 300: %location #1 %insert:after Nicht installiert zeile 308: %location #2 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 321: %location #3 %replace Nicht installiert zeile 328: %location #4 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 338: %target languages/English/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 339: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 385: %target languages/English-UTF8/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 386: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 432: %target @languages/German/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 434: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 480: %target @languages/German-UTF8/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 482: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 528: %target @languages/PortugueseBR-UTF8/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 530: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert zeile 577: %target @languages/PortugueseBR/cust_text.php bestätigt zeile 579: %location #1 %insert:before Nicht installiert Kodeanpassungen vorgesehen: 34; Modifiziert: 0 Dateikopien vorgesehen: 0; Kopiert: 0 Neue Dateien vorgesehen: 0; Erstellt: 0 neue Verzeichnisse festgelegt: 0; Erstellt: 0 Fehler: 1
  18. jogrjohn

    OSM piNs

    Hi, I have been a user of TNG since version 7, but my first time as a member of the forum, I am now using TNG 14 having upgrading through each version. Somewhere along the path whilst using OSM I have lost the pins showing on right pane of the event map this being replaced by links to Google earth. I have reinstalled OSM to latest version, all to no avail. could anyone point me in the right direction to reestablish the pin icons. Thank You John M
  19. Rob Severijns

    FIXED - Attention please ! ! !

    Pay attention please ! ! ! For those who want to upgrade to version of the Grave Status Additions should wait. Install of the mod made my website crash. The problem is in the language directories Dutch and Dutch-UTF8 for the changes to the cust_text.php causes the site to crash. Not sure how this happens but is does. Not sure if it applies to other languages too. Will rollback to version for now I informed Rick and I'm sure he will fix this soon.
  20. Have just upgraded from V13.1.2 to V14.0. Uninstalled all V13 mods first. Am now installing new mods for V14. All have installed except for Customized Logs V14.0.0.11a. Mod V14 - says cannot install - shows one error: Line 409 Replace Bad Target. Mod V13 - says cannot install - for V12 and V13. I am on PHP 7.4.9 in Wampserver. I do all my updates offline before uploading to my website. My website is also on PHP 7.4.9.
  21. Rob Severijns

    Gender (icon)

    Hello everyone, Since the release of TNG 14 there is an additional gender option (Other) available for each individual. The current possible options are Unknown; Male; Female; Other. Several mods are adding a gender icon in front of a persons name (i.e. Insert Children Gender) which is created by @Brett For Male and Female there are gender icons available but I haven't seen any mods adding an icon for the Other (none-male/female) gender option. I could be something like this for gender equality: or something like this for transgender: Any other thoughts on this?
  22. Just upgraded to v14 and I only use a couple of mods CensusPlus is throwing me errors when trying to install, I have deleted, downloaded new and copied to the mod folder but the mod is telling me that files are not there, when they obviously are. Before I drop tables and completely remove and start again from scratch is there something obvious that I cannot see that I'm doing wrong? Any help greatly appreciated (attached file shows the part that shows the files not copied when scrolling down the status and below that the folder contents on the website)
  23. Michel KIRSCH

    Group Custom Events Mod

    Hi All, Jürgen (JPB) has asking for a Mod that Hide/show Associations when there are many Associations for the same person. (Edit). My ancestor was very popular and rich. Therefore, he was very often (~ 26x) called upon as a godfather and witness. TNG creates a separate line for each Association, which are sorted according to the input and not according to date. This is the answer : a Mod to test... Michel hide_associations_v13.0.3.beta1.zip
  24. Uwe Dragschütz

    Public Access Control

    Hello all, I would like to be able to use the modification "Public Access Control" by Erik Hoppe (https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Public_Access_Control) also with version 14. Erik informed me that he has stopped working on and with TNG for health reasons. In the past other developers have already supported. Therefore I turn to you to avoid duplicate work: Does anyone plan to continue the work on the mod or is already busy with it? The installation of the mod breaks under V14 because various jump labels do not fit. I could fix that, however I am not a developer. I would appreciate your feedback. Many greetings Uwe
  25. Hanne B. Stegemüller

    Issue with "Add person siblings row"

    Hello friends - happy New Year to everybody. I have upgraded and everything went smooth, just followed Darrrin's guidelines and then one MOD after the other. I was almost there. I wanted to come back and check and change some settings in "Add person siblings row", this is the name of my file: "add_person_siblings_row_v12.3.0.7b.cfg", I started from top and checked and made some changes. My backend crashed when I edited (I am quite sure) this parameter: "to show siblings spouses or not". I wanted to set it to "No". I wrote what was needed in the field/box, pushed the button and then I only have a blank screen, where I can of course do nothing. My frontend, that is visible to the whole world is still running fine. Of course I do not have a backup with version 14 files and db (but I have everything from before I started the upgrade)... So how can I handle this the most intelligent way?
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